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Another wonderful #MaeveWest (by @MaeveReston) on everyone’s favorite DSM T-Shirt store, @RAYGUNshirts: @NYTnickc Presumably because I’m a woman. And a (borderline) Millennial.@dick_nixon We like to think of them as “NYT Future Snapchat Subscribers.”Chris Christie ❤️s New Hampshire, but does New Hampshire ❤️ Chris Christie? @NYTnickc has the 💔 scoop: which @ijreview demonstrates its mastery of @Snapchat ads:“Facebook is going to be the advertising monster of 2016.”"Gazpacho is the new orange." Made this last night, and highly endorse. story by @AshleyRParker about Facebook and @ScottWalker campaign
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWelcome to the Facebook election:
"It also recognized a potentially life-threatening aspect of campus culture: Penn Face." not know “Penn Face” was a thing. But sounds… not incorrect: Won. nyt now summary ever:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNice @bpolitics dispatch on @JebBush raising $$ from -- wait for it -- Democrats:
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"If Republicans attack Hillary too will be seen as old white guys attacking a woman.” women who waited decades to be heard:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRepublicans proceed w caution, wary of turning Hillary into a victim. @maggieNYT and I report:
@pkcapitol I would accept either. Or: BRASS RING carousel.@pkcapitol Hey! Mountains and Clouds would be cool if it... spun. #Calder4Eva@kimseverson @pete_wells @FrankBruni @jestei And I’m sure all the AU Park Mobile Buro attendees would also donate…Donald leads the polls: Hillary leads the Sunday shows: xoxo, Your NYT Sunday Duty ReporterBest read of the day is @fahrenthold on how Bernie Sanders has fallen out of favor with his old socialist buddies
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBalloons. Dupont. 19th and S Streets, NW. Washington, D.C..
Mural. Rockville, MD.
Glasses pushed down to tip of nose is a classic @SenSchumer move. Cc: @mattwhouse Pulitzer Prize winner @EricLiptonNYT w his state-of-the-art work station (and cell phone holding device). recommends my own stories to me, I can’t tell if they’ve perfected the algorithm — or have things all wrong.Check out the beautiful — and funny — debut of #MaeveWest by the lovely @MaeveReston. More great videos TK., it's official. The guy whose apt is across the courtyard from mine and I have both seen each other naked. #MeetCreepy #RoomWithAView
This is brilliant. Esp love the pizza bagel touch. of the Titans: Murdoch v. Trump. @amychozick and I report: I can no longer sleep. And I can also now recommend "Everything I Never Told You" by Celeste Ng. Great book.@AntonVuljaj #FirstTierRTs
Lindsey Graham's phone is still ringing. Now @kellyayotte's kids are answering.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMurdoch v Trump v Ailes! Clash of the Titans! @amychozick and I report: on Graham as a card-carrying member of the Flip-Phone Caucus
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump taking a page from the M.I.A. playbook, who gave out cell of NYT reporter when she didn’t like this story: will make the first GOP debate? Must-read NYT graphic sorts out odds and scenarios:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAlmost everything this Pope does is interesting. are now entering the Search The Apartment Frantically For NyQuil portion of the evening...Bad news: I seem to have lost my ability to sleep. Good news: I am getting a lot more reading done. 📚📖📙
Champ. Or: Kat got a new Black Lab puppy. Meridian Hill Park. Washington, D.C.. Selfies (the hot new campaign trail souvenir) on @CBSThisMorning:'t the answer no, unequivocally no?
