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BlackBottleBully @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

Club promoter/host For booking contact @Diona_910 ...#WeAintBegginWeBuyin #flyishonly #blackbottlebully #nctwitter

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Never address PEONS
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully Aye u fuck boys stop snitching
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully Oh “@Geeky_Sheek Chase the vision not the money.”#WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@Diona_910 It feels weird somebody buying me something”“@1M_C_M1 When you leave a man or a man leaves you, you nor him are responsible for one another's feelings or mental state. It's over”My Tweets are worth $2,329.20 according to http://t.co/LQO965LOFD How much are yours worth? #freestuff @ http://t.co/2WRqPoKYMVI never been hit wit switch.. I used to get terrorized Wit a Belt. A drop cord..Get punch n da ribs. I think I turned out just fine honestly
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully 😔😔😔“@KaraPublishes I come out the house with this plan of spending 0$ on stuff. Then I leave my lunch on my nook bar. X_X”What up Dee “@Diona_910 Hey yall”He be running shit be boring af “@bhillyaheardme We all love the knockout. However going 12 rounds ... http://t.co/Ta3HiqJygZFacts “@FlashySunrize Mike Tyson Wasn't Fighting No Slouches. Nigga Was Fighting The BEST. I Like Floyd. But He's No Mike Tyson. At All.”“@Zhathkya people expect you to be perfectly cool w/something that they wouldnt be cool w/if it was done to them. 😒 #theNERVEGood morning everyone #WeAintBegginWeBuyin#WeAintBegginWeBuyin http://t.co/jTYR195HLVHold up let me see her avi in my mentions a few more times “@1M_C_M1 @Bang_Pretty man go to sleep lol”Oh 😔😔“@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully no one to eat it 😩😩”Shower fresh “@ImDaBully Pussy clean “@Geeky_Sheek “@ImDaBully: Why “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully I'm alone. 😩””I'm washed””Pussy clean “@Geeky_Sheek “@ImDaBully: Why “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully I'm alone. 😩””I'm washed”Why “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully I'm alone. 😩”That nigga zeeti been mia lately.. Somebody bae must've found himSo the sex wasn't “@Geeky_Sheek Shower was everything.”Tomorrow your chick gon be at the gym and her personal trainer gonna be feeling her ass talking bout he spotting her #WhereIsThatDamnTeaLmao “@Bang_Pretty EOG bout to see the flamming gates of hell.”Word “@ExoticAmarie If I want it I can have it.. I'm sure”I can ruin a lot of happy homes but i ain't got timr to be a main niggaIf yo pussy stank kill yourselfWhen what i tweet makes someone text me i turn the heat up a lil bit.... I don't see shit im Stevie Wonder to u fuckas@King_Eog1984 😨😔😔😔They sell a lil bit of pussy “@King_Eog1984 Females be going from celibate to pregnant real quick... How that work”Just posted a photo http://t.co/fef0CreisT👀“@Bang_Pretty Man don't start "@ImDaBully: Oh “@Bang_Pretty My tweets keep deleting and shit.”"”Ion want a bitch thats to good for roman noodles “@King_Eog1984 RT @wheelchairmarc: Don't want no bitch ... http://t.co/RiDsLGTThOOh “@Bang_Pretty My tweets keep deleting and shit.”A mutha fucka gon have to bring it this Friday night cause I'm going ape shit in club phantom #BullyIsBackI get one if these all the good hair light skinned chicks gon give me pussy http://t.co/WZRu0rIApT””#BLACKBOTTLESALUTE FRIDAY RSVP ASAP THIS FRIDAY WE TAKING THE CITY OVER @mochacrush #FAXTZONLY GET… http://t.co/tsWQ6wAUOq
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully That bitch fiiiiieeeee “@King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully got one saved in my phone for motivation http://t.co/WZRu0rIApT@TheLizzyShow hey liz@King_Eog1984 did u see this tweet “@ImDaBully I get an Audi S8 i will ask for pussy by sind language ... http://t.co/sDJR5DsWrz“@rickyrozay #FreeMeekMill http://t.co/6w8aNJg3lfhttp://t.co/EYOHEtZ8USAnd i act it every chance i get “@King_Eog1984 Bully a fool”Same nigga calling her phone private so i believe it 😭😭“@King_Eog1984 Ur bf did it once RT ... http://t.co/xyfWaUZtelI might book Joe Buddens so @King_Eog1984 can whip his ass... That pussy ass nigga blocked my dude we ain't forgot@ me “@AngelUnique88 Instigator man”Yep “@AngelUnique88 U can't be serious. @ImDaBully: Galaxy note 4 coming soon... Just in time to shit on the iPhone 6 shit””Who “@King_Eog1984 Nigga told me get out his bae mention”I get an Audi S8 i will ask for pussy by sind language from then on.... I promise u this #WeAintBegginWeBuyinGalaxy note 4 coming soon... Just in time to shit on the iPhone 6 shitOpen the drawer and get bob “@AngelUnique88 