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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@jsh Yes, a v5 license works with v4 too. :)@BrilliantTire Sorry for the delay! Could you let me know your email ticket ID please?@JFN101 Thanks, Jeff! :)@cameronbrister Thanks for the heads up!@twofifty6 You're welcome!@mahfuti Do you have this enabled in 1Password's preferences? http://t.co/sYmbhZC82j@Linkletter You're welcome!@JenJamar @MichaelBeil Sorry to read about all that history. Now that we're teamed up, I've got your back. :)@Jonbeesh And thank *you* for the feedback. It's really appreciated.@Jonbeesh We greatly improved Wi-Fi sync in 5.0/Mac and 5.1/iOS to have automatic sync. And iCloud is only in Mac App Store version.@tessalr @jefflin I may be biased, but I use me. ;)@Jonbeesh May I ask which sync service you were using and what went wrong? Feedback s crucial for us to improve.@ondrejsynacek You're welcome!@ceotty Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Cyndy! :D@ondrejsynacek Once you are on Yosemite, v5 is a free update for v4. :) It'll offer to update when you are on Yosemite, as v5 requires it.@myrtlewoodster You're welcome! Happy to help!@jason_abreu You're welcome!@jwisser We never say never.@myrtlewoodster Note, just uncheck iCloud Drive and re-check. Don't sign out of iCloud.@myrtlewoodster Okay. In System Preferences > iCloud, is iCloud Drive turned on? If so, try turning it off and then back on.@jwisser Ah. Yeah, not yet.@kevintambascio You're welcome!@myrtlewoodster I think it is time for the last resort. ;)@myrtlewoodster Odd. Have you tried restarting the Mac?@Cazillo Only thing I can think to try, may not work though, is 1P > Preferences > Browsers, make sure Lenient URL Matching is checked.@kevintambascio Yep, AirDrop is best, and iMessage is good too, especially if set to remove messages after a short time.@dhather You're welcome! Glad you are all sorted!@myrtlewoodster Are you on OS X Yosemite and 1Password 5.0? iCloud should be working if from MAS. Try these? https://t.co/ErO4qCCKt9@filtercake @RobinDrexler That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@arungk Anytime! Im always here if you need me.@jwisser Hi Jonas, what's up?@myrtlewoodster There are reasons for the iCloud change. https://t.co/wQKP8KAoq8 Use the Contact Us link near bottom & we'll do what we can@mwickett Yeah, not sure that is possible at this time. A Touch ID capable Mac would be even better. :)@realtimothykim Let’s not think of the horrible past. We’re together again, and that’s all that matters. Let’s never be apart. <3@drielsma Diceware is amazing for those mission critical passwords. So secure, and also easy to type, even on iOS.@jason_abreu Yes, via Dropbox only.@jimmymansaray If data is all in sync, could you try reinstalling the iOS app from the App Store on the device and re-sync it?@arungk Sounds good. Hopefully it works out. In the interim, Wi-Fi sync should hold you over.@xandermac (Goobered up is a very technical term. 😉)@xandermac Let me know if it sorts stuff out. Sounds like things are goobered up from a bad install.@Linkletter One of my support humans just sent you a very nice email. :)@jimmymansaray You can still unlock from the Mac side, though, correct?@noahmittman Are you using Windows or Android? If you are just Mac/iOS, you can remove the ws file now.@dale_a 👍@catahstrophic http://t.co/iRNoix1HVD@arungk 👍 Awesome. If you update to Yosemite, 5.0 will be in Updates, then, and that will restore iCloud sync.@drielsma This method works great for a secure, memorable password. http://t.co/apy8bxtCGn@drielsma FWIW, I do recommend that Apple ID be something you can remember, especially if you use iCloud to sync 1P data.@Cazillo But if the record cannot match, we can't find it. Is there a root domain that is constant, and just a part that changes? Example?@oestberg Touch ID on a Mac itself would be an even better feature.@drielsma Maybe try the pronounceable option in the generator.@arungk And is the Mac app from the Mac App Store?