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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@LyssaPearl Maybe they think they're sending them outside to 1976. It's safer there!@KariWahlgren Wil said the same thing when we saw commercials like that. NO ONE DOES THAT STOP TRYING TO TELL US THEY DO.#HolidayTip: When choosing a Yule Log that's right for you, it's best to go with the biggest one for maximum warmth and endurance.@AScalzi98 I have taught you well. ;-)It's time for our next 3-day charity auction of the game signed by the players on @tabletop. It's Catan Jr.! http://t.co/sF8sUwVuAe@admiralandrea @Hoggy602 HA! That is AWESOME.
@carlita_rogue SWEET.unblock the block http://t.co/bHW9TxJNlD
Retweeted by Anne WheatonAMAZING. “@MyrnDawg: Merry Christmas from LilWil and CapnMal #LilBuddies @hijinksensue @wilw @NathanFillion http://t.co/8QDGUuEUpYClearly the best holiday cookies, ever. “@normfeuti: Ninjabread Cookies! http://t.co/PQtTZjXw25@BatgirlChessie @bonniegrrl EEEEEE!@PanyaV @halopets Then you should try the pumpkin ones I got for our dogs. No meat products in them. All natural!#HolidayTip: Christmas trees are the centerpiece of your home, so make sure everyone can see how pretty it is! http://t.co/K100MvgRXZIt's a bummer when I don't catch the autocorrect that isn't actually correct, but correcting me about it? You know what I meant.#HolidayTip: When decorating, be careful where you drape your tinsel or hang your ornament. Nobody likes a shiny trunk w/ low hanging balls.That's right. I totally just told the internet via an Instagram photo that I ate a dog cookie. NO REGRETS.They smell so good and they look like Teddy Graham's. I couldn't resist. They're delicious! http://t.co/RsQxdxQfQsOh my god. HAHAHAHAHA! “@jamie_dee: http://t.co/15jeojAghi@sizemore Oh, damn.@BadAstronomer That is totally a pile of dog hair on the wood floor. I'm on to you, astronomy man.@wndywitch She's always at the top of our tree. Can't seem to keep her out of it!@russelguppy I love that!@FbodStudios @LenPeralta did an awesome job of that. :-)@LyssaPearl @ABC7 I thought it was a knitting needle. So glad it isn't!Trust me, you're going to want to see this. "Happy Holidays!" http://t.co/MpnOVJ7GYZ@WIGeekMom Uh oh.@bobafettishWoW OH. MY. GOD.PHOTO: Audrey, 3, was abandoned at The Grove Saturday http://t.co/t4bJhxeKGJ Call LAPD at (213) 473-0476 with info. http://t.co/y1OgTZPAme
Retweeted by Anne WheatonSTOP IT. “@MeetAnimals: Kitten using the dog as a comfy bed. http://t.co/f0fxaAIvfQ@MaraWritesStuff @AScalzi98 Lots of visits to Lake Tahoe in winter. :-)@Digby_C @tabletop Catan Jr will be the auctioned game that starts tomorrow. It's a 3 day auction so it'll ship Dec. 26th.
@KitsieDuncan Pretty!!@iamevilcupcake GROSS.What a dump. http://t.co/n7MHbrJcya@esmerel Ooh, thanks for the reminder. I was considering another one on my way to the post office. :-)@DiannaBates Merry Christmas!!Just doing my part to help you through the next week with a #HolidayTip or two. Isn't that what Internet moms are for?@WIGeekMom Aww... :-)#HolidayTip: When going out tonight, It's ok to jingle bells, but if you jingle all the way, wear protection to avoid catching anything.@lexigeek Last week, they sent me one with my name on it, once every minute until I caught it and blocked it 24 minutes later. UGH.#HolidayTip For a quick clean-up when Santa comes down your chimney, lay a towel on the floor where he'll be making his entrance.@merewillis Best six bucks per string I ever spent. :-)@ataccounting HAHAHAHAHA!Morning judgment face. http://t.co/Ad59vgCvJU@JeannieRaymenn Hehehe... ;-)Because taking your cat to the mall for posed pictures was something people did I NEED COFFEE SHUT UP OKAY.I took that picture of my friend's cat on the sofa last night, although the lighting and the pose look like it was taken at the mall in 1986Glamour Shots: Cat Edition http://t.co/Q1BaeWkwL3This is the part where you remind me not to get a latte after 4pm so I'm not wide awake at 2am.@Theremina I can't even handle the cute in this dog.
