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@thehustlerlife9 @RebekahNBryan You win! DM me your name and address!High on music 🎶👌 #concertweirdos
It goes from "I like that song from that band" to "Here's their life story from the beginning." #concertweirdosThe only dates I need are tour dates. #concertweirdosAs #concertweirdos, we like it loud. #turnitup
Concerts make bad days, weeks, months, better. #concertweirdos
Always. #concertweirdos http://t.co/yAHAp1CvUgConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/kzrZSzf92jWhen people think an hour is a far drive #letmetellyouaboutthetimeidrove8straighthours #concertweirdos http://t.co/hN9eP66AFG
Anything under 4 hours is considered close the further you travel for a show. #concertweirdos"Sorry, I can't go out, I'm broke." *buys 56 concert tickets* #priorities #concertweirdosCountdowns to the next show. 💚 #concertweirdos
The time I talk about music is before a show, after a show, way after a show, way before a show... always. #concertweirdosI put on shows in my car. #concertweirdos
A concert a day keeps PCD away. #concertweirdologic
9:59 AM, a time we all get the most anxiety on ticket sale day. #concertweirdosBribery for any #concertweirdo: free tickets and merch.When the smallest things mean so much #concertweirdos http://t.co/bPw7mMoX7q
Great person @RFMtori is a finalist to be pit reporter at warped! Help her out and vote! https://t.co/J5Xyjlp8FkConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/kzrZSzf92j
When will it rain concert tickets? #concertweirdosCan't wait & want the book now? I have a special 40% off code for you guys!--> GEREPBCZ @ http://t.co/lnHiOVtsEw http://t.co/ZDZxYomiSQWhen you give nicknames to an artist who hardly even know you exists, you know you're a #concertweirdoSometimes all that needs to be said to my favorite artists is "Thank you." #concertweirdos@dewilvb @RebekahNBryanPerfect #concertweirdo novel? Would like to give 1 away! Tweet if interested! Written by follower @RebekahNBryan http://t.co/jukv7i050NOnly reason, amirite? #concertweirdos http://t.co/LxqhgYuAKB
Do you ever have to restart a song because you totally spaced out and didn't get to appreciate it enough?
Getting presale tickets and feeling like you've won the war. #survivor #concertweirdosMe making fun of my favorite band isn't mean; I love them so much, I'm comfortable enough calling them out for being (loveable) idiots. #CWBuying concert tickets makes me (not my wallet) so incredibly HAPPY!!!!!! #concertweirdos
"I don't really like concerts..." #FiveWordsToRuinADate @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Tour. Merch. Music. Everything. #concertweirdos http://t.co/bAYCnz5GJ9Oh God, new albums, tour announcements, my heart is about to burst. #concertweirdosWhy is there no such thing as a fangirling/fainting emoji?! #concertweirdoneeds
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/kzrZSzf92jI'm gonna put this out into the universe: NO BAND BREAK UPS IN 2015! #wishfulthinking #concertweirdos
Real life: Tired all day. Concert life: Wide awake for 6 days straight. #concertweirdos@OhHeyItsElyssa maybe w/ u?! Ha I just found out about it & start school this week & they dont tell us the exact schedule yet #nursingforyaCheers to the kids with endless wristbands and concert ticket stubs in their room. #concertweirdos
I don't understand why I can't just go to every show ever. #concertweirdosWhen someone sees your shirt and says "you like that band too?!" Always makes me smile :) #concertweirdos
The physics of concert-going #concertweirdos http://t.co/cWxQO8rfFeI can't explain how happy it makes me when I think about going to a show. #concertweirdos
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/kzrZSzf92j@ConcertWeirdos is the lifeblood of all things awesome <3
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
Music will always and forever be my choice of 🎶 therapy 🎶 #concertweirdosMe: I def need a good nights sleep before this concert! 2 mins later: I def will not get any sleep before this concert! #tooexcitedThat oh no, shit is about to go down moment when you discover a new obsession. #concertweirdosI probably say "I need a concert" just as much as people say "I need coffee". #concertweirdosConcert friends don't judge, they fangirl together. #concertweirdos http://t.co/omsYXm6Y31
@ConcertWeirdos this is ALMOST filled. 😊😚 http://t.co/gbZlS2Dl7K
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Thinking about a band you love that broke up and just dying inside. #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos my concert box, I love collecting tix, wristbands and passes. Full of memories :) http://t.co/UL4qSLMlDU
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos This is pretty much all the merchandise/pics with my idol from 2014! 😄 8 shows and 6 M&Gs! 😝 http://t.co/HL1S7o7J4c
