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I am special and unique, just like you. Just a fingerpainting trying to become a masterpiece.

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This Rescoring Drive thing is now just getting out of hand. http://t.co/C0FazGHmrJ #Drive #RescoreDrive@jennypriestley You'll see, you'll all see, Hugh Grant is a god.@jennypriestley Hugh Grant can never be stopped. He is England's true acting saviour.@LondonFilmFan It depends, would he have redesigned his face to become a Fantastic Silver Mr. Fox? Because I'm ok with that.@mocfilms I know, they could at least find a good script first.@blinkbox Turns out it's just Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann yelling at one another for 2 and a bit hours again. Darn you sort-of-sequels.@androoshaw It's sad to lose what is a modern iconic image of her face.#GoneGirl is now the 10th highest grossing 18 rated film in the UK, with £14m. David Fincher's highest is Se7en, with £19.5m
Retweeted by Andrew JonesBefore it leaves cinemas, try your hardest to seek out '71.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@RachelKoz @ChampCelluloid The eyes are wide, the cheeks now sucked in, the lips smaller.@Mullane45 Das Boo!Lazy DVD inserts: http://t.co/Wej499nFCi
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Filmaluation Had to re-find itself after everything. Just keep swimming.@TomButler Don't go into any tunnels.@thomasdharris Intermission, overture and such need to be there, make it event cinema.@Filmaluation It's a rollicking good time. Enjoy some classic John Oliver.@iamnotwaynegale If you're out on your own. Feeling lonely, and soooo cold.@DavidBedwell Nic Cage. He wants it for the rocks, minerals!@LukeWhiston He's laying in a bath of money voicing Be More Dog ads.I do hope the random imdb drop of Exodus' running time is close to truth, I'd be up for an actual epic.@LondonFilmFan @Independent "Hey, don't poach wet chicks, that's my job, ahahahaha!"@androoshaw Faw-Sin-Thee-AaahWin a copy of Grace of Monaco on Blu-ray http://t.co/QWygdohbDs
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@bbcthree @androoshaw "I will find you, and I will kill you" "Good *paaaaaarp*" Besson will approve.@JoeCunningham14 @pajiba Frnklyn is far and away not a good movie.@cassamlooch HTTM2 will be moved now the US release has gone to Feb.@androoshaw Call Dave, you've got a money-maker.@androoshaw I mean, I'd watch Taken with music by Dizee Rascal just for curio.@androoshaw Elliot Gould turns out to be the don of the velvet mafia, season 3 he puts out a hit on Martin Short.@androoshaw FXX. Unless the show becomes VERY brutal in the next season.@androoshaw I want to believe Mulaney can pull it off when it finds itself. I want to believe. Fight the future.Soundcloud is being turdy in working with me this month, here's 2 episodes of #Entourage chat you cannot miss: https://t.co/EszMKJYfqC@giruaro Maybe if she squinted she'd look the same?@giruaro I don't see it. At all.I want to ask @BBCR1 if they could put REM's Everybody Hurts in the lift scene of #DriveRescoredLeslie Jones becomes an SNL castmember and now Lorne looks at Sasheer Zamata for the chopping block.Phone for sale: Samsung Galaxy Note 3. PERFECT condition. Brand new! http://t.co/CBX5c7QzYs #tech #samsung #galaxy #note3
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@iamnotwaynegale He's very good. Alfred Molina appears in an episode for comedy purposes.@TheChewDefense But the director's cut'll be 203 minutes just to be longer. Or 85 mins plus outtakes.@TylerScruggs You will, but due to your location you'll become Bookworm.@MrCamW "Wait, so she FOUND gravity? Or was it there all along. Who didn't sleep in Act two?"@iamnotwaynegale Rick And Morty from last year but also this year is utterly fun-sane.@jramjee The Barry Lyndon bit and not to its lack of discussion in most parts was solid.@marcfc I enjoy forgetting everything, it makes every day a trivia contrest.@marcfc The ease of never taking pictures made it so easy for me to step up.@OllieCharles Classical FM presents the theme to ET replayed 50 times.@adlow76 @montimer This is so incredibly offensive and I have nailed the phonetics.@OllieCharles I hope Radio 2 try with some Genesis and a touch of Stevie Winwood.@moulder5000 @montimer Good answer.@IncredibleSuit Keep going. If S3 doesn't click then there's something in the water.@montimer @moulder5000 Wolverines or no?@Big_Pants I must be forever sick.@bloodonthedice Not the worst. This year's made damn sure of that. Still, it is and has balls. Sweaty Turturro crotch close-ups too.If you've never read the Days of Future Past comic, I'd advise you to do so. #XMenDigitalHD http://t.co/SyLNJ8Pevg via @
