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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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I know there's a spammer somewhere in cyberspace rolling his eyes. I emailed him and told him he was an absolute idiot. Now I feel better:)Top #travel Instagram peeps to follow: http://t.co/Lt0HwqZ4XM via @10best @KirstenAlana @theplanetd @EverywhereTrip @umarket
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonI think there's a spammer somewhere in cyberspace rolling his eyes. By return email I told him he was an absolute idiot. Now I feel better:)Ha! Linkedin just told me to 'reconnect' with my colleague, Erica Ehm (@yummymummyclub). So, Erica this is mom checking on U:)Clever @journeywoman's #traveltips:Forgot your knife? Try dental floss, it can be used to cut cheese, soft rolls, hard boiled eggs and ...
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@nextactforwomen Yes! I know them. Thank you. They are part of our Network of Journeywoman Tour Operators.@teacaketravels xoxI'm trying to locate the North American media reps for Iceland. Can anybody help? Plse DM.@thisisiceland Looking for Iceland Tourist Board contacts. Can you help?@travelbelles @teacaketravels @travelgogirl It was a 'fun' list which I can truly appreciate but .. the tweet was a trifle misleading. lol@teacaketravels @travelgogirl @travelbelles I'm confused. Best or sexiest?
@DonNadeau Hi Don:)“@amazingauctions: Baby Lion ~ Proud Walk http://t.co/yniYupdyk0 #cute #animals #nature
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonU a mom? U a writer? U have a motherhood story to tell? #contest http://t.co/h7CtNeHR36#Photos by Women About Women: http://t.co/R7rWsw6bzo #photojournalismVoices of Motherhood 2015 Writing Contest: http://t.co/wzf7lV1ZoD
@CTCTHelp Well said. I appreciate the way you've handled my questions. Thank you.@CTCTHelp Of course, it's listed on my site. It's a business. That doesn't give PR companies the right to put me on their lists.@AnneMMauch @MBCampbell_News @chimpmonkey I never knew that! You are giving implicit consent to PR companies? Canada? USA?@CTCTHelp I will do that. Thank you.@CTCTHelp I explain that the email is unwanted and three other emails from other unwanted customers pop up in its place.Dear @chimpmonkey, what are you doing to prevent people/business adding me to list w/o asking + then putting onus on me to unsubscribe?@CTCTHelp Thank you. Not singling you out particularly but would like protection from listservers that permission has been granted by me.UNWANTED EMAIL. How many of U bother to say this is an uninvited email when you unsubscribe? We must start putting pressure on list servers!@CTCTHelp So what does implicit mean re: permission+ if I unsubscribe saying I didn't request this, do you actually pay attention?@CTCTHelp I don't know about them until they put me on one of your lists? What do you do to see that their addresses are opt in?@ChubbInsurance Yes, true and ... you should be linking to: http://t.co/aq9mbDwaWdDear @ConstantContact , what are you doing to prevent people/business adding me to list w/o asking + then putting onus on me to unsubscribe?@globecalledhome An d if it's a real list from Constant Contact, etc?When you receive a spam email do you just delete, unsubscribe or really do something about it? i.e. find out why you are on the list, etc.Check out then 1st photo in my series of FEMALE WARRIORS training for their boxing event at 'Fight to End Cancer.' http://t.co/FD6yPTkB92
I SAY SHAME on you @CookTravel Discounts for sending spam emails re: Cook Travel Discounts Featured in Wall Street Journal Article !SHAME on you @CookTravel Discounts for sending spam emails!
I was in the audience tonight @bdthomson @CTVCanadaAM. You were great interviewing former Israeli PM Ehud Barak. Well done!
@jeffelement The #treadrightceline event was extremely classy as are you, sir. Thankyou for the lovely BD wishes. They were much appreciated@adventureista Someone travelled and brought me that red scarf as a gift. Fantastic isn't it? :)@Maaiysa @solotraveler @GirlsThatTravel Of course! http://t.co/Ylpzxh4HyN
@TerryMoshenberg Use it well:)@ACLA1 Where is your photo? Without one I have to block you.My #FF belongs to environmentalist and very cool lady @celinecousteau #TreadRight Ambassador: http://t.co/wu0o0LmAJZ #TreadRightCeline#FF ThankU xo @The1LCheatwood @FunjetVacations @DeeDeeHarris888 @ExpRiverCruises @HarperOrganics @NickEncoreBeach @donald555 @TealHeatherSurrounded by #inspiring #women in my life @celinecousteau & @Journeywoman #TreadRightCeline #friendship #gratitude http://t.co/z5Hc5UXbiC
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonDear 'Every Programmer in India' No, I don't want to be #1 on Google. No I don't want to redesign http://t.co/uub3cjCc8S It's old like me:):) TY! #FF @wanderingiphone @shivya @supsonthemove @Breathedreamgo @greenwooddavis @travelingjourno"@HollyhockLife: We'll be at the @zoomermag show Sat & Sun 45+ come explore travel opportunities! http://t.co/W0miKNS3tA"
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon"@ski_vermont: @lotusandlager: Ski season isn't over yet! Read my tips for hitting the slopes March issue @zoomermag http://t.co/pdmQGdWGD8"
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon"@RandomHouseCA: Jane Urquhart on “The Night Stages” and Loving her 60s via @zoomermag http://t.co/q9g6nFvRUf http://t.co/HDPKKAjwfK"
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#Japan has unveiled 'Kit Kat Sandwiches' Lordy, lordy. What next? http://t.co/588e5MuX6XAttending #WITS15 ? This wk yet another advertiser was in touch - heard me speak at Women in Travel summit. Networking is great. #Justsayin@cookintuscany haha Will show this to my adult kiddies when they disagree with me in the future:)Me, too @cookintuscany That's what I like! Tour companies with passion:) Especially companies that cook Italian. #Travel #Food #Recipes@cookintuscany Look behind you. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)@CarlosF08061668 No photo? I have to block you.@ContikiB My pleasure! Always so much fun to join 'the team' for a few hours. You guys are great! #TreadRightCelineGreat event! --> TreadRight Celebrates - TravelPress http://t.co/gNWD2so5nODear 'Every Programmer in India' No, I don't want to be #1 on Google. No I don't want to redesign http://t.co/2wHBiQ5jz6. It's old like me:)Join me in wishing Happy Birthday to my SIL @TerryMoshenberg. Live long and prosper, Kind Sir :) xoxo@celinecousteau @adventureista xoThank U xo RT @gunnarolla @journeywoman Great meeting you tonight. Looking forward to checking out your blog! Happy birthday@gunnarolla Look behind you. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)@Exluppo Hello Mr. Trafalgar:) Always lovely to see your name pop up in my Twitter feed.
