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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@donttreadonme53 @Kegan05 @mkmknani @laraza ..Most countries require proof of citizenship to vote..The excuse of racism is ridiculous bull..
Retweeted by Ed Fact: The last time there was warming Monica Lewinksy was washing stains off her dress #PeopleClimateMarch
Retweeted by Ed He knows how to have healthy forests-Fullbright will allow MSU researcher to compare German, Montana forests: http://t.co/NDWjhb8gOQThousands march in Moscow in protest against Russia's involvement in #Ukraine conflict http://t.co/uMSLi4tJ0w http://t.co/2jIpZo7d0a
Retweeted by Ed Who really sets policy for the US?Worst part about going to work this morning was the look on my dog's face that said "sucks for you, I'm going back to sleep".
Retweeted by Ed If California was guided by best forest management rather than rabid environmentalism for several decades, the fires WD not be disastrousObamas guidance on our foreign policy and national defense is based sole,y on short term domestic policy gain...very dangerous for world/US@EDinCali ..The general seems to be sorting things out in the right direction..
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Now give credit where it is due, he meant every word of that in the same dimension where my kids actually clean their rooms.
Retweeted by Ed Most transparent of administrations, you can keep your doctor, not a smidgeon of corruption, no boots on the ground...how he disdains us@PocahauntAsss go ask the cliffs of moher@PocahauntAsss that's good enough fer me@gotspeedtoburn @EDinCali True equality cannot exist until people stop listening to those who demand preference and entitlement.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali And John Kerry was frisked by Egyptian security die to lack of trust. @BigBobDC68
Retweeted by Ed I love meeting our newest citizens who come here to assimilate and contribute...they help make us strong@mkmknani whiskey tango foxtrot@EDinCali Why just the other day I seez to the wife... Purdy soon hare We'll all bea Killin each other over this hare climit change thingie!
Retweeted by Ed @Conservamator yep! But iffin 1 of them bullets miss, might find some bubbling' crude@EDinCali @MrPuma2072 @mkmknani Repub misstatements are reported on endlessly while Dem LIES are ignored
Retweeted by Ed @mkmknani @MrPuma2072 @EDinCali Lawyers are running the missions & feel terrorists have as much right to life as our soldiers.
Retweeted by Ed CALGARY SUN SHREDS OBAMA: 'Now He Wants Help From Allies He's Spent His Presidency Snubbing' #ClashDaily http://t.co/sJk2iw3VvN@Zhalla94 actually Obama recognizing isil is a slap in the face to Israel....willful/purposefulObama calls IS ISI-or something while the rest of the world call them ISIS like the lads dont even know who they're after😪
Retweeted by Ed @FartingDuck who took my statement on terrorist jihadism and compared it to illegal drugs? An ideologue' now get off my lawn@FartingDuck I suggest you put this nutcase on ignore #tcot@MrPuma2072 @mkmknani @BigBobDC68 yes her list of outrageous lies span decades...yet she is a sacred cow of the left who love to be lied to@FartingDuck your logic is failing, bother someone who cares@FartingDuck me too...now into the cornfield with you w the rest of your buddies@BigBobDC68 last time Hillary was in Egypt she was run out of Alexandria by angry shoe and tomato throwing crowds calling her traitor@EDinCali They tried their best to move Egypt into the al-Qaida camp
Retweeted by Ed Why does Obama/left find it so difficult to say we are at war w/jihadism? It would be easier to identify our enemies and their "soldiers"In spite of Hillary/Obamas support of the Muslim brotherhood,,,Egypt has righted itself and become the stable non jihadist anchor of mideast@FartingDuck are joking with a name like that?@gotspeedtoburn @DesireeAaron he gets the free pass when it comes to his free and the msm@EDinCali @DesireeAaron If he's 30 when the show premiered but says he grew up watching it..? Sharpton couldn't tell the truth if he tried!