@arungk That's why. Different sync engines between Mavericks and iOS 8. You need to move to Yosemite for the new engine.@tjluoma ☁️🏁@ChrisGVE Interesting idea. Glad it resolved itself!@fredrikalm We can look into it, but I can't promise anything.@drielsma Hrm, interesting. Where was that at?@justinrummel We've just had a few bugs that have crept up over summer with Dropbox that have been particularly resilient to being squished.@wopr_system_one We're not sure it is possible either. Haven't had time to look into it yet.@JalenJade No, that'd be a huge security hazard if that unlock prompt was intercepted somehow. Not worth the risk.@twofifty6 Support across apps is on the list, it just takes a while to get it all coded and do it right.@bbousquet Sorry, my team has been swamped with email. I'll get eyes on your ticket.@dale_a You can add file attachments (even pictures) to Mac or PC version, and they will sync to iOS.@catahstrophic *hug*@catahstrophic I see. I am sorry, but there is just no way for us to sell an iOS 7 compatible version now.@Cazillo If the domain doesn't match, then no, it won't fill. Security measure to guard against phishing.@catahstrophic So you need to sync between a PC and a Mac? You don't need to have iOS for that. Dropbox is an option.@lhoumark I don't have a timeline, sorry. Whenever the devs get to those issue ticket.@Cazillo That would be very difficult, as we use domain matching to find the right item. :-/@lhoumark We have an internal bug report filed for this. :)@catahstrophic Sadly, a limitation of the App Store. You'll need iOS 8.@catahstrophic Unfortunately, if you did not have v4 prior to v5's release, you won't have access to redownload a legacy version.@DJFriar Therefore, you've waited a while, I'm getting someone on this now.@DJFriar Thanks! Someone will be in touch shortly. :) Also, just so you know, each message you send in resets your queue position. :(@benz0 Aweosme! Lars is great, glad he could help!@paul_traina Thanks, I'll get someone to follow up in the forum. In the interim, this may help a bit. https://t.co/LtiBrnmT4p@rayhatfield Wow. Yeah, contact my email team. Please include those droplr links and a detailed description. support+urgent@ agilebits .com@ngocphamm Thank us when the fix is shipped. :) (But you're welcome. 😉)@jvdpoel1 Great to hear they could help! And thanks for the luck. :)@per_starke Yep, it's called Radar. I assure you it's been logged by many a developer.@arungk Is iOS version of me v5.1? And Mac 5.0 from Mac App Store?@xandermac Can you make sure you are fully synced up, then try removing the app & reinstalling from App Store on the device?@jpotisch Thanks much!@oestberg I'm not even sure if that is possible yet in the Continuity API.@NIIICELOOKSEAN … I *need* to know MAS or direct version of 1P for Mac, though, as the file is in a different place depending on that answer@NIIICELOOKSEAN I think we can recover the data file on its own from the Time Machine backup. Time Machine is very neat this way. …@EbE404 😜@yeastcapp You're welcome!@pilky @MrRooni All browser extensions in every browser update in the background by default. No way to really notify.@mmcwatters You're welcome!@Linkletter Wait time is really high right now. We have thousands of messages. What's your ticket ID? I can get eyes on it.@rynolivr You can make a folder named WebCluster and drop them in there, or make a WebCluster tag and apply it to each server item.@prikaczu Wish there was more I could do. Some things are even too restrictive for me.@justinrummel I believe the next update that fixes the crasher should help Dropbox a bit, too.@JalenJade Sure would. Not sure if that is possible yet.@remyyh The keynote files should redownload from Drive. Glad to hear sync with 1P is fixed.@Wim_DS Thanks!@dhather And one last thing, the the 5.1 update for iOS fix the original Touch ID issue?@dhather I'm going to go ahead and close the support ticket since the refund is handled. New ID was BEU-87247-199 for reference.@dhather This will help with the MAS migration: https://t.co/Ro2sbYXofw
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