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@bloodonthedice This could be any modern Bay, which one you watching?@awarmann @GothamOn5 Logue is great for detective partnerships. See also: Terriers@bloodonthedice But that would look less cool.@ReelTalker Not heard much positive from folk.@awarmann @GothamOn5 I'm series linked aftr enjoying the pilot last night. Love some Logue.Ahh, watched one of my favourite films of the year on a phone. Not the best way to watch, but still remains a great piece of work.So tonight if you need me I'll be over on @BoxOfficeBuz tweeting gleefully over the best superhero movie of the year. #XMenDigitalHD@montimer Just exercise to images of Jennifer Lawrence.Spent an hour with Apple support, looks like tonight I'm watching a movie on my phone. Technology!I guess we'll never look like Wolverine, so why not indulge. #XMenDigitalHD http://t.co/D2Pg7ra0Ld@montimer To watch the new X-Men? That's not how things work.@montimer Also my parents have taken the main room for football.@montimer Sky? I don't have sky.@JStro_ Oh, what wonders that might have led to.But not to run on a modern laptop, this is just embarrassing.I don't understand how one of the most prominent pieces of software won't play a film on a modern laptop, I can understand a 6 yr old mac.Huge roadblock for watching tonight's film, iTunes doesn't want to play movies on an old mac. Only working on my phone. My phone...@montimer You might need to cue me in every so often, having a hard time with old computers and new technologies.@TheChewDefense Creates talk, like right now. NC-17 could be a banner, a statement, to some.@awarmann @yourturnheather Well, you should have cried racism Amon.@TheChewDefense 'some graphic violence and explicit sexual content' so maybe a little eeh-ooh too.How i wish iTunes wasn't so user-unfriendly when dealing with things at times. RSS feeds not wanting to be recognised.The second episode of Yellin' 'Bout Ellin has dropped, get into S1E5-8 of #Entourage with me and @NicholasATorres http://t.co/AL9syb0mhS& its Best Picture push RT @Borys_Kit 22 JUMP STREET getting a theatrical rerelease Oct 24. in advance of its release on home entertainment.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@awarmann @KellyAlyse @thereelfilmshow Same with me and @BoxOfficeBuz, the danger of me being in control.@brucemadelost If the answer isn't Christopher Lloyd & Michael J. Fox then why are people psyched?@danielsarath But the last 4 films there. Yee-eeesshAmused my nephew by doing Quicksilver impression(slow motion=me running) @WaytoblueUK @20CenturyFoxUK #XMenDigitalHD http://t.co/DjmXKuGGRKA man in your area dropped 25gig of DVR space and has never felt better, click here to learn his secrets.@blinkbox Also can double as light-racers from Tron. Ooh, movie franchise possibilities!@NOWTV Is there a clean remote and box? Looks like someone made a meal out of the one you've pictured.@Mullane45 @awarmann Who gets Wonder Woman? Is Amy Poehler too long-gone from the scene? Is Cecily Strong too unknown?@awarmann If not, then I firmly suggest it.@awarmann Are you suggesting an all-satirical-newsdesk DC line-up? Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, throw in Chris Morris?@EoinMason Pogo Stilts. Or Pog Stilts. Alf Pog Stilts.Director Jon Wright Interview - Grabbers Sequel? http://t.co/QjNyA61ftB via @ethanrunt
Retweeted by Andrew JonesRobot Overlords Director Jon Wright - London Film Festival Interview http://t.co/WsUuOi5NVy via @ethanrunt
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@EoinMason Stilts, my friend, are what I do.I think Channing Tatum's got a long way to go to beat that, even Taylor Kitsch probably weeps at me being so dashing there.Gonna be live-tweeting #XMenDigitalHD tonight at 8pm over @BoxOfficeBuz, for now here's me as Gambit by @robsonink http://t.co/FQegvcU4ejNext #PerfectMoviePodcast is this weds in London featuring @MrDavidReed @AshFrith & @squat_betty http://t.co/ihkwXFxenp
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@PatrickJGamble @DanGreen1986 @BRNicholson @CineVue Good, can I submit some article ideas about top 10s and hidden factoids? Congrats.@TomLinay Watch the IMAX exclusive extended preview of #entouragemovie@SamFaulkner87 Ooh, well get rid of all other games then. Isolation by name.@SamFaulkner87 Might as well wait until football is outlawed so you can play fun games...Here's a beautiful new image from Pixar's Lava. http://t.co/T5CAF0kojf
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