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33/Genderqueer/Bi. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock & Rap. #LGBTQ #Saulibert

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#My500SexiestMen (20) Chris Colfer http://t.co/AB4yXovnsE#My500SexiestMen (19) Siddharth Malhotra http://t.co/ZHKaVf2vIzGood afternoon, how's everyone?Wtf? Drover and Broderick left MegadethBad News @shawndrover and @Chris_Broderick quit @Megadeth http://t.co/bYMo4Hn3V8
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#nowplaying Five Finger Death Punch - Wrecking Ball https://t.co/bXW4Xhp54x \m/@rosie6172 @xHollyGlambertx yes gorgeous man!@xHollyGlambertx hey there, here's the photo you asked for on Instagram http://t.co/bYKnbv0SxkYay! Way to go, Mississippi!! #LGBT #marriagequalityI am happy because I have learned #equalitymarriage in the Mississipi State.My heart couldn't be happier #lgbtrights http://t.co/fxo9ZZzQZs
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Uh oh - ISIS Promises to Send Ferguson ‘Soldiers That Don’t Sleep’ if They Pledge Allegiance to Caliph http://t.co/C0f69M7xJaFerguson protests used as fuel for Islamic State propaganda http://t.co/qOipFetoCTI'm off to bed, g'night guys <3 http://t.co/tAmll7YtGA@lillyblillyan I used to pair Adam and Randy up in fanfics years ago lol.. the ship name was Ram@skymcloud8 very cool :)#My500SexiestMen (18) Randy Orton http://t.co/lI9PucO7ww#My500SexiestMen (17) Vidyut Jamwal http://t.co/ctnpYeusYX#My500SexiestMen (16) Lee Kholafai http://t.co/bzZuIlecS2@luckymosqueda okay will do :)@skymcloud8 I write science fiction, mysteries, horror & crime stories
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,show life a thousand reasons to smile!! #glamberts #glamily . http://t.co/OTnF9kwJkP
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@luckymosqueda Oh no, sorry to hear that :(@luckymosqueda yep I still have that oneJohnathan Gentry on Ferguson, Missouri Rioting [HD]: http://t.co/JbyTqORQIG via @YouTubeNot all cops are bad. Not all black people are criminals. Not all white people are racists. Quit labeling. #FergusonDecision
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂I don't care what your stance is on the verdict...you DO NOT burn the American flag. #HaveRespect
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@Lambertglowbug1 Preach! Where were they when Kelly Thomas was murdered by police?Leave it to @TedNugent to tell it like it is. #Ferguson http://t.co/7IoC02c4ya
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@luckymosqueda yeah the S. Bennett one right?@NJLovinLambert I agree with you. Very sad this is happening esp. close to Thanksgiving.Selfie👄 http://t.co/GyponYCRPg
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@katyperry so campy, lol... love it!Everything that gets torn down during the riots, don't rebuildThis is how I feel #dontrebuildferguson let it burn RTpicamerican: congressdotgov Don't spend a damn dime of my tax $$ to rebuild #FergusonLet's let #Ferguson burn down and then not offer help to rebuild. Since they clearly don't want help. @Jeep_Family @JeepFreek09JK
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@AdamLambertl0vr @BabyAnimalPics lol she stole Lady Gaga's wig@AnonymousPress @JayChillinBro Wrong venue! Where was everyone over the brutal death of autistic Kelly Thomas? http://t.co/hmCV5ZikPT
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Just imagine the prosecutor in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial 'losing' and saying, "well, reddit and social media, ya know?"