My favorite southern writer @dalerussakoff on the real Scout and the reality of Atticus. via @newyorker
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
@meganliberman Yep, exactly.Mitt Romney seems to have found his preferred form of bold communication: The well-crafted Tweet —>
Today's NYT: The 2016 Uber primary, as a proxy over the future of work. @mikiebarb and I report:
Alcatraz feels imminently swimmable. Just saying.Bonus fun fact: Jeb Bush seems to prefer riding shotgun when he takes Uber."This was, after all, no ordinary Uber ride" @ashleyrparker writes about Jeb Bush trip
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerJeb Bush took an Uber…AND THE NYT IS ON IT. if his driver didn’t recognize his high-profile passenger...“If I could speak like Barack Obama, if I could light up a room like he does, charisma is not a bad thing.” —Jeb BushJeb Bush's Uber driver, a 35-yr-old Yemeni, had NO IDEA he was driving 2016 presidential candidate. But said Jeb was "nice."The Google ad in @mikiebarb/@ashleyrparker story about @Uber? It's for @lyft.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerInterviewing your Uber driver is the new interviewing your taxi driver, right? FRANCISCO — The Uber primary, as a proxy for concerns about the sharing economy. @mikiebarb and I report: And I'm awake impressively early (in Pacific time), right?!Fog. 6:37 a.m. View from my hotel window. San Francisco. story is amazing.
Pluto in the streets, Charon in the sheets.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPeak Trump in FEC filings: "This report was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump's massive wealth.".@JasonIsbell's latest collection of story songs:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerToday's #Telewerking. The Wydown. Washington, D.C. #DCBuroRenovation. @justinesparker, can you please help me understand @lennyletter (from @lenadunham) on a continuum of @goop to @theskimm. K, thanks.
My @birchbox (s) have gone awry, and I fear I may have just used hair conditioner as face wash...@jameshohmann @wpjenna Also: Jestine's for fried chicken; McCrady's; I second Hominy Grill (esp for brunch). But really, go Husk.@wpjenna Husk. Fig.Scooplet Time, Twitterites: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to meet Wednesday in New York @costareports
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDC PSA —> ☔️⚡️💨⛅️
@aterkel @RepDonBeyer His daughter, if I’m correct, is @feministtswift (!!!).Free bakery idea: Game of Scones. #YoureWelcome
“She’s got an open wound, and part of our job is to pour salt in it," GOP says of Clinton (story with @AshleyRParker)
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRepublicans are trying to destroy Hillary Clinton, and took me and @amychozick behind the scenes:
Crossroads takes me and @amychozick behind the scenes in their quest to destroy Hillary:
WAS—>NYP—>WAS. You can check out my 🚄🚄🚄 day on @Snapchat: AshleyRParker. My boring life — in just 60 sec worth of Snaps. (!!!)Woman next to me just learned you can buy food (and drink!) on Amtrak, and melted down w joy. I felt both excited and sad for her.@jeremyakahn #BarelyRe-upping this @mviser story on the Iranian talks dragging on... And on. Every last word is amazing.
For Lindsey Graham’s 60th birthday, I wrote about him. Huzzah! lived in a tent in the woods with anarchists. We pretended there was no government.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCc: @NYTnickc Correct. Red line!@michaelroston Yes, it is both the audacity of the Tweet AND the Sriracha...@dick_nixon City is slipping... Tho I fully expect to get hauled off in cuffs at Tenleytown.@geofkoss V impressive. Cowboy boot game on fleek.Yes, I am that girl eating a ShopHouse spicy rice bowl on the Metro, which I agree is gross and unacceptable. But it's that kind of day.@reidepstein @ZekeJMiller Let's just say... accidents v nearly occurred. Reinforcing my view that I, personally, am not mean to shoot a gun.Life on the trail w @GrahamBlog: And bonus behind the scenes skeet shooting details:'s A1 w/ @ktumulty & @PhilipRucker: Priebus calls Trump as GOP state chairs and donors fret
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBehind the scenes skeet shooting with Lindsey Graham: STORY:
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
2015 Lindsey Graham, freedom is just another word for one percent in the polls:, skeet-shooting, and flip-phones: On the 2016 trail w Lindsey Graham: @jmartNYT piece on Gov. Scott Walker, 2016 hopeful — and his own political strategist. idle hours, the US team debates who would play one another in a movie on Iran talks.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
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