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Born on the planet Ziböd, came to earth some years ago, settled in England as it had no super heroes at the time. I have cosmic powered knees.

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Are you, or is somebody you know, interested in owning this Hammond organ? It's yours if you can pick it up from E17. http://t.co/e8u0mqqT8h
Retweeted by Nat Foreman#StandUpToCancer .http://t.co/bNdChYgO2e
EH Gombrich on how William Morris showed Victorians the perils of mass production http://t.co/Yb651aLRvW @NPGLondon http://t.co/wbYoZ9MHAA
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWe Love Britain opens this Friday at @SprengelMuseum http://t.co/rcNr9Ck3NI http://t.co/LJ9G7swbZz
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThis explosive showcase of Cai Guo-Qiang’s work starts with a bang https://t.co/XcV0Gi4InL
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
With @FriezeLondon starting today, we’re pleased to have offices so close to the action #art #London http://t.co/9EMLzsZ1YL
Retweeted by Nat Foreman.@FriezeLondon artist Cally Spooner on how she turned awful corporate jargon into a musical http://t.co/uXd6cZ8XKP http://t.co/oECt2oGwGV
Retweeted by Nat ForemanCelebrate #Frieze - SAVE 20% on art books with promo code: FRIEZE http://t.co/BlsZnnWOM8 @FriezeLondon @FriezeMasters http://t.co/84gY7MhibR
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
@Foyles @SewellAnd @photobookclub @MACK_books @Phaidon lovely!@TheMichaelMoran @AntiProfessor isn't that Grayson Perry's favourite shopNew Frieze Blog: Carol Yinghua Lu on how the Chinese art world and media have responded to the Hong Kong protests http://t.co/0wizR1cru5
Retweeted by Nat ForemanOuverture de l'exposition #Sade. Attaque le soleil Jusqu'au 25 janvier au musée d'Orsay >http://t.co/VbUz9Fm8C3 http://t.co/uk0KcoZlDB
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThrilled to have @jayrayner1 write the Foreword, w characteristic flair, for UK #1001restaurants @Octopus_Books @QSS_editions @1001series
Retweeted by Nat Foremani wonder if the cold rain that fell on my free McQueen poster was once in the warm Caribbean in which Ashes fell @ThomasDaneLDNbeautiful, visceral, thought provoking, 'Ashes' by Steve McQueen @ThomasDaneLDN
@Phaidon http://t.co/sKHs2qvROWAhead of Frieze London's opening this Weds, we preview the best satellite exhibitions around town: http://t.co/FLzojz6SHk
Retweeted by Nat Foreman.@FriezeLondon director Victoria Siddall on Rembrandt, radioactive soup and more http://t.co/tCYQGsKLHM http://t.co/MfpgIKDr05
Retweeted by Nat ForemanMidwife Rosie finished a 12-hour shift, delivered three babies,no breaks and she's out on the picket line #NHSstrike http://t.co/6fOEtw5tlW
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Deciding what to treats to bake for @emmamaystitch workshop tomorrow @FabricHQ Luckily I have just the book! http://t.co/nCNdAYzjpx
Retweeted by Nat ForemanMore exciting plans announced @YSPsculpture for 2015 including #HenryMoore, #AnthonyCaro and #BillViola http://t.co/MKQauWpVNA #YSPpress
Retweeted by Nat ForemanLondon: Kerry James Marshall in conversation with Angela Choon at @davidzwirner this Saturday http://t.co/xghHFGl315 http://t.co/ZgAYnlpMSH
Retweeted by Nat ForemanDreadful news of the closure of a London #design gem St Brides Library of print and type. http://t.co/LBraZPtE8C http://t.co/Vl184rsQv3
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"Let me ride you till you fall..." Sonic Youth - Dude Ranch Nurse (Cleveland, Live Video 2004) http://t.co/rysuBdH1zI http://t.co/TfZULgLTuw
Retweeted by Nat ForemanI won't be the first or last to tweet this, but do read this amazing piece by Grayson Perry http://t.co/cOZJg57vwl
Retweeted by Nat ForemanSneak peak of the incredible #KerryJamesMarshall davidzwirner can I be excited that my nails match the… http://t.co/2UhhWiysAS
Retweeted by Nat Foremandear fellows, yes you can enjoy starting the day with something pink and floppy, namely @NewStatesman edited by @Alan_Measles
@Artforum how exciting my local gallery in ArtForum @kentishtowner @RowingProjects@janehornby @Phaidon @kerryannelemon great minds look alike!@Phaidon @kerryannelemon look, we're matchy matchy! #booksaremybag #baking http://t.co/HDpDKQpOBE
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@wallpaperguides dear @Phaidon at @Book_Fair Prost!Here is Emily and Bapguss in 1973 and in 2014 (from The Art of Smallfilms book launch) http://t.co/NNyJvkk7r5
Retweeted by Nat Foreman2. Do you know anyone who does good work on 21st Century Welsh lit?
