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@SamFaulkner87 I left mine in the cinema untouched. It's about ethics in film journalism.@FilmLandEmpire Except Sucker Punch. Grrr Sucker Punch.@FilmLandEmpire I see those with love and those with hate for things and if I'm not on the plus, I just offer snark and forget about it.@FilmLandEmpire I am a viciously unexcited hater. I could sleep in my vitriol.@FilmLandEmpire Where he should zag, explode, make something amazing, groundbreaking, everything is pedestrian.@FilmLandEmpire I watch his films and find myself more annoyed each time at the choices he makes in story and character.@mattglasby And even they won't be able to create genuine emotional moments. Bring in loud Zimmer organ.@FilmLandEmpire Too low-key. He has the power to make exciting, bold features, he keeps everything far too safe.@Guitargalchina @SamFaulkner87 Nolan's never been a visual man. Action, composition, colour, light, he can't make it work.@SamFaulkner87 @Guitargalchina "What if we make a blockbuster about the limits of mortality?" "Good idea" *Grabs sledgehammer*@SamFaulkner87 Because everyone else seems to love that side of things.@SamFaulkner87 Tonally, jeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuuusssss, I'd be up for talking about it with people, but I'd get bored of explaining my position.@SamFaulkner87 I woke up this morning and could remember little of the film whatsoever. Then I remembered the ending and laughed.ICYMI: @scottEweinberg picks his Top 10 Horror Films of 2014 exclusive to our new blog: http://t.co/pVJBuHz9gT http://t.co/iNqzhCwADb
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe BBFC have rated a 15-version of A Walk Among The Tombstones for home release. So, we might not get the uncut version at all. Pompeii-ey.@filmthug Yeah, but I wanna see some bonin' on Skull Island.OH in cinema yesterday: "The only film in 3D that made me like 3D was Hercules" I am a monk for staying seated and not hitting that man.
@iamnotwaynegale they went with a film where the quality stems from the audio/visual collective. We fear change.@TomWestgate Birth Of A Nation with Wiz Khalifa on the ones and, yes, twos.@Big_Pants Try my playlist (See #R2Drive) for a superior experience.@SimonStirrat In my mind. Ol' Ter's probably doing it alone in his house every Sunday.@Big_Pants Give me a shot. It will go from "oh, nice" to "oh, irony".@SimonStirrat Dear Points Of ViewThe credits were redesigned to make use of "Weird Al"'s Trapped In The Drive-Thru #R2Drive #DriveRescore #R1DriveGosling is alive, time for triumph. Let It Go. #R2Drive #DriveRescore #R1DriveIf I Had A Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies. #R2Drive #R1Drive #DriveRescore@MovieUmpire Because Gosling was wearing a mask watching TV.Idea: Interstella Street starring Phil Cornwell as Michael Caine.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe next track on #R2Drive is a Now 44 classic. Shania Twain's That Don't Impres Me Much. #R1Drive #DriveRescoreStrange how #R1Drive replaced the scorpion on Gosling's jacket with a veiny cock and hairy balls.@robbiereviews @chrisblohm That's a total #R2Drive into end credits choice.#R2Drive will replace the last 20 minutes of the film with all The Proclaimers songs. #R1Drive #DriveRescore@petrolhead176 @SimonStirrat I made sure she saw it. She loves Gosling.@petrolhead176 It took 30 minutes to make the leap, before that it's oddly sincere. Then it goes pulpy.@petrolhead176 @SimonStirrat I just explained the film, she had no clue.@chrisblohm I was thinking it'd be a picture of a turd. This is far more creative.@petrolhead176 that or Cold In July. Both Carpentery."Oughugh" - Tim Allen
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@petrolhead176 @SimonStirrat I was just reminding my mother of that scene. She couldn't recall.Time for Cranston to break a leg. Or cut throat. #R2Drive chooses the seminal classic "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. #R1Drive #DriveRescoreIt may be recent but #R2Drive is choosing U2's Every Breaking Wave for Ron Perlman's beach footchase. #R1Drive #DriveRescoreSo is #R1Drive #DriveRescore better than this version of the scene: http://t.co/XUnYBLYC22 ?Radio 1 rescoring No Country For Old Men next week. That one credit song and the car radio in the shoot-out.@Lips_Loose Except the fiction is annoyingly grounded, rather than fun, crazy, visionary, imaginative fiction. Love, man, love!@DavidBedwell It has a Beardfleck in the film, but not Ben.@ollyog If every character was brutally decimated in frames of that film, it'd be a shorter, less annoyingly dull experience.@stephencarlin Lucas is fine with his meddling.@jordmcgrath @jonlyus Billy Zane and Alice Lowe?In #R2Drive A Real Hero becomes Never Gonna Give You Up #R1Drive #DriveRescore@popcornaddict Visuals.@awarmann DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH WORMHOLE!!!Say what you like about the #R1Drive rescoring it's got loads of people talking about the power and importance of a good score.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesSurely the whole point in a project like this would be to try something completely new & different? #DriveRescore
