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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@bryanbuff Have you flipped over to iCloud Drive yet? If not, that is the issue.@victrgama Sorry, no, Passport DOB changes fine for me. How about a new Passport item? Does it happen there?@kylefox Sometimes it is hard to detect that. Sorry for the trouble.@jhchen Ah, such a warm and safe feeling embrace.@dHeremans Glad that worked! I couldn't bear being terrible in your eyes.@Mac_RAFE The new iCloud engine is only available on iOS 8 and Yosemite.@jxpx777 I love you too. <3@stephenmott If you can Wi-Fi sync, do that, and then reinstall the iOS app entirely, please. Then try Dropbox again.@stephenmott I used disconnect as a synonym for disable, sorry for the confusion. Can you enable Wi-Fi sync and sync to your computer?@tverschoren Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@per_starke Whoa, that shouldn't happen. Any particular steps to reproduce that?@scorpshockey Surely mini me is more handsome and suave than Time Machine. :)@hashtaghall What's the problem? I'd love to help.@KhalSubhan Nope, the share sheet still resets all icons to default order. KHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!@sammio2 I feel your pain.@ThinkDyfferent Touch ID all the things!@johnpavlus So you like big vaults and you cannot lie? 🎵@jcse We can probably work something out. :) Write us at support+urgent@ agilebits .com please@xmjw Is there an issue I may be able to help with?@didlix Ah, okay. We'll check that out. Thanks!@cococello It's a dangerous internet out there. We should stick together. ;)@connor_g You're welcome!@connor_g This means that for now iCloud is still an Apple-only show for devices. Dropbox is the cross platform solution.@connor_g I can't speak for ever as the future is uncertain, but currently CloudKit doesn't exist in iCloud Drive for Windows.@didlix I'm sorry, I don't fully understand? Could you give more context of the situation? Also which device and version?@cococello I'm always watching out for you with Watchtower.@kopischke Thanks! We're still looking into that. Drop the email onto Desktop first, then it can be attached.@bjacobel Also, Windows' iCloud Drive does not have CloudKit, so iCloud doesn't work for me there.@bjacobel Sadly, no, 1PasswordAnywhere is a Dropbox-only feature.@dfwPdub Version 5 of me for iOS 8 has Touch ID integrated already. We launched with it last month. :)@RyanAyres53 @JasonHirschhorn What seems to be the issue?@vladcampos As for iCloud, please write in to support+webstoreicloud@ agilebits .com and we'll make things right.@vladcampos Hi, I'd like to help. Wi-Fi problems usually resolve if you restart both the iOS and Mac devices.@phlp If you have v4 then v5 is a free update. :) You just need to be on OS X Yosemite to install.@rkisato You're welcome! Don't hesitate to get in touch. We want to help.@_bbsoftware As for Chrome, that should be working. Is the extension installed there? Does Safari work?@_bbsoftware Firefox 33 has a known issue in its extension framework. Going back to v31 there fixes until we can update our end in ~ a week@_mitchellwatts Multiple vault sync on Wi-Fi is coming soon. Just couldn't get it finished in time for launch day. :)@ErikRudling Thanks! Someone will be with you soon. There's a bit of a queue, but we *will* take care of you.@truhe You can sync with Dropbox or Wi-Fi sync. If one the Mac App Store version, iCloud is an option, too.@BryanRahn Tap More Info, and if greater than 90%, merge anyway.@c0dd 👍 There is a bit of a queue. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.@Nicoletau Only if Apple provides CloudKit to the Windows version of iCloud Drive, which they currently are not.@c0dd support+webstoreicloud @ agilebits .com@c0dd No, we're using CloudKit, which is not exactly the iCloud Drive document interface. Please use that same email address to get in touch@BryanRahn Try disabling sync, restart the device (important) and then re-enable sync.@scottcase What can I say? @Dropbox & I make a great team.@BuffaloFenian I think we make a great team. Let’s never be apart. <3@ianneub That is, 6 family members under one roof.@ianneub Since Apple introduced Family Sharing on the Mac App Store, we adopted that, & simplified single license to match it.@ryantate We use a CDN for rich icon delivery and Watchtower updates.