Retweeted by Ed Our friends the Kurds will be caught in a vice between Isis and our Islamic "ally" Turkey....if they look to Obama for help they are lostDecades of mismanagement by far left ideologues have left our forests vulnerable to terrorism http://t.co/RrkF4YEGAxDidnt use Bill Cosby as his role model obviously-Sharpton Says He Grew Up Watching ‘The Cosby Show’ https://t.co/kdpyEoP8oVDem prevaricating parrot-Maher to Americans Worried About ISIS: ‘Get a Grip!’ Climate Change the Real Threat https://t.co/jFcB8N97tIYes'cutting their heads off John-Kerry: Climate Change Causing People To Kill Each Other over Water Shortages https://t.co/wAfDzxGvSEWeakness invites aggression-Krauthammer: Obama’s Decision to Personally Approve Air Strikes Is ‘Scary Stuff’ https://t.co/e9rGKXQaHjExcept for him and his friends/family of course-Obamacare Architect: Life Is Over At 75 http://t.co/xRr3PMk6WO via @po_stLib double standard-This Liberal Supreme Court Justice Could Be In Major Trouble After What She Just Did http://t.co/G0mr0uFYK5 via @po_stRunning out of other peoples $_Minnesota’s Biggest Obamacare Insurer Drops Out Over Overwhelming Costs http://t.co/plL3M47NyxFormer Secret Service Agent Slams D.C. Insider Culture With A Message That Goes Beyond Politics http://t.co/OGhuh1557I via @joewmillerLaw Enforcement Nervous as Militia Members Plan to Block Bridges Going into Mexico http://t.co/T3AYWwAWlT via @joewmillerObamaCare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel has Announced the ‘Optimal Age of Death – http://t.co/Y2nnfVTef7 via @joewmiller
Biden Wishes More Republicans Were Like Sexually-Harassing Former Senator https://t.co/0Fu5bsV0IaWhitehouse prevaricting parrot Susan Rice: ‘To Be Clear, Our Strategy Does Not Involve U.S. Troops on the Ground’ https://t.co/enXOTJjZj4Royce: We’re Going To Have To Go Around Obama and ‘Directly Arm’ the Kurds https://t.co/RDXHVh7xWsCould Northern Ireland vote yes on referendum to leave UK? http://t.co/OEBMrBeSnO@EDinCali You made my @RebelMouse http://t.co/hWe654RTrC
Retweeted by Ed Memo to the BBC: The ‘Far Right’ Did Not Decapitate David Haines Nor Rape 1,400 Girls in Rotherham http://t.co/eP7R62I2GB via @joewmillerWho is the enemy?Dems Block Cruz Bill to Strip U.S. Citizenship from Islamic State Defectors (+video) http://t.co/q85vsVfxVz via @joewmillerGiving us no information-Feds Mum on Prosecution of Illegal Border Crossers http://t.co/BNqy02qv5d via @joewmillerMore of obamas workplace violence? ISIS Urging “Lone Wolves” To Target US Soldiers http://t.co/xbsRL39yNC via @joewmiller
Gov. Jerry Brown’s Payoff to the Enviro-Extremists http://t.co/VrC1GMzceX via @BreitbartNews@EDinCali @UpInTheHills How come Ted Kennedy was SO WRONG?!
