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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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Tränen, Freude, Gänsehaut, Emotionen, Gänsehaut, Gänsehaut --> Lieblingsfolge ♥ @sixxTV #GreysAnatomy #DerSongHinterDemSong #MusicalEpisodeOne day you'll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life and you'll make some coffee and pancakes and it'll all be alright
Retweeted by CarmenConfession: I ❤️ LA http://t.co/9VIx6qy66x
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@jasonmanns @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @jarpad @mishacollins @JensenAckles hahahaa oh yeah, me too! ;DThis picture brings me such joy. I felt I should share. @dicksp8jr @RobBenedict @jarpad @mishacollins @JensenAckles http://t.co/ExkZiaTiTC
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Ooooh I love this woman! :) ♥ http://t.co/5Sq5gP3E7b #JenniferAnistonI LOVE this!The song,the lyrics(!),the video-everything about it!:) @thescript @TheScript_Danny https://t.co/ElgOPRcrH6 #NoGoodInGoodbyevidAb wann zeigt ihr Staffel 9 von #Supernatural? :) @ProSiebenMAXX
"darf ich dir ein Kompliment machen?" "aber wieso denn nur eins?!" :D #deviousmaids ist ja so klasse @ProSieben
Retweeted by CarmenTrying this tomorrow in school http://t.co/1Xz1s9nrW5
Retweeted by CarmenWe’re performing #IBetMyLife at #TheAMAs this Sunday - here’s a behind the scenes look of the making of the song... https://t.co/LXPmoieaen
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#Paparazzi am Set! Unsere bezaubernde Saskia ;) #glftv #Livesendung #CampusTV #Furtwangen http://t.co/6ycnvswsG8
Retweeted by Carmen"Why aren't you excited?" -Lorelai "I find nothing exciting before 11 am"- Rory
Retweeted by Carmen#HarryPotter star Tom Felton played this awesome prank on former costar Rupert Grint: http://t.co/xnlSxlLV0x http://t.co/tNGdF5FMt3
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Still gives me goosebumps. God this is so beautiful! http://t.co/CPUm7FOaRq @Pink @TheAcademy #SomewhereOverTheRainbow@autumnreeser woow one year already! Happy birthday @Dash_Warren! You seem like a really happy boy, so you had a great pary huh? ;)
Just in case? http://t.co/tc326GbJNp
Retweeted by CarmenSchnief. #FürImmerLiebe
Retweeted by CarmenUuuund da fließen die Tränen. :D Einfach zu schön! #FuerImmerLiebe @ProSiebenheute Abend wieder rumheulen auf #Pro7 #fürimmerliebe http://t.co/UmGWcwp7BJ
Retweeted by CarmenHuch. RT @Fraeulein_R_ Ich weiß jetzt schon, dass ich den Abend heulend verbringen werde... Hachz... Danke @ProSieben #FürImmerLiebe
Retweeted by CarmenHerzzerreißend! :( RT "@ProSieben: Gleich wir es romantisch: #FürImmerLiebe"'Ich krieg doch mit wie du ihn ansiehst. Ich weiß es, weil du mich früher so angesehen hast.' DIESER Satz! :'( #FuerImmerLiebe @ProSieben2:23 Uhr. #Peter gewinnt 2,5 Millionen Euro. Glückwunsch! Glückwunsch! #SdR
Retweeted by CarmenGreat performance at #SchlagDenRaab in #Germany tonight! :) ♡ @TheScript_Danny @thescript@ProSieben Ich! The Script war ja jetzt da ;D Viel Glück Peter! #TeamPeter #SDR
Wann kommen denn endlich @thescript? :D @ProSieben #SDRAt what time will you perform at #SchlagDenRaab? @thescript @ProSieben #NoGoodInGoodbyeCelebrating sweater weather with my TVD Momma! emmalalonde1 #TOMSforTarget #togethersweater http://t.co/PQJfVMAnPq
Retweeted by Carmenthe worst part of having a baby is when you say "i love you" and they don't say it back and make things super awkward
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#NoOrdinaryLove by @youplusmeoffcl seems like a perfect song for @vampirediaries! @julieplec @CW_VampDiaries #justsayin #loveiti dont want to care but it hurts seeing what they've done to stelena
Retweeted by CarmenI have twice went straight to voice mail RT @tofudebeest: Can someone call the Weather Girls? Im not satisfied with the quality of this rain
Retweeted by Carmen
Why did no one ask about Jenna at the end of season 5? Has she already had found peace? #justwondering #TVD #S5 @saradjcanning @julieplecBox of Lies with @ChanningTatum http://t.co/KaWPgVKENQ #FallonTonight
Retweeted by Carmentoday i remembered all that matters is love + family.