Wish I was feeling a warm tonight right now 😩😭😭😭”For my bday i hope i get an Audi S8 ...if its God's Will I will have it #WeAintBegginWeBuyinGet the challenger... “@AngelUnique88 @ImDaBully really??!! Damn it I love them. & challengers”Don't give the game away “@King_Eog1984 Niggas be like just kiss on it”Those cars have a lot of trouble “@AngelUnique88 Can't wait til I can afford my range rover though! Me goons be sexy in it😍”And a headbutt can end a marriage “@King_Eog1984 Head can make you feel better at anytime”I got a chauffeur #WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@AngelUnique88 What kind of car y'all drive, anyway?”I drive one cause the back seat big 😔😔😔😔“@AngelUnique88 That's y I drive a hoopty lol I'm cheap”Huh “@AngelUnique88 Bully gonna have these ppl thinking I said 1500 for a purse. Smh I clearly said 150.00 & that's pushing it”Oh “@Stussy_Bee Drunk Texting ...”Do something cause u want to not because u want to be cool and everyone else is doing it... Believe in… http://t.co/m9fI907B80Sex shouldn't ever take that long right “@Geeky_Sheek Exhausted.”Who killed it “@AngelUnique88 Individuality is dead”When times were hard u left so that makes u a ride or get out chickWackest line ever she couldn't get Michael Kors if she was fuckin Michael Kors...😔😔“@AngelUnique88 Why y'all be following all these trends anyway?”A “@AngelUnique88 “@ImDaBully: @AngelUnique88 got that check” I wish a nigga would forget itLol “@1M_C_M1 Big dumb ass thousand dollar purse wit absolutely NOTHING in it. Makes no sense”@AngelUnique88 got that checkSo cocky... big black rude boi with a belly but my bag straight #WeAintBegginWeBuyinI've been blessed so i believe in giving“@AngelUnique88 I have never spent over 1500.00 for no damn purse. That's stupid”When i find her yall will know cause she gonna be good as long as im straight #WeAintBegginWeBuyinYep “@juicyjazz220 Oh RT @ImDaBully: If she a good girl put a bag inside her bag #WeAintBegginWeBuyinPeople thought I'd fall without ole buddy.. Lmao y'all know the rest... My story is history in the… http://t.co/vkYcKg79wQIf she a good girl put a bag inside her bag #WeAintBegginWeBuyinOh “@juicyjazz220 I b tired ....til I get home -_-”Im here for the bag@juicyjazz220 i got y'all i promise #pullup #WeAintBegginWeBuyin #mybagbigI been real since the beginning http://t.co/bmsggta6oYIs this still #NcTwitter or nahImma get drunk like @Diona_910 this Friday at club phantom 😔😔😔Side Niggas “@juicyjazz220 @ImDaBully if that's the case y wud I need my text to work...”I say what the fuck i want #WeAintBegginWeBuyin😍 oh lol “@Bang_Pretty I'm Dominican "@ImDaBully: 👀 at your avi “@Bang_Pretty Eyes slanted ... http://t.co/Om7oEQcMVd👑NIQUE👉Natural hair? Short hair? Need hair?🙋👉🙅 no problem #niquestyles has you covered💇💆 I only… http://t.co/tbWhbRVztt
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully 💇DO YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT?🙆🙅💁🙋💆💇#BOOKIT 👉http://t.co/C0EvEPFWVB or email… http://t.co/in3Pq1KRnx
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully I don't post everything but wen I do ‼️🔥🔥🔥👉Need that work?? I got that work!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘😂😂😂… http://t.co/V2RzfsLiz8
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully Still one of my favs 😍Have you booked #niquestyles ⁉️ my clients are so dope 🙌💯 this bob is… http://t.co/qjHK6kPAbq
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully ‼️‼️NEWS FLASH‼️‼️Nique styles👉got an new price list 🙈 💲1⃣0⃣0⃣ weave‼️ Amazing work for Amazing… http://t.co/WAPoldZaFo
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully 👉Need that work?? I got that work!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘😂😂😂 #niquestyles #happyclient #lovemydollshttp://t.co/mmh1EIZSqo
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully I miss my big hair ... ✊Wild child... I can pull anything off #facts 💇DO YOU HAVE AN… http://t.co/6qhfKHBuZS
Retweeted by BlackBottleBully Bring them too stop playing no excuses “@juicyjazz220 @ImDaBully already got plans #girlsnightout sorry”Thanks “@PRETTYINGA @ImDaBully I did yesterday forgot to post it, I'll post it In the am”Imma get kicked out of my own party this Friday at Phantom and then imma sneak in the back and turn the fuck ... http://t.co/MXd1P6IYcLWhere da shirt please “@PRETTYINGA Goodnight folks 😴😴✌️”👀 at your avi “@Bang_Pretty Eyes slanted like ur Asian but ya black..God bless whoever gave u all of dat.”😭😭😭 Real shit tho “@King_Eog1984 When a big nigga want ya n a skinny nigga can't do nothing for ya”Bae live with u.. Thats the only explanation #DontDebateMe “@juicyjazz220 Soooo my text works everywhere but my house tf type ish is this”
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