@ryantate Checked with a developer, and it is likely hitting the CDN, which can resolve to any number of sites. (con't)@SomethingOn Nope, not noticing anything here. What vintage is your Mac?@peter7208 The 5 license will work in 4.4.3.@peter7208 What I meant was buy a 5 license, then you can download 4.4.3 from Legacy section here: https://t.co/ED68TfHfpN@steveivy @chartier I'm getting 5.0.1 here: https://t.co/ED68TfHfpN@robsmithuk That is a decent workaround. Did you use the contact link on that pay I sent the other day? We'd like to help on Mac.@rdsaunders Aaaaaand regenerate. ;)@iheartroto Honestly, both are fantastic services. Go with your heart. ❤️@ConnorHolyday Why thank you for the lovely compliment. ;)@Cazillo Sorry, 1P Windows does not work with iCloud Drive because CloudKit (the sync engine we use) is not in the Windows iCloud Drive.@Zer0Her0 You're welcome!@jroberts13 @codeguy Fantastic! Let me know if you need anything.@livingfrisbee We'll see what we can do. Until then, System Prefs > Accessibility > Display, reduce transparency and/or Increase contrast.@mdusing Sometimes things have a way of sorting themselves out like that. Glad to hear all is well now.@jlecour Yes, that's how we fill fields and "click" the button.@KSTBConsulting I can't promise anything, but we are definitely looking into how that would work with 1Password.@WunderlistHelp 😍😘@PealTheApple If you use 1Password 5 for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite (Mac App Store), yes.@JPYguy That decision is entirely up to your preference. Personally, both are fantastic services.@myglasseye You're welcome!@timo_erl On OS X a local data set is kept, but on Windows we do not have that quite yet.@alexandersibert Try restarting both devices and try again. Sometimes the Wi-Fi link gets gummed up.@scientifics To go the whole nine yards, restart the device between deleting and reinstalling.@scientifics Hrm. Okay then. *rolls up sleeves for serious business* Make sure you're synced, and try reinstalling the app.@jamiehannaford Glad to hear it!@alexandersibert We're getting things prepared on Windows for translation work. Hope to do that soon.@ODEnis I'll have someone getting back to you shortly.@Xiaoyulei00 Try turning off Touch ID in me, then restart the device, and finally turn Touch ID back on. Should work out the issue.@mathwagn If you use that contact link as I instructed, my team will help you out.@RichardBuckle Yep, I checked, and I can't paste any text (even copied from Notes) on their mobile site.@MikeJMobley Try disabling iCloud sync on all 1P installs, then this: https://t.co/0wTmYekEiR. Then turn iCloud back on.@RichardBuckle We'll look into it for our fill code. But if they are blocking copy/paste, I imagine they are blocking other methods. :(@MikeJMobley Is this from the Mac App Store or our web store?While we all want my mobile Safari extension to be numero uno, it seems iOS 8.1 did not fix the re-ordering issue. :( http://t.co/z2jWew6HSp@bramk We're not sure at this time.@leriver We have quite a queue right now, and we're working as fast as we can. Do you have a Ticket ID?@fralsala I have your ticket prioritized for follow-up. We do have quite a queue, but someone *will* help you.@chrifpa I'm sorry reconnecting didn't work. If there is anything else I can help with, let me know!@chrifpa Have you tried to disable Dropbox in me and then reconnect it?@hayever Glad you got it sorted!@heinemannp @Authy @Dropbox We purposely expire the Touch ID session on device restart as a security measure.@DavideAicardi You're welcome! Glad to hear!@BKrnk Please contact support+webstoreicloud@ agilebits .com and we'll do our best to help with iCloud.@DavideAicardi Should clear out old prefs from 5.0.1. I suspect that's the cause.@_andyface You're welcome! My team is swamped, but we will get in touch and take care of you. :)@DavideAicardi Try turning off Touch ID in me, restart device, then turn it back on.@Lon_Don Then re-enable iCloud on one device, wait a few minutes, then enable on the other.@Lon_Don Try disabling iCloud on both versions of 1P, then this: https://t.co/NDRTMBkUPE@JJJ This sounds like it may be an issue with the iCloud account. If you go to System Prefs > iCloud, can you uncheck/recheck iCloud Drive?
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