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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

I am the God fearing, gun owning American that Obama warned you about. Molon labe ego te provoco

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Why we should be on the ground in Iraq. This gets loose and the U.S. has a problem. #tcot http://t.co/aRV7FBV9bk
Feinstein "logic" [pic] READ http://t.co/DxBY9CgeSk #2A #NRA #RKBA #LNYHBT #PJNET #tgdn #tcot #ccot #SGP http://t.co/bjZCO8Tpn0
Retweeted by DaveStimulus and Ebola are the perfect bookends for this failed presidency & Klain is managing both.
Retweeted by DaveA travel ban has nothing to do with hysteria. Everything to do with prevention and common sense.
Retweeted by DaveMy favorite sticker ever! http://t.co/CqvBI5lymshttp://t.co/ZM5Eso96MkComing soon to a town near you. http://t.co/wwcgg897QrUS soldiers are getting on average 4 hours of training on Ebola and disease containment before waging pookies war on Ebola. #tcot'We Can't Just Cut Ourselves Off From West Africa': President Obama Explains Wh... http://t.co/RiKip2R7n9 via @theblazeMeet the New Ebola Czar http://t.co/iLmlVgXkMa via @JoshDailySignal @DailySignalI'm a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: Here's What No One Is Telling You About Ebola http://t.co/bqVrh73g9f via @HealthyLivingCDC est. 100-150 people from Ebola countries allowed into US daily. Uhm, Barry, that is a bad thing.Galveston cruise boat denied entry to Belize. Now they are coming home and will be let off the boat by the 4th largest US city. Really?Masked Man Robs Bank in Kroger, MomsDemand Action Says an Open Carry Ban Would Have Prevented Robbery http://t.co/REqlK4EtwN #guncontrol #2a
Why isnt this already in place. Travel ban only way to bar US passport hldrs from boarding US bound planes W Africa | http://t.co/yZs5P4gB09Texas Attorney General Tells Houston City Hall: Stop Bullying Christians http://t.co/O8ZgROVRQy
Texas Attorney General tells Houston city hall: Stop bullying Christians via the @FoxNews iPhone app http://t.co/2o7mvcwTcrNo, we do not provide health care or even insurance, but we can guarantee you can fly into the USA without a VISA or any health screening.
Retweeted by DaveCDC Officials Confirm They Gave Second Dallas Ebola Nurse Permission to Fly — E... http://t.co/XRNH09uCiU via @theblaze
From our Lesbian Mayor City of Houston to Pastors: Turn Over Your Sermons | Texas Values http://t.co/q88gUEbPQR
BREAKING: Horrible News For The Boyfriend Of The Ebola Nurse | Young Conservatives http://t.co/5OjmKR4iwT via @po_st[Video] 5 Year Old Draws Gun in School, is Forced to Sign “Suicide and Homicide Contract” http://t.co/tjuZzzwAfj #guncontrol #2a
We either fight them there or we will have to fight them here. ISIS militants take Iraq army camp. #tcot http://t.co/9gF2rIbLgzKristen Stewart Trashes the Military, Defends 9/11 Terrorists in 'Camp X-Ray' Interview http://t.co/Dd6Ynwcmr1 via @BreitbartNewsTexas Governor’s Office Takes Over Dallas Ebola Apartment Cleanup http://t.co/ORCTSgiRIz via @BreitbartNewsOwner Declares Her Store a ‘Muslim-Free’ Zone; Find Out Her Reasoning http://t.co/El9XFUcWWl #tcot We need more like her!NBC chief medical correspondent accused of violating Ebola quarantine to get soup! http://t.co/LyDVy3XF5c“@liamkfisher: The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded. Montesquieu”
Retweeted by DaveIdea that 9-11 would usher in era of cooperativeness among Americans is wrong. Distrust in govt, healthcare, and media at historic high.