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThe Photography Book author Ian Jeffrey on how to start collecting http://t.co/1fKUIG6bQ3 #photography http://t.co/ypFWqCEiHE
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Watch Skinny Italian Chef @massimobottura on last night's @jimmykimmel here http://t.co/AaCWoEG4r0 it's funny! http://t.co/2br1QpTr0w
Retweeted by Nat Foremanfantastic Tillmans in @fantasticman @Phaidon @MaureenPaley http://t.co/8hDdoPlMIS41 years on, the real Emily with the real Bagpuss at last night's Art Of Smallfims book launch. She still loves him. http://t.co/i0zwU4tlR1
Retweeted by Nat ForemanTakes a lot to impress a roomful of jaded artists, but these guys managed it @4CornersBooks @Raven__Row! http://t.co/a3vtSOb4GH
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@jennylinford whoops yes. will bring the book with me on Saturday@jonnytrunk i think we all still love Bagpuss!, and the book is so great, just want to bunk off work and look at it all dayand it was a pleasure to be at @Raven__Row with Bagpuss, Peter Firmin, Stewart Lee @jazz_age_alice and @MireilleFauchoni defy anyone to see 'the art of Smallfilms' by @4CornersBooks & not fall in love with it. http://t.co/fYwa00T7WL
I'm looking for some quince around #Thame... Anyone have a tree in their garden? Will trade for cake!
Retweeted by Nat ForemanEat like a king: a guide to where to eat in @kingscrossN1C: http://t.co/cRzyIC1BV8 @caravankingsX @GrainStoreKX @thegreeklarder @dishoom
Retweeted by Nat ForemanIf you’re at #Frankfurt @Book_Fair, go browse @staedelmuseum’s €34m subterranean art space http://t.co/W4N4WBmMr8 http://t.co/okmhsKtzOA
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@SpruethMagers @FriezeMasters looking forward to it. lovely imagesThe tumblr for Cattelan @MyriamBenSalah show in #Turin is amazing http://t.co/tt61XQhOLc. Yet another reason to go for @ArtissimaFair
Retweeted by Nat ForemanSpecial event DZ London Sat, Oct 11, 11AM: Kerry James Marshall conversation w/ DZ Senior Partner Angela Choon RSVP: http://t.co/9HlFpMWxeL
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Agent Dale Cooper returns for one more slice of cherry pie! @David_Lynch to direct nine-episode series of Twin Peaks http://t.co/inFr3hl7fT
Retweeted by Nat ForemanRetour annoncé de Twin Peaks en 2016 sur Showtime. 9 épisodes écrits par David Lynch & Mark Frost, réalisés par Lynch http://t.co/wEcX5Cg0u0
Retweeted by Nat ForemanQ: Why do people from the 21st C still wear a Stones logo from the 20th C? A: http://t.co/kOsSiC0GOu @johnsonbanks http://t.co/hgahyHwqQQ
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBOOK NEWS: Excited to have bought rights to Javier Marias's new novel THUS BAD BEGINS (Asi empieza lo malo) http://t.co/HFsEQxfi0O
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBallerinas, AK-47s, bats .. what's not love about Marcel Dzama on ArtSpace @davidzwirner http://t.co/SCJlTNDuTT#1001restaurants @Octopus_Books features many well-dined contributors around the world - among them @wyahaw @Gastro1 http://t.co/IrHnfZNtth
Retweeted by Nat Foremanhelpful summary of what to expect at the Liberal Democrat Conference via BBC News: they'll say "vote for us, we've got these policies"
and er, @Suzbooks i actually know, have a great w/end tooyo @suzfowler47 have a great w/end x@jazz_age_alice @PenguinUKBooks i am wel jel and you are wel read! what are your current favesWIN tickets to #ShootingSpace author Elias Redstone’s show #ConstructingWorlds – RT & follow @BarbicanCentre by Mon http://t.co/11394gFB0q
Retweeted by Nat ForemanDon't miss rare opportunity to see Yoshitomo Nara's seminal drawings all together @DairyArtCentre, until 7 Dec. http://t.co/ORWRb6HTQp
Retweeted by Nat ForemanCompetition time! We're giving away all of this week's brilliant new books. RT to win, closes at 4pm. http://t.co/AHFpkIIGVC
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWedgwood collection "saved for the nation" after reaching its £15.75m target in a month http://t.co/W9tjpbD3Zt http://t.co/1HN3aCxQfu
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Sign up for our Friday Poem and be in with a chance of winning 4 brilliant poetry books this #NationalPoetryDay https://t.co/PgHo4tIPsr
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@SpruethMagers @FriezeLondon @FriezeMasters Great line up! thank you#HansEijkelboom on his clever conceptual street photography @Sartorialist @kesselsKramer http://t.co/JZbOald1ir http://t.co/kDvgrsnzib
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWe've joined @instagram! Follow @wallpaperguides for snapshots of #art, #architecture and #design from the world's most intoxicating cities
Retweeted by Nat ForemanPodcast: Gilda Williams discusses how Andy Warhol went beyond Pop Art, and Omar Kholeif critiques the Berlin Biennale http://t.co/DvbDK66Of8
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@SpruethMagers @FriezeLondon @FriezeMasters what will you be showing for your first Masters stand?We’re looking forward to be exhibiting @FriezeLondon and for the first time @FriezeMasters. Less than 2 weeks to go! #Frieze #art #london
Retweeted by Nat Foremanthis tweet is dedicated to all the things that have never been recorded in any way,for they exist just as much as everything that has.