Retweeted by CarmenI just voted for Imagine Dragons . Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015! http://t.co/BHPZouWUxf
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow I am FINEEEEEEEEEE #PoorRoss
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow 'You and me - it's never off the table'. ♥ #RossAndRachel #FriendsLove this! :) https://t.co/n34gd3OQb1 @Pink #Imagine
Es ist wieder so weit... Holidays are coming... #Weihnachtsfreude https://t.co/I6L9O6E2MQ
Retweeted by CarmenLive tweeting west coast feed of #SPN200 tonight. A special thanks to all who have helped get us here. Love you all! Even u @Mark_Sheppard
Retweeted by CarmenI'm sorry SPNers. I had to put my phone down so I could wipe my happy tears. Love y'all. Always. #SPNFamily #SupernaturaI
Retweeted by CarmenThank you #SPNFamily for making this episode, and this SHOW, possible. I love y'all dearly, and I hope you liked the episode. #SPN200
Retweeted by CarmenLook what's trending #1 worldwide: #Supernatural200thEpisode. Way to go gangstas.
Retweeted by CarmenSam & Dean see people singing about their lives & the thing about that that bothers Dean is the genre of music.#Supernatural200thEpisode
Retweeted by CarmenHey all you "FanFic" writers out there...that look into the camera wasn't scripted. Just sayin. #WinkWink #Supernatural200thEpisode
Retweeted by Carmen#NoMusicNoLife
Retweeted by Carmen.@JensenAckles u know you're not supposed to look directly into the camera, don't you? After 10 seasons u should. #Supernatural200thEpisode
Retweeted by CarmenSpecial thanks to those audience members for letting us spray them with purple goo. Y'all are heroes. #Supernatural200thEpisode
Retweeted by CarmenHD Campus - Neuer Film ! Hopfen und Malz Hopfen und Malz - Gott erhalt's Es ist das Nationalgetränk der... http://t.co/d704EeZvRS
Retweeted by Carmen“@cwtvd: @ArielleKebbel returns and hits all the emotions in an all new #Rehash! #TVD https://t.co/ucsHBThXlQ” yay! pls check it out!;)
Retweeted by CarmenDie Zuschauerzahlen wachsen langsam: Wir möchten unsere Serie #DeviousMaids trotzdem wärmstens empfehlen.
Retweeted by Carmen
Happy birthday, @LeoDiCaprio. You might be 40, but you’ll always be that boy who taught me how to paint. http://t.co/zy6v260Sqx
Retweeted by CarmenUnd da geht er hin der Sixer der #Brauerei #Waldhaus. Glückwunsch an Niko und Jonas! :) #glftv #Livesendung #Bier http://t.co/75Yr1VWv0g
Retweeted by CarmenGeschafft! Wir hoffen euch hats gefallen und ihr schaltet nächsten Dienstag wieder ein! :) #glftv #Livesendung
Retweeted by CarmenDer Countdown läuft! Noch 10 Minuten! Jetzt einschalten auf GLFtv.de! :) #glftv #Livesendung #tv #campustv
Retweeted by CarmenBald geht's los! Wir freuen uns schon! :) Schaltet ein um 19 uhr auf http://t.co/57A7l06BDr #Livesendung #glftv http://t.co/OADBSIifPG
Retweeted by CarmenWir sind bereit! Die Beiträge sind fertig und die letzten Vorbereitungen werden getroffen :) Ergebnisse seht ihr morgen, 19Uhr!
Retweeted by CarmenEs soweit: Unsere 1.Live Sendung! Spannende Themen erwarten euch! Einschalten um 19Uhr auf http://t.co/57A7l06BDr! http://t.co/X0z7JPfVk3
Retweeted by CarmenWenn du beim Test spicken willst, dein Lehrer dich aber die ganze Zeit anguckt und du versuchst unaufällig zu wirken. http://t.co/Tyh7LAXxBu
Retweeted by Carmen
@everygirI uum nope, she's not.'Dieser Zirkel braucht einen neuen Teppich' Ja offensichtlich Fiona! Krasse Wendung! Find ich jetzt nicht ganz so ok :D @sixxTV #AHS #Coven#Trailer zur #glftv #LiveSendung am #Dienstag um 19 Uhr unter http://t.co/57A7l06BDr - http://t.co/AOqNHkLUrk http://t.co/pjD9lGjYOc
Retweeted by Carmen
Hahaaaaa :D RT "@TheEllenShow: What do you say to Simba when he's walking too slow? Mufasa. #ClassicJokeFriday"#FF @glftv! :-)
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink Thihiiii :DIts not just about having the skill! Its about having that burning desire, will & drive to keep going even when you're knocked on your Ass!
