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Sen. David Vitter to Loretta Lynch:Why Did No One Go to Jail for Laundering Money to Terrorists? http://t.co/DL6a39EmDO #TCOT #TGDN #PJNETLoretta Lynch's Nomination for AG Post Moves a Step Forward: http://t.co/D5S1heN9Qa #JustSayNo #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR#Benghazi -smoking gun. Far worse than Watergate. Will #Liberals dare face it. @nytimes @washingtonpost @TIME http://t.co/81KfXSUeR1
Retweeted by NouvelleTomorrow the FCC votes on 332-pages of regulations no one has read because they've been kept secret from the public. http://t.co/B4hz2wT8RR
Retweeted by Nouvelle@DarrellIssa @JoyKeller1 Our gov't, which couldn't operate #ACA website, or find LoisLerner's emails,decided they would command the internetGovernment regulation will improve the internet just like the DMV “improves” your driving experience. Like the IRS “improves” every payday.
Retweeted by NouvelleHillary Top Aides Knew from First Minutes Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack, E-mails Disclose http://t.co/MXgA21MmPJ http://t.co/lcyeRRLYM1
Retweeted by NouvelleBoehner to House GOP: Reject Senate DHS Cave http://t.co/WeRHUPOr0H @instapundit @SaysMissy @AlexisinNH @Rockprincess818 @ksteven37 @LeahR77
Retweeted by Nouvelle.@McConnellPress bill is not clean. It is dirty in that it allows Obama to continue defying the law #defundAmnesty #DontShutDownOurSecurity
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Keep up the pressure to Defund #ExecutiveAmnesty! We need 112 signatures in the next hour to stay on track. Add yours http://t.co/o0nsoG8Zgc
Retweeted by NouvelleUse Senate Nuclear Option: @MarshaBlackburn I agree @SenatorSessions. Senate should pass a #DHS bill that blocks O's lawless #amnesty. #TCOTI agree @SenatorSessions. The Senate should pass a #DHS bill that blocks Pres. Obama's lawless #amnesty. http://t.co/aD1aDXEBIY
Retweeted by NouvellePres. Obama is not a king. He said it himself! Click below to tell your Senator to Defund #ExecutiveAmnesty now: https://t.co/oNvYrdv0LA
Retweeted by NouvelleGeorge Mason Student Govt Rep Removed For Tweeting He Opposes In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens… http://t.co/USnCk9xM5L
Retweeted by NouvelleO, the Constitutional Scholar,doesn't understand 3rd grade Social Studies: SchoolhouseRock: How a Bill Becomes a Law: http://t.co/jVZecCyDaoSchoolhouse Rock: How a Bill Becomes a Law: http://t.co/dHQdm8W8E5 via @youtube
Retweeted by NouvelleH&R Block reporting that more than half will have to repay Obamacare subsidies http://t.co/gbcsUqThE4
Retweeted by NouvelleObama is a social engineer not a lawyer. http://t.co/pa7vE72hSt
Retweeted by NouvelleCurrently reading Sen. Ted Cruz: Loretta Lynch 'Will Impose No Limits' on Obama http://t.co/xvyXcvmsLl
Retweeted by NouvelleHomeland Security Secretary: My Job is to “Give Voice to the Plight of Muslims” - Freedom Outpost http://t.co/HVVptPCf0m
Retweeted by NouvelleWatch @mcuban’s surgical takedown of net neutrality: http://t.co/VuFAuHXW0H http://t.co/0q21vnj6af
Retweeted by NouvelleRepublicans: Freed the slaves Democrats: Freed terrorists http://t.co/rT4GEKehGv
Retweeted by NouvelleObama said he wants to raise your gas prices & provide more money to terrorist countries w/ his #KeystoneXL veto http://t.co/mFyG0DnGft
Retweeted by NouvelleNo! Reject Loretta Lynch. She is as partisan as Holder: @RepJeffries It's time for Senate to swiftly confirm #LorettaLynch as our next AG.UNBELIEVABLE! As #Liars Dems Filibuster: @Call_Me_Dutch Must pass a clean funding bill & keep DHS open.Let's be constructive,not obstructiveAs the #LIARS Dems filibuster: @RepDanKildee W/all @HouseDemocrats cosponsoring bills to fund DHS, it's clear bill would pass if GOP allowedToday #KeystoneXL hits the President's desk. RT if you agree that he MUST act. #TimeToSign http://t.co/ag2jbCSpxJ
