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Number 1 son. http://t.co/N0FxLQYILG
"My biggest block is having the confidence to speak with authority..." @JamesVictore is here to help: http://t.co/53bDKHjrgx
Retweeted by James Victore“Self-respect, priorities, manners, and good habits are not antiquated ideals to be traded for trends.” — @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore.@MeghanCArnold @CreativeLive Meghan, the 'design' part is a head fake! It's really about creative courage.Response to a young turk, "It's more satisfying when your work is no longer about you, but about helping others."A nice video by my pal @IanSanders on Curiosity and Opportunity http://t.co/oDu0h9PhKVTrue story. http://t.co/oDqSz3vpwqMaking Christmas cards. http://t.co/UXqcx30Ir8Last studio day of the year. It's like sliding into home plate, after 10 marathons, martini in hand, screaming, "Yeehaw!"
Everyone w/in 2 hrs of Harrisburg, PA: I expect to see you 01/28/15 for @jamesvictore event. Free. More soon.
Retweeted by James Victore@bradleyspitzer My advice to newbie speakers is, "Smile, have fun and try to get paid." So, pay me!.@gowelsh Here we go...DO NOT MISS: @jamesvictore presenting at Penn State Harrisburg on 01/28/15. FREE. More to come. Soon.
Retweeted by James VictoreYup, @psahre the deadline my biggest inspiration.without a deadline, i find it virtually impossible to finish anything.
Retweeted by James VictoreCheers from my friends @SNASKsthlm http://t.co/lwc9FiE40x
"But there's nothing more powerful than a woman who knows who she is." Today's conversation.I've got your New Year's Resolution right 'ere http://t.co/uM0ymhgNbl become Bold & Fearless.We're thrilled to announce @JamesVictore is presenting a workshop at the 2015 #ADCFestival! http://t.co/y8RelngYyQ http://t.co/rPDRghS5eA
Retweeted by James VictoreNuff said. http://t.co/NnTHy9rJthMy favorite response to client requests, "We're magicians! We can do ANYthing!"The funniest accidents are found #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/XguiXweolf@badhousebob Leave it to religious folk to be the first to cast a stone. Geesh.Found my next T shirt #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/jBg91lFUj3The Truth is always #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/tgz5jYKvV0Hero and Victims are #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/Y3TMbWrDFrVERY happy holidays #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/T16CASpYUWThe best kind of pirates are #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/CQoJlLm9ysSome sexy ice cream was #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/wvkHyGK5A6This horse's ass was just #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/3QizbzauFGPieces of posters just #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/GnWOVW1To2Found this squirrel #rummagingthroughmydrawers http://t.co/6eEfYdXXPjType tests rummaging through my drawers. http://t.co/IannT1U3ZmOh, the beautiful accidents you'll find-- rummaging through my drawers. http://t.co/JyspWTx1u6Oh, Hello. Going through my drawers, as they say. http://t.co/fOkvaxt8MWA favorite doodle of mine. Though I'm not sure why. Going through the archives. http://t.co/l815yTq858Hire me! Going through the archives. http://t.co/hyfanFl2bNForgot to attach the photo @itsnicethat @LivSiddall http://t.co/ZLssohNO2o
Retweeted by James Victore@diptisiddam @lydia_slack Thanks, Dipti. You're a gem. When are you coming to Top Gun?New York pals! A young upstart friend of mine is coming to NYC in Feb needs a room in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Give @lydia_slack some help!"Make work that matters" via @CreativeLive https://t.co/CPEMnDlgj1Advice via @CreativeLive https://t.co/Celqwa5wIx
We just filmed our Holiday episode of Burning Questions. A must-see!It's time to break free and use your god-given creative talents to make your own damn party. @JamesVictore http://t.co/AtBg2rKcTZ #courage
Retweeted by James Victore@ADCGlobal Who is this James "Vitore" on your site?Who's ready to party? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/EuZMc8EHl0@jamesdnesbitt This one's for you, kiddo!Can't find the party? BECOME the party! http://t.co/vWf3Pty7J7 Today's Burning QuestionDay 2 of my 5 days at @hiutdenim factory. I'm learning a lot about their ways of working. Nice socks @paulsface 👌 http://t.co/8NKYSDRGf7