@adventureista Thx for this gorgeous photo and momento with lovely @celinecousteau xo to both of you.@celinecousteau A treat to see U at the #treadrightceline event. U spoke so elegantly abt http://t.co/GWaVr1jlJE. UR a perfect spokesperson.@beyondborders Men are very welcome at http://t.co/WdUyXFNO5O if they want female-centered travel information.@M_CallipariVA @pinkpangea Yes, I've been there:)@FigConeja296 Where is your photo? I don't want to block you!Great info --> 50 women-centered tips on how to be a good #travel partner: http://t.co/5M6FTMfkVD
@ResLiferMAS Look behind. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)Very informative --> Great --> 50 women-centered tips on how to be a good #travel partner: http://t.co/Xh0pIjGS2zThe battle of the books --> The Finalists Are: CBC Canada Reads 2015 http://t.co/sN4iLrE4WC via @YummyMummyClub9 Smart Baby Gifts Moms Will Actually Use http://t.co/NE0552SzQG via @YummyMummyClubGreat --> 50 women-centered tips on how to be a good #travel partner: http://t.co/4vtRyqbWEhPhotographs of children taken around the world: http://t.co/ZDneNiO9iu
How summer camp influences my daughter's professional life: http://t.co/SE8k3GFQoF@fraueibl Look behind. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)Being smothered in kisses at http://t.co/cw9XaHNwvQ because I'm NOT really #Irish. Well, maybe a little. Just for today:) #StPatricksDayIf you've never advertised your tours/clothing in our Journeywoman Newsletter we have a get-acquainted offer that you will love. DM 4 deets.'If you like me you'll probably like my home' Website: hometrics.ca Watch for it. Real Estate. Forever Changed. @HometricsCA'A house can have integrity, just like a person.' Hometrics.ca Looking @ #realestate in a whole new way. Need more info? Follow @hometricsCAWOMEN, you in real estate? You'll want to follow @hometricsCA'A house can have integrity, just like a person.' http://t.co/PNFCdeIY7C Watch for it. Toronto Real Estate. Forever Changed. @HometricsCAOver 55? Be brave. #Travel Solo. Nervous? This will help: http://t.co/ipp5xdKGmj … #TTNo intervention has been as successful as vaccines in preventing illness and death. Hard to deny the facts http://t.co/RejKWU9CUU #ONVaccine
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonHe Tastes Ireland - (Dublin in particular) by @gavmartell http://t.co/8byO08uoeU #TT #StPatricksDay #food20 Things Women Should know about #Dublin #Ireland: http://t.co/3wHOVeEKNd #TT #StPatricksDay75 reasons women love travelling in #Ireland : http://t.co/ycTRG5eqwG #TT #StPatricksDay#TT #StPatricksDay Today's weather in #Ireland 's major cities: http://t.co/hqAUBOlYKI#TT Over 55? Be brave. #Travel Solo: http://t.co/ipp5xdKGmjAn invaluable resource for women travellers who love exploring the world @Journeywoman http://t.co/VkzbPZIBDl http://t.co/Ucs9g1iloI
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCould Your Child Have Arthritis? http://t.co/sxAACtg4u2 … via @YummyMummyClubBoomers: Losing Weight After 50 http://t.co/vEWK5IYqVL #boomershealth #featured #losingweight #weightloss http://t.co/SeMRP6rV97
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon
Could Your Child Have Arthritis? http://t.co/sxAACtg4u2 via @YummyMummyClub@YorkAMAsensei Karate Do?@YouTravel Smiling!!Let's go to Europe. WoW$$ Who's in? @YouTravel @WeiSclou @johnleewriter @SandInSuitcase @orracle @ilona_biro @Mom_OnTheRun @worldbooktravelTravel #mondaymorning with @WeiSclou @johnleewriter @SandInSuitcase @Journeywoman @orracle @ilona_biro @Mom_OnTheRun @worldbooktravel
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonMichael Douglas, son face anti-Semitism http://t.co/O6wSlzQWaV via @usatoday
75 is the new 50! Happy Birthday to a fabulous @Journeywoman who never fails to amaze me... Seriously :)
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@MylaDenise xox Thank you.Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes @Breathedreamgo
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