Retweeted by NouvelleTime is running out for Senate Democrats to stop their filibuster of Homeland Security funding. #FundDHS http://t.co/PI4qgQzCyM
Retweeted by NouvelleBe sure to join tomorrow’s immigration town hall with POTUS & @jdbalart. You can tweet your ?s using #ObamaTownHall. http://t.co/RKNGVwPHJ3
Retweeted by NouvelleIn response to my inquiry about rehiring formerly fired employees, the #IRS simply refuses to admit its mistakes http://t.co/ATmtXGMoAY
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenSanders Why can't you have a conversation without lying? GOP PASSED a DHS Bill, & the Dems FILIBUSTER it. The GOP WANTS TO PASS THE BILLFACT: The president's own State Department, says #KeystoneXL will support at least 42,000 American jobs. http://t.co/AxuCgfoHRz
Retweeted by NouvelleIf Pres Obama vetoes #KeystoneXL, he’ll be turning his back on: Unions Democrats Science Small biz Majority of Americans
Retweeted by NouvelleMembers of ISIS aren’t “thrill seekers” or “adventurers," @JohnKerry. They are Islamic extremists. http://t.co/oolDzhqHJ1
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenatorBoxer Please follow our laws, and ask #Immigrants to apply for citizenship LEGALLY. I there are no laws, there are no laws.@RepRodBlum @RepJBridenstine Thank You for rejecting Lynch. Please ask Senate to use Nuclear Option to reject Lynch AND pass House DHS Bill.Joined @RepJBridenstine and other colleagues to call on the Senate to reject AG nominee Loretta Lynch: http://t.co/vS0Rps61N5 #IA01
Retweeted by NouvelleEXPIRATION DATE, REACHED: Senator Obama: ‘Irresponsible’ For FCC To Vote On Rules Unreleased... http://t.co/ofs7lvkRlt via @instapundit
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Illegal Change: @SenFeinstein Californians who did not know about Health Ins. requirement can sign up until April 30 http://t.co/or7BWFxqA8Once again, Senate Democrats chose President Obama’s executive amnesty over funding the #DHS
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenRandPaul Use the Nuclear Option to pass DHS Funding.@RepDougCollins Tell Senate to use NuclearOption to pass DHS Funding. Holder asked SolicitorGen to Stay Hanen's Stay: http://t.co/3Qur0AXiODSenate #Democrats, including eight on record against Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty, are refusing to... http://t.co/UBGIXVMn6b
Retweeted by Nouvelle@RepMaloney @NickKristof #Agree. Obama should stop paying women in WH less than he pays men. He is SO unfair.@SenSanders Hmm..House passed DHS Bill,Senate can't vote on it b/c DEMS filibuster..and you say Repubs are holding DHS hostage?! #Liar #Liar@McConnellPress Please use Nuclear Option to pass DHS Funding. Holder asked Solicitor Gen to Stay Judge Hanen's Stay: http://t.co/3Qur0AXiODSenator McConnell Offers Bill Restricting the President’s Recent #Immigration Overreach http://t.co/syjkNa28mx
Retweeted by NouvelleFederal Internet takeover is not what America wants. FCC should make proposal public to get citizen input: http://t.co/mpQrwyWHeF #IA01
Retweeted by NouvelleThe #KeystoneXL Pipeline creates jobs, builds the economy & stimulates earnings. It’s #TimeToBuild. RT if you agree! http://t.co/YgP7Tr5Mkg
Retweeted by NouvellePres. Obama stated 22 times he has no authority to issue #ExecutiveAmnesty. RT if you agree! http://t.co/0JS46yi6mz http://t.co/w1aFxPSehn
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenateApprops @SenatorBarb #DefundAmnesty
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenateApprops @SenatorBarb Why are Dems filibustering funding for DHS!? STOP FILIBUSTERING and PASS THE BILL!Join me and @CondoleezzaRice at this year's Women's Conference. Learn more and RSVP here: http://t.co/l70S8lhSlP http://t.co/vGaA8nsJS4
Retweeted by NouvelleIt appears Senate Dems are more interested in protecting the President's illegal #immigration executive action than protecting the homeland.