Coming to a town near you. London mayor says security services monitoring 'thousands' of terror suspects http://t.co/rz9Uo15upd #tcot
My new yard sign. #GregAbbott http://t.co/oLgzqVTciqIslam: Rape women before you kill them to keep them out of Heaven. Killing & raping gets Muslim into Heaven? What kind of God is that? #CCOT
Retweeted by DaveLook at the faces of these Marines. They will bear the brunt of this man's policies. God Bless them. http://t.co/ue4JOKHmJj
Retweeted by DaveDon't just love running into "your people" #tcot http://t.co/yL0Lhjs8w8
Dear God, #tcot #ccot #pjnet @ChuckNellis http://t.co/Sx1Zuo7jY7
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/rNGfE32qb6
Retweeted by Dave
'Insanity’: FBI director's statement about Americans fighting with ISIS stuns [video] http://t.co/d9LLInckcDMuslim clergy allow for the raping of women who don't dress conservatively. It is amazing people actually follow this shit. #tcotSo if I were to call Mohammed a pedophilic, homo goat rapist that would be insulting and blasphemous? I will keep that in mind. #tcotSo Muhhamed "married" his wife at age of 6. Islamic marriages may be any time after birth, with consummation legal by age 8 or 9. #tcothttp://t.co/On0KNk1vK1
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/GxnVWJIubthttp://t.co/JUHHFBk9RlFBI Director's Disturbing Comment on What Happens to Americans Who Join ISIS and Want to Come Back to U.S. http://t.co/GMZQWXloWI
★★★ Feeling NAUGHTY? ➡ Click here ➡ http://t.co/Uwl2yK9jwj #NTB http://t.co/0P8Xuh9YEM
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Dear Mexico, We will trade 5 for 1: Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry and Jarret for our one Marine. #BringBackOurMarine
Retweeted by Dave. America's President: Ronald Reagan. What'll it be? #OnlyInDC #UnfairMovie http://t.co/IGbu6ZBvpC #BigGov #Badobama http://t.co/L8aebSj9X5
Retweeted by DaveRT @marchaig: http://t.co/YdXQNJPIHr
Retweeted by DaveClarification on the 2nd Amendment. http://t.co/xHdxCK4s46http://t.co/pzgeyWgbcf"@LadySandersfarm @jeanniemcbride Sending our Military to fight Ebola & leave our borders wide open is treasonous http://t.co/IcDBSlBXiB"
Retweeted by DaveNothing says Religion of peace like a Quran and an axe. #islam #muslims http://t.co/lxoDADueNK
Retweeted by DaveGreat article. Sin, Homosexuality, and Fascism http://t.co/kWr7emUbCdThe Obama September 'HAT TRICK': 1. ISIS 2. The Secret Service 3. Ebola
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"We can no longer afford to define this enemy in a way that makes us comfortable" Allen WestAccording to Roberts Airport in Liberia, 133K passengers fly out each year. Nah..nothing to worry about.The difference between Jesus and Mohammed? Jesus died for "us". Mohammed wants "you" to die for "him"... #tcot #ccot #jesussaves
Retweeted by DaveThere is only one Islam. There is not Islam lite. I'm tired of hearing there is a difference. Islam is evil and should be eradicated. #tcotISIS Terror Thugs Kidnap Young Girls for Sex Slavery. The Despicable Way They Mark Them for Sale... http://t.co/A77JE00Zjd
I heard so much spin today coming out of this Administration that I am physically getting ill. @BretBaier #pjnet #tcot The Enemy Within
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ISIS Take Woman, Tie Her Hand To A Car, And Tie Her Leg To Another Car, Hit Their Accelerators, And Split Her In Two http://t.co/OWq17bkmvA
At UN Netanyahu challenges 'brazen lies' told by Obama, Abbas http://t.co/OSSjZ5WXaK Obama's an asshole.Terrorists are what the devil would look like if it were human. @Terrie1833
Retweeted by DaveEbola confirmed in Dallas. Why we allow these people to return is beyond me.
Here we go. First Infantry Division Headquarters ordered to Iraq http://t.co/ulJ9K5KPoVGee Barry, ya'think? Obama: US 'underestimated' Islamic State threat http://t.co/mu2JrcTfcs #tcot"Branches of the same poisonous tree" Netanyahu: Hamas, Islamic State group share creed http://t.co/yImKYmDxiX #tcotYou just told criminals they have a secure phone. Apple: It could take years for NSA to get into your iPhone 6 http://t.co/f7au7rAdT1Tonight’s #LtGovDebate was a clear choice between a fighter for TX taxpayers & a lukewarm liberal with very little vision for Texas’ future.
