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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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@donnajanke Thx Donna. Your advice appreciated.Question for Canadians - Which credit card to you use when buying a product in $$U.S.? Don't want to pay the extra % my Amex card charges.
@AnisIbrahim Nope:)Dim Sum and where you can eat it around the world: http://t.co/4ezD4LDN5lCame home to find a call from a radio station in Malaysia. They wanted to interview me re: the most dangerous places for a woman to #travel.@pinkpangea @RosesHigherEd Not my retreat so I shouldn't be included like that.@ConfidentialLea Where is your photo?If U want 2 get 12 travel tips per month, sign on 4 our free newsletter. Don't like it. Unsubscribe. So far, 73,000 stayed.
That's it! I'm going back to Uni --> The Virtual #StudyAbroad Fair till 8PM tonite. http://t.co/xRsgMpF6r7 … #StudyAbroadBecauseWatch live video presentations about study abroad topics tonight until 8 EST. http://t.co/zb7lnDuWOu … … #StudyAbroadBecauseWhy didn't they have Virtual Study Abroad fairs when I went to school? Link good until 8 PM. http://t.co/zb7lnDuWOu … #StudyAbroadBecauseVirtual Study Abroad Fair. How cool is that! Stay home/log in. Tonite till 8. http://t.co/zb7lnDuWOu #StudyAbroadBecauseStudy abroad? Best thing U can do for yourself. The Virtual #StudyAbroad Fair till 8PM tonite. http://t.co/xRsgMpF6r7 #StudyAbroadBecauseThe Virtual #StudyAbroad Fair is open until 8pm EST tonight. Still plenty of time to sign in: http://t.co/307HSLsJwi #StudyAbroadBecause@Shoutography please message your email.No scare tactics! Just a simple, sensible guide on how to prevent and/or deal with travellers diarrhea: http://t.co/LRKTf37cJxWhen someone you love dies: http://t.co/6MNHPE8pzg@Travelanswerman Thx John. Appreciated!Why most moms still try to treat their daughters like 10 year olds: http://t.co/8vooEDZnH6Please don't refer to me as HOT, thank you very much! http://t.co/gqXx0RWd1OIf U want to receive 12 juicy travel tips each month, sign on for our free newsletter. Don't like it. Unsubscribe. So far, 73,000 stayed.Dim Sum and where you can eat it around the world: http://t.co/4ezD4LDN5lTeacher Explains IEPs & Whether Your Kid Needs One http://t.co/zUhDA2ylyw via @learnconcern
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYou want info on women-centered tours to match 'your' interest? Check these out: http://t.co/sk425GBGvyBe one step ahead of pickpockets: http://t.co/Suox879MUmJust our home page offers travel reading for the full day: http://t.co/0lHLJW96RgDollar savings = travel savings: http://t.co/xDjC98zlhK"@jeffhannaford: One silver award, one bronze. Sweet! @zoomermag @magscanada #CoverAwards15 http://t.co/yPLDetABlQ"
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon25 cheap and cheerful meals in major cities: http://t.co/k9x8tVUbg7@ednilsomjose1 No photo? You are blocked.@chrissyallenboy Where is your photo? You are blocked.12 ways to trick thieves as you travel: http://t.co/RJQLFSULYgWED MEMORIES - 2011 and I get a motorcycle escort in Ghana: http://t.co/qjjpjaCmkv24 household items that belong in your #travel bag: http://t.co/CAt4ulYZtp@AETR27 @milestonehotel Absolutely! One of these days ... an d it will be a pleasure:)Viking to Start #Mississippi River Operation http://t.co/u2QF4kFCBt @VikingRiver @VikingAgents http://t.co/KVfnkeTQoK
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCastle Ambras #Innsbruck special exhibitions of great #culturalvalue historical significance http://t.co/FJPXmYBkBd http://t.co/yQrvg909pR
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@AETR27 Look behind. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)Congratualtions to @InsightCAN @InsightVacation on their award from @PRatoutfranceCA at last eve’s Destination France Media event! #ttot
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonMore shocking than anything blocked by the censors. 30 books that battled censorship in Canada: http://t.co/bvoUOYVn8a cc: @cbcbooks
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon10 Documentaries From #China That Will Change Your View Of The Country http://t.co/YE6KaIO8um #docs #watch #movies http://t.co/KNhSM61i6V
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon
@WestJet Excellent response. Thanks very much for your quick answer. Appreciated!@WestJet Are you selling WestJet offers via automated phonecalls? If yes, BAH!, if not check caller 416 929 4790. They are using your name.@StanleyTollman HehHeh Be prepared. They are ALWAYS fantastic:)@HIUSA No. What DO you say?:)@StanleyTollman Mr. Tollman. Look behind. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)@PeggyCoonley It's not my right to call these sources out but I'm amazed at how 'unthinking' their advice is.ADVICE plse - Looking for the alternatives to hotels that you use.Today I found 2 recommended travel articles that offer advice I find questionable. Be careful of what you accept as truth, people.Theory of Everything - Check out these pix of the actors beside people they portrayed in film: http://t.co/RoLqnTinf3…/theory-of-everything/@vanbbqmama Thank you:)@vanbbqmama Not sure what your symbol means:)@aussiedoodledan Where is your photo?@vanbbqmama @MailOnline I don't RT info when I feel it's questionable. To me #London+#Paris can't be considered dangerous transport.
