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Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Honourary Captain Royal Canadian Navy, Dragon. Living my life like its the only one I have.

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"The men and women who have every reason to despair, but don’t, may have the most to teach us" Paul Rogat LoebDesert forest. #kuwait #nofilter #visitourtroops15 http://t.co/iwyRuikcyaNever ever take your freedom and peaceful existence for granted. #visitourtroops15 http://t.co/pTPzoZdyIa
Me + CDS General Tom Lawson on board HMCS FREDERICTON. The men/women on board are inspiring Cdns. #visitourtroops15 http://t.co/mIbbloXKgk
And let's not forget name the football players. (Here's a hint. @ad3two @jcromp8) http://t.co/yq7ySjYirn@garymasonglobe @cbctom bragging rights?!Name that player. #visitourtroops15 http://t.co/Ep1WiUenBSTo love is to act. -- Victor Hugo (Via @hopebloomshfx).Heading overseas today w/a few fellow Cdns to visit our troops. Thx @scotiabank, @CanadaGooseInc for sending along stuff for our CAF!
I like this deal. First order of business, send 50 crates of maple water over to @MWekerle’s place. @drinkseva #cbcragonsdenWek’s awfully skeptical on this one. Maybe maple is his kryptonite. Err, Wektonite? @MWekerle @drinkseva #cbcdragonsdenIs it just me or are we seeing a lot of alternative water drinks? Birch, coconut and now maple. @drinkseva #cbcdragonsdenWell this is quickly devolving into hilarity. Why a $12M value when he just wants a partner? #cbcdragonsdenThose are definitely paper thin margins. I think that discount model needs an overhaul. #cbcdragonsdenThis’ll be an interesting one for the @wealthy_barber and I. High-tech hockey sticks, here we come. @COLThockey #cbcdragonsdenThese @COLThockey sticks are cool. Coated in nano-metal? Who wouldn’t want one? #cbcdragonsdenSales and margins are reasonably good. So why do I feel like the other shoe is about to drop? @SkinnyPasta #cbcdragonsdenSo happy for @tentree – and just wait until you hear how many trees they’ve planted. #cbcdragonsdenIn case you haven’t heard, Season 10 of #cbcdragonsden is a go and auditions are now open, apply here: http://t.co/VszFOnvWO6I love @Great_Big_Sea, so cool having one of them on the show. @CocksureLads #cbcdragonsdenHere we go! First pitch is a great ode to 60’s pop, get your dancing shoes ready. @CocksureLads #cbcdragonsden“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ― Arthur Ashe6 #tips to write engaging social media content: http://t.co/sRQP4k7mKU #marketing via @YouInc
"No matter where you go, there you are" Confucious4 things successful #entrepreneurs do in the morning instead of sleeping in http://t.co/p5UXRFizhL #success All while chewing gum!Good morning! http://t.co/842XS3At7L
“@ETCanada: #KristenStewart says she'd love to play a superhero: http://t.co/TkZc0vFayJ” I think @kirstinestewart already has the part@cbctom I now have to clean the room first @cbctom :))Being a road warrior sucks. #doneanddoneIs your brain fit to lead? 5 tricks that’ll boost your #brain & your #business http://t.co/YVSs7Mn9oj #leadership via @YouInc"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I so respect those in uniform who uphold the law and protect us and our communities. Such a tough, dangerous job. #rcmp #stalbertGetting ready to visit #CAF overseas this week. Can't ever thank the men and women who serve enough for all they do for Canadians."You'd be a lot less worried about what people thought of you if you knew just how little they did." #advicefromdad“@YouInc: Take a look at the top 4 articles on YouInc this week: http://t.co/GdKaQzhtXTPretty proud to be inducting a Fellow South African /Canadian into Marketing Hall of Legends! Ms. @arlenedickinson http://t.co/6TxobdTd87
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Gladys was a force of love for our Troops. God Bless her for all she did to support the men and women who serve. http://t.co/fbw3xyz3xsMT "@globeandmail: Woman who wrote as many as 1k letters/mth to Cdn troops has died at 91 http://t.co/fbw3xyz3xs” Rip Gladys. God speed."And I think to myself. What a wonderful world" (Lou Armstrong) http://t.co/O0w0lYj2iAFantastic deal! Support women's hockey #Clarkson Cup: March 4-7. Playoff games $20; championship $25. Tournament package $90 for ALL games.
Martin Luther King’s warnings on inequality were ahead of his time http://t.co/mYf3rMkWmE http://t.co/GWYIIhYWWH
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonTo curl or not to curl? #curls #crazyhair #redheads http://t.co/IYpwS32hX1“@VentureComms: We gave the @bradshawhotel in #Stratford a brand facelift. http://t.co/8BiZwea6mf” @ArleneDickinson let's #makegoodtgthr !!
