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Couldn't agree more. What about you? RT @DaleCarnegie: Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person.RT @carthagebuckley: 4 Great questions to improve your problem solving skills http://t.co/S71AfOB7R3How would you categorize your #career? @CareerTipsNow sheds some light: http://t.co/ZWoYFsZaXXRT @UGACareerCenter: Learn how to correctly use exclamation points in business emails: http://t.co/RmVbTpXmKc3 #financial tips for long-term success, from @Worthworm: http://t.co/hm1ALM2E2l@WiattJones Thumbs up!These actions from @bizplanmentor will take you from floating with the guppies to swimming with the sharks: http://t.co/yHVLj59lvtHey Brazenites! Giving a shout out to our AWESOME following on this beautiful Sunday. Hope your career dreams come to pass this week!@ApolloProfsJobs Couldn't agree more.The ultimate cheat sheet for changing your #career: http://t.co/GhfBMLGhiO31% of respondents said identifying #networking partners was their greatest job search challenge: http://t.co/Sjn3MkCNU2
Agree? Disagree? RT @eExecutives: Face-to-face networking works best! http://t.co/sZeO8dFN1FRT @JobSearchGPS: "Grab and Grow – A Plan for Career Success" http://t.co/FDgY3x7cGMInsight into a summer spent as an #intern over at @PennCareerServ: http://t.co/6cvFrdYYbgRT @UMUCCareers: Is it time for you to attend a conference? http://t.co/fQcd1ONIl1 #buildskillsThink your passwords don't matter to your #career? Think again: http://t.co/we7e66e2Zu via @CordeliaCallsIt@tvparrot Thanks for the RT, Teresa!Want to become manager? Check out these "get noticed" tips from @bizplanmentor: http://t.co/nDKPwLzpwq@YouTern Well now they have! ;-) Happy Saturday!Mindfulness — intentionally focusing on the present in a nonjudgmental way — works. http://t.co/a91qvXu1XK from @blackenterpriseTake your #networking skills from "Meh" to PRO: http://t.co/huWeqGKAZc
RT @elimin8prejudic: "Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree." ~Marian Wright EdelmanRT @CAREEREALISM: This quick resume tip will appease both the people interviewing and the ATS. http://t.co/NSH4gV5nemHave you ever considered a federal #career, asks @jobable. Take a look: http://t.co/tFTliKjWgHRT @DebraWheatman: 5 Common Networking Mistakes To Avoid #careers http://t.co/Je57aqygQIFriday! Boom. Any career developments this week?@2MovesAhead Thanks for helping us promote!#Relocation can be scary, work-intensive and most of all, costly. @jonrusso shows how to overcome these obstacles. http://t.co/gcJaUZ3tiN@Marilyn_Res Well that is music to our ears ♬Use these steps from @laurelstaples to start building your #business (and worry way less): http://t.co/O6Lm3GSI6eA new study shows that nearly half of workers in their 20s and 30s want to own their own #business someday. http://t.co/H0QOmsQH3OStartup Advice: 3 Financial Tips for Long-Term Success http://t.co/aLJvOh2AAUThe Worst Employee Motivation Tactics: Employee motivation is a tricky world. How many times have... http://t.co/oWkLMox192 via @jobacle
"Find a person or organization that resonates" MT @CAREEREALISM: All it takes is 1 bold move to break out of the mold http://t.co/TAXoXESbvRRT @CareerRocketeer: What's the Best Resume Format for You? - US News - http://t.co/SGVSVlMtQy #fuelyourflyingcolors #resumes @USmoneyAwesome quiz from @CAREEREALISM: How good is your #career etiquette? http://t.co/GsXUYT320pRT @jtodonnell: Looking for an entry-level job? These tips will help. http://t.co/QAE0tDeelfOvercome these 5 barriers to starting your own business, from @BudgetBlonde: http://t.co/l5MaN5tsjQ@GayleHoward Of course—great material!How Your Password Can Radically Change Your Life http://t.co/k8duJ8zCBXHere's how to #relocate on a budget, from @jonrusso: http://t.co/5n1Em3duxX@thejdnation So happy you love it, Annie! Thanks for the RT <35 things you ABSOLUTELY do not want to be when you grow up. List by @emmasota: http://t.co/fxvm7JimqmToday's the day! Last chance to register for our free marketing #networking event today at noon EST: http://t.co/eOTJYQR6NQGet Noticed at a New Job: How to Ditch the Guppies and Swim with the Sharks http://t.co/Mj82LKKZrP
Ugh. "Detail Oriented" RT @heatherhuhman: These 7 Resume Cliches Make Recruiters Want to Scream http://t.co/z7D8J9y61i via @YouTernRT @Workopolis: Why employers aren't hiring you for an open position that you're qualified for: http://t.co/UTqDdb5z7LThe #resume section that matters more than you'd think? @DailyMuse reveals: http://t.co/SYax0ZzjuyRT @DebraWheatman: An awesome leadership quote from a great leader http://t.co/QcvpCDz9jxHump day. What's going on with you and your job this week?@BiggleswadeJCP Thanks so much for the RT :-)@workfanatic Awesome! Thanks Jason!Take Your Networking Skills from “Meh” to Pro With This Killer Strategy http://t.co/72WK74DMxOWant a job at a #startup? You’re a brave soul. Here's how you can get there: http://t.co/rFlUx4G5rS@jessTpett Sweet! How'd it go? Love the idea of "Candidate Experience."Use your #socialmedia skills to land a dream #job. Stellar tips from @lifecoach: http://t.co/5ZjlXnF2uQFollow these 7 steps by @HelloTheFuture, and take on the #freelance life even before you graduate from college: http://t.co/dCNZUooYeIIs Your Dream Job in Faraway City? Here’s How to Relocate on a Budget http://t.co/Psumb7lGXl