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@chrisblohm Psycho rescored by Randy Newman.Shoulda gone for some Aerosmith. Love in the elevator! http://t.co/XUnYBLYC22 #DriveRescoreAlso, what’s the value in swapping an electronic type score with another quite similar electronic type score? What does that mean? #R1Drive
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIt's too similar to the original soundtrack. I hope they make some bolder choices. #R1Drive
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@adamhopelies @adlow76 So Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" should be looped onto the film?How about #R2Drive? #R1Drive http://t.co/XUnYBLYC22I watched a film today, with a closed mind. It's happened before when I have 180ed during the film. It did not tonight.Exclusive: 'House of Lies' Casts a Father for Ben Schwartz's Clyde http://t.co/BcyNWWInRe @SHO_HouseOfLies @rejectedjokes
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@androoshaw Mental age.@brendonconnelly He should test that out and then start a reality show where he solves cases by going anywhere.From an apple help message board. "I would listen to the phone rather than your own "calculations" or any random guy in the "phone shop""@DavisMcArdle Hey, that means we'll get TGS out of the deal. More fart machines!@brucemadelost Grosse Point Blankinator.@dudefozz @rosstmiller It is on Netflix US right now. Good quality as well.@Cinemartyn This is the plot of the film, right? It sounds less stupid.My T2 dads! http://t.co/bOiWMvCO27
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@PhildeSemlyen BOOM! Nice one.Genisys made better. http://t.co/7zZv61hESu@FilmLandEmpire Do they only smile in pictures with Zero Dark Thirty stars?Why is the gun going off for Emilia Clarke, she is pointing at an ineffective angle given her eyeline.@FilmLandEmpire Is it smiling?#TerminatorGenisysOfficialStill http://t.co/mFZ0wAc1Ue
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Mark_Searby @Screenjabber I'm still holding on to every monthly Criterion announcement for their Boyhood package. Erm, release. Oh god.#TerminatorGenisysOfficialStill http://t.co/hm0FIji4CG
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThis is just getting so embarrassing for everyone involved. http://t.co/gNqqPSzm0W
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@rollcredits Avoid using any cleaning aid that claims to 'keep your whites whiter'.@Screenjabber @Mark_Searby So, yeah. http://t.co/6suo6yrWRn@rosstmiller @cineworld Yet Horns can get maybe 2 screenings a day. Urgh.24 hours to go! Please help us smash our target into even smaller pieces! #Kickstarter #Crowdfunding #Film https://t.co/QCbUWBb8Jl
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@FilmDivider @FilmLandEmpire Time was when Tesco had cheap players you could diddle in a code and make it A/R1. We have a few for safety.@Mark_Searby In the context of being part of a tedious film, I mean.@Mark_Searby I don't since it seems to hinge on a more fulfilling ending. Not like watching Die Hard 5 sub-less. That was fun.@Mark_Searby It would work for the native language.@Mark_Searby Film Divider just tweeted US has subs, so theory disproved. But the French one had French subs for the scene. So...@Mark_Searby Really? Wouldn't people complain? About a long 3 minute stretch of importance without comprehension?Similarly, watching The Immigrant the other month on XBox had no subs. With subs set on for good measure.@DapperDan US.Subtitles not working on my computer, clearly, as Netflixing Snowpiercer still doesn't enlighten the long monologue in Korean.@brucemadelost This.Excited for the BBC Three #DriveRescore tonight? How about the Radio 2 soundtrack? https://t.co/n5KDIREk8RHere's some quality Halloween TV by @NicholasATorres and I. (@VDOOZER @kbiegel) http://t.co/Ic2FussDjZ@Geniusbastard I figured it was just going to be Hemsworth's Thor watching the John Hodgman special "Ragnarok" for an hour. In 3D@Filmaluation Walking On SunshineGUYS OMG!!! GRAVITY FALLS AND RICK AND MORTY ARE LINKED!!! http://t.co/NyVlLIP3ve
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
'Interstellar' was tedious beyond my wildest dreams. Derivative, preachy, predictable and jam-packed with exposition. Avoid it if you can.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesINTERSTELLAR was a bit of an endurance course. Some great moments but waaay too long. The 70mm in The ODEON was horribly out of focus
Retweeted by Andrew JonesHorns being cut for a 15 seems redundant since all cinemas want to show it as little as possible.
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