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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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Big shoutout to @JeromeBettis36 on making the Hall of Fame. One of great guys in this business. Next stop for the Bus: Canton!@the_exTIMinator lookin good.. The temple team that is..Murray is playing great tennis but I never doubt Djokovic. RT @pauls_n_weiners: @KNegandhiESPN who Ya think got the men's final??@UConnPuneet that game was stressful. Good seeing you too.Serena with 19 Grand Slam titles and 16 straight wins over Sharapova.. Her mental game is in a special wing by itself..@joaopp08 it was a mistake@UConnPuneet you're right. It was a mistake.
My wife just told me about Dakota Johnson. I then told her about Dakota's dad Don Johnson. We're bridging generations one actor at a time.@adnanESPN @adamamin @richarddeitsch haha! There is only one Richie Kotite.@adamamin @richarddeitsch @adnanespn he's the Saban, Urban, Belichick, Popovich, Bochy, Bowman all in one.@richarddeitsch @adamamin @adnanESPN "Canada" bias.The return of Big Shot? The 8 year old in me hopes so. RT @preston76: #Sixers to unveil new mascot on February 10.@The700Level @Sixers that better be Big Shot.Interesting. RT @SECbooger: Super Bowl 49 will not have a single 5 star recruit in the game Coincidence? I don't believe in those"I'm available to the media almost every day of my job professionally." Goodell has rejected every interview request I've made since 2012.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiUgly! RT @jaymee: What were you saying about 80, @KNegandhiESPN? MT @ESPNStatsInfo: Tiger finishes 2nd rd w an 82, worst rd EVER as a proAt least "deflategate" gave us this from Jimmy Kimmel http://t.co/aCD8lqe92PThe ICC Cricket World Cup is almost here.. here's how you can watch it http://t.co/eGo9HBgDr1@WIPWingBowl giving you guys a SC shoutout next.The best stuff from Super Bowl week has come from the late night shows and not from any of the podium interviews.@AdamMumma89 @WIPWingBowl on the air live while reading my twitter updates.@matt_mullin worked one in the late 90s.Yessir. RT @keithirizarry: Is @KNegandhiESPN holding a tablet on @SportsCenter today instead of paper? That's awesome. #technologyUnreal. RT @matt_mullin: Stage here at #WingBowl23 starting to fill up. Big-name eaters should be coming up shortly. http://t.co/JQyINTG7E3@ealdrid1 more amazed what it's become.Up early for all of you! Join us! RT @KNegandhiESPN Live @SportsCenter right after the Australian Open coverage http://t.co/AEAiRCX2l2
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiLive @SportsCenter right after the Australian Open coverage w @jaymee next.@SECbooger Stan is mentally falling apart. Need a rally.3rd straight year Djokovic and Wawrinka are in a 5 setter in the Aussie Open.. they have not disappointed us this morning..@BlackFlag215 @WIPWingBowl nah, I was there a long time ago.. Working on SC this morning..For this event, why complicate things? RT @ThatsAlllmSayin: I feel like there must be some legal reasons Wing Bowl can't use roman numerals..@WIPWingBowl best morning party of the year.I can't believe its #wingbowl23.. time flies..@PASDPhantoms Hey Matt - thanks for the purple swag.. go Phantoms!!!
@wscottCSM good stuff.@rdisangro fun times.@Lizzs_Lockeroom This football game can't get here fast enough. This football game can't get here fast enough. This football game can't...@TarquiniusJ it's me blocking out a bunch of excess noise.This football game can't get here fast enough. This football game can't get here fast enough. This football game can't get here fast enough.@knoxbardeen all good. You didn't do anything. Don't get why they're making it into something else when the tweet was recognizing them.@QDogTeam @knoxbardeen @ATLsportsNate who said but???The Hawks have as many, or more wins during their 17-game streak than 10 teams have over the entire course of this NBA season.The Hawks have held a double-digit lead in every game of their 17-game win streak.. Their last loss was Dec. 26th..Coming off Aussie Open, @SportsCenter is live next w Kyrie's big night, Hawks domination and a rugby player that you need to see.. w @jaymee@Buster_ESPN a nice classic V my good man. Are you guys a Nike school? I have worn a fitted hat in years.Berdych has yet to lose a set so far in the Aussie Open.. that streak is about to end here vs. Murray
@JKLUTE1 they will be tested. Can't wait.Meanwhile LeGarrette Blount averaged 2.57 yards after contact on rushes this season.. These defenses better wrap up SundayMarshawn's play does the talking: 60 of 157 rush yds vs GB came after contact..His 2.6 yds after contact per rush this season leads all RBs.@KNegandhiESPN @HannahStormESPN and @ESPN_RobKing among our folks featured in this great piece by @verge. http://t.co/4uEVBNbBTy
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiExcellent. RT @SethWickersham: The beginning of this Belichick story by @johncanzanobft -- man, it says so much. http://t.co/T3S1audWhmJon Stewart analyzing how the media covered the blizzard is so dead on. Genius. http://t.co/yjVVy8K6iUWorth reading MT @yhn: Son of KKK member stuns @finebaum w incredible story of racial healing http://t.co/qW53ZKtGSp https://t.co/u18jg5l1h0Vanderbilt rape: Football players Brandon Vandenburg, Cory Batey found guilty http://t.co/DpwZQhaNJR (The Tennessean) http://t.co/VS5n5bgXMu
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Musachaudhry no doubt.Derrick Rose's bizarre line last night: 30 pts, 13-33 FG, 1 assist, 11 turnovers. Yet, the Bulls beat the Warriors.
