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Just finished "The Wallcreeper" by Nell Zink, and it is, as promised, delightfully weird.I recap "Veep," so everyone else can enjoy their Memorial Day Weekend: http://t.co/8hvJ63tiHeCc: @pkcapitol https://t.co/GiqJ5fw1htIowa ❤️ Carly Fiorina, by @amychozick: http://t.co/1o7yhyJUfi
"You don't always come out right away." Maureen Dowd, her bad Uber rating, and things that don't surprise me... http://t.co/UMwB9Y1q76@HerbieZiskend And yet you don't look a day over 30!Republican rivals skirt specifics on plans to fight ISIS http://t.co/iKk0PlrLRJ via @patrickhealynyt & @AshleyRParker http://t.co/hMhT0egQkK
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@jessbidgood Yes, salt water is really kind of magical for sore throats (at least temporarily). But also: So. Gross.I have a bad sore throat. My sister recommended Slippery Elm and my mom recommended Pau d'Arco. Does anyone have... a more pragmatic idea?Very fun Senate-as-presidential theater in the McConnell era, via @jestei and @jonathanweisman http://t.co/sFOejEUg7C
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTwo everyday Americans walk into a @HillaryClinton event... and get trapped in her press scrum. Literally. http://t.co/aPKINTHjoq
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Dear fellow reporters: Do not try this at home -- http://t.co/9sxadjAaOF
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerEvery. Single. Word. Of. This. Is. Amazing. http://t.co/s2GxDii4RH“Cool Kids for Hillary.” You may be able to imagine it on a campaign button, but would any of them wear one? http://t.co/Dvt8Akhf19
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@HillaryClinton still hearts Sid Blumenthal and he sends her political advice, to the annoyance of her aides per Dems http://t.co/AsRCgjC9kh
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What I love most about Twitter: No one posts things like, "The best decision I made was to marry this man 15 years ago."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIf I walk (and walk) through the Capitol today, but don't have my FitBit to record it all... HAVE I EVEN MOVED?!
I actually just consulted one of your many whip lists, @jestei, so thank you for that...@lisatozzi @katherinemiller Yes. I’m obsessed.Reason bajillion I love the TSA Instagram account... http://t.co/napqcHrEjqMT @llerer: "Who should we contact in case you become a martyr?" — an actual Q on a terrorist job application. http://t.co/QrgA0H37ml"The third date also involved a lot of making out, he volunteered.” A @bterris gem on Frank Fiorina: http://t.co/C1KtAyxxDg
As Iowans ask questions, @edhenry asks Clinton if she'll take press Qs. "I will put it on my list for due consideration," she says, smiles.
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Cosign. https://t.co/C2bUhTlYqFLindsey Graham — the world’s “cheeriest super hawk” — a Republican dinner, and an incest joke: http://t.co/y9LzYmHLoMWonderful @NYTnickc story on how Bernie Sanders — grumpy old Socialist — has become a social media superstar: http://t.co/YkV69mJO6XIt was so satisfying to finally see Arya Stark murder Don Draper.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe real question is: Who will these magazines be using as writers/reporters? http://t.co/3V8Hbwpy0CFighting Words from Veep. Cc: Team Politico. https://t.co/9kq6r1OlZsWhy Republican groups might start wearing WWEWD — What Would Elizabeth Warren Do — bracelets. w/ @AshleyRParker http://t.co/NQyrO09blx
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerICYMI, Why the right is attacking Hillary Clinton from the left. @NYTnickc and I report: http://t.co/MFbymxq47PA supposedly fun thing I'll never do again: My 10-year college reunion. #GoQuakersListen, you are Beyoncé — and I just recap @VeepHBO: http://t.co/Eb5ejeL5ILYeah, yeah, Mad Men... BUT WHAT ABOUT VEEP!? I recap: http://t.co/cxJptWcfPn
