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Guy trying to make you smile. Just a fingerpainting trying to become a masterpiece.

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@watchinpreacher Fuck yeah. I wish I could watch it again soon.@watchinpreacher Do it.@ChrisHewitt Don't knock Janitor Darren, he was the only toy we could afford as kids, karate-bin-dumping action. Magnetic rubbish pile.@Zack_Parks Yes, it'll take 2 decades to make this look foolish.
@ChrisHewitt Happy birthday. My yesterday photoshop counts as a gift now.@TheGMcConnachie And still is not good. Will it ever learn?@androoshaw @TheChewDefense @erincandy @jaimeburchardt "Yeah, sure, I'm reaaally close, whatever"@natalieholt1982 Huge failure cos people saw Karate Kid instead.Does Luke Wilson have a Blue Streak in his pubes? #MysteriesofLauraIf you need something on your computer to click on, click on the vote button on this and help @DevHellSeries out. http://t.co/yngQziIZWO
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@firstshowing That's three severe warning signs in one.Are you all following @leehardcastle and the adventure he's tweeting?@LWhannell What the fuck kinda Police Academy plotline is this?I wrote about John Swartzwelder. http://t.co/iZR8ebczKy
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@ChampCelluloid @MakingOfs Fear boners@androoshaw "Aww man, sorry about your phone. Here." *hand you a tenner*@RitchieReview No subs though so go Hong Kong release. You'll need it at times.@RitchieReview nope. Things fell through in the summer.My father is now watching Snowpiercer, if he likes it all UK distributors who didn't release it are even dumber.Ignoring all other things today to go through some Mr. Show seasons. Not watched these dvds for years.How do you pronounce Yoshi? Is the o like the o in 'Tosh' (off The Bill) or like the o in 'ghost' (of Tosh) (off The Bill).
Retweeted by Andrew JonesAdvert for "an authentic Greek Night" uses Jurassic Park font. @Big_Pants your doing?@mocfilms LEGO, 22 Jump Street, Boyhood, They Came Together, The Boxtrolls.@lougluckstein The city of love has a different reaction to everyone.A little something I wrote, directed & produced: https://t.co/YJIBHJk8mQ PLEASE RT and HELP US HIT £1,500!! I'll bake you cake?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@SDCain Sue the MPAA AND pirates! Then burn down Hollywoo.@joshbrunsting Fuuuuck. I thought Red State was the last shart of Smith's ineptitude. Would skip Tusk anyway, but wow.
Marathoned eps 2-10 of You're The Worst today. Excellent stuff.@RealMattDamon @THR Worked so well in the climax of the first one.@mocfilms George Michael Bluth has seen at least one episode. It was not what he thought it was.@RealMattDamon @THR Hope they bring back the eclipse 'gag'.@leewest82 "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry"@leewest82 "Coneheads is good, House Of Blues is a good club."?@leewest82 Comedians who can't give up the limelight make bad hosts. Humility is a gift.Dvd campaign idea for Trans4mers come November: "The Lump Of Coal For Your Child's Stocking"The Sims 4 thinks this is how pleasant conversations go. http://t.co/pfzyAPsUTj@yourturnheather Bouquet, damnit!@MarieMJS 6?@ThePCCLondon Thanks.Have YOU seen how Up would be if it were like Boyhood? https://t.co/A5MqIwXs2i@empiremagazine Your readers will probably enjoy this web pilot about the making of Man Of Steel: http://t.co/sqpruZEQVGOn the subject of Wish I Was Here we have an ace interview with @zachbraff by @EthanRunt http://t.co/Houa2aQkCq http://t.co/2UHaOeLryq
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@mrtonylee I'm nothing if not educational about old internet memes and moments.@mrtonylee When Woody Harrelson did an AMA to promote Rampart he wasn't really understanding of the ANYTHING aspect, wanted to focus on filmI hope in the Entourage movie Ari screams for his favourite client, Christopher LLOYD!, for 40 minutes.@mrtonylee @reddit_AMA As long as it's about Rampart? Is that still a reference people know?I write for @verge. #TalkLikeAPirateDay
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@maverick99sback Shaftesbury closes on Sunday, PHouse opens next year. I Rarely go Haymarket.My auction for one of my rare #IndianaJones Collector's Edition box sets ends tomorrow. Sealed, in perfect condition http://t.co/TZoAoV2v4Z
Retweeted by Andrew JonesGERTY got a new job? “@Documentally: So shiny you could eat off it. http://t.co/6EA0aqlutQ
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWe have 4 days to hit over 1000 votes, you just need to click for Development Hell. http://t.co/sqpruZEQVG.@Zack_Parks Thank you sir.Nutella choc dips. This is two nice ideas packaged together for us lazy folk. http://t.co/VwAy0QXzyS@TheHorrorShowTV It's a nod to Titanic, right?.@grimmfest The Liam Neeson remake of Arachnophobia? John Goodman reprises his role of course.@iFlicks @Big_Pants I bet he got a Kevin Grisham. A Rural Juror or Urban Fervor.@iFlicks @Big_Pants It's... not a good collection next week.@moviedan So no heating for the next month then?@iFlicks @Big_Pants @VODzillaMag It's the Weds? Ah, of course it is. Because there IS an LFF press screening I wanted to see. Ah well.TamborAny examples of travel writing about London from 19th/e 20th century? Preferably including home life. Please RT! #twitterstorians #phdchat
