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Matt Soar @MattSoar Montréal

Intermedia artist, filmmaker. Codeveloper of the Korsakow System. Director of the Montreal Signs Project.

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In Montreal: speaking tonight at Concordia, open to the public, 7 pm: http://t.co/579SNY31iw
Retweeted by Matt SoarCold Lake's mosque has been vandalized. http://t.co/ZTp9Td6umR
Retweeted by Matt SoarAfter Ottawa, dissent more critical than ever https://t.co/72AZGxJEro via @ricochet_en
Retweeted by Matt SoarI wish that all that US coverage of how great the CBC is wld also make mention of how the Canadian govt is cutting the life out of it.
Retweeted by Matt SoarVery much looking forward to seeing the MI5 files on Ralph Miliband, Edward Thompson, Raymond Williams & Stuart Hall.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Guy just got on my bus with "Muslims are killing Canada" sign. Passengers ordered him to leave his sign or take himself off. #CanadaStrong
Retweeted by Matt Soar@ThinkingType The halation isn't helping, either...@stewf Yes please.“@quinnnorton: Ello converts to a PBC: https://t.co/euwDuf4HDG” — that’s a Public Benefit Corporation, i.e. a non-profit.
Retweeted by Matt SoarDear @korsakow Mac users, please do NOT upgrade to OSX Yosemite yet. We've identified an issue and are working on a fix.
RT + FAV if you think this is the best picture of @DougFord2014 in the entire election campaign. #TOpoli http://t.co/TAMWmVSmfn
Retweeted by Matt SoarFascinating photoseries showing where the remains of Soviet Lenin statues have wound up worldwide http://t.co/3714OzMKj7
Retweeted by Matt Soar@ThinkingType Like the esl student of mine who confused 'jetlag' with 'hijack'.iOS 8.1 is now available and offers innovative new features like Camera Roll and re-enabling your fucking Bluetooth.
Retweeted by Matt Soar. @WordMercenary @JamesWallis Whenever I hear wild accusations directed at a non-privileged group, I assume the accusers are projecting.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Many good people think #GamerGate is about journalism & artistic freedom. That's like working at #KlanDayKare. The name means hate, guys.
Retweeted by Matt SoarSeriously, @Spacekatgal, you are writing the *book* on effective, professional-level feminist activism right now.
Retweeted by Matt SoarTried to engage Giant Bomb fans today on issues affecting industry women. Find myself constantly amazed at the resistance to listening.
Retweeted by Matt SoarYour password must contain at least two female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.
Retweeted by Matt SoarBrands, if you're gonna promote a tweet, at least get the Duke boys' name right http://t.co/dzku4s9Swm
Retweeted by Matt SoarThat's just the way I work. http://t.co/IZ1kxCJUGm
The changes women in tech are asking for are UNBELIEVABLY REASONABLE. It's why they have to misconstrue our positions and make us monsters.
Retweeted by Matt SoarCandles help “set the mood” for lovemaking. Eat at least 5.
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt's time for Whisper's CEO to do his damn job http://t.co/8a05aMHi04 via @pandodaily
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe look on his face when he cracks the nut http://t.co/D5URlbGXtD
Retweeted by Matt SoarCongrats @The_Stingers women's Rugby team on making it to the finals! I'll mention in my sportscast tomorrow. @RugbyCanada
Retweeted by Matt SoarJust off the ph w folks on Haida Gwaii. The drifting ship now a good distance offshore but concerns remain. Thx 2 Haida & C guard #cdnpoli
Retweeted by Matt SoarFury is an incredible anti-war movie, because it shows how bad things can get. For instance, you could be stuck in a tank with Shia LaBeouf.
Retweeted by Matt SoarStudents have set up designated study areas on the section of highway that they have occupied. #OccupyHongKong http://t.co/PiD6gDi61s
Retweeted by Matt Soar
On GamerGate: A letter from the editor http://t.co/4gJOwlrpyD via @Polygon
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis woman flying in a hazmat suit is just one of the people completely overreacting to Ebola http://t.co/8ANf7vLHtb http://t.co/1rEgvgDug7
Retweeted by Matt Soar1. #Ebola. Cure: None. Deaths in the US: 1. 2. Guns. Cure: Gun control. Deaths via homicide using a gun in the US since 1999: 170,000.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@fromthehip Oh, but the harm! The harm!A great way to strengthen your relationship is to shout "COPYCAT!" or "GOOD ONE!" whenever your significant other says, "I love you, too."
