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33/Genderqueer/Bisexual. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Alternative Rock & Rap. Saulibert is my life! #LGBT

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Off to bed, g'night guys <3#concocktion RT @MetalEmpress: @adamlambert look at this concoction Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Bacon http://t.co/QzB1rFkmEX
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@TheOrigFRODO Nothing wrong with a sweet, salty snack! Lol@Mountainflowr lol
@adamlambert look at this concoction https://t.co/hsTp9mVBUE Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Bacon http://t.co/Uk1Us3U2AC@Kitanneglam @RabbitholeGirl One of the reason's I love him lol.@Kitanneglam @RabbitholeGirl yes! love those songs and Beauty Killer! https://t.co/sj4fBJm896@Kitanneglam @RabbitholeGirl Yes! Or him and Jeffree Star (Jeffree can rap)@RabbitholeGirl Don't matter to me what Adam does on his new album, I'm gonna be buying it lol. He could have polka on there and I'd buy it@RabbitholeGirl He did said there may be Rap influenced songs on his album@MetalEmpress unfortunately in Pennsylvania it is not a hate crime and they will not be charged as such... http://t.co/1hR688LrXA
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@RabbitholeGirl Even if he wasn't, I'm all for it. One of my favorite genres is Rap@SebastianOttawa wow so sad to hear thatI can't wait to hear Adam's new album! Rap influenced songs? Hell to the Yeah!@adamlambert 90s kids (I'm a proud 90s Kid) should know all about genre blending, so much of it during that time, nobody complained then.@adamlambert Heavy Metal, Rap and Alternative Rock are always blending genres. One of the reasons they're my fav. music genres.@adamlambert Love your idea of blending genres, I've always been a fan of mixing genres, I think it keeps things fresh.I'm off to bed, super tired, g'night guys <3Between Adam & Sauli, SF is heavy trafficWoo! Done updating Saulibert Forever for tonight, gotta save something for tomorrow lol
@adamlambert so good!! Parov Stelar - Booty Swing: http://t.co/QzEQNtmmIo@RabbitholeGirl it's why I posted the links in TL for Saulibert Forever@RabbitholeGirl No they don't like for anyone on social media taking photos from their site, only want them to link to the photos instead@RabbitholeGirl Unless they wanna deal with drama, best to only post the link@RabbitholeGirl Seeing ppl posting photos from Retna, they have trackers on their site and will come after youDon't post the photos from there unless you wanna deal with dramaJust a heads upI wouldn't post anything from Retna except the link, they have trackers on their site and will come after you@adamlambert Have you heard Parov Stelar's work? His stuff is incredible! He combines Electronica with Swing. https://t.co/7JulLsaSi4Loving Parov Stelar's work.. he combines Swing with Electronica.. very brilliantThis is so good! https://t.co/Qq0MmO0pps @adamlambertI'm off to bed, been up since 6 AM, g'night guys <3#Homophobia kills #LGBT http://t.co/B7Q8swyNNA
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@adamlambert here's an avi you can use for your social media accounts, if you want :) http://t.co/JQOqCA66RzDo me a favor guys and RT this tweet https://t.co/jlj0vxyj2d these fuckers need to be caught for brutally attacking a gay couple.Suspects in #Philly #HateCrime prepare to surrender after being ID by internet sleuths - http://t.co/zKAwbm5t0t http://t.co/4JwdkvGBmX
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Philly hate crime: http://t.co/i3PBprO9nn
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Internet sleuths may have located suspected attackers in Philly hate crime – LGBTQ Nation http://t.co/KnvbLDwQvBHard to look at Glenn Danzig the same way after he got knocked out by Danny Marianino in 04 lol@TheRealDuckBert Me too! I adore him@TheRealDuckBert So freaking fine!MT @mdkayak Showed this foto 2 a friend who hadn't seen Adam Lambert since Idol days. Took her 5min 2 close her mouth http://t.co/SCcDIQC19v
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Adam has a very powerful presence, most legends doNo disrespect to Kelly or Carrie but when I think of "American Idol", I immediately think of @adamlambert http://t.co/NWyrhWiKB8
@TheOrigFRODO yes but also Harry's got a great sense of humor, very funny dude(c) was coming back from mall, ran into heavy downpours & the road we were on was flooded so what does my friend do? he drives right thru itWas involved in a scary moment earlier, went out with friends. (c)The interaction between Adam and Harry is what I can't wait to see, lol.I wonder if @HarryConnickJR hit on @adamlambert any during the auditions... lol cause y'know Adam's hot...@adamlambert Love all the photos from Idol today! Can't wait to see you on the panel with @JLo and @HarryConnickJR in February!jlo's photo http://t.co/Elpm8CrBBF
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂What a fun day guest judging on @AmericanIdol! @jlo and @HarryConnickJR r SO fun 2 work w. Def a few potential Stars that auditioned today!
