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Some Rs at #RJC2015 have said @onetoughnerd didn't say he's running 4 POTUS. But I've talked to more than one who said he did & is.@hughhewitt @RonDeSantisFL Clearly he's running. Might depend on if Cuban Lt. Gov gets in race#FLSEN @RonDeSantisFL at #RJC2015, presumably working room to pick up support for Senate bidRT @Jamie_Weinstein: .@GovPenceIN: "If the world knows anything let it know this: American stands with Israel" #RJC2015Pence commends @SpeakerBoehner for inviting @netanyahu to address congress, gets standing O. #RJC2015"We must stand w/out apology with our most cherished ally, the Jewish state of Israel." Pence #RJC2015RT @danmericaCNN: I know what @RalstonReports is thinking with HRC headed to Nevada on May 5. #wematter / http://t.co/8Awdy90AKb
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSome TPP NEWS today: Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown sent Obama a letter demanding he release the TPP text: http://t.co/ZyfoQWI4EX
Retweeted by David M. DruckerMike Pence has some charisma chops. I can see the appeal. #RJC2015"The president is happy to talk to Putin the Prime Minister of Israel can not get a meeting at the White House." @senrobportman #RJC2015.@DeanHeller in audience here at #RJC2015RT @jasonnobleDMR: Marco Rubio still supports path to citizenship, but says US must control border better first: http://t.co/GcQ4l8hERmRick Perry seeking to show exhaustive knowledge of global politics before RJC. Speech ranging from WW2 history to relations with China.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @NickRiccardi: Perry backs TPP. "America must remain a powerful Pacific influence."RT @RosieGray: Perry says our relationship with China is “not kinda complex. It’s real complex.”.@GovernorPerry joins @marcorubio in supporting U.S. missile defense systems 4 Poland - the GWB deal Obama canceled in 2009. #RJC2015"We don't need to be mediating a 1300 year-old war between Sunni & Shia." @GovernorPerry #RJC2015"I would affirm Israel's right to build within existing settlements in the West Bank." @GovernorPerry #RJC2015"I would move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to west Jerusalem." @GovernorPerry #RJC2015 (standing O).@GovernorPerry has a very…physical speaking style. Occasionally wanders from podium. Very choppy w/ his hand gestures. #RJC2015"Our president suffers from delusional thinking…He refuses to admit we are at war w/ radical Islam." @GovernorPerry #RJC2015.@GovernorPerry has brought #RJC2015 crowd to feet w/ criticism of Israel BDS movement & saying Israel has right to exist as Jewish stateFair assessment RT @markzbarabak: At GOP Jewish confab in Vegas... http://t.co/HSVTD4JDdC.@GovernorPerry now going after the Israel BDS movement on college campuses. #RJC2015GOP candidates would be well advised to not follow @tedcruz at future forums. You may disagree with him but he is a tough act to follow.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @EliLake: .@GovernorPerry “If we had only known (Hillary Clinton) was going to reset us back to the cold war.” #RJC2015"His top diplomat is most likely going to be the Democratic nominee." @GovernorPerry on Clinton while criticizing Obama's Russia policy.@GovernorPerry making direct connection tween WWII & Obama policy in Middle East. #RJC2015"How in the hell are we supposed to trust Iran on a nuclear deal" when they're meddling in Yemen? @GovernorPerry #RJC2015"Tyrants don't abide by agreements." @GovernorPerry #RJC2015.@GovernorPerry up nxt at #RJC2015. Highlight of speech will be saying he'd immediately move U.S. Israel embassy 2 Jerusalem if elected prez"We will consistently take the high road." @tedcruz on his campaign. #RJC2015.@tedcruz defends his opposition to #debtceiling hikes, saying GOP'ers who allowed broke campaign promises. #RJC2015"Others have chosen to throw rocks of me; I have not reciprocated." @tedcruz #RJC2015.@tedcruz asked about rep that he "doesn't play well w/ others." Cruz calls it a "great question." #RJC2015"I categorically oppose amnesty." @tedcruz #RJC2015"How do you pass #immigration reform? You focus on areas of common ground." @tedcruz #RJC2015.@tedcruz: If I agreed Pollard deserved pardon, "I would have backbone" to grant it. #RJC2015.@tedcruz says he visited with Jonathan Pollard's attorney last night & he'd keep an open mind on a pardon. #RJC2015RT @RalstonReports: "Radical ideologue and a zealot" -- That's how @tedcruz describes the president, and crowd leaps to feet, applauding."You can accuse me of a whole lot of faults, but being a back bencher ain't one of them." @tedcruz #RJC2015"President Obama is not a lousy president because he was a senator." @tedcruz on the Obama comparisons #RJC2015.@tedcruz says that in classified briefings for senators on Obama foreign policy Senate Dems are highly critical. #RJC2015.@SenatorMenendez gets applause when @tedcruz mentions his oppo to Obama's #Iran deal #RJC2015"There are no longer an Scoop Jackson Democrats. There are no longer any Joe Lieberman Democrats." @tedcruz #RJC2015.@tedcruz now doing Q&A at #RJC2015.@tedcruz is so articulate he can almost be too polished at times. But I give him points for a more relatable delivery than in the past."The super PAC that is supporting us put out their own announcement…" @tedcruz.@tedcruz getting great reception at #RJC2015. Not surprising per se but notable as many @RJCHQ members not as socially conservative as TC..