Retweeted by Nouvelle@RepHuizenga Please tell Senate to use NuclearOption to pass DHS Funding. Holder asked SolicitorGen to Stay JudgeHanen's Stay on Exec.Action.@thehill reports "DHS shutdown draws closer as Democrats block funding bill" #Truth #tcot #reality http://t.co/FL92kJpsWm
Retweeted by NouvelleWe need to stop EPA's aggressive overreach to keep @AZGandTCoops' Apache Generating Station operating: http://t.co/GUWSJoq4iW via @SVherald
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenJoniErnst Please use NuclearOption to pass DHS FundingBill. Holder asked Solicitor Gen. to Stay JudgeHanen's Stay.http://t.co/3Qur0AFHX5Senate Dems block debate on HS funding bill for the 4th time. Clearly putting their political agenda ahead of our safety and security.
Retweeted by Nouvelle@KellyAyotte Please use NuclearOption to pass DHS Funding.Holder asked SolicitorGen. to Stay Hanen's Stay,in effect ALLOWING O's Exec.Action@SenRandPaul just kill the 60 vote requirement. Fight fire with fire
Retweeted by Nouvelle@SenRandPaul Holder asked SolicitorGen to Stay Hanen's Stay.If Senate passes clean DHS Bill,SolicitorGen.'s stay could ALLOW O's exec.action@SenRandPaul Please use Nuclear Option on #DHS Funding and all other bills that come before the Senate. #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAARRepublicans must stop Pres. Obama's lawless power grab. Sign your Defund #ExecutiveAmnesty petition now: http://t.co/WDd86F4Erw
Retweeted by Nouvelle@ImmigrationGOP (DOJ)EricHolder asks SolicitorGen. for Stay on TX JudgeHanen's Stay on O's Exec. Action: http://t.co/3Qur0AFHX5 #TCOT #PJNET@ImmigrationGOP Holder has asked Solicitor Gen. to Stay JudgeHanen's Stay on O's Exec.Action on #Immigration..which would ALLOW Exec.Action.@ImmigrationGOP Ask Senate to use NuclearOption & pass DHS Funding. Holder has asked Solicitor Gen. to Stay Hanen's Stay, aiding Exec.Action@RepMarkTakano Please ask the Senate Dems to stop filibustering the DHS Funding Bill, so the Dems don't shut down Homeland Security.@JohnCornyn Please use NuclearOption,& dismiss filibuster, to pass House DHS Funding Bill.Senate could also use NuclearOption on other billsDemocrats block fourth attempt to advance Homeland spending bill | http://t.co/wyNrt6oFqD http://t.co/l4mCtHsKoO
Retweeted by Nouvelle@greta I FEAR< If GOP passes clean DHS Bill,Obama's Solicitor Gen. will stay Judge Hanen's stay,thus fully implementing O's Executive Action@greta Thanks,Greta!You always do a great job!You reported Holder asked SolicitorGen for a Stay on TX JudgeHanen Stay http://t.co/3Qur0AFHX5@ericbolling @edhenryTV @gretawire Is this a picture of what happens after the #WHCD or after the election? http://t.co/LsBZOdWQfz
Retweeted by NouvelleHillary was the first Birther: https://t.co/HT5iZ316cl https://t.co/1QuhltqP9r #Dems #Liars #Hypocrites #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAROscar Ratings Collapse 14%; 80 Million More Tuned In for Super Bowl http://t.co/WJQ2FrqMQO #media
Retweeted by NouvelleGOP To Investigate Climate Data Tampering By NASA http://t.co/OkDjiXWR7e #Hoax #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange
Texas Governor to Sign Bill Allowing "Open-Carry" of Firearms: http://t.co/d4aLOUshTF #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #WAAR #NRA #2A
Democrats BOO GOD At Convention: http://t.co/BS7mCiNRgM via @YouTube #ObamaLovesAmerica as much as #Democrats love God.