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Moms Demand Action Activist Allegedly Says Nazi Leaders’ Words are “Words to Live By” http://t.co/DbmMw8MBmB #guncontrol #2aJEWSNEWS » ISIS Releases Audio Broadcast Calling on All Muslims Around the World to Begin Murdering Non-Muslims http://t.co/otKVj4MaAKHow come the race baiters go to Ferguson, Missouri & not for the beheading of OK white woman by black Muslim? No $$$$ http://t.co/CWutytvzWx
Retweeted by DaveVote with Your Wallet Against #guncontrol Boycott Anti-Gun Companies That Do NOT support #2A #NJ2AS #PJNET http://t.co/X8l97sdpu5
Retweeted by DaveCarrie Underwood is NOT Faith Hill..just sayin.Nothing to add. #tcot http://t.co/RvoLD5r4IL@IronFist232 @MaydnUSA There is no moderate Muslim. Period. http://t.co/PSCWmzUuCq
Retweeted by DaveIt's only money..OUR MONEY! - Feds spend $300K on study on how to ride bikes http://t.co/JPHp2twIOL
US misjudged Iraqi army, ISIS threat, Obama says http://t.co/U1uVDGjWbEHome Depot Rolls out the carpet for Sharia Law http://t.co/h1yNAdjWlXAl Qaeda Leader's Chilling Warning to the West: 'The Battle' Will Be 'Transport... http://t.co/bC6pB5Olxw via @theblazeHey celebrities don't want nude pics leaked..don't take them. No Sympathy."President Obama is anti-American. ~Michele Bachmann #tcot #teaparty #gop #quotes
Retweeted by Dave“@Daggy1: We've never had an entire political party wage war on America before... Dem Party is at war with America.” http://t.co/7m18R4Kue7
Retweeted by DaveOBAMACARE Won't Cure VIRUS Spreading Across USA_"Obama Allows Spread"_ http://t.co/SdPMSouKKB http://t.co/CqnbWGQcVQ http://t.co/HNSzzAO7Qf
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Oppression... @FreedomChild3 @WayneBogda @ChristieC733 @Braveheart_USA @Pinkadottts @RightMouthy @ChrisCoon4 http://t.co/EEIa7CbAgc
Retweeted by DaveDOD planning to let illegal immigrants enlist via the @FoxNews iPhone app http://t.co/DBw2NE6Uxs33 Things We Learned About the Oklahoma Beheading Suspect: What His Hand Signal Means Will Chill You http://t.co/t0u4L3C0N9Ray Rice typical lack of personal responsibility. The NFL didn't hit its wife he did. #tcot
Look at this! It's OUTRAGEOUS @PolitiBunny http://t.co/WcwDJr0hOB
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Free For You Doesn't Mean Free For Me No More Free Loading Democrats or Illegals #tcot #ccot http://t.co/bmt3OaqpdY
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/q5kYtvVXIADeport them all!! MT @jensan1332: When #Illegals did this to the American flag. I don't remember all the outrage http://t.co/YCLtiH0lOl
Retweeted by DaveWhen did ones skin color become a license to violate the law.
Retweeted by DaveArab states lag in media war against extremists http://t.co/6PVUMq4c0K via @APAgain?! #JustStop! College Student Forced 2 Remove American Flag from Balcony http://t.co/CJEXWeeFnw #tcot #ccot http://t.co/6G6p3yhL48
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More people die from alcohol than #guns READ > http://t.co/1daeCtDumr #2A #NRA #tcot #tgdn #PJNET #ccot #ctot http://t.co/pD3xFRvM1o
Retweeted by DaveSo on the way home in a span of a block, I pass a Muslim in an all black "bee keeper suit" and a woman n a justice for Travon shirt. Jeez..We could all learn something from this man. Please share. CNN Hero Narayanan Krishnan: http://t.co/ontZUNQuEr via @YouTube@kirkyboy79 @dave77062 This is like the Nazis force marching Jews to be worked to death in labor camps. World stood by: did nothing then,now
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