Retweeted by James VictoreHow to be the Party! http://t.co/vWf3Pty7J7 Today's Burning Question@rovert_sivad Excellent. How about Rovert Sivad Victore..@rovert_sivad Or Cervantes Victore!! Thanks Bro. Wait... Bro Victore...@AniKuthi Apology accepted. love, James.@shaunaparmesan YES! And If do a good job he/ she could eventually become St. Moritz! Thanks, Shauna.Patrick Swayze Victore!Djimon Hounsou Victore... Chiwetel Ejiofor Victore...@LibsElliott March 24! Just when my life gets crazy!Hawkeye Victore... Sitting Bull Victore.... Deer Hunter Victore... Quick with Pun Victore... Runny Diaper Victore....@alessio_joseph Joseph, You made my wife go, "Awwwwww..." Great job. Cheers, James.@LibsElliott Glory Glory Hallelujah is now my wife's favorite.....@LibsElliott Dutch! Truly a gift. Thank you, Libs. (Libs Victore...?)@TheLostBride ACHILLES! Thank you, Jenks. Cheers, James.e.e. victore.... Appollinaire Victore... Gertrude Victore.... Neruda Victore... Sexton Victore...@soops77 or Victoria Victore. We don't know the sex... love, James.Tex or Sam or Hank or Jack or Bear... all the names I like are better for a dog.@Sean_GMC Great names, Sean. Thanks, James.Emerson Victore.... Walden Victore.... Hafiz Victore (too ethnic?)... Rumi Victore... Socrates Victore (Socks for short?)....@m_ott Dang. Excellent job, Matthias. Cheers, James.@TheMrBenjamin I love it! 'Bout time the kid made a profit!Rocky Victore... Muhammed Victore.... wait... Cassius Victore... Sugar Ray Victore... Andre the Victore... Gorgeous George Victore....@designchemist Chuck Norris Victore! I love it! Thanks, Zach.Sting Victore... Cher Victore... Halston Victore.. 'Yoncé Victore... Buddha Victore... Madonna Victore... suggestions?Potential kid names... Willy Nelson Victore... Celine Dion Victore... Duane the Rock Victore.. Joan Ofark Victore... thinking...
@Booooooom IOU: 1. Big hug@Hello_Im_Nik See you there, Nicola!@hoxha_ana Aw, shucks, Ana-- just glad to be of help. Cheers, James.Get Bold + Fearless in 2015. Come study with James for free! @JamesVictore #creativelive - http://t.co/zrJGqepmzJTeaching New Yorkers about New York best creatives since this morning. @JamesVictore http://t.co/zNOiWBCVGH
Retweeted by James Victore@wastedrita Handwriting? Who the hell would use handwriting? That Victore guy is obviously not a professional.New York Magazine. "Reasons to love New York" http://t.co/DCofZ3YZbuBold and Fearless! http://t.co/cV5y3oMYn8 Thanks to @BooooooomAlternate cover for this weeks New York Mag. http://t.co/YhzWBVDKpVFrom Burning Questions mail, "Fix yourself and you will fix the world is so spot on! Thank you for this." Thanks, Kabini!Reasons to love New York (right now) http://t.co/LmoEOeAcW4In and Out with Dick and Jane http://t.co/eP7XY5yk1KCopies still available! "In And Out With Dick and Jane" My collaboration with Ross MacDonald. The… http://t.co/ppHpcQCKoU
Burning Questions mail "Your videos keep young, insecure designers from falling off the edge of earth and for that, much respect and thanks.Preview for tomorrow's newsstand. http://t.co/rIeMsNRZWH@jamesdnesbitt Working my ASS off for it.@rakacreative Thanks for the mention, Raka. Cheers, James.. @JamesVictore: "Feck Perfuction!" Be bold and fearless. http://t.co/mr7sS9466q
Retweeted by James Victore@jamesdnesbitt Yeehaw! You gonna listen in on my Jan. 12/13 free course?Start your new year with me. Live and Free. @CreativeLive https://t.co/qJ1Ip2l4lb@Katersbonnevill Well told, dear!"Some people in your life are medicine & some are poison. Maybe your just hanging around the wrong people." -@JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore"There is this thing out there called 'The Real World' & you want nothing to do with it."-@JamesVictore #quote
Retweeted by James Victore@Katersbonnevill Katherine, Thank you for your kind RT's and for paying attention. All my best, James.Run, run Rudolph... http://t.co/9lLFhEz9J6
@jamesdnesbitt My best salesman!@_tjmitchell Thanks, TJ. Glad I could be of help. Cheers, James.
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