Retweeted by Matt Soar@softcoresoft Sweet, thanks! Too bad the illustrator's site http://t.co/mNAf1kVyrB is down. :(@66000mph Lets hope the be's come back in the Spring too.@softcoresoft Fab! What's the source?Anita Sarkeesian on GamerGate: 'We Have a Problem and We're Going to Fix This' http://t.co/54aggfw6IS via @rollingstone
Retweeted by Matt Soar@MattSoar DON"T DO IT! Run far far away. #YosemiteProblems 8 hours later my computer finally works. Just had to delete everything. :(
Retweeted by Matt SoarI don’t give a fuck what you say, a gold colour option is innovative and magical.
Retweeted by Matt SoarWas about to install the new OSX, but then I read some of these: #YosemiteProblems Think I'll wait for at least the first update...Giant green butt plug looks suspiciously like Christmas tree. http://t.co/tju6Br2XFk http://t.co/zTnKwY92Bm
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@Spacekatgal = modern #feminist hero: http://t.co/ConoUSJe6a #StopGamerGate2014 #gamergate
Retweeted by Matt SoarJohn Siracusa’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review: http://t.co/Wrgs6OGTdY
Retweeted by Matt Soar
For the love of God WHY, in this day and age, does every voicemail still need to tell us "when you are finished recording, you may hang up"?
Retweeted by Matt Soar@David_Heb @CocozzaPaula I'd say between three and four miles; it's the blue one on the right. #happensontwittertooAn Academic Tweet: 1. Fix grammar. Tweet. 2. Find typo. Delete. 3. Fix typo. Tweet. 4. No response. Delete. 5. Critique social media.
Retweeted by Matt SoarPerhaps the most reliable method of finding typos in a manuscript is to review it out of pride after clicking submit.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe "anti-acknowledgement" section. via @pickover http://t.co/OBZ1WZFarc http://t.co/xAmgYL1LIj
Retweeted by Matt Soar
@GotHear "It also provides users the option of being able to anonymously listen in on these conversations." Again, how is this a good thing?Just saw this #ad in my @twitter stream. How can this possibly be a good thing? I'm all ears, @GotHear. http://t.co/4hlEUOxWrjIf you're LGBT and love(d) Halloween BC of the freedom of expression / performance it allows, I'd like to hear more for an online mag piece.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@MattSoar Lovely Douglas Adams throwback! <3
Retweeted by Matt Soar@drewbeck Thanks! Join in!Dundas (n.) When you've just watched a forgettable episode of your fave TV show, only to discover it was the season finale. #meaningofliffWhile you were bickering if sexism was even an issue in tech, it exploded into full-on violent misogyny, well done.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Horribly frightened that clothed pictures of me may be leaked on the internet.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@mattsoar oh right. Yeah, I got my knowledge sooooo mobilized, man.