Why the right is pushing Hillary Rodham Clinton from the left. http://t.co/p5Ze53YXOf via @NYTnickc, @AshleyRParker http://t.co/aKcu7SZQG8
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPlease read this powerful story about fatherhood by WaPo's @elisaslow http://t.co/NWZDi1ke3y
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRubio's rough morning: @patrickhealynyt with savvy look at his struggle to offer clear answer on Iraq: http://t.co/Y5h0xSJkTI
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWhy Republicans are asking themselves WWEWD — What would Elizabeth Warren do? W @NYTnickc: http://t.co/TMHuQPH7O1
The carriage entrance. U.S. Capitol. Washington, D.C. https://t.co/xzlrVJ7WYANew on the Twitters: @ColumbaBush https://t.co/n66O6lC1SG
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@ChrisPKenny http://t.co/AfUB8Ww1JrAnd... NDAA passes! http://t.co/zbYGHdczKv http://t.co/5UoFlltD4y@jim_newell That also surprised me…@MarkLeibovich I would argue the true brilliance is also just the entire second clause...@harrisj Always.PEAK MITT: "They have graciously sent me their apparel items, which I will avail myself of." http://t.co/Qo8jkU7qjN"I will get in Evander’s face with compliments and good humor.” Romney talks fight night w @MarkLeibovich. http://t.co/Qo8jkU7qjN
Woah if true. RT @washingtonian: Five great places for dinner in Cleveland Park. http://t.co/MThQlFp70L http://t.co/uy0XsWh0P7@dick_nixon Verbal dexterity and a Shakespearian gift for word play was always one of their signatures, no?Inexplicably, I have "Shoop" (Salt-n-Pepa, 1993) stuck in my head, and it is not an entirely unpleasant sensation.George W Bush gave Adelson something extra at the RJC - one of his own artworks, of Adelson's Singapore casino http://t.co/TlZYuDvyMp
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCollege student to Jeb Bush: "Your brother created ISIS" http://t.co/nljJufoT31 http://t.co/QVyHwbtizz
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRubio tries to distinguish himself as a foreign policy hawk, in a crowded Republican field: http://t.co/l0fGtvEJAvJeb Bush, his brother George, and a complicated political calculus. @maggieNYT & @mikiebarb report: http://t.co/FAHNI8kqua
Things @justinesparker says, unironically: "I think she was the girl in my crystal class eating the Cosmic Provisions from Moon Juice."Because @IChotiner is an amazeballs interviewer... https://t.co/7DCbkFePlR!!! RT @jonathanweisman: Wow, novelist @ScottCheshire on my novel No. 4 Imperial Lane, out Aug. 6 from @twelvebooks. http://t.co/ZFmVR22rPS
"More emails sprinkled with Spanish and smiley faces followed..." @jasondhorowitz on Ana Navarro and Jeb: http://t.co/lC47oTTUqtVaguely impressed by my fellow Amtrak rider’s inspired purchase of Entenmann’s cookies and Kendal-Jackson Chardonnay.Scoop - Correct the Record becoming its own super PAC, run by @woodhouseb http://t.co/vXLzMz75ND
Retweeted by Ashley Parker[Images of reporters, just standing around] RT @KateNocera: Has anyone seen Rand Paul today dot tumblr dot com
"Pitch Perfect 2" takeaway: I would TOTALLY listen to an entire album of acapella country music.@michael_steel @BrettLoGiurato The morning I discovered that quote was on @waitwait was the best morning of my life. #GiddyWithSteelJoy"Emails sent to Paul's campaign asking why their political director licked a camera were not immediately returned." http://t.co/clewuXB82l