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos 94 bands 54 shows 44 venues 13 states & 2 continents & 2 artist bday shows in 2014! #concertweirdo http://t.co/FeOFx2IiR7
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos Geez...too many pics, too many gigs! How do I choose? It's like asking a mom who's her fave child! haha
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos my collection of concert tickets and setlists http://t.co/fVR9dwq14b
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos saw my fave band 27 times this year including flying out to spain to see them http://t.co/8B2WY7y69P
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™“@TanteWillemijn: How can I? I never take pics during gigs. Too busy getting lost in music.” It could be pics of all ur tix etc... 😊Prove that you're the biggest #concertweirdo! Send pics!Going to local venues for so long that they tend to look smaller and smaller each year. #concertweirdos
@SuzetteRollin @James_Iha haha who?!?! 😂😂😂 and yes! @xfallenxangel15 👌This may be tough but can anyone guess who I drew?! .... http://t.co/kvDc0vLlUq*tour dates released* alright, how many shows can I go to in a row without wanting to fall over and die? #alot #concertweirdosI read up on FPS allegations & can't say what's true/false. All I can say is that it DOES happen more than u think. I speak from experience.Please...if you are being sexually harassed or manipulated by bands/musicians, this is not ok. Tell someone & don't wait to speak up.
May your 2015 be filled with concerts & new music by your favorite bands @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™New year, new tour announcements!!!! #concertweirdos
#NewYearsResolution go to more concerts than I did last yearI'm most impatient (and nervous) when a tour is announced without dates. #concertweirdos
Our Instagram has all the fun stuff. IG: concertweirdos Be there or be square. P.S. No one likes squares.That moment you find out they have a beautiful gf/bf. "...So happy for you...." #concertweirdos http://t.co/rjdeEzao13Bands who've remained connected to their fans no matter how much fame they've gained. ❤️ #concertweirdosU know ur a #concertweirdo when ur asked an uncomfortable question and u just answer it with lyrics 💁#concertweirdosSince noncon apparently means nonconsensual sex... How about we call these friends who don't go to concerts "earplugs"? Yay or nay.@Sexy_Raptor_ I like this idea...!“@neonsheeran: @ConcertWeirdos @urbandictionary isnt noncon short for nonconsensual sex” whoops... Okay back to brainstorming lol !!!!!😭😭😂😂😂 all of you are saying "losers" Can we be nicer please!?There HAS to be a short name to call my "non-concert going friends" there just has to! Let's make one up guys. LolMarking the calendar with all the concert dates so I can turn down any other plans that may fall on it. #concertweirdosA concert may look like the most chaotic place, but for me...its far away from all the pain & hardships. #concertweirdosWhen my fave band's song is playing, don't expect me to be hearing a word you're saying to me. #concertweirdosA song can be faster than a time machine. You can relive a moment with one single note. All of a sudden.. Memories! @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™"Like" us on Facebook & you might win a lifetime of concerts ... 👀👀👀 http://t.co/oS0yZAEKTO"The guys" 💁 #concertweirdos http://t.co/3N0BHVXYG8Welcoming @SKloverElena to the CW team! Next tweet will be the newest pic edit! Shoutout to all editors @yourgirlpaigie & @Emily_Skaggs13 🙌It IS possible for a band member and fan to get together and get married. It's happened before and it'll happen to me. 💑🎶 #concertweirdos
If you like the same band I do, we're already best friends. #concertfriendsrule #concertweirdosWanna be part of the CW team editing pics/memes like this? Tweet me @MonicaValentine if you have what it takes! http://t.co/CTXIukwgxwConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/kzrZSzf92jI have a wide range of taste! #concertweirdos http://t.co/icGvEHuQrD
If you ever hear me debating going to a show, just know Im doing it to try to make my wallet feel like theres a chance I won't be broke. #CWFavorite album of this year?Realizing how many concerts you went to in 2014... and then knowing why you are broke. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Yes, I'm aware I'm buying tickets for a show months away. How else would I be sure I'll be there? Bc I HAVE to be there. #concertweirdos#concertweirdos are extremely good at researching. Sometimes we know when our band has a show before the band does. #skills
@ConcertWeirdos do you have a cure for a broken heart (a.k.a. What to do when your favorite band breaks up?)
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
Cute person = crush Cute person + into the same music = marry me please #concertweirdosFollow us on Instagram! IG: concertweirdos
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