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Creatively bored? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/UhDfxG4hpP@CN741PLC @Centennial_CCPR @CentennialEDU @SheldonRose @TrinityDesignKM A Master class, obviously...@AniKuthi Too much thinking.The very FIRST thing I think of with a new project is how to have FUN with it. Don't you?"Why, YES, I still take on design projects" was my answer...Get some chicks in your act, ferchrissakes http://t.co/gn6uWWT8dEJames Victore’s Top Gun! Wednesday March 11 from 6 to 9 at Croxley’s 63 Grand Street, Williamsburg… https://t.co/ov7QXBkqeQAre you creatively bored or just boring? http://t.co/gn6uWWT8dE@tyronedesperado Tyrone, Thanks for this. I love your spirit! Cheers, James.If your not watching @JamesVictore YouTube videos... Your life isn't as fun as it could be...
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Are creatively bored or creatively BORING? Tomorrow's Burning Questions https://t.co/FvkrOGuHJ0@camilaa_rv @jamesdnesbitt It IS a tough decision, Camila. Choose well. love, James.Last chance to let the Universe in https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi http://t.co/lF7zMh8jEsDoes your typography look like a computer made it? There's a cure http://t.co/eEIv21xGWyJust the kick in the pants you needed. http://t.co/JwtKY3QtQL Let me help you...This was actually something I was struggling with as an artist/writer/photographer. Thanks @JamesVictore! https://t.co/I7tPRGyAL1
Retweeted by James Victore"I’m a better AD from our brief time together" Another satisfied Victory Lab grad! http://t.co/O3EXq1SxnV
Prints and posters are available at http://t.co/qN6bsl2mgW http://t.co/006er8n4OP
The best T in the Universe http://t.co/rUOrysBlp5 http://t.co/uqgHmVm1Rn“The Universe Salutes You”. You and @jamesvictore greet the morning. You buy the shirt. https://t.co/Z4Yy2z6OTs http://t.co/wVBfg2S8pB
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@TMFproject I'm your guy.VICTORY LABS. I'm either a pusher or a hooker, my job is to get people excited and horny. Great job… https://t.co/I9ZrHiGMwk@philsmithdesign @ZURB Sharpies are hard to mess with, try their paint pens. I think you'll dig 'em. Cheers, James."Don't have a niche, have an opinion!" Dang, this is resonating with me right now... http://t.co/IJm6MMbzxi @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreFrom holstee///⁰Loving these speciality #letterpress prints by @jamesvictore - which is your… https://t.co/y0SxBQQfu2Running a Victory Lab in the studio today. It might get messy. http://t.co/O3EXq1SxnV https://t.co/2zW2xbIxBfLoving these speciality #letterpress prints by @jamesvictore: which is your favorite? http://t.co/qUWXbstz8B http://t.co/YanCDvqaeL
Retweeted by James Victore@HOLSTEE I like 'em all. (tee hee).Good way to kick off my Friday with sound words from @JamesVictore. Your work is a gift! #design http://t.co/5gjb8epW4B
Retweeted by James VictoreInstagram knowledge bomb dropped by @JamesVictore today, speaking about trust/clients in a #design project - http://t.co/8IeRv65iyE
Retweeted by James Victore@fernandogros Spot on.Had a brilliant Skype-mentoring session with @JamesVictore last night. A very welcome shakeup for my creative soul!!!
Retweeted by James VictoreTrust as Inspiration As a commercial artist, a number of things excite me creatively and motivate me… https://t.co/8SAuA1qlneThe 4 stages of James Victore's career: 1. Who is James Victore? 2. Get me James Victore. 3. What the HELL is Victore doing now? 4. Woww...@jamesdnesbitt a very groggy helmet....
Goodbye to my ZRX1100 Streetfighter. Lots of long, curvy memories on this beast. So many new bikes to… https://t.co/cBVTv7Cbxi.@JoshuaLepley ...To be mined another time...Learning from a PG-rated Burning Question. @jamesvictore https://t.co/kEnD1OmgWUWriting today. Hate to get rid of this line, "creativity is taught out of us, replaced by rules as we're readied for factory work"...@huguesbelaib Or Feck perfuction, Hugues.My website is a mullet. The party is in the back. http://t.co/Xb967e9s9BAsk for HELP! No one goes it alone. There are those who have made the journey before you. Reach out… https://t.co/mYN6KvyZ2GIncrease your creativity. http://t.co/K8vMXwbCaE The @DoBookCo on @Shopify blog. Yeehaw!"Our lives are our biggest projects." -@AyseBirselSeck on creating your own original life: http://t.co/yGAwFJrzT3 http://t.co/ci2xRxkrxV
Retweeted by James VictoreCreativity in Action! http://t.co/JwtKY3QtQL Study with me. http://t.co/39uB4LGXkT
The Universe (in Grey) Salutes YOU! https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi http://t.co/czl9eehCSmToday's good reminder. New @jamesvictore print in the office, bathed in the Soho afternoon light. https://t.co/BQfSX2RUgU@jamesdnesbitt Thanks for your kindnessIf you value your business, customers, employees, and brand. Book this NOW. Otherwise, close up shop. http://t.co/E2lIyPVRGl @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreWOAH I just signed up for Bold & Fearless Poster Design with @JamesVictore! This is huuuge! This is BOLD! Don't bother me for the next week!