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jaykayell_ The Trocodero is shutting on Sunday and opening as a Picturehouse next year, will accept cards there for films only.What if George Martin had renamed himself 'Weird George' Martin when producing comedy singles then had to stick with that though his career?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Big_Pants Fulham Road, Chelsea, but who goes there? O2 and West India still lower tier so thank goodness for that.@Big_Pants Shaftesbury closes its doors on Sunday, the Picturehouse that opens next year will take cards, but no food discounts.@Big_Pants Speaking of waiting, this afternoon I'll do your Ballet video, it may take me a few days...Downgraded my unlimited card now they're taking away the only reason I toss in an extra £3 a month anyway. So long central London cinemas.@Big_Pants Ooh, maybe that'll be when I try a second time to escape the country by plane. Might have money when I'm 30.@Y2Neildotcom @ChrisHewitt Worth the wait? http://t.co/6d9o6lAJKLme and @brettgelman are working on the next special ME AND @BRETTGELMAN ARE WORKING ON THE NEXT SPECIAL
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@TheFilmStage MYriad pro font again.The perfect plot for 'Expendables 4.' RT @Variety: ‘Expendables 3′ Producer: We Want to Go After 10 Million Who Illegally Downloaded Movie
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@evilguii You will never leave. *fangs appear, dripping with blood* never.@thegynomite And that weird tangent sponsored by pepsi about living in a world of many colas in every fountain.Yeah, 3am thunderstorm, just to say "don't go to bed, we wanna play some more". Weather is shitty at a sleepover.@mrbonturcode Fraid I'm so very poor atm so can't personally toss in.@mrbonturcode And then when that hard part's over getting folk to help try and finish or get to the next chapter.I will happily offer an Associate Producer credit to anyone who wants to manage social networking for this crowdfunding page? Going NUTS!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@SDCain @EoinMason We're gonna need more holy water, that's what you said and they put it in the film!Up as the Boyhood trailer: https://t.co/kfboWZuLOi@SDCain @EoinMason You are now lord of facebook. And war. They made a film about you once. Nic Cage was in it. Season Of The Witch.@NJ_Film Mona-Lisa's the wooooooooorst though.So when does Graham Norton get on to mock the presenters of different regions, or is voting different here to Eurovision?@FilmFan1971 Unless you say "Just after the end credits began" then you should be very ashamed.@DrGMLaTulippe I've done more than 3 now, but yes, all for you.@SDCain @EoinMason The link should take you to the main thing but the video that loads should be our one. If not, well, weird.@adamhopelies That 90's Show is a disgusting spit in the face of any fan old enough to know what continuity is.@adamhopelies Rather a George than a Lindsay or Maeby ep. Also all Marge eps are better than Homer-post S11 eps.@jramjee Thanks for watching by the way. All I want is people to sit and stare and hopefully chuckle a little.@jramjee Well, if not, I'm working on other pies, lesser in terms of scope but easier to fulfill entirely.@TheInterview Probably a Cheers reunion show, in the audience, when Seth bumped into James pouring his orange juice on Franco's shirt?You guys, we gotta do something about Kevin Smith. Can we start a Kickstarter for his retirement fund? I'd put $100 on that right now.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@brucemadelost Glad to have you back on my side. Hoping Kebbell gets in there, love the guy, wish he was in more in big parts.@jramjee Fingers crossed. By October we'll know if it's ever going to exist. Shame if it doesn't, genuinely funny stuff in there.@jramjee 10 for the first season, up to the table read. Then worked on 2 other storylines, BvS and Star Wars.Which has a killer The Rock ref@jramjee I don't imagine so because these are characters created by the writers based on traits in their films. Cough.@jramjee He's talking to a strict Englishman, he knows how they communicate, and how to infer things. He's not dumb. He's just... excitable.@moneypenney Enjoy. I know I annoyed my family by demanding I have dinner at the computer, couldn't miss a live second.@natalieholt1982 You rock.Wish I Was Here is out today in the UK, here's me and Zach Braff waxing lyrically about music: http://t.co/YOCSve8xXbTest screenings of the Entourage movie are being scored based on how many times a 16 year old repeats the last joke & fist bumps his boys.
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