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@jimcramer lets go 21 days without any new cases popping up before we start pop the champagne bottles and say the CDC has shit under control@__Nikkiiii__ well... lol... might as well make the best of things... lol... magic wand show 10 tokens bb :P@__Nikkiiii__ haha... we're a fine pair of pervs... lol... we can't even have innocent thoughts anymore@__Nikkiiii__ jesus... lol... mfc has ruined me... lol... i can't think of a 'magic wand' without thinking of an hitachi@jimcramer @DrLaPook illogical panic? CDC said they'd "Stop it in its tracks" & it gets spread at a hospital. i got one word for you! HUBRIS
@__Nikkiiii__ awwww... sorry to hear you're not feeling good! Hope it passes quickly *smooch*
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... i'll start a Perwinkle VonPussyslap shrine with them... lol... in a non-creepy way of course@__Nikkiiii__ lol... save the bush shavings and raffle them off in a pubie auction :D@__Nikkiiii__ did you Heimlich some breakfast sausage outta someone's throat?Fucking people
Jamaica (NOT USA) bans travellers who've recently been in Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea due to #Ebola @Prepperradio http://t.co/IQMFTzCI86
Retweeted by me@rhondalburns WH Petition to stop flights from #ebola stricken regions http://t.co/YkvHyY80uv Sign, Share, Retweet!
Retweeted by me@__Nikkiiii__ watched a mom try to get a toddler to use a revolving door & baffled the hell out of him... had me thinking of you #hilarious@__Nikkiiii__ EXACTLY!!! The perfect balance of 'creepy as fuck' but awkward enough to be funny as hell@__Nikkiiii__ lol... I love that eyeball mask!!!@__Nikkiiii__ BWAHAHAHAHA!@__Nikkiiii__ lol... jail show bb@__Nikkiiii__ thats sad & a huge reason i never wanted kids... fear of knocking up some selfish twat that can't figure kids aren't a burden@DrFriedenCDC STOP FLIGHTS FROM WEST AFRICA!@DrFriedenCDC how about practicing less politics and start practicing more medicine!!!! #arrgoanceiskillingpeople@SecBurwell @WhiteHouse @CDCgov @HHSGov health workers are on the No Fly list but don't stop flights from West Africa? #howdoesthatmakesense@jessicasweet194 lol... I can feel your jealousy :P http://t.co/fkryZHuvaR
@__Nikkiiii__ the day i make you laugh so hard you pee your pants... lol... then i'm declaring victory :)Ya... lol... you're part of the Minnesota VonPussySlaps@__Nikkiiii__ Yea... It's Periwinkle VonPussySlap isn't it?@DrFriedenCDC have another press conference saying how you'll "Stop it in it's tracks"... that always helps@DrFriedenCDC why aren't all these Ebola health care workers on the no fly list???? expect more cases #stopactinglikeyourontopofit@SecBurwell @WhiteHouse @CDCgov @HHSGov you do realize you're all dropping the ball don't you? and everyone see's it@WhiteHouse @CDCgov @HHSGov more strategizing on how to say you're on top of Ebola in press conferences?@CDCgov so much for "stopping it dead in it's tracks" #starttakingitserious@carlquintanilla Just saw the "safety gear" the nurses wore in the TX hospital & protocol my ass! That's some flimsy crap... expect more@carlquintanilla @RyanRuggiero the @CDCgov is dropping the ball huge! Immediately quarantine air traffic from West Africa till it's solved@WhiteHouse Immediately quarantine West Africa air traffic & treat Americans affected with Ebola there OUTSIDE the USA!!!@DrFriedenCDC you can't stop Ebola in the USA! When you gonna figure out you need to completely quarantine air traffic from West Africa?@CDCgov stop bringing people back to the USA to be treated for Ebola! Treat them outside the USA!!!Second health care worker at Texas hospital who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan has tested positive for Ebola. http://t.co/tHD98lRouvwtf??? A 2nd nurse in the texas hospital has tested for ebola???? someone in the @CDCgov is fucking up BAD! #stopactinglikeitsnobigdeal
@__Nikkiiii__ hope she's doing well and feels good!