Retweeted by James Victore@ZengineJulia I want a full report. Have fun, Julia. Cheers, James.The 4 stages of a Designer's life: 1. "Who is X?" 2. "GET ME X!" 3. "Get me someone like X" 4. "Who is X?"It's like I'm your personal guru http://t.co/O3EXq1SxnV Victory Labs!"Your work is a gift" - Nice new print and inspiring, important reminder by @JamesVictore - http://t.co/bhoVXwfEFh
Retweeted by James Victore@brainvsbraun Matt, You should try my @CreativeLive class! It REALLY rocks https://t.co/Ws4jv1h2ITOnly 4 videos and holy hell this @skillshare class by @JamesVictore is damn good. Well worth multiple viewings http://t.co/0h93Q9pVMZ
Retweeted by James VictoreA Lesson in Perspective. You have no friends. You have no enemies. You only have teachers. Everyone… https://t.co/EVG4DpJm1D@DRME_STUDIO Thanks for your kind support, guys. Cheers, James.#BurningQuestions is always a good way to start the day https://t.co/OIvSMYG6eX @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore@AMANDA_JULCA Amanda, you rock harder than Bach! Cheers, James.Thank you @jamesvictore for answering my burning question on this week's episode 🔥🙉🙈! Your energy… https://t.co/UUMdhLsuYs
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@emmalorinep I hope you take the time to read it, Emma! All my best wishes, James.Working hard to change the word... but sometimes my dedication gets tire less.You always have options. You’ve just gotta figure out which option you have the balls to do, and then go for it. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreI often think that as artists and designers, instead of becoming "better," we need to become Free-er. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreBefore I teach you to be a designer, we need to figure out if you are talented, strong, smart and can handle the responsibility.All of my posters are available in Sm, M and Big Ass at http://t.co/qN6bskKKSm https://t.co/0ErLK4EoA6The Difference Between A Pitch And A Brand Story http://t.co/Rrbm943NDX via @bernadettejiwa #marketing #pitching
Retweeted by James VictoreTen ways to use storytelling to improve your ability to connect and communicate. http://t.co/Gneiw1qCAs
Retweeted by James Victore"Whassup, Niches?" Burning Questions is sponsored by the fabulous folks of @squarespace https://t.co/FvkrOGuHJ0Whassup niches? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/QCu4FQA2NQStudy with me! https://t.co/Ws4jv1h2ITDo I need a niche in order to succeed? http://t.co/T5IamEydKX Burning QuestionsPlease note: Complaining is NOT conversation.@sethlouey one of my favorites from @JamesVictore http://t.co/wdpl3rorUz
Retweeted by James Victore15 Items To Perk Up Your Office in @ParadeMagazine featuring designs by @andrewmartis & @JamesVictore! http://t.co/ahBTHIWz5d
Retweeted by James VictoreNew bad-ass book for my art/design library by designer @JamesVictore. Gaaaah! I think I'm having design palpitations! http://t.co/gp6QtdPFUB
Retweeted by James VictoreChanging the world, one Tuesday at a time http://t.co/T5IamEydKX Burning Questions on "Niches"@HOLSTEE Check out your mention in my @ParadeMagazine round-up of items to help perk up your office! http://t.co/R5rQvhM1rU
Retweeted by James VictoreWhat's a 'Niche' for? http://t.co/T5IamEydKX via Burning Questions
@AwLore You are FUNNY! Cheers, James.The Universe Loves You! https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi http://t.co/vKJkh5HNuLsome real talk with @JamesVictore in our first @HOLSTEE Campfire session -https://t.co/YtydJ1aMHO
Retweeted by James Victore@LaurenGemmaHay We do that. Look at http://t.co/FVwVr7h5zaA little something for @jamesvictore's little something. Thanks http://t.co/fEya6AWmz2 https://t.co/i4unePEUT2A little something for @jamesvictore's little something. https://t.co/ftxe3L9hjt
Retweeted by James VictoreIt's James Victore Day, obviously. Thanks @gowelsh and @societyofdesign https://t.co/9WsXCUzq7IFilming Burning Questions in the studio with the talented @baratunde Thurston. http://t.co/f1uoMU5ID4@Hommie06 @societyofdesign Thanks. Cheers, James.Feeling Fecking Affuctionate On James Victore Day @jamesvictore
Retweeted by James Victore@cadler Thought you would dig it.Make yourself happy first. Years ago I had an assistant who whenever we got a new job would ask, “What… http://t.co/ehwB6GrlaU@candsjoy I didn't do it... nobody saw me do it...
Best damn T shirt ever https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi http://t.co/gzcTfeLCgA"Your @CreativeLive class helped me find the confidence to push into places I was scared of-- and a new fun job!" http://t.co/JwtKY3QtQL.@societyofdesign Ya'll are too damn sweet.< 12 hours until @jamesvictore Day! Everyone drop a tweet to wish James well.
Retweeted by James VictoreHey, weirdo! The one tool that makes us unique and powerful is also the one we fear the most. #HeyWeirdo http://t.co/gXvHmrgtZn
Don't worry, don't fight, don't struggle “The Universe Salutes You” https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi. Available now.So, like... umh.. er... Monday is... like... James Victore Day. At least according to @gowelsh and @societyofdesign
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