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Rob Hestar(★♋) @Hestar69 Made In Dade(Jupiter,FL)

♫Music Is Life♫/♘Gamer for Life♘ (Xbox/PSN:Hestar69) ✵Anime Lover✵/☣Contest Enterur☣/ ☠Legally Sane.☠ Friendship is Rare,do you know what I'm saying?

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Happy Halloween from all here at Curve! Beware ghosts, zombies & Lovecraftian horrors - stay indoors and play games. http://t.co/SLBK1nMZD0
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@BrianIMdiesel https://t.co/6W5hmq6jWa@GameTrailers Love pop fiction! great episode as usual :)New POP FICTION! We look into a grim tale found in Majora's Mask. http://t.co/kK3IoejSHR http://t.co/BYeWFw46KU
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 with my imaginary friends http://t.co/4XOLOmRtCj@BrianIMdiesel http://t.co/X0QvoKrOk8
@officialfye fighting evil by moonlight!Prey 2 cancelled? SOB :(@JessicaChobot who the fuck would do something like this...WTF is wrong with ppl@dyeknom ill set a line up :P@dyeknom LOL forgot ur playing me@dyeknom yup and now ur gonna looose casue of it@dyeknom LOL gotta love bench pts :PThat's right, not only am I giving away a downloadable #Xbox copy of #CallOfDutyAdvancedWarfare but also a year of #XboxLive!! RT to enter
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Want to win #XboxLive for a year? RT this, follow me on Twitter & Twitch (same handle) for a chance to win. #Xbox #XboxOne #Xbox360
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@BrianIMdiesel http://t.co/NYTIwB7z0Ihttp://t.co/NYTIwB7z0ILeBron James scores 17 Pts (5-15 FG) but has 8 TO in return to Cavaliers. He falls to 5-7 all-time in season openers. http://t.co/oasVZsK4xD
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@dyeknom damn,should trade for charles man ;P@dyeknom he doing well?@jaypx85 nah I think that's it for me man..the grind never ends lol@collectsideshow always chasing my shadow..he's my best friend! #SideshowChase@jaypx85 @dyeknom noooooooo@jaypx85 @dyeknom yeah im 25 now :P@jaypx85 @dyeknom ROFLLLLLLL I meant to hit promte to leader :P@dyeknom @jaypx85 pos internet!@jaypx85 @dyeknom yeah if u want to,I need rep with him@jaypx85 dunno did @dyeknom jetoff@dyeknom @jaypx85 lol nice@jaypx85 @dyeknom lol yeah@jaypx85 @dyeknom maybe since 3 ppl in the game?@jaypx85 @dyeknom im down for dalies if u all are@dyeknom @jaypx85 http://t.co/szBA3VLjCJ@jaypx85 @dyeknom its on fire on my screen@jaypx85 do u get any for doing dailies?@dragonage ps4! wanna send me an early xmas gift santa ;P@jaypx85 how do I get vanguard marks easily@jaypx85 @dyeknom im down#WIN $10.00 USD! Just follow us and retweet! New winner picked every Wednesday! Details http://t.co/Yy3MoIWZDF #prize #contest #competition
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@dyeknom @jaypx85 damn I got no crucial rep lol@jaypx85 @dyeknom yeah@jaypx85 @dyeknom finally hit lvl 2 vanguard and bought a chest piece for this char...need 17 more for another item@jaypx85 @dyeknom bastards :P@jaypx85 fukin @dyeknom lol@dyeknom @jaypx85 not goign well?@RagnarTornquist Loved it! first PC game I've bought in years! (mainly play on my consoles) cant wait for the next book :)@jaypx85 @dyeknom lol wowww@dyeknom @jaypx85 what pehended?RT & you could win a custom #AdvancedWarfare @turtlebeach Prestige Headset. Rules http://t.co/vdCcR60vvJ #CODAWLaunch http://t.co/Uf2yFYmQmI
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 @dyeknom damn forreal@dyeknom @jaypx85 bastards@dyeknom @jaypx85 lol yup Castaneda :P@jaypx85 @dyeknom <------ ur leader@jaypx85 @dyeknom lol wow payback for the other night good shit u2!@jaypx85 @dyeknom damn its going bad eh :/Valkyria Chronicles is now available for pre-order on Steam! http://t.co/ZK7k4NCqox http://t.co/5kdhvtYqIn
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 @dyeknom lol wtfff
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