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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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Someone missed me. https://t.co/Jq38xAla2g@geoKarlie She was in her late 50s. Definitely looked feverish, not pregnant.@scalzi More like cinnamoney AMIRITE?!@scalzi @NYTScience Holy fuck! Congratulations!!And by laying "in" the floor, I mean "on." She's not melting into the carpet or anything. Although, it's entirely possible. #Patient0So when we all get the plague, remember that.I found Patient 0. She's laying in the floor in the Oakland airport with a Kleenex in her hand and a barf bag on the rug in front of her.@AnaleighCosplay Yay!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸš‚@myplanetvenus EEEEEEEE!!I ate all the tasty meals, drank all the tasty wine, and ate all of the tasty chocolates. Thanks for the bloat, Napa. WORTH IT.I woke up because an ant was crawling on my face. I had no idea that's where the picnic was being held. Now I feel dumb.
@jenlavender HA! I said the same thing!❀️ https://t.co/BvnuCaU42rWhat a dump. https://t.co/plqsJR6ok3
Wine Is Coming. http://t.co/PD14w0ag0q@SupportBones It was there! I saw it after I took that picture. HA!@Rojodi I just checked and they don't have it. Darn!Apparently, we are shopping in 1978. http://t.co/WBzVL28nTdYou can only rent from them 14 times before they cancel your reservation for no reason. http://t.co/Mp1pywMMw6@jamiebentley My friend who is sitting across the aisle from me.@ItsAFez66 It's because he refused to look at me while the pillow is on my head. :-)Princess Ramalamadingdong cleared for takeoff! https://t.co/q5ZqfpsiZjDrastic times call for drastic measures when you briefly leave the plane that doesn't assign seats. https://t.co/vr5tzrUpUu@Chef4WhipHand EEEEEE!!Thank jeebs they let us get off the plane to wait in the airport. BREAKFAST BURRITOS FOR EVERYONE.@darkora "In the event of an emergency, follow the aisle to the...oh fuck. Where's the plastic cover? HOW WILL THEY KNOW WHERE THE DOOR IS."Boarded plane for 8am flight only to find out an exit sign on our plane is missing a plastic cover so we have to wait 3 hrs. On the tarmac.@malik_marie So cute!!@Tehkella I've had mine for 15 years and I put it on my head before EVERY flight. Ha!@LyssaPearl @joshuamneff He REALLY hates my pillow hat. I have no idea why.@Tehkella Hehehehe... ;-)🎢Wiiiiil....it's your favorite neck piiillllllowwww....🎢 http://t.co/UXlHUoQklCThey Rescued The Puppy But Then Noticed Something Else Hiding In The Bushes. http://t.co/1JkHNtKjK6 http://t.co/ZugmZXEhkh
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@trevorgraf KITTY!@KatieWeidmann ;-)@beth9133 It's just set so you have to register to comment. Keeping it that way to avoid trolls. :-)
Trolls don't hate you. They hate themselves. They're in pain & you getting upset is like their morphine. Don't administer. Enjoy the screams
Retweeted by Anne WheatonSSSTTTTOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!! http://t.co/jcNhtuVsTL
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@elizabeth_byrd She sure does!@Jbarone072012 Aww...@camulus Oh, damn. HA!"Feed me, woman." http://t.co/z3zFEhm5lE@Alliabogwash @BadAstronomer Ha! Woops.@girly_to I love that. Send me a picture on adoption day!@TammyRosenfeld @PasadenaHumane It's possible. ;-)@MarloweWheaton If only you could fit in my bag so I could take you on the airplane with me. ;-)I am working on a new, secret project that will support @PasadenaHumane and their Wiggle Waggle Walk in September. I'm super excited!It's been coming up more which made me realize I forgot to mention this. I am not doing a celebrity pet adoption calendar this year, but...@wilw I really hope "uptucking a bonet" has nothing to do with a Bill Cosby tribute act.@WarrenSalem I haven't. I'll try that!@wilw Racy, I know. *fans face*My planter full of veggies and fruit aren't doing well, but the mint I planted specifically for mojitos is thriving. Smart plants.Workout clothes, hair in a wad, no makeup. Basically, I'm cosplaying as someone who just came from… https://t.co/FKubr5uERH@PatrickRothfuss Hmm...I guess that might seem a bit odd.