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Born on the planet Ziböd, came to earth some years ago, settled in England as it had no super heroes at the time. I have cosmic powered knees.

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RT by 5pm for the chance to win Julie Verhoeven's great cover design for 'Against Venice' from Pushkin Collection http://t.co/miiYD7ui7a
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@exitthelemming @AntiProfessor @Sadlers_Wells they must mean 'ghost'one good thing about being of one very few in the office today is that the lift stays exactly where you left it, like an obedient dog.@furcoat well Goblins are better than Trolls
@jazz_age_alice thank you for the thought tho' x http://t.co/Dx4AVZgUDN@jazz_age_alice very kind. miss you and have been meaning to say hello. but sadly no. 'women in clothes' however or Nairn's London or ... xxOur new batch of guides has been released. Perfect #StockingFillers for the design-savvy traveller in your life http://t.co/5DYinKIdyl
Retweeted by Nat Foremanwhat a beautiful day to go to @KERB_ in @kingscrossN1C not that i've got a hangover or anythingHow Christmassy. Beautiful choir on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral http://t.co/tdoIDttsuz
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News: Hannah Rothschild Named Chair of National Gallery in London http://t.co/Aw02ES7uON
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWe're excited to announce a new job opportunity @OpenSchoolEast find out more here: http://t.co/VqZJbothrB
Retweeted by Nat ForemanJanet Flanner wrote the best reportage on Paris and wore hats that could never be considered normcore. http://t.co/STJ0MQ4sxp
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@4CornersBooks so jealous! much better than the one i gave himUn livre à offrir pour Noël? --> Art et thérapie, de @alaindebotton et John Armstrong [@Phaidon_Paris 35 euros]. http://t.co/cjFvpkK3rB
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Anyone in Peckham/South or East London know of any studio space that will be available in the new year? Please help xxxx
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@BFI Grand Master Flash Gordon
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@BFI good god no. even The Man Who Fell To Earth is more moving.
@chocolatieruk @jennylinford 'retweeted'? resweeted!@LauraTovell @axrenton goth burgerRT @magculture: Fine advice from @TheWeek: 'In the unlikely event that you don't receive this email, please check your email Junk inbox.'
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colour photos by Danny Lyon of New York City Subway passengers from the 1960s @Phaidon http://t.co/Knd7tcdRg0Cairo's Egyptian Museum goes back in time, restoring 1902 building to its original condition http://t.co/bisk1JuIPj http://t.co/wKXGF7I9oS
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@panmacmillan @NigelSlater variety is the spice of diet. nice to see @janehornby there too @PhaidonFrom our friends @StackMagazines 1. Go to http://t.co/419BE8Nlkk 2. Use code FRIEZE14 3. Get 10% off a year of amazing mags 4. Tell everyone
Retweeted by Nat Foremanme neither went to gig last night, had bought ticket but was put on guest list. they sold it and gave me the dosh. spent it at @dirtyburger
the reddest envelope i've ever seen. http://t.co/p5ITeGyLBm#Herzog fans! RT to win 2 tickets to hear Werner Herzog in conversation. Fri 16 Jan, London http://t.co/hp6UUlAhmW Closes 10pm today!