@__Nikkiiii__ well... after getting to know you.... i'm sure you're an awesome mom to her and fun lil partner in crime with her :)@__Nikkiiii__ sassy like her momma? you got bigger balls than me! lol.. i was always to chickenshit to have a lil clone of me running around@__Nikkiiii__ in spite of how i feel about kids.... you got a cutie on your hands there :)members & models alike should all follow @__Nikkiiii__ instagram http://t.co/aoOJK0syBl she's hot AND a sweetheart http://t.co/tR3BOfH22c
I hate green bay and everything about it... but you can't deny Arron Rodgers is an outstanding QBHealth care worker in Dallas tests positive for Ebola after a preliminary test, hospital says in a statement. http://t.co/tHD98lRouv
@__Nikkiiii__ ya... you and me both.. my 'to do list' is getting obnoxiously large and the clocks ticking on some of my shit #kickmeintheass
@__Nikkiiii__ 2 years it is... writing it down on my schedule now "make naked snow angles w/nikki and hot tub afterwards"... see ya in 2016@__Nikkiiii__ fire up the hot tub... I'm in@__Nikkiiii__ we can oil each other up with sun tan lotion then :) Much better thought! lol Although making naked snow angles sound like fun@__Nikkiiii__ its snowing????? Fuck that!!! Not ready for it to be cold again@TattGoddess i think you're a total sweetheart today.. if you think you're a bitch.. lol.. gimme a wayback machine so i can go back 3 yrs :)@__Nikkiiii__ lol... i've offered to toss on a wig and say my wiener is just the worlds biggest clit :P
@__Nikkiiii__ haha... was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt... lol... but i guess youre both evil bitches... err... witches ;)@__Nikkiiii__ you two are night and day... lol. which ones the good witch and which one is the bad one?@__Nikkiiii__ sure... lol... i'll go all "walking dead" on some mofo's... you stay at home and do your nails ;)@__Nikkiiii__ I plan on going down swinging if its the end of the world... i'll pop someone over the head for a face mask or a can of tuna@__Nikkiiii__ that's the cameraman that caught it in africa & they took him there to treat him... not sure why they couldn't do that there@__Nikkiiii__ sounds like you got your hands full and sorry the stress is catching up with ya.. do what ya gotta do to take care of yourself@__Nikkiiii__ feeling better today?
@__Nikkiiii__ never gotten one but i know a cpl people that do... let your family take care of ya and make everything ok.. see ya soon :)@__Nikkiiii__ lol... isn't menorrhagia an STD? :P@__Nikkiiii__ lol... hate to think theres a chance he could chain you to a basement wall and hug you whenever he wants... but you know best@__Nikkiiii__ haha... too funny! Imho I think you should still stick it to him and get it on the books with the cops he was following you@__Nikkiiii__ lol... what happened?@__Nikkiiii__ ya... you mentioned some 50 yr old that was all in love with you yiu had a restraining order on... and yeah... call the cops
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... cause you know they're crawling on you at night while you sleep@__Nikkiiii__ lol... i'd definately want my tokens back then@__Nikkiiii__ you want me to wash your car now? lol... i'll do it for 800 tokens :P@__Nikkiiii__ You'll do ANYTHING for 400 tokens offline? lol... guess who's getting his car washed!!!!
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... I woke up a lil while ago myselfDayum! It's like the @ChicagoBears are a new team!!! GO BEARS!
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... my #1 reason i'm glad i'm a dude? lol... No ones expecting me to suck a dick@__Nikkiiii__ lol... eyelash glue? they make such a thing? #listofreasonswhyimhappyimaguyjustgotbigger@__Nikkiiii__ i hate GB... but now i hate the vikings for not beating GB.... at least it's making the Bears loss to GB not seem so bad now@__Nikkiiii__ if you get a boob job... they better fucking look good or i'm gonna be pissed off@TattGoddess hahaha... fake body parts???? lol.. leg stump show 10 tokens bb@__Nikkiiii__ my hate for green bay is gonna force me to root for the vikings@__Nikkiiii__ just realized its thursday... the vik's play the packers... big conference game!@AmyMainzer you can never have enough wire@jimcramer how much do technicals play into your opinion of the "health" of the markets?wtf! these people in "isolation" cause they've been exposed to the guy w/ebola are really @ home and have had friends over? #lockthemup@SaraEisen turned squawk on late... lol... what the hell were you wearing on your head this morning?
@EwynFae hey sexy.. maybe i'll tell you next time I see you... its nothing I cant handle... something turned into a mind blowing situationsWhaaaaat the Fuuuuck! I swear... trouble finds me!!! I'm minding my own business and trouble just fucking appears@EwynFae you look pretty too :)@__Nikkiiii__ wow... look at you! you're mfc famous! congrats@__Nikkiiii__ welp.. lol. tried to get your ass outta bed.. lol...no answer! now this one is headed to bed himself... good luck w/tonight ;)
While I'm on my nap PLEASE RETWEET I want more friends 👸 http://t.co/4MjV7AQgxj
Retweeted by me@__Nikkiiii__ lol... as long as there isn't a lot of leg work@__Nikkiiii__ lol... lazy ass... lol... bet you'd just lay there@__Nikkiiii__ idk about the electric fuck machines but they are expensive... here's a manual one called monkey rocker http://t.co/lEsmG2cXaO@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper http://t.co/O0ZSNkCjnE@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper hahaha... now i got this image of ET with a massive boner doing you doggy style@__Nikkiiii__ lol... you won my dirty laundry... lol... come get it and clean it :P@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper wait... wants your goodies and eat you? lol... does ET want to kill you or fuck you?@__Nikkiiii__ nikki's disney surgical mask vs the deadly ebola virus? nikki wins@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper ET masks?@1_ghostreaper @__Nikkiiii__ you tip and i'll post the ET emotes? deal!@__Nikkiiii__ and if you're logging on @ 2 AM i might not make it.. i'll be busy either sleeping or making my anti-Ebola apocalyptic bunker@1_ghostreaper @__Nikkiiii__ lol... if you go into her room... lol... post lots of ET emotes... she loves it@__Nikkiiii__ @1_ghostreaper lol... she's just a big ole chickenshiy...lol... everyone loves ET
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