Retweeted by Nouvelle@kingsthings What did you think when Obama called Bush "Unpatriotic"? #HypocriteStark Reality :) @PoliticalLaughs: Live Free or Die. Death is Not the Worst of Evils. ⇒ http://t.co/ewOF4zrA4t #TCOT #TGDN #PJNET #CCOT #2ART if you support our troops! http://t.co/JhRPqC3hRf
Retweeted by Nouvelle@Ledamaae @xkr99 Because you can't fix stupid. http://t.co/y0COUg37VV
Retweeted by Nouvelle@Lrihendry @DorAnnCecil Exactly! Our gov't puts 'We The People' on TerroristLists, but when Giuliani similarly refers to O,the MSM GOES WILDYou might be a liberal if you got more upset with Rudy Giuliani expressing his opinion than you were about Christians being beheaded.
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'It’s past time to drop the fiction that the Clinton Foundation is a charity' http://t.co/ZG5qfA5TQm @KimStrassel @WSJopinion
Retweeted by NouvelleClinton Foundation Donors: https://t.co/OLeUa9hspu Includes Foreign Countries. Taxpayers' forced to give Foreign Aid, recycled to Clintons.State Spokesteen Marie Harf Wrote Thesis on How Conservative Support for Israel Complicates US Foreign Policy:... http://t.co/mI95DbxEO0
Retweeted by NouvelleFrom Monica's family to her twitter followers: http://t.co/jMLrWNzpjv #BossyMonica
Retweeted by Nouvellehttp://t.co/8mIFAJH6lV
Retweeted by NouvelleUnconstitutionsl.Congress makes laws: @RepLloydDoggett HHS granted..uninsured.. w/penalty,opportunity to #GetCovered: http://t.co/ugMfpbAEq0A federal judge blocks Obama's amnesty, probably after reading Obama's earlier admissions about its illegality http://t.co/zWDImxa3ok
Retweeted by NouvelleOK Congress. Lets build the fence. NOW! Enlist in our army at http://t.co/oSPeY4HzNT. Patriot central. http://t.co/tbJCJynutO
Retweeted by Nouvelle@nytimes @ElephantNews Why didn't MSM criticize Obama when he called Bush "Unpatriotic"? ...because MSM is #Biased? Yes. Yes. Indeed. #Bias.@Walmart Is Giving Raises. How That Shows the Market Works - via Mitchell Tu http://t.co/UATmwP5ViA
Retweeted by NouvellePls repeal #ACA & implement #FairTax: @repdonyoung ...tax preparers & #IRS taxpayer advocates 2 discuss complications filing taxes under ACARepublican lawmakers investigate White House net neutrality push by @GrantGross http://t.co/cv5jXfOtdi via @computerworld
Retweeted by NouvelleThe House acted to pass a bill to fully fund the #DHS & to stop unlawful amnesty actions it’s the Senates turn to act http://t.co/6ZDCqXtAtU
Retweeted by NouvelleIf ISIS all had jobs and committed acts of terror, would Obama say it was just "Workplace Violence"? #FtHoodShootingWasActofTerror
Retweeted by NouvelleWe are 86 signers away from reaching our extended #AuditTheFed petition goal! Sign yours right now: http://t.co/jxlnX0pCOh
Retweeted by Nouvelle
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