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThere's a blink of time in our lives when we are old enough to know better and young enough to do something about it.Good morning, Toronto. #canada #onthego http://t.co/HLEP9VNcu5“Your fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival.” ― Steve Maraboli
Twitter pls invent a separate feed for ppl who want to have childish arguments over small things in social media. Call it Kindergarten.MT@tonyaspler @ArleneDickinson's Persuasion Sonoma blend real glass stainer. Mouth-filling, chocolate, licorice. Stands up to @chocoMeCanada
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Thrilled with this deal, great entrepreneurs who know how to build a company. @kandyoutdoor #cbcdragonsdenIf rebuilding after losing your life savings isn’t the mark of real entrepreneur, I don’t know what is. @kandyoutdoor #cbcdragonsdenNever heard a pitcher describe himself as ‘The Poop Master’ before. I’m intrigued and afraid. #cbcdragonsdenSure, this’ll work well in the ‘parent hiking solo in the woods with two babies’ market. #cbcdragonsdenValuation is way off. But what’s frustrating is trying to explain that to a pitcher who won’t listen. @PulpKitchenTO #cbcdragonsdenSo much competition within the juicing craze. And the recipes are all generally the same, aren’t they? @PulpKitchenTO #cbcdragonsdenThey’re good, but I can’t say with any confidence that there’s a market for canned cabbage rolls. @CasalingaFoods #cbcdragonsdenThere’s an idea here, absolutely, but the model is flawed and the privacy thing is a big issue. @Snoobemobile #cbcdragonsdenExcited for you all to see how well @RebelsRefinery has done, from 4K in sales to 250K in just a year! #cbcdragonsdenBig update on the @RebelsRefinery deal right after the break, stick around! #cbcdragonsdenAlways a breath of fresh to have a pitcher who knows their stuff on #cbcdragonsden. @squapcanadaEvening all! Just a heads up, in person and online auditions for Season 10 are now open: http://t.co/VszFOnvWO6 #cbcdragonsden@EstherThePig @amatoronto thanks you guys! Nice smile Esther :). I'm that happy too!Congrats @ArleneDickinson on your much deserved award! See you at the gala on Jan 30! #marketinghalloflegends http://t.co/2vA9iM5Akt
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonSunrise in Waterloo. #canada #instamorning http://t.co/6KwhsIAvc9My picks for #entrepreneurs looking to live healthier. New products from @Jawbone @fitbit @Vitamix http://t.co/ZJmPdZ7au4. Via @YouIncYou can fail more times than you succeed as long as your successes outweigh your failures.Not ever failing is impossible. What you learn and then do next after failing is what matters most. #life #bizCan you lose your life savings in biz and find success again? Sneak peek of tonight's @cbcdragon https://t.co/9UANiP18vY
The Bachelor is trending. All must be good with the world.I'm sure Nigerians totally understand it's simply because of political unwill they are getting slaughtered. #bokoharam #crisis
“Only insecure boys will belittle a woman. The greatest way to "man-up" is to empower women.” ― Steve Marabol"Can we auto-correct humanity?" Rapper/activist Prince Ea. Worth watching http://t.co/7NSSwaeF7q
The @goldenglobes are TONIGHT! Let's #AskHerMore on the red carpet! Image via @TheDailyShare http://t.co/kVWsn0GdYK
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHere's the only weapon of "mass" destruction that should exist. http://t.co/O5qtXq8Ub010 yr old girls strapped with bombs. #bokoharam terrorists committing unthinkable,horrific acts. Innocent Nigerians need world support too.My 2015 goals can be summed up in one complex word. Simplify."@YouInc: These 5 #apps will help you keep all of your New Year’s Resolutions: http://t.co/RmucWb3Wfc @EricaDiamond" Help is an app away!
@brianmoran just sent you a reply! Happy New Year too :)@Dudgee nah didn't have room in my carry on.Flying from Calgary to Toronto - the city of freezing cold. Bringing my woolies and my western sense of humour."My brother was a Muslim. He was killed by people who pretend to be Muslims" http://t.co/upZoAxurNL #CharlieHebdo http://t.co/lPwq3WHJLG
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonTerrorists win when we turn against the good kind people of any race or religion who stand in solidarity against evil.
"@EstherThePig: Is it the weekend yet? http://t.co/xjOcJXZKVc" Amen Esther, Amen."@guardian: Charlie Hebdo staff hold emotional first editorial meeting after deadly attack http://t.co/9NasJfrQYG" Courage and strengthBoko Haram may have just killed 2,000 people: "Killing went on and on and on" http://t.co/XpZkG537VW
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonWhat is happening in #bokoharam is unbelievably barbaric. Nigeria is in distress. Who is helping the innocent being massacred there?
Sheesh. What meanie put this in a fortune cookie!? http://t.co/0e04PxN0EVA prairie good morning to y'all http://t.co/NTXAAsndRFAm I only the one disturbed by a standing o for a man accused numerous x's of sexual abuse who let's the law of time past be his defence?"@tv_eh: Dragons’ Den announces auditions for 10th season http://t.co/5MRh8muFDf" Check for audition Cities near you. See you in the Den!?
Auditions for our (gulp!) 10th Season start soon, hope to see you there: http://t.co/VszFOnvWO6 #cbcdragonsdenI’m beginning to worry that the only time @MWekerle eats is during #cbcdragonsden pitches.Did he just say ‘alligator jerky’? That’s a thing? Really? @carnivorechief #cbcdragonsdenI’d invest in this pedal thing only if David agreed to conduct all his meetings while using it. @wealthy_barber #cbcdragonsdenCan’t say @CaplanskyTruck wasn’t serious about making a deal. That valuation still gives me a headache though… @cbcdragonsdenIt feels to me like way too much at the same time. A restaurant, a food truck, franchises, mustard, pickles… @CaplanskyTruck #cbcdragonsdenWell, well, well @CaplanskyTruck, we ‘meat’ again. #cbcdragonsdenI’m not saying there’s nothing here, but the math is way, way off the mark. Hard workers yes, entrepreneurs no. #cbcdragonsdenShow of Twitter hands if you knew this was going to come down to valuation… $500,000 for Styrofoam??? #cbcdragonsdenNever easy to hear about giving up a home trying to get a business off the ground. Hope these two have bounced back. #cbcdragonsdenDon’t go too far, we’ve got an update from Tan on the Run coming up, all the way back from Season 4! @totrvancity #cbcdragonsden
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