#HolidayTip: When shipping presents, it's important that your package fit tightly in the box to prevent slippage.#HolidayTip: Eat your plum pudding carefully. It's warm, sticky, and sweet, and comes with a hard sauce. No one wants to rush that.#HolidayTip: When decorating with boughs of holly, be careful not to touch the tips or you'll get a prick.@scalzi WHAT?#HolidayTip: When eating a candy cane, lick it slowly. If you go too fast or bite it, it'll shatter in your face & may even get in your hair@scalzi What?#HolidayTip: When building snowmen, it's important to pack snow balls w/ firm yet gentle pressure. Gently roll the balls until they get big.#HolidayTip: When roasting your chestnuts by the open fire, be careful not to hold them too close to the flame. Nobody likes scorched nuts.@Chimiel82 @GeekandSundry @NerdistDotCom They're owned by the same company. :-)HAHAHA! “@joshuamneff: Hey, whenever you mention how happy you are w/ @wilw, could you drop my name & say I'm a nice guy? That'd be great.”@TheTalena What the hell? People are weird.I don't even know the second company. That is an odd request from someone, don't you think?So that company asked me to mention them in what I'm already doing with the first company. Huh? Who does that?I had a company ask me to do a little work project with them, but I'm already doing the same thing for another company, so I declined.@bergopolis @wilw Awesome. :-)
@ashleyinmadrid COOL!!Festive date night at @LAKings game is festive! http://t.co/mQD3SUmVsy@TheDecoySnpr Cute!!I can't even handle how cute little Lucy is. I'm so excited to go visit her in a month. DEM EARZ.PUPDATE: Lucy has discovered the art of..."Are you eating chicken? I LIKE CHICKEN." http://t.co/QOsMKRoYDa@Wanzerfan I don't always see @wilw tweets, but if you subscribe to @GeekandSundry they will email you about @tabletop announcements.@luketadams @wilw Hehehe... ;-)Carry on.Twitter is not the only way to contact @wilw. He has a blog at http://t.co/B0Sol3F0nR where you can email your questions or concerns to HIM.Lordy, it's like kids not getting something from one parent so they ask the other. I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER.Reminder: I am not the keeper of @wilw's Twitter. Please do not ask me to tell him something for you, do something for you, or unblock you.@I_Ailurophile Sent you a DM :-)@Perfect_Anomaly HAHA!!@TammyRosenfeld @wilw ;-)Asked Siri for help, she didn't understand. Got frustrated & thought I shut it off but she heard me & responded. HA! http://t.co/KkcAydlOu2NO. https://t.co/WYktAj90BF@Philer25 Now that's festive!One of my favorite holiday pictures of @wilw, I think from 2010, while shooting Leverage. #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/7hpDYgdWin@TheFitDiva We did that with our Marlowe as well. It really helps to know what to expect with personality and training needs. :-)THIS. “@LosferWords: @AnneWheaton I found a copy of the rest of that list... http://t.co/kRdW9nnaXo
@Rileah BABY FACE.@LoveBees That would be AUDIBLE TORTURE.@CelticGlamazon I'm going back to visit later in January. I can't wait to see her!@RedPenOfDoom @bonniegrrl HAHAHAHAHA!I love that I live in a world where this guy exists. He is MESMERIZING. https://t.co/JhJ9HVTinZ@SthrnGirlQuilts @wilw I have nothing to do with that purchase. :-)@wilw @bonniegrrl Denied?! OH, IT'S ON.@bonniegrrl @wilw Challenge accepted. ;-)@hollyamos22 @JeriLRyan @jlilest @RallyPlantain @wilw EXACTLY.@JeriLRyan @jlilest @RallyPlantain @wilw When the birds start nesting in it, it's going to be a problem.@JeriLRyan @jlilest @RallyPlantain @wilw Dude. His beard is already reaching Mountain Man status. It's a little crazy.@tweetsoutloud I will. :-)@MarissaRapier @wilw Thank you. :-)@MarissaRapier Beautiful!! Thank you so much for keeping me posted. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and a kick ass New Year! :-)For those asking how we came to foster Lucy, I wrote about it here. http://t.co/XLvSQsUGKK
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