@BadAstronomer It is.@BadAstronomer I saw a squirrel fall off a phone wire going over the street. He landed on his head and then ran in circles until he died.@PatrickRothfuss Your search is over. https://t.co/2PurUhG2juSomeone should tell that little girl the squirrel is on his side and not moving because he's dead, so he isn't going to answer her.Just walked past a little girl standing 15 feet away from a squirrel, yelling "Oh my god. Are you okay?" repeatedly to the squirrel.#ThrowbackThursday That time I won a game during @TableTopDay and did the same pose as my trophy. http://t.co/kVcR27VDYFKnow who's performing at #w00tstock 7.0? @altonbrown, that's who! (Plus @wilw & @donttrythis & us & more) Tix: http://t.co/kPyeUnmzGR
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@rebeccawatson The total disregard for humankind as well as his employer and job security is strong in this one. What an embarrassment.@Nhealani Woo!!@clockwork_ctr I hope the magazine he is a publisher for knows how he is treating people. I can't imagine they would approve of this.@BackpackingDad Grapefruit affects allergy medications as well. Weird.
@lousynickname @wilw Lucy lives in Sacramento with her adoptive family.@jp0473 I tell too many disgusting stories and make up horrible jokes. You're probably going to regret this decision.@TJECS206 It's hard to believe she's the same dog. A happy home and a healthy diet make all the difference. :-)@TJECS206 I can't wait. :-)Seriously, with that dog.PUPDATE: Lucy knows I'm coming to visit her in two weeks, so she is turning up the cute to 1000. STOP IT. http://t.co/rVQ9hQ4qz6My friend who teaches middle school is talking to his kids about Gamergate. Behold, there is hope for the future: http://t.co/ug2ANB1xqo
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@AwesomeNerter Hells yes it does!Of course, #girlytweet is implied on that last tweet. There wasn't room to add it on account of my detailed description of scab rain.Fun fact: if you get laser on a bunch of skin sun spots, they scab up & fall off a week later & your floors look like it rained corn flakes.Thank you, @LenPeralta, for including me in your awesome #GeekAWeek project. I love it! http://t.co/83gDksWPNY*puts on super wrinkled shirt, looks in mirror, decides to spray wrinkle release on shirt while still wearing it, shrugs, goes about day.*It’s okay not to over analyze every fucking thing.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonLET'S GET READY TO COFFFEEEEEEEEEEE β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ@kirstyhannam She doesn't sell any of what she makes. She just does it for fun and gives her creations to friends. She's so good.Why she doesn't make more and sell them is beyond me. All I know is we have one of two she made. Crazy!FAQ: The Tardis nightlight I posted a pic of last night is a stained glass lamp handmade by a friend who doesn't sell them anywhere.@silvermoon82 Aww...@JosephRemiB I think Seamus is smiling.Goodnight! http://t.co/P7O21YnLbINight light. http://t.co/y9CP9Albb7
Cracklin Rose! https://t.co/J4rAgzgAoK#tweetcaroline I didn't learn @NeilDiamond songs on the piano in 7th grade for nothing! SO EXCITED FOR THIS CONCERT.HELLO! http://t.co/Qpylp1I3le@geekfitgirl Oh no. :-(Yucky.When a stranger asks me for money, then says "I dare you to retweet" their request, it only makes me feel like this. http://t.co/pv9AmZuue3Ability to nap, interrupted. https://t.co/ouwjUFTcYK@Smallbearz @wilw @bonniegrrl He has very long days this whole week working on an audio book. It's important he sleep well during this.@wilw @bonniegrrl πŸ‘ƒπŸ’¨πŸš«πŸ˜΄@bonniegrrl @wilw 3:33
@LordWhatAMess @JennyJohnsonHi5 @NeilDiamond It's not my birthday and I'm not brave enough to throw undies. No competition there. πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸŽˆ@Phatpug2070 Woohoo!!@vlikeum104 πŸ‘Anne: 0 Zit: 1
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