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Rob Hestar(★♋) @Hestar69 Made In Dade(Jupiter,FL)

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@jaypx85 @dyeknom @Mysticfail damn my lights on at 20 atm...hopefully tomorrow I can get a good item before the weekend ends@Mysticfail @jaypx85 yeah mystic has the luck lol...his char looks pimp too..Im jealous :(@jaypx85 really? didnt @Mysticfail or @dyeknom get some legendary stuff that way?and lvl 22!! u sob :PPlaying Grand Theft Auto V with my imaginary friends http://t.co/4XOLOmRtCj@jaypx85 nm after this wave lets go :P@jaypx85 ready to go back...I gotta log@jaypx85 u can goto space when ever :)@jaypx85 lol thanks...my friend logged on but hes not responding he better join@jaypx85 can u kick chef..lol Ima invite my other friend :P@jaypx85 sure I can play for a little bit more@jaypx85 yeah it says rep gains applied to dead orbit when equipped...and u can use that rep to get legendary items@jaypx85 I bought a cloak of the exodus,from the merchant..I wonder how the moon stuff works@jaypx85 sameeee a blue chest piece but thats it...fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk@jaypx85 yeah hes in my mic party talkn but im took lazy to plus in my usb headset and talk back@jaypx85 yeah lol..he just joined u can kick if u want@jaypx85 wanna go back and check now@jaypx85 alright after this one if u wanna go back we can@jaypx85 I got a bunch of blue engrams..I hope theres some legends in them!@jaypx85 hows ur subclass going/getting anyhting good?@jaypx85 yeah,might aswell,don tneed ur ablilties here for anyhting and you should lvl it up fast@jaypx85 I have..its easy xp to lvl it up I already got my first row done :P@jaypx85 u been lvling ur subclass while doing this?@jaypx85 damn I thought I was gonna catch u lol.... wth....I have a loading wall?@jaypx85 ohh damn 21 grats man!@jaypx85 les get some@goodmloot!@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 well I am stupid so....guess ill keep em lol@jaypx85 just saw ur message..sob,lol..im ready when u are :)@Mysticfail ahh nice,Ill keep em equipped then@Mysticfail @dyeknom @jaypx85 is intellect good for hunters?@jaypx85 ps4* lol@jaypx85 I'll be back on my Xbox in 2 mins@BrianIMdiesel https://t.co/0t6XGVFRTv@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 u sob! Lol@jaypx85 lol yeah 4 lvls super quick..now gotta hear some gear@Mysticfail yeah I might make te other classes and lvl em tha way befor they patch it@Mysticfail @dyeknom @jaypx85 btw thanks for all the help to get to 20 u guys :P@Mysticfail yeah i need to go back there too@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 thanks! nowme and jay gotta get good gear like u and mysitic lol@Mysticfail do we get anythign for leaving?@Mysticfail its up to you all and if @jaypx85 wants to join me@Mysticfail @dyeknom @jaypx85 lmfaoooo foreeeal that was zerg RUSH!@jaypx85 ahh ok I was gona say if not I'll Join u@jaypx85 damn we gotta fix that....are u doing what were doing,but with randoms?@jaypx85 yeah,im about to be 20 lol....u get any items to make u 21 yet/@jaypx85 ohhh nice..cause I'd love to do this with my friend we played with the other day,hes only lvl 8 this would boost him up good@jaypx85 @dyeknom @Mysticfail what lvl do u gotta be to start this quest/@jaypx85 @dyeknom @Mysticfail damn we need to get u in on this...so dumb only 3 ppl in afire squad when theres 6 ppl total@jaypx85 @dyeknom @Mysticfail u cant join still?@Mysticfail sorry my inv was full and I couldnt delete something to pick a wepaon up@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 did I mess something up?@dyeknom @jaypx85 @Mysticfail is there any room for a friend?@Mysticfail @dyeknom whos leader? is it me?@jaypx85 @dyeknom @Mysticfail is there a way to get all of us into the misison?