RT to win 2 tickets to see the #FaberNewPoets at the @McrLitFest plus a set of their new poetry pamphlets http://t.co/Zd8Mtk4nMT
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
. @itsnicethat: An invitation into the magical world where Bagpuss was born http://t.co/kRUFwf2a2b
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
loved 'How To Be Both' by Ali Smith so much i read twice in a week. tho' somehow i feel like it was the book that was reading me @FiveDials
People wearing similar “normcore” outfits on the same day http://t.co/F4o6btF1yt http://t.co/DA8QOSUKvq
Retweeted by Nat ForemanDenim, fur coats, flannel shirts and so much more http://t.co/mZBp7og1kz @Phaidon #PDNPOTD http://t.co/tpugOKhM22
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@BFI My Neighbour Totoro@_BookClub @panmacmillan #InternationalTranslationDay "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis' by Giorgio Bassani, translated by Jamie McKendrickLego, bricks, Snowden, Native Americans First look @aiww's POWERFUL Alcatraz show http://t.co/09jvzMlj0a #AiWeiwei http://t.co/u5ESTvrYZM
Retweeted by Nat ForemanElias Redstone introduces the powerful relationship between architecture & photography http://t.co/P1Uf2Zu30W @BarbicanCentre #ShootingSpace
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNY ART BOOK FAIR: Susan Howe and R. H. Quaytman wish i could go to this
Caption the below photo of #morrissey to win a Meat is Murder CD from @rhino_records + http://t.co/8qT8sJxU7m http://t.co/4JYbrmftCY
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@TalkTalkCare many thanks. pls use mobile for updates after around 6, i don't have the internet at home. best Nat@TalkTalkCare thanks, leon, have done so, hope you got it okay@TalkTalkCare no, i don't have a corded 'phone. when i pick up my landline phone, it just sounds crackly.@TalkTalkCare it says Oops there was a problem loading the Service Centre, please try again or if the problem persists try again later."@TalkTalkCare thanks Abbie, have tried that 3 times, doesn't work. best, Nat@TalkTalkCare my home land line isn't working, there's no dialling tone, when people call, they just get an engaged tone. based in LondonOpening @BarbicanCentre today: 'Constructing Worlds' feat photographs by #StephenShore, #EdRuscha, #AndreasGursky and #BerndandHillaBecher
Retweeted by Nat ForemanShooting Space in The Guardian "you'll never look at architecture the same way again" http://t.co/s0fDgW6Uqk'The Nakeds' opens today @drawingroomldn with work by #RosemarieTrockel and #GeorgeCondo http://t.co/ifLQ9kagKb http://t.co/v815hI2vUx
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Sometimes destroying books is good! Find out more this Sunday @TheLABF with @ArtReview_ Art Director John Morgan http://t.co/N04on4ABxS
Retweeted by Nat Foreman'Visual art fused with the participatory and performative' - Theaster Gates on his 'Black Monastic' @Interviewmag: http://t.co/pbeauu8Xh1
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@jazz_age_alice just read about more her ... what an amazing life. and what an amazing woman http://t.co/O2IExUFsBbCOMPETITION win £250 worth of @Phaidon books via our facebook page: http://t.co/e76kDE42j8 #21stCenturyArt #Phaidon http://t.co/8XfN22Hr20
Retweeted by Nat Foreman2 copies of @Phaidon's The 21st Century Art Book' to give away. Complete this survey on #spectralondon to enter draw http://t.co/xB19M71AjQ
Retweeted by Nat ForemanYES! DIS will curate the 9th Berlin Biennale! #berlinbiennale #2016 #bb9
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@DISmagazine wow congratsTickets are still available to see #StephenShore in conversation with Gerry Badger @BarbicanCentre | 7pm, 26 Sept http://t.co/HMLHiAkOle
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
SEPT 26: #StephenShore in conversation with #GerryBadger at @BarbicanCentre about his work in Constructing Worlds: http://t.co/dA16ub7BSD
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNEW #EliasRedstone, co-curator @BarbicanCentre exhib #ConstructingWorlds talks Princen Wentworth #ShootingSpace http://t.co/HE2MKFTvXi
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
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