Retweeted by CarmenIt's official: @LisaKudrow is making a "COMEBACK!" And she'll be on #TheView tomorrow, so be sure not to miss it. http://t.co/fpTZB8cia2
Retweeted by Carmen.@BatemanJason and Jennifer Aniston share their sex addictions in this exclusive clip from #HorribleBosses2! https://t.co/EKrL4JESa1
Retweeted by CarmenI love this! :D Thank you ;) RT "@CourteneyCox: We’re coming back…@CougarTownTBS http://t.co/dFZ2Ag9GSA"
We're back for #OneLastPour. Final season of #CougarTownTBS starts Jan. 6 at 10/9c. S/O to singer @MrJoshHopkins! https://t.co/SPLH4M4ikG
Retweeted by Carmen@sassy_0112 um, gimme? :DUmm no, you really will not get through this without crying. Nope. :D Beautiful! via @aplusapp http://t.co/O8osCmub93Der Moment, wenn einen der #Bahnstreik der #Lokführer nicht interessiert, weil es gar keine Bahn in der Nähe gibt #Furtwangen #Schwarzwald
Retweeted by CarmenRT "@glftv: Vorgeschmack für Dienstag?11 Dinge die du noch nicht über #Bier wusstest - mehr gibt's Dienstag 19Uhr http://t.co/jVZqEEZsbT"
Oh dear God! Stefan's tears! @paulwesley truly killed it! IT WAS SO PERFECT! :") #TVD #MazeOfMayhem http://t.co/18kQkaaDlD
Retweeted by CarmenIt's "bring your kids to work day" in Canada. I asked West if he knew what I did 4 work now. He said, "wear makeup?" http://t.co/9XOwjp1eQL
Retweeted by CarmenOhne Sprechertext ist der Beitrag nur halb fertig.Das Ergebnis seht ihr Dienstag, 19 Uhr auf http://t.co/0PBYErQdHA http://t.co/QeOv4inHjN
Retweeted by CarmenShout out to everyone who starts work while it's still dark outside!!
Retweeted by CarmenI just voted for @Imaginedragons! Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015! #FavoriteGroupI just voted for Cougar Town . Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015!CHEERS @CourteneyCox & #CougarTownTBS! @PeoplesChoice noms for Fave Cable TV Actress & Comedy: http://t.co/8YskAfByw8 http://t.co/BCJhgFjPKg
Retweeted by CarmenAdopt a bear at your local shelter today http://t.co/Hvlce2tOt3
Retweeted by Carmen“@joshuamneff: @RealSMG @RealFPJr Has Howard Stern paid you the money he owes you for betting you wouldn't stay married? ;)” NOPE 😡
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV Grias Gott! ;)Liebe #Lokfuehrer - wir denken heute an Lukas den Lokomotivführer. Der hat NIE gestreikt #gdlstreik #LukasLokfuehrer http://t.co/l8aFlI06aK
Retweeted by Carmen
Whichever election you are casting ballots in, vote early & vote often. If you don't vote, you loose the right to bitch about our situation.
Retweeted by CarmenMy PCAs Voting guide: @jarpad & @JensenAckles for best duo & me here: http://t.co/BOqUKE0zal so all 3 of us can show up & streak the awards.
Retweeted by CarmenHonored to be nominated for a @peopleschoice. If you'd care to vote for me, here's a link: https://t.co/6qTKjrnYIY
Retweeted by Carmen1. Probesendung geschafft - jetzt kann's endlich losgehen! Nächsten Dienstag 19 Uhr einschalten! #Vorfreude #campusTv http://t.co/dVezkOiJ7r
Retweeted by CarmenStarker Montag: #Supernatural mit 1,5% und 1,8% MA, #AkteX 1,4% und 2,0% MA. #ProSiebenMAXX mit starken 1,4% Tagesmarktanteil (14-49J)
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Rest in peace #BrittanyMaynard. You will never be forgotten.
Retweeted by CarmenI hope you have found peace,Brittany, your story has moved millions and made us think. Healing prayers to your loved ones. #BrittanyMaynard
Retweeted by CarmenRest in peace #BrittanyMaynard .
Blown away and inspired by all of the films on http://t.co/YDGYntZHrA Such beautiful imagery, coupled with an incred… http://t.co/g7IEjUX43Y
Retweeted by CarmenTo the strongest, most beautiful woman I know. You inspire me every day. Your ability to see beyond what others see,… http://t.co/eXINNNefKF
Retweeted by CarmenDear men's room urinals across the globe, as much as I like pissing elbow to elbow next to other dudes....I also don't. At all.
Retweeted by Carmen#TheScriptXFactor #NoGoodInGoodBye DO NOT MISS THIS #TheScriptFamily DON'T MISS @thescript @TheScript_Danny ARE LIFE! http://t.co/nbUFD5oxhG
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