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Watch these "non-guilty" police officers murder #KellyThomas and tell me police injustice is just a racial issue. https://t.co/KYh0TLrNUP
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#FergusonDecision #DarrenWilson #MichaelBrown #VonDerritMyers #KellyThomas #Ferguson #Shaw http://t.co/OAZiV9DJv5
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#KellyThomas http://t.co/pkhbfiZlhy
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@Sagelfans There is a difference between protesting, and destroying the homes and business of innocent people.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#My500SexiestMen (15) Ranveer Singh http://t.co/PEwA6AYfmk#My500SexiestMen (14) Keanu Reeves http://t.co/TEhkPFJN6U#My500SexiestMen (13) Shaheer Sheikh http://t.co/wFQIvOJHOa@luckymosqueda you're very welcome! :) *hugs*@ofVerona eating lol@jamiglambert :O lolThem arms! Can I have them for Christmas? http://t.co/XWln1ZXNqrSmexi Adam http://t.co/cRkU8YtE8n@luckymosqueda aww that's cute! Lol. Oh, oh, I got you a bday gift, card and Xmas card! Will send them out to ya soon :DI think that Wilson cop is full of bullshit, the more and more he keeps talking. Where's the stapler when you need it?@VanityGlam_ Col. Sanders would be very disappointed xDLess time on my personal account. More time for Saulibert Forever and fanfics... maybe even my fanart. Being creative makes my heart happy.I may not take a complete break from my personal, I think maybe this might be the time for me to start writing again.@VanityGlam_ I used to love KFC, their food has gotten so greasy@ferras Were you into any of the Grunge Rock bands during the 90s?@SASpurs21Fan aww you're welcome, love you too! <3@ferras One More Try <3 https://t.co/DmcSQ0aoT2@ferras Yaaas!! This so much! I have George's "Faith" album in my CD collection.Music was so creative in the 80s and 90s. If ur not familiar w/ George michaels "Faith" record- do urself a favor and check out. #talent
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@SASpurs21Fan So glad you're feeling better :)BREAKING: Mississippi ban on marriage equality struck down in federal court! #LoveConquersHate #EqualLoveEqualRights http://t.co/zULLSSHqMz
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@luckymosqueda true dat.Adam Lambert - Time for Miracles: http://t.co/vq9jtrLv0eMichael Jackson - Earth Song: http://t.co/l9UkQnLd2lMichael Jackson ☆★ Heal the World ☆★: http://t.co/zGt094OwREAdam booty http://t.co/wz0SAMjgjLI'm thinking of taking a break from my personal account until all this stuff in MO dies down. Don't know when that'll be.This Is What Happened to Kelly Thomas: http://t.co/Zj7hhZd9UCWhat can I say? I like dark meat lol#My500SexiestMen (12) Imran Abbas http://t.co/tjUcK1HmCJ#My500SexiestMen (11) Adam Ayesh http://t.co/1MU0GdnmpC#My500SexiestMen (10) Zayn Malik http://t.co/XcOIIvwtYI#My500SexiestMen (8 & 9) Colby London & Jae Landen http://t.co/eD3xGYSyUE@ZueScissorhands Cool@barbls23 aww thank you so much! :)@ZueScissorhands That's cool, their not everyone's cup of tea. What about Satyricon?@ZueScissorhands Do you like Rotting Christ? https://t.co/JCATq4AwSz Metal from Greece \m/What if Adam's new album is titled "Soon"? Lol@MatthewLush Is that Felicia's sister? Lol #ByeFelicia#ByeRegina87346 @JetBlue http://t.co/xCWPD1dGjR
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@ZueScissorhands Ylem is my favorite Dark Fortress album#nowplaying Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon \m/@ZueScissorhands \m/ one of my favorite bands"To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions." - Hugh Jackson@Suz_DuToit yes he always brightens the day esp. if you're down@SauliSweetheart nah it was extensions - some ppl gave him hell though for it, which was sad@Suz_DuToit yes indeed :)@MclachlanWW you're welcome@SauliSweetheart I did too! :)@Suz_DuToit I do too! :)#5YearsOfFYE http://t.co/YjfM3gQY6uhttp://t.co/IKuqIACV7sBeautiful, beautiful man <3 http://t.co/hhIoXUZTWQLove this man so much http://t.co/YCA3rj6LeT
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