@tedcruz telling @RJCHQ members his campaign was mocked as grassroots-only but nothing else, but he's proving viability w/ fundraisingMore on @tedcruz and what U.S. Middle East policy would look like under a Cruz White House. From our intvw: http://t.co/9r0egnT88pPer my tweet, Cruz was referring to U.S. SENATE....@tedcruz said stopping #Iran deal depends on Senate Democrats standing up to @BarackObama #RJC2015"In the United States I intend to do everything humanly possible to stop a bad #Iran deal." @tedcruz at #RJC2015, another standing O"This #Iran deal is a terrible, terrible deal." @tedcruz #RJC2015.@tedcruz compares promise of America for people like his Cuban born father to sanctuary Israel is for Jews. Gets standing O. #RJC2015"Why is a Cuban, Texan conservative Republicans become one of the leading defenders" of Israel? @tedcruz, says it's personal #RJC2015.@tedcruz now delivers his third testimonial on how he worked w/ Dems on national security issues. #RJC2015=> RT @EliLake: This @SenTedCruz speech at #RJC2015 is good. Extemporaneous red meat for a hungry Vegas crowd.Mulvaney, who shot a video for Rand, says he's not endorsing yet" “We all want to sort of wait and see who is viable" http://t.co/KblDgRdq6R
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@tedcruz doing his best Jay Leno impression. Serviceable..@tedcruz at @RJCHQ discussing his multiple bipartisan efforts w/ Dems on legislation involving cracking down on terrorism.RT @jeneps: Clinton fundraiser hosting drama. Is Katzenberg involved in Sabans' event or no? http://t.co/nifaFoDRNm"Unless you're a blithering idiot that's what you say when you come to the RJC." @tedcruz on supporting Israel. "Talk is cheap. Show me.".@GovernorPerry to speak after @tedcruz at @RJCHQ. Will say as prez he'd immediately move U.S. embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."Is this the Ready for Hillary group?" @tedcruz sarcasm "They just had their first hire; the director of email security.".@tedcruz gets standing ovation welcome here at @RJCHQ spring meeting..@tedcruz being introduced here by @RJCHQ board member & longtime friend Adam Ross. "Ted is relentless in honing his craft.".@RJCHQ will have a Presidential Forum in December for all GOP 2016 candidates - per chairman..@RJCHQ Chairman Flaum asks membership to reach out to Jewish Democrats "This is really where their home is.""President Obama, please call a timeout." @RJCHQ Chairman David Flaum, speaking on #Iran deal. "Do a better deal."… MI Gov @onetoughnerd was here at @RJCHQ spring meeting in Vegas on Thursday.Norm Coleman just told reporters at @RJCHQ spring mtg in Vegas that MI Gov @onetoughnerd said he's running for president."I'll be here a lot, especially this summer, once my kids get out of school. We intend to come a lot." @marcorubio on Iowa travel plans
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@NicoleChenoweth Not my beat. I don't plan to ask.@NicoleChenoweth No. But I haven't asked.Local News penetration? https://t.co/0q5eEMCLKz"Fortunately, one of the areas where U.S. policy can change most quickly is foreign policy." http://t.co/9r0egnT88pLAS VEGAS — @tedcruz on Day 1 of prez wld move U.S. embassy frm Tel Aviv 2 Jerusalem as mssg that allies come 1st: http://t.co/9r0egnT88pLAS VEGAS - No. 1 @tedcruz foreign policy = combatting #Iran's nuke threat. That means canceling Obama's deal: http://t.co/9r0egnT88pLAS VEGAS - On eve of speech 2 @RJCHQ, @tedcruz in intww laid out approach to the Middle East as president: http://t.co/9r0egnT88pLAS VEGAS — @tedcruz vows to cancel #Iran deal & immediately move U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: http://t.co/9r0egnT88p
Genius happens here. https://t.co/xIcIPGGCiJTruth, wisdom----------------------> https://t.co/4N94UxTLPp
Retweeted by David M. DruckerMitt Romney discusses 2016 candidates at private Adelson dinner http://t.co/hL7MW0RuPq via @DCExaminerHoly shit. A Cochran staffer was busted yesterday with 180 grams of meth that he allegedly planned to trade for sex http://t.co/P7AXpraNB1
Retweeted by David M. DruckerNEWS: Bills pending in NV Legislature to junk GOP caucus for 2016 & move to normal primary: http://t.co/Sd0QMhSiDALAS VEGAS - Nevada GOP leaders moving to dump 2016 caucus in favor of a normal primary election: http://t.co/Sd0QMhSiDA.@onetoughnerd shows up at the @RJCHQ's spring meeting. His appearance wasn't on the printed agenda that I saw.@kinxbitz @KurtSchlichter If you do it with scientifically proven statistical precision - yes.=> https://t.co/2ie0X6v4RS#FireWithFire https://t.co/JiM5bXcH0C@kinxbitz @KurtSchlichter @FoxNews Nobody is trying to convince of anything - the data is the data. And it will change over time.RIP TIME film critic Richard Corliss (1944-2015), a giant of the profession. Terribly sad news. Condolences to Mary. http://t.co/3A1zKXUdzo
Retweeted by David M. DruckerClassic Tweet https://t.co/KuXHJShVXfCruz, 145,000 pastors lead praying re: Supreme Court keeps traditional marriage @FRCdc @@AmericanFamAssc @GDavidLane http://t.co/S3FbUYpbOV
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@kinxbitz Rubio's strategy is to be first choice of many, second/third choice of even more as primary will whittle candidates@RalstonReports @marcorubio On the other hand, there's no such thing as early when #WeMatter@RalstonReports @marcorubio I know and I know. Dilemmas of feeding the beast.@kinxbitz I agree - many won't. So he might lose. But some will, so at this point it's a race. Same for the many though not all other cands
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