Temple’s getting a Super Bowl ad in the Philly region! YOU pick the #TempleMade ending. Watch/vote: http://t.co/OLwUhySh0g
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe Merv Griffin Seinfeld episode is a gift that keeps giving. Kramer at his finest.@Tmichael26 but he doesn't care. So media/league should move on.@Brenh728 last time I checked there are plenty of athletes talking.@DanKoob plenty of other angles and people to talk to.I don't get the big deal surrounding Marshawn.. He doesn't want to talk, why force him?? The threat of fines? There are bigger issues.Phrase that pays from Marshawn Lynch: "I'm here so I won't get fined."
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAs a kid, there was nothing better than a snow day. I'm finding out there is, watching my boy on a snow day: sleds, snowmans and snowballs.@MunozClaudiap no need to be sorry. I'm happy being home this week.I'm fake outraged at the fake outrage over there being not enough snow.On with @ChazandAJ at 7:00 is Sports Center anchor @KNegandhiESPN to talk about the #Patriots and #SB49
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@OfficialKAJ go ask Bill Nye.It's not that I would expect him to get it but Lance Armstrong still doesn't get it. http://t.co/xfhEsVE5QJ
@gilly_2121 @DBrusini @TarHeelBred_84 @adbrandt while I enjoy good discourse, please take me off any further responses between you guys.😀 RT @danpompei: @BUrlacher54 is sharing lessons of his youth, via @seankjensen in a new book The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAwesome. This is what leadership looks like. Well done, ECAC ... http://t.co/r4yUGhwcIJ
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThere's a travel ban starting at 9pm ET in Connecticut. Safe to say, this blizzard/storm is no joke.@da_bears1220 lucky us.@BradTBuchanan 15-30 inches of snow coming. I can hear your jealous cries over 600 miles away.To my Media friends in AZ, your skies may have pink & orange but you don't have em on your weather maps! Take that! http://t.co/59x04ScG5K@Foleyj4Jake thanks for weighing in but you're in the minority. They're here to stay.Former Duke star @BobbyHurley11 will join @KNegandhiESPN and @jaymee on SportsCenter at 9:30 AM ET to discuss Coach K's 1,000th win.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@BradTBuchanan it's pretty ridiculous.@danblah25 stay safe.@danblah25 if you can't tell the difference between HS and CBB and a 104-1 halftime score. That's your problem. Not mine. Give it up.The last time Coach K faced a coach who had more wins? 1/8/05 vs. John Chaney and Temple. Coach Chaney had 713 wins, Coach K had 704 wins.
@12for12for1200 @SemperFiFund @MARSOCFoundatio it's amazing what you're doing. Least I can do.Doctors said let it go, instead, this Marine is doing 12 races in 12 months. How you can help.. @12for12for1200 http://t.co/YHjE7OjtTEEvery passing play should feature ODB Jr.Routine. RT @ESPNNFL: Just a compilation of Odell Beckham Jr. making one-handed catches. BEAST! https://t.co/NtMz7zW5jB@hlods @ESPN_WomenHoop thanks. Look forward to it.@hlods @ESPN_WomenHoop I am. You'll see me in Feb, March and April.@JaclynRAronson well done!!!@ebbluesox28 come across?? Please let me know your factual examples that I am rooting of guilt.@ebbluesox28 my point was how this story is evolving and how crazy it has become. So I'd look up the definitions of cheerleader and fraud.@ebbluesox28 cheerleader? I gain nothing. It's still an open investigation.@dogzigee what accusations did I make??@theunzippedfly @GreggDoyelStar he also said Go Seahawks at the end of the interview. That's the point of where this is.I certainly hope one of the 600 NFL's Deflategate investigators watches the Bill Nye tape. And then destroys it.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiBill Nye weighing in on this is the cherry on top on how this story has evolved. Whether accurate or wrong, it's just..bizarrely perfect.@Andrew_Garda @kjpmacdonald @BobGlauber haha! Can I end it too? I can't wait for it to end. All of it.Looking forward to talking about a football game this week.@Intimid88r you don't offend me. Good luck to you. Great pic of your kids.A question we keep hearing RT @RoseMarieSeekam: If what BB said applies, why were the Colts footballs also not deflated.
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