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGet to Zero (and no more “Ebola-eye!”): The latest #TackleEbola campaign. https://t.co/MDvwgP3ZxX@teddyschleifer Woah if true.MARRAKESH— @PhilipRucker on the dilemma vexing the Clinton campaign: What to do with Bill. http://t.co/D8ws97kyXCLast night's #Veep — today. W a masterful, and sad, rant by Amy. http://t.co/eBbF7yzmAFI recap “Veep.” So you don’t have to. http://t.co/Ku0RxjcaML
Alleyway art. U Street, NW. Washington, D.C. https://t.co/McY41JJAWT
Because he talks so damn fast! RT @NYTnickc: Rubio speech clocks in under 10 minutes. Was scheduled for 20...RT @maggieNYT: Must-read by @SteveEder and @mikiebarb on Rubio's patron, Norman Braman http://t.co/zn7QmCllMyNorman Braman, Marco Rubio’s billionaire benefactor and BFF, by @mikiebarb and @SteveEder: http://t.co/8Ax45DrWKq
In which @jonathanweisman spits hard truths at me: “There is nothing you know about online that a 16-year-old doesn’t already know."How Marco Rubio is handling his Hispanic heritage, and what it means for the Republican Party: http://t.co/EmvXRydKAG
@JakeSherman @NYTnickc SMART. After TAPPING IT BACK at the new Soul Cycle, cool down at Dunkin’ w an iced frozen coffee COOLATTA mocha."The day of the older white guy is out." Why Rubio is making gains in Iowa. By @jmartNYT & @AshleyRParker http://t.co/3WbHSIpBD7
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTom Cotton is SO worried about the Iran deal that he votes to give Congress NO oversight whatsoever. Final vote: 98 to 1.Lovely debut #longform from @highline and @dvmurrell: http://t.co/jyL9EAb5VhRT @costareports: SCOOP w @mateagold: At private NYC mtg., Jeb Bush said his top adviser on Israel is George W. Bush. http://t.co/To5CpJnXWl"I did not find any good actors." More on @SarahMaslinNir's reporting process. http://t.co/u5tkQxZdqp
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIs Marco Rubio the Republican Obama in 2016? @jmartNYT and I investigate. http://t.co/WTAFqMfj0z@NYTnickc @JakeSherman Wydown clearly better. But Dunkin Donuts is quick, cheap, and gets the job done.@JakeSherman WHAT?!Marco Rubio: A “balm...to a party that has been repeatedly scalded by accusations of prejudice." http://t.co/WTAFqMfj0zMarco Rubio campaigns on his immigrant story, cautiously http://t.co/34cWKguPUz (by @jmartnyt & @ashleyrparker) http://t.co/641C0OvY76
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIf you have ever received a manicure, a must-read investigation by @SarahMaslinNir: http://t.co/tY6d3O2xVM
Cc: @sissenberg https://t.co/iWVpT9wqiCElton John, to a Senate subcommittee: “I was a drug addict. I was a self-obsessed asshole. Excuse me."Trying to be a writer who's also on Twitter is "like taking the bar exam at Coachella"—Joss Whedon, ex-Twitterer: http://t.co/t3QKLtYhpX
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerA sad @abbygoodnough dispatch from the Indiana town, population 4,200, dealing with an outbreak of H.I.V.: http://t.co/ctUfJFHaYv
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNice @laurennfrench & @BresPolitico look at Team Hillary's Capitol Hill charm offensive: http://t.co/v1rGwsXDx9
@MichaelRWear Thanks! V nice of you to say.Your Number. As explained by the ever-helpful WSJ: http://t.co/wSEZ72Si8NWalker and Ryan, Wisconsin BFFs and Cheeseheads4Eva, by @patrickhealynyt and @jmartNYT: http://t.co/Ms7hRdBXwg
MT @nytpolitics: Great @maggieNYT and @patrickhealynyt on Ben Carson's Detroit 2016 launch. http://t.co/ZfvsdVVupv http://t.co/ad4Pw30SLlIn which I recap @VeepHBO, mainly for the benefit of @pkcapitol: http://t.co/qUbKzjZ9pDAttn @arappeport @NYTnickc. Brilliant FD feature idea from Assignment Desk Epstein... https://t.co/WWbcyGYT8f@reidepstein I am! And I sometimes fear @pkcapitol is the only one reading them...In this "Veep" recap, President Meyers and team find themselves in Iran, a "tea-totalitarian state." http://t.co/qUbKzjZ9pD
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