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@TheArtNewspaper perhaps the Dobby/Putin franchise banned it@dirtyburger TAKE FAT.@walrusmagazine @MargaretAtwood that is totes amaze bags!!@BrutusWatts @AntiProfessor Dropscotch. hey Farage, you go firstPhil. Phil again. Phil better. #BeckettreviewsGenesisalbums
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@DesignMuseum well tailored pages @wallpaperguides @PhaidonToday is your last chance to win this #WomenFashionPower inspired set of @wallpapercityguides http://t.co/O4VAU8b5A0 http://t.co/ACHFovxFxS
Retweeted by Nat Foremana birthday card for Peter Firmin, thanks for a great talk @jonnytrunk @WaterstonesPicc @4CornersBooks @jennylinford http://t.co/ui7nKFFznR
New York, you have been Private Eyed http://t.co/Vke8WtxFND
Retweeted by Nat Foremanhttp://t.co/CW3an6jm7H #SaveSoho
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@FiveDials @WIRED i can't wait. also think it should make a great chrimbo present for novelists David Mitchell and Ali SmithJe considère le mystère de la conscience le mystère des mystères - Michel Bitbol. #EliassonFLV http://t.co/gDO51nuqAr
Retweeted by Nat Foremanmm loving these Linzer Cookies thanks so much @janehornby [ps i DID share them ...] http://t.co/17HI0VDLAXEdison factory fire & the end of wax cylinder recordings - talk at British Library today 6pm http://t.co/AviUrPgdHH http://t.co/T7QiIR3ON0
Retweeted by Nat Foreman'If Le Corbusier & La Baker had done it in a Flanders motel': read a fake book review from today's half price title http://t.co/wW3sjUYt9H
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@Howtosuz read issue number one and then decide Comic Book Review - Bitch Planet #1: http://t.co/phyOBESlPT … #handmaidstale@janehornby @estherwalker i love this piece. happy baking everybodyTonight, 7.30pm, @swelephant_cafe don't miss the first Poetry Inquisition with @underwood_jack and @KofTheTriffids: http://t.co/DeGVznfb7A
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBreaking art-as-diplomacy news: Jenny Holzer commissioned to create work for new US Embassy in London, in stone and online, for 2017
Retweeted by Nat ForemanLondon Fields Brewery owner Jules Whiteway arrested http://t.co/0Kknw44BXf via @hackneycitizen
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@annyleshaw can we go the opening together my favourite Polke dot
excited to hear about new version of Richard McGuire's 'Here' @PenguinUKBooks are you too @MsRachelCooke http://t.co/bIpFxXlIEKvia @NOWNESS: Curator Elias Redstone on feted architectural photographer Iwan Baan http://t.co/IsSwolhpjt http://t.co/QkotrqoQZ1
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@GalleyBeggars A Girl is a Well Read ThingSALE! Why? We love wrapping goodies + we want to make it easier to ignore Amazon this Xmas: http://t.co/Jw49nmu5w1 http://t.co/afCrfDJnJh
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@Raven__Row so excited about this ... that i am lost for wordsCurator Elias Redstone on the groundbreaking Iwan Baan http://t.co/u15Koi1csn http://t.co/vbVQAMQK6K
Retweeted by Nat Foremanenjoy yr first day @hsharpehsharpe http://t.co/l9QejF3QEy@underwood_jack This is the first and only time / That i have used this kind of rhyme.@Emileejanetombs shame. still at least via Stack you had plenty to read. get well soon
@StackMagazines @hollycatford hey @Emileejanetombs saw this and thought of youFreebies! RT @hollycatford: I can't go to the @StackMagazines event this evening, two tickets going for free if anybody would like them?