Retweeted by Matt Soarhttp://t.co/Iw2gmry6he
Retweeted by Matt Soar@miaC Knowledge Mobilization Plan. The thing you're writing now.@miaC KMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBKMBAh #MSWord! It's so cute, the way you arbitrarily change the document size to square (!) and lie about it, just as my deadline is looming.@CocozzaPaula Gosh, easy: blame your partner. But only when they're not home. #pottymouthbenAda Lovelace Day is for celebrating Ada Lovelace. If you want to celebrate women in tech do it every day.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Video Gamers Are Having A Bizarre Debate Over Whether Sending Death Threats To Women Is A Serious Issue Or Not http://t.co/wYRCrx1iSf
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis comic changed my life. It got me to quit working on my psych PhD. Humor beats stubborn. http://t.co/iNgPqztwY6 http://t.co/oV1ek37EZd
Retweeted by Matt Soar@cloeven Hello from the top of Tunnel Mountain AB. #waves http://t.co/lfe0nIgdCMTrolls Aren't Ethics Crusaders; They're a Hate Group - http://t.co/dxdxhOaxE2 #gamergate
Retweeted by Matt Soar@Banff_Squirrel @thebanffcentre No sir. Divergence: I'm out in the woods, in a cabin, all alone, aka Leighton Artist Colony.I dream of Knowledge Mobilization Plans. #sshrc #grantwritingIt's not Adam and Steve it's Adam and are you serious is this your argument
Retweeted by Matt SoarHello @Banff_Squirrel. I am an artist staying at the @thebanffcentre. I have seen #deer and #pinemartens but no #squirrels. #whatgives?@salenagodden @GreatDismal Whatnotelevisionstatic?Isn't it great how software like #MSWord and #AdobeAcrobat is inexorably refined year on year to the point of sublime perfection? #yeahright@wirrow I'm on it. #nolaninmysleepMore offensive than harassment to me is slimy, pandering 'both sides' rhetoric. Great Jon Stone piece in the Guardian http://t.co/xsh4pWMos0
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Ello-curious? Or uninterested in another venture-capital project that will inevitably betray us. Try Diaspora*! http://t.co/QvLzdK6457
Retweeted by Matt SoarA little advice to @SamHarrisOrg - If you're constantly having to explain way horrid things you've written, don't write them in 1st place.
Retweeted by Matt SoarLast night I was in a room with the dude who cancelled Freaks and Geeks. And yes, I did totally call him out on it.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@jkottke Altitude, maybe?@WIRED @GreatDismal Great. If only someone had invented railroads.In @Salon, very smart observations from @andohehir on the Sam Harris game: http://t.co/ymjGapRpgE http://t.co/AfetbEvngA
Retweeted by Matt SoarCan’t help but feel the world’s opinion editors have zeroed in on hate-read traffic as the one true way forward. https://t.co/DNOsRZXEDc
Retweeted by Matt Soar#PeakyBlinders is an engaging yarn, but I wish they'd spent even a fraction of the epic set-building budget on a decent dialect coach.Why is #Bahrain so scared by this tweet that they would jail the author for it? #FreeNabeel http://t.co/UyRBqzCBCJ http://t.co/oZNoZKNTxl
Retweeted by Matt Soar
+1 RT @Spacekatgal Announcement: I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I am going to keep making games. And I will keep speaking up for women in gamedev.
Retweeted by Matt Soar#amia14 Carolyn Faber just put it perfectly. "I'd rather see a film die in a projector than on a shelf" bravo!!
Retweeted by Matt SoarWhen you can't understand why you've got zero new mail, and then realize you've been looking at your Sent folder the whole time. #iOS.@twitter: You must do something to help curtail harassment and threats on your platform. It’s a disaster and is only getting worse.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@ThinkingType @SarkyType Surely there are rules about that kind of thing? #civility #homelibrary...groupies taking pictures of the true star of #amia14 Such a cute camera - the smallest film gauge ever used: 3mm. http://t.co/QOjq3q7nGF
Retweeted by Matt SoarIn a scrum, John Tory was asked if he believes white privilege exists. "No I don't know that it does," he said.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
The police just came by. Husband and I are going somewhere safe. Remember, #gamergate isn't about attacking women. http://t.co/ZU6oEVxMGL
Retweeted by Matt SoarThank you, Brita filters, for filtering out everything but the little charcoal balls that fall out of the Brita filter. #thankyounotefriday
Retweeted by Matt Soar
U2 singing about the Ramones is like Genesis singing about the Sex Pistols.Pitch perfect refutation of Sam Harris and the "new atheists" by @ggreenwald. A treat to read: http://t.co/fLNZ3hhR8D
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt's hard to tell who is a mom on TV because not all of them have drinks in their hands.
Retweeted by Matt SoarMore studio visitors @thebanffcentre. Can't get a damn thing done. http://t.co/gJ20x75zk5
wondering if the letterer on this comic maybe misread the script http://t.co/4MZghDy5Nl
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