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Sneak Peak at the NYC panel. @jlo @harryconnickjr americanidol #idolauditions http://t.co/pOK7tCMO8l
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂raining hard, road's floodedI'm off to bed, gotta be up in the early AM, g'night guys http://t.co/Lgxd7HeF78
I can't wait to see Adam's reaction during a really bad audition lol@liveoutlouder @adamlambert @AmericanIdol Won't be until they show the NYC auditions on the road probably some time in February.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Keith Urban: We Are in 'Deep Grief' over the Death of Nicole Kidman's Father http://t.co/qmLqRqp7wz via @PeopleMag@RabbitholeGirl yes very sad circumstance@adamlambert So happy you're getting a chance to judge Idol. I feel so bad for Keith & Nicole.@TheRealDuckBert I do too!! James Spader is the man!I had to change Matt Carter's headline before posting it to Saulibert Forever. "grieving Keith Urban" is very ignorant.@featheredraven yes very terrible circumstance@featheredraven exactly, besides not everyone has bad in laws or dislikes themIt's great to see all the happiness for Adam, but don't forget a man also lost his father in law@featheredraven yes http://t.co/P3w72kfg3L@featheredraven very insensitive and disrespectful@featheredraven Exactly, had to change Matt Carter's headline before I tweeted it to Saulibert Forever... "grieving Keith Urban"..The Blacklist returns next Monday!!! \m/@MetalEmpress PEARLIE NEXT MONDAY @NBCBlacklist IS BACK!!!
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@amy_monks @NBCBlacklist Yes!!!Very happy for Adam, but I'm heartbroken for Keith and NicoleSending lots of love and light to Keith and his family. Very sad time for them.I'm so very sorry that I cannot perform this weekend. We are in a deep state of grief at the passing of Nic's Father..http://t.co/Iar9bvcuGg
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@VorzugOfficial Just bought this song from Amazon couple hours ago, it's so sick!! \m/ Any plans for a full studio album?@EqualityRising_ idiots lol@AndersonBrooks Preach!People's idea of morality has always been so off in my opinion. Morality should only go as far as how… http://t.co/b3CfjCueZY
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Had no idea Snoop Dogg was homophobic, lost tons of respect for him.@SnoopDogg posts anti-LGBT language on Instagram: http://t.co/gVi42VgI8c #thinkbeforeyoupost http://t.co/7VrrhjECai
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#nowplaying Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead \m/@MCRsTokioHotel yep I RTed ithttp://t.co/9pjDDSpJIy
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#mcm Sauli Koskinen http://t.co/sGZAPL5qLT#mcm Adam Lambert http://t.co/klmLttaJMq#mcm Fazza http://t.co/IDmHwwYNpZ#mcm Dawid Auguścik http://t.co/UWY1JXB07sI am so thrilled to be able to be a part of the @NOH8Campaign!! We are all equal and LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!!! #NO8H http://t.co/ADCTstRxrj
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#nowplaying Hypocrisy - The Eye \m/@mmarielle44 @RabbitholeGirl Thank y'all so much!! :))@Klddsml aww thank you so much! :)@Nightly_91 Nope, I've never seen that video before#nowplaying Vorzug - I Am In Hell (so sick! \m/)
I'm off to bed, g'night guys <3I've been in a creating mood today, had fun creating new stuff, but tomorrow is back to "work". BBExtra week.New Adam Lambert Fan Art @adamlambert (just made this) http://t.co/gbX5xgCJBMI love women with tattoos! #myweaknessesDamn! #sohot #canihavethemboth http://t.co/p5EZDUmBtK@FoxVegas thank you so much! :))@Cecycat1 Aww thank you!! :))
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