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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@ny_girl4eva awww so sweet! I will be home in NYC sometime in December. Boy do I miss my home and my hubby!@Legallyblair I will not be in Detroit, unfortunately:( I'm so sorry, girl!@Jada_Bee16 you got it! Own it! :)@ThoseGirls2014 terrifying and exhilarating...sometimes I pee a little. Kidding...kinda@hollywoodmandy yessss!@BubbleTraveler that is AWESOME! See you soon then!@sarabloodsworth haha! Great memories!@infinityarixo yay!@SierraManial just take lots of classes, be open, be kind, and do things that scare you:)@runbillyboyrun thank you so much for your support!@SarahBumstead sorry for my delay! Hmmm well is this something you can tweet to me? I'm sorry, I'm totally technically challenged. :(@taylor_correne oh sweet girl, I will not be in Durham:( I'm so so sorry!@Mabbotts14 haha! Awww I miss them!@shannonmray thank you!@imstephwalsh @elona_may thank you so much gals!@xoxbhelena thank you girl!@broadwayfan954 I will not be in Miami:(@bdavvis that's awesome! Thanks for coming out to support!@detectivemannab thank you so much! We did our job then:)@sonjabecca cool! Happy birthday!@ErikaApple1598 thank you!@Lauraromamo oh boy! Don't quarantine yourself!@detroitdan1982 thank you for coming!@elise_prudhomme thank you! Glad you could come!@sarabloodsworth awww thank you!@hollywoodmandy the end of November@LilyJo71 I treat everyday like a holiday and stuff my face with food:) not a joke!@Audreysosuperso glad you enjoyed it!@sarabloodsworth looks pretty dang good!@RCMrtnz thank you!@gracekimm_ yay! Xoxo!@sarabloodsworth haha! Sounds good to me!@WaterMelanie93 xo!@sarabloodsworth of course! I can't pick up choreography like I used to, but basic tap steps stay with you like riding a bike.;)@Jo_Lizbeth :))@TravelingGirl99 haha! Thanks! #tosstossbackatya@jelenemay oh fun! Thank you for coming!@musicallover87 thank you so much for this! So sweet!@theNatassiaS oh no! I'm certain you rocked it! Never fear, just trust and breathe.@rdale7 hope you had a good time!@paigerose97 see ya soon!@Lauraromamo yay!!@lesmis_fansie awesome!@shudak wow! This is the best compliment, thank you:)@DiJan thank you!@WannabeGirlsie I just got excited when rehearsing one day and it came out and it stayed:)@kelseybastien thanks! I so appreciate this!@wohesitation thank you for coming!@Eponine23 thank you!@landofthesyrup haha! Thank you so much! #notcreepybutsupernice@NadiaOzz what a high compliment! Thank you!@newsies_forever love this!@laffy_staffy you are so sweet! Thank you@shelaghmurphy awwww! Well glad they could come!@infinityarixo see you soon!@canadatie :)))@jenagron43 awesome!@meangreenelphie never weird! We love seeing folks at the stage door after the show!@laura_michele14 wow thank you so much!@boychik hope you enjoyed the show!@seizingthedayy I should be! Knock wood... ;)@Madis0nCarter thanks pretty gal!@SportScribeCA thank you so much! Glad you had a good time:)“@Un4getables Please retweet/help, raising money to go to college for musical theatre! http://t.co/Np5lzso8Hp” xoxo!@xsadiemcleanx happy birthday!!!@fuentesrules thank you!@KatysMyFirework awww thank you! The UK is an amazing home though;) wish I could go there again!@JonnyNip thank you! Xo!@DemolaJulia heck yeah! Thanks for coming!@coralscove thank you so much! What a great wicked spread you've got! ;)@bway_lessons xo!@Jo_Lizbeth duh of course!@SarahBumstead xoxo! Yay come!@ashley_slaney16 thank you for making the trip out to see us!@sincerelysara01 xoxo!@klydevince woof! Far from flawless, but thank you for being so generous;)@DemolaJulia @m_shingledecker awww thank you! So glad you enjoyed it:)@MBancroft80 @zachgilbert @WICKED_Musical @Mirvish thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!
Toronto sunset between shows...das pretty:) #CNtower http://t.co/IEDi0CLeQL
@IridescentJen I'm so sorry I missed you! I had family there tonight and took them backstage so it took a bit longer than usual! :(
Get your tix for Oct 27 benefit w/ @BookOfMormon @WICKED_Musical tours in #Toronto for @ActorsFund @BCEFA http://t.co/psrVOjsJAr YAYY!!!!!
@IsabelHartzell xoxo!@oj_arva yay!!@TieALitleRibbon thank you so much! I appreciate it:)@kallies_life nice! You should come to our benefit concert we are doing with Book of Mormon on the 27th!@AScalice_ thank you for coming!@ushnuu see you soon!@maeverley I'm sure you rocked it!@DiotteA thank you so much! :)@steph41493 nice work! Happy Halloween!!@Hoodlum09 thank u so much! Glad you enjoyed it!@bizzyswog yay!!! Awww summer clothes :(@sarabloodsworth thank you so much! You are so sweet!@JMD19 wow! Thank you so much! I appreciate it!@AppHipMom thank you so much! Glad you could come see us!@BeGoodAsGold14 you are so sweet! Thank you hun!@NikkiSinclair3 @m_shingledecker you're right, Matt is the bomb diggity! Thanks for coming to see us! Xo!
@BRMacJR @Kcmassey1 I have no idea! But the girl who plays Nessa rose out here used to be the belle in that tour!
@CookiesNomNom :)))@laffy_staffy aww thank you!!!! the bubble is wonderful:) thank you!
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