Retweeted by Ed Megyn Kelly Fires Back Against Criticism From Bill Ayers http://t.co/MEwcwbKWPG via @po_stGenerals skewer Obama for ‘control’ of airstrikes http://t.co/oB3HsTYriz via @worldnetdaily@daphneyuhas :)@EDinCali I root for the lawyers to take every dime that both sides have! 👍
Retweeted by Ed @daphneyuhas well said!Al Jazeera suing gasbag Al Gore.....who to root for?@EDinCali Che was a putz...actually Castro's Himmler. And the Left are intellectually dishonest
Retweeted by Ed @danielwwelsh definition of mixed emotionsThe seeds of Che Guevara Lynch sprout in the country of his death -- Bolivia http://t.co/E8Zp0ySqcaChe Guevara and the Fantasyland of Liberals - http://t.co/174hUxOn8dAll Jazeera sues former VP Gore over Current TV http://t.co/6IK2ex9flUFar left enviros ruining our forests-Decades of mismanagement have left our forests vulnerable to terrorism http://t.co/RrkF4YEGAxJust think what the public would know if the media pressed Obama/Hillary like they do roger goodellWhy isn't the msm giving us daily updates on Obamas poll #'s like they did with BushBenghazi-Newtown; what difference does it make Hillary? http://t.co/hiq5KB6qEm@epley_p but you know they will all dutifully parrot the same lines ad infinitum....as they are commanded@prfekrdumbrella great Melody...glad to see your bright smiling face this am before I take offThe most govt subsidized-Fineman: Iowa Farmers More ‘Educated’ than Elsewhere in Country Because They’re Liberal https://t.co/BoVxu2dWYnThe always prescient Samantha Power: Arming Syrian Rebels Will Give Us an ‘Important Ground Element’ https://t.co/BbKzZLNRPlThe glory of 1 party rule-Valerie Jarrett Touts Detroit, Presents ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts with Gifts for Their Support https://t.co/jbwUeEMbKpRep. Jim Jordan: Benghazi ARB Panel Was Not ‘Independent’ in Any Way https://t.co/wP8sJ6dBKGCAP President: Hillary ‘Very Aligned’ with Obama on Foreign Policy https://t.co/MmZkakUGH2Home of perverts/climate hucksters-Penn State Threatens To Call Police on Students Handing out U.S. Constitutions https://t.co/zFKKSJMKrVLOL-Sen. Boxer Decries ‘Misplaced Anger and Politics’ Dominating ISIS Hearings https://t.co/yBL14zy3mrFar left policies-Decades of mismanagement have left our forests vulnerable to terrorism http://t.co/RrkF4YEGAxShep Smith Tries Betting Josh Earnest ‘Every Penny I Make’ at Fox News https://t.co/Brnei2TQLwFox’s Gutfeld: If Maher Were a Tennis Player, He’d Prefer Hitting the Backboard https://t.co/cQpJuiwDDzHe cant be frank, he's carney barker-Tapper to Jay Carney: Be ‘Frank’ About Middle East; Carney Blames Bush on Iraq https://t.co/AzYHeZUPhC@annykatzy 9th circuit is a liberal social experiment gone bad....most overturned court in the country@EDinCali @JoeWMiller The optics of "Obama High" located just off "Division" Street are so bad the jokes write themselves.
Retweeted by Ed As does his plagiarism and dunce foreign policy-MSNBC: Joe Biden’s Offensive Gaffes Make Him ‘Real’ and ‘Authentic’ https://t.co/6rMAaRgjLm“Yes” campaign fails to win independence for Scotland (VIDEOS) http://t.co/OZKzmbYa5hISIS, NFL Are Case Studies of What Happens When Leaders Don’t Lead http://t.co/OrDAhIzM0U via @genevievewood @DailySignalToo wealthy and white-Mayor: New High School Won’t be Named After President Obama http://t.co/P5vhtIRi4f via @joewmillerAs the ice thickens' serial prevaricator AGore: Climate Skepticism Will Haunt Republicans in 2016 http://t.co/yOf75eIqqu via @joewmillerAlleged ISIS Photo Controversy Engulfs Sen. John McCain http://t.co/Ev5UINou3s via @joewmillerNinth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal To Wear American Flag Shirts On Cinco De Mayo http://t.co/RvCbAFBYSK via @joewmillerHave been generationally socialized-Scotland Referendum: Scots Reject Independence in Historic Vote http://t.co/lyASnpYxgd via @joewmillerObamas boots on the ground-Doctors: ‘Irresponsible’ to Send Troops to ‘Combat’ Ebola http://t.co/vG3iiVClWK via @joewmillerNASA Data on Massive Solar Storm and Impact on Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming | Principia http://t.co/Ut05HGhBq0 via @PSI_Intl
It all makes sense now, obama put biden in charge of day to day operations in Iraq-http://t.co/k7AeUS38lk
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