Retweeted by Nat ForemanFind out why an audience member called this video work by @benedictdrew 'a banger' at the #Extinction Marathon http://t.co/m2uTVgvpsc
Retweeted by Nat ForemanSo very excited about all the events coming up at Raven Row over the next six weeks. #PlasticWords http://t.co/39HK4oxowD
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@amandaeliasch @AntiProfessor it is in Singapore as referenced in this song by Shonen Knife https://t.co/Whz6rtda5YCall for Papers! Goldsmiths Poetry Festival 7/8 May 2015 - Deadline 23 Jan 2015 http://t.co/DjDmsTfvBc @underwood_jack @WetBlackBough
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@MsRachelCooke @DandQ @JonathanCape @fantagraphics @BloomsburyBooks great to see national newspaper xmas books list open with graphic novelsMy best graphic novels of 2014 http://t.co/8pXJYfzNby with hon. mentions for @JonathanCape @DandQ @fantagraphics @BloomsburyBooks & more
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@harrietrjbaker @Margiela don't even think of myself as being 'into' shoes/boots [well i do wear them tho'] but these rockAnyone else? http://t.co/YN1G7uMuhg
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@Phaidon @bdbarcelona CF Robert Mapplethorpe's portrait of Louise Bourgeois. a different journey to a similar place http://t.co/uzdhNQfV9HBreastfeeding mothers are welcome at Caravan and can sit wherever they like and feed however they like! http://t.co/e0lZerAjKA
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBefore there was #parkour there were the Night Climbers of Cambridge (c1930s). #pioneers Images via @americansuburbx http://t.co/hIETUC9d2Y
Retweeted by Nat ForemanRECREATE the joy of having a teenage son by moving an orang-utan into your house & teaching it to play ‘Call of Duty’. (via @owendixon9)
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
@JenniEdgecombe @Hatchards his name may have been writ in water but he liked a glass of wine@jazz_age_alice maybe there should be a prize each January for any prize award that anyone can actually remember from the previous yearThe view from Beirut: @thecartonfood on the beginnings of an independent publishing scene in the Middle East http://t.co/396DfgHemM
Retweeted by Nat ForemanUm... did anyone at the Cambridge Literary Festival pick up my reading/annotated copy of H is for Hawk? *bereft*
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@olafureliasson @Tate http://t.co/aNywDm1xYZLast week's Fruit Bowl story caused a stir. Stallholder Sally Keable and Mark Selby from @wahaca give us the latest: http://t.co/7EporTl3aY
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@BFI this film is an absolute joy from beginning to endCompetition time! Retweet to win a pair of tickets to see Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes http://t.co/PyUcygTrgD http://t.co/6JT2TDXV5b
Retweeted by Nat ForemanAudio's Lament. http://t.co/UgftKlUiQ3The kid who shot the video of Eric Garner was indicted. The police officer that choked Garner to death was not. You can't make this stuff up
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
Look at 'The Famous Dutch Woman'! Courtesy of the amazing @thegentleauthor & @BishopsgateInst http://t.co/JgKjlOSS8t http://t.co/syBPciW1l7
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBobbie Gentry Week – Day 3: Behind the Photograph of Bobbie Gentry and Cheryl Crane http://t.co/LbeRRYFDer
Retweeted by Nat ForemanAnd the ginkgo leaves have dropped. http://t.co/1XegM3yHGY
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@john_overholt @AntiProfessor that's my Christmas card list sorted@NOWNESS http://t.co/rAxJOveEpPIt's not late capitalism, it's early digital.
Retweeted by Nat ForemanRT @msbeckyinnes: Top of my Christmas list: http://t.co/HCLMV1Ckp4 - oh, and a chocolate biscuit machine for mice http://t.co/V2kX6BQxj7
Retweeted by Nat ForemanFamily Dinner. A Placemat for Hannah @hsharpehsharpe http://t.co/pTraqUuqJCChristmas Off Message http://t.co/HkChMQ9QEh
Announcing our new associates for 2015: http://t.co/X5gvb744JB
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"Words and utterance and magic and power, all tied into one centuries-old knot." A new interview with Ali Smith: http://t.co/AHnY7mJ9UJ
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@bryony_gordon @jazz_age_alice CF question asked on C4 after Turner Prize ceremony, 'why so many winners from Glasgow, few from London'Visit @DesignMuseum on Instagram tomorrow, for another chance to win a set of @wallpaperguides http://t.co/O4VAU8b5A0 http://t.co/GeoWSBIAd2
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@SarahGPerry @GalleyBeggars so agree. as i understand it, homo sapiens began in what is now North Africa. everyone else is an immigrant
The new #JosephKosuth show @SpruethMagers is beautifully hung. Quotes from Freud and Beckett become neon sculptures. http://t.co/CSusihAFDq
Retweeted by Nat Foremanbest Christmas lights in London are by Joseph Kosuth at @SpruethMagers who knew!Sofia Loren .. http://t.co/7fzLNJWItT
Retweeted by Nat Foremana beautiful weird haunting melancholy mountain range of musical joy @dominoapi http://t.co/laTPBtj99u
@wallpapermag has good taste. @massimobottura book from @Phaidon in their November food picks
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