@TilneyRebecca See: https://t.co/Ep3j4IASwN@vanbbqmama @MailOnline London has one of the most dangerous transport systems?
@JennAnnis XO Say hello for me:)Don't call your parents tonight. Too late. Call tomorrow:) #Oscars2015RT @teeco71 The Hustons and the Coppolas are two families where the grandfather, father and daughter won #Oscars #VFSC #Access @vfagenda
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Journeywoman I called my Mom :)
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Journeywoman that should be a trending hashtag #callyourmother
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@sarahjanesroom Atta GURL:)Think abt how 'call ur parents' connects w/Meryl Streeps tribute to the people who left us this yr + what they taught us + gave us. #Oscars@YummyMummyClub All ok?Thank you Ms. Patricia Arquettte #Oscars2015@RottenTomatoes I'm afraid so:(#Oscars2015 Dear @theNFB. Good luck with your #oscar finalists this year.Frances Hannon - An Oscar for best make-up. Drats. Not my relative though I once did have an Aunt Francis Hannon. Really:)@YummyMummyClub Great blog post topic - Call your parents tonight:)Three generations of campers. That's my mummy (@Journeywoman). Thanks @ourkidsnet for a good time at #CampExpo http://t.co/OW4GwC6AHo
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#Oscars2015 Which is the best channel/network to watch Red Carpet?@TilneyRebecca You are beautiful. Really! Why don't you add it to your twitter page?Dear @twitter Why do you let people open up an account without posting their photo?@TilneyRebecca Where is your photo?@Enid_Juniper where is your photo?Tips from women at Sixty and Me on 5 things to pack next trip http://t.co/sf6DgLAJ7c @SixtyandMe @journeywoman @eyhotours @broadsabroadnet
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon
@marcygordon Just don't fly Air Canada instead. Believe me; I know:)HOT trip picks and specialty tours designed to suit women travelers: http://t.co/it7cKir5oW12 very ordinary objects that will simplify your travel: http://t.co/fZVmXrnFQ1Pop on your dancing shoes! We’ve got an #Oscar®-winning film that’ll make you want to #dance! https://t.co/PEVDB1lufC
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThe best travel advice we received in 2014. I'll bet you'll appreciate these: http://t.co/Yk6PocGTgJNew Orleans explodes with color during the Mardi Gras parade: http://t.co/sKHcRICUPn http://t.co/RmMckdb6MM
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@turnipseeds Smarty Pants:)@TPSChrisBoddy spaghetti? Ummm... I think I'm no good at rhyming:)The problem w/the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the silly ones are full of opinions (Charles Bukowski) @quote@TPSChrisBoddy Funny, I was thinking that too. I think the only white one might be pina colada:)@turnipseeds So now you want me to be a food photographer, too? Give an old lady a break:)I hear #NiagaraFalls has frozen. Seeing it now would be like seeing the world's biggest popsicle.. (I know ... lame joke:)Going to my 6 yo granddaughter's pizza making birthday party today. I'ill be the official photographer (if the kids stand still long enough)
OH LA LA FRANCE! Enter for a chance to win a trip to France with Trafalgar: Go on. No purchase necessary. http://t.co/xztclwnyIJWe all need to be reminded --> I Don't Hate Winter But I Might Hate You http://t.co/Z47WB13rL6 via @YummyMummyClubTY! Powerful #solotravel inspiration! http://t.co/1ZOjilKwms … via @sixtyandme @Journeywoman @TourMatters http://t.co/KwDp452cNuThe Key to Eating Healthy? Avoid any food that has a TV Commercial! #FoodTank http://t.co/8JMrPhPMqT
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIt's not fun to be travelling solo and not feeling well. Keep this info handy: http://t.co/539vrgAr6z@Beekeeperstorie 8F - OK, you are not so warm either. Will definitely check out the new vid. I like your work. Let me know when it's up.She gives us really nice flowers+trees during the summer but in winter in #Toronto she's a real MEANIE. Guess who?@Beekeeperstorie Cold night but 'very cool' photo. Just be glad it wasn't last nite. We're talking record COLD with wind. #MaNatureIsASadist@Beekeeperstorie Laughing out loud ...@Journeywoman It was the coldest shoot 4 me ever Colder than in Siberia #Toronto #panorama #beekeeperstories #travel http://t.co/lHd1ISOihF
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@Beekeeperstorie Are you here in T.O.?
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