@Mysticfail @dyeknom ready hereI'm now ranked Dedicated (top 40%) in NHL 14 on Raptr! http://t.co/sZbvsDdoRi@jaypx85 yeah its crazy what @dyeknom @Mysticfail are doing..mad loot drops! Is there a way we can get u in on this aswell@Mysticfail @dyeknom @jaypx85 I dunno was he lol...I just saw u guys running in for the loot@Mysticfail I grabbed one..I cant really play atm..what are u guys doing..just shooting in teh cave lol@dyeknom @Mysticfail im in ur guys' game I just afk right?@dyeknom let me know and ill join and go afk :P@dyeknom join ur game and just afk it up?Playing NHL 14 with my imaginary friends http://t.co/4XOLOmRtCj@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 damn u bastards! I need to get lvl 20 :/@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 what lvl should I start this@BrianIMdiesel @Nikibaby219 https://t.co/wKQ2gbOIY8@Nikibaby219 @BrianIMdiesel https://t.co/jhc5sTHaw2@GameStop #MoreMordor means I can play more of the game which I'm sure ill be putting 100's of hrs into! cant wait! :) #promoPlaying Battlefield Bad Company 2 with my imaginary friends http://t.co/4XOLOmRtCjWin an iPod Touch @slickdeals #giveaway http://t.co/fd7aOeZKKI
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream has notes of blackberries, pear & blue wisteria. Win it! To enter, follow @davelackie & RT http://t.co/KCs7HYVUdR
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Played NHL 14 (360) and PAYDAY 2 (360) in the last 24 hours. http://t.co/Y84ggQ0lSU#Win an iPhone 5c loaded with recipes from @colinmcgurran @grahamgarrett @SteveDrakeFood to enter RT and follow http://t.co/8H8tZbeoyt
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 no shotgun..thats my bread and butter gun!..lol alright man take it easy bro@jaypx85 that charged up weapon ppl use always one shots me,I need one of those@jaypx85 in pvp?? yeah I dunno what was going on u were dong prety good yesterdayPlaying NHL 14 with my imaginary friends http://t.co/4XOLOmRtCj@jaypx85 I dunno,in pvp I can atleast kill stuff lol@jaypx85 ggs tho yo@jaypx85 lol yeah,same..that strike made me mad..I thought my char was good for its lvl...NOPE..looked at my gear..still using lvl 8 stuff@jaypx85 "last guardian alive" I said ok, fuck this im hiding till they spawn!@jaypx85 yup,lol..I didnt think it would be that hard..but when u and the other guy died I was shotgunning the boss in the back and it said@jaypx85 ohhh shit forreal! nice! all I got was a helm lol@jaypx85 yeah u did good man,u get anything good from the boss?@jaypx85 Yeah I think we needed one more lol..I nee dto get me a sniper for bosses like that.I was usless cept for my super charge/rocketsWe have Bellmen to help you @StorQuest!@jaypx85 I REALLLY need a new weapon.u and that guy were lighting them up my gun did jack shitt.I tried to stay back in case for a respawn@jaypx85 HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT that fucking shit was hard/took foreverrr..We almost wiped a few times there lmao..@jaypx85 we just gotta have someone stay back and hide lol@Mysticfail sweet thanks for the help man appreciate it!
@jaypx85 awww crap I picked strike by accdient@Mysticfail @jaypx85 ahh ok ty..@jaypx85 @Mysticfail ohhh lmaooooo,yeah,Im an idiot lol@Mysticfail @jaypx85 what do u need to equip before turning in bounties..lol im a lil out of it on cold medicine@jaypx85 @Mysticfail btw u can invite me whenever ur reqady :P@jaypx85 @Mysticfail what the mats u got?@Mysticfail @jaypx85 4 more lvls to go and I can worry bout that stuff,lol..how do I lvl my subclass btw I jsut lvl'd and no pts@jaypx85 they any good? and nthat sux :/ I got new boots and lvl 16 gloves@jaypx85 ohh lmao forgot I Wasnt leader :P@jaypx85 isnt it supposed to take u with me like always?@jaypx85 I didnt,I went back to tower so u could see that weapon and I could see my gloves,lol
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