"Study, study, study." RT @JobHuntOrg: 4 ways to stand out from other #jobseekers, from @MediaJobsDaily: http://t.co/SKZz7tIwCWRT @jacobshare: 5 Ways Volunteer Experience Gets You Work Experience - #jobsearch http://t.co/BQFuEkvZcKInfographic from @UndercoverRec asks if you have what it takes to be a #CEO: http://t.co/ivl0rE8agqRT @eExecutives: Talent is nothing without Focus and Endurance ~ Haruki MurakamiPlease RT! In just TWO DAYS we'll be hosting an online #networking event for marketing professionals. Register here: http://t.co/QgdizhiQNe@hanaaakari Excellent! Hear anything back from Amazon? That would be an incredible opportunity. Where else have you been looking?8 tips for getting hired by your dream company, from @wadelagrone: http://t.co/NQVAX96tkO@tiffanybrandlib Wowzers. Seems like you're well on your way! How did the logo design proposal go?Decoding Your Boss: Does it feel like you need to learn another language for decoding what your b... http://t.co/MfwEzdEiSV via @jobacle3 free #interview tools every #recruiter should use: http://t.co/9864jbZCuLLast year of #college? Forget your job hunt and do this instead: http://t.co/CkQVhigNX7 from @HelloTheFuture5 Barriers to Starting Your Own Business — and How to Overcome Them http://t.co/1tP8nT7OqE
RT @YouTern: Do. Delegate. Delete. "3 Proven Hacks to Help You Job Search Smarter" from @BrazenCareerist #HireMe http://t.co/Z3mIh1e6p4"Choosing the wrong team." RT @UGACareerCenter: Are these habits hurting your career? http://t.co/omgqsl9JLGWhat do you think? Should you force an employee to resign? @Inc gives their take: http://t.co/xFjlgxDDQnRT @jtodonnell: 7 Steps to Job Searching While Working Full-Time: http://t.co/kMN083Dpcs #jobseekersWahoo—it's Monday! Is that workplace enthusiasm we hear? #sarcasmStartup Jobs: 8 Tips for Getting Hired by Your Dream Company http://t.co/1ifbgklyfYHelp those pesky search bots read your #resume with these tips from @findhire: http://t.co/lwHSomnRALChat online with top recruiters and hiring managers to find your dream #Pittsburgh job. 10/7 Who's in? http://t.co/1HfI5lPe8TTrue or false? #Recruiters sit around waiting for the right resumes to fall in their laps. http://t.co/BwtANS47r6How many people do you think apply to #work at Google each year? @TravlJunkette reveals all: http://t.co/faJt2k60QeLast Year of College? Forget the Job Hunt and Start Freelancing Instead http://t.co/nkWzZljjUJ
RT @TalentCulture: Millennials Are Just Like Every Other #Generation http://t.co/odK6Sy8kWO @Forbes #TChat #BusinessGreat read: RT @SLUCareers: Do you dread networking? Read these 21 ways to make it less scary and more fun: http://t.co/YnY5pP1pSJAnother great quiz from @CAREEREALISM: Find out what kind of a negotiator you are: http://t.co/7g2hsn00G4 #careerRT @JobHuntOrg: 9 not-so-obvious #career truths, from @MartyNemko at @AOLJobs: http://t.co/feh0bL4qYg2 MILLION people apply to #work at Google each year. Here's why: http://t.co/SEaWbPurMH@annacarrollMSSW 'Twas a great article!There’s more to acting like a #boss than taking liberties with your subordinates’ desks, from @CordeliaCallsIt: http://t.co/EHjnFMoJEK@UOPX Always notice the support from you. Thanks a bunch for the RT!Here’s what you should stop doing if you truly want to be taken seriously at #work: http://t.co/3OaXH5LFm4 from @Erin_E_PalmerUnderstanding the #interview process is about understanding how to market yourself: http://t.co/eALiD4eWzm
RT @eb2b_career: How to answer the question 'What's Your Salary Requirement? http://t.co/8bme4F6J7lThoughts? RT @HofstraCareer: "Passion" is not a requirement for choosing a major or career. Intrigue, interest or enjoyment are enough.Why #job references are important, from @hrbartender: http://t.co/8HRRuvtXnXRT @juliaerickson: Interview tip: rehearse SHORT answers to hard questions. One of the hardest: "Tell me about yourself."Tip to help search bots read your #resume—list every job separately. 6 more here from @findhire: http://t.co/FylreQy5ws@liberczuk And it'll lead to big!Getting in a “boss” frame of mind can radically transform the trajectory of your #career, from @CordeliaCallsIt: http://t.co/titVSjFLqM@ResumeRightAU Don't even mention it ;-)The MOST important thing to remember if you #work from home, from @NewsToLiveBy: http://t.co/2apEU2wkS6
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