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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Don McLean was asked to explain what the song 'American Pie' meant, he responded with, "It means I'll never have to work again.."
Retweeted by Jennifer™Why context matters. Indiana religious freedom law compared to other states. Thank you @GeorgeTakei #BoycottIndiana http://t.co/DQFyvbGokN
Retweeted by Jennifer™Because THIS. RT @Lorithebrave Sunday naps though.Fabulous weekend w/my babies & Mom. Great Sunday school class this morning - resurrection eggs were HUGE hit. Need another day to this wknd.
There’s your shot-clock violation. Tie game. Kentucky ball. 33.6 seconds left. I’m going to marry this game on a mountain.
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If you didn't hear, WVU legend Hot Rod Hundley passed away this evening http://t.co/ZYAYQbzUPl http://t.co/UO22idelvv
Retweeted by Jennifer™Coloring Easter eggs with Gigi! @ Waggmore Manor https://t.co/7kwN8l6XS8Time to go get my grandma on! Baking funfetti cupcakes with my girl in 3...2...1...So grateful that the only power Twitter "pundits" have is all in their own minds. 'Cause damn, Skippy. LOL@HoytGlazer That's a "hole" lotta chocolate. LOL*I hate typos. Especially my own. **Corrected and tweeted again. #LOLKirsten Gillibrand. Cory Booker. Amy Klobuchar. Elizabeth Warren. Jim Webb. Mark Warner. Tim Kaine. Sherrod Brown. O'Malley. Hickenlooper.@pnuts_mama Meh.I like Hillary. But she lost her shot. Don't think she'll ever be Pres. Sort of wish she would quit blocking the sun, let the future bloom.When your co-worker Favs something you tweeted and you realize you need to shut this puppy down and get some stuff done! LOL #HiMeagan.@csmonitor Can it really be called suicide at this point? Isn't "mass murder" legitimately more accurate?"You don't vote like I do? You're a psychopathic monstrosity!" Really? LOL Bless your heart.Honestly don't understand what people get out of a life spent being nasty online. What is the appeal of bashing and belittling all day long?Put him in! Craig T. Nelson to return as 'Coach' after 18 years http://t.co/T5HRLJsZCr http://t.co/igefuGGeS5
Retweeted by Jennifer™@BeingHolli But how many people think to carry that through in legacy fashion? I give you due props. You also made me think about my will!ICYMI: Former UNC coach Dean Smith leaves each one of his former players $200 in his will. » http://t.co/xC4yHCX0I4
Retweeted by Jennifer™@BeingHolli Also, well done, you. :-)@BeingHolli Yeah, right?!Two words. Ok, wait. Three words: Congressional term limits.Happy to see Reid go. Not for reasons many are citing (good grief the loathing. so early in the morning!), but b/c he's been there too long.Would like to think I have it in me to give away everything I in the name of nurturing a better world had I a fortune to donate. Do I?<3 RT @HuffingtonPost Apple CEO Tim Cook will reportedly donate his fortune to charity http://t.co/DW3i1AwaPUAnd also, it's the weekend. Grand-babies safely ensconced in my house. Half day of work, then Jen is all play. :-)Good morning, twitters! I thought maybe the sun would fail to rise this morning. But it did not fail. It's there! Behind the clouds!Got leftover #ThinMints? Use them as the crust for this #nobake #cheesecake. http://t.co/VxCvsagRIt #midnightsnack http://t.co/hXVLUjwxjJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™I have the Irish winning in one bracket and UK winning in the other. That match up should be a interesting one on Saturday.Welp...#Sweet16 game was ugly but a great season by my Mountaineers. Future looks bright again #InHuggsWeTrust. That UK team is scary good.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Mountaineer forever. Love the blue & gold. This team WILL be back next year. #WVUIn October, no one … and I mean no one … would have expected this team to make the Sweet 16. Staggering it happened.
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The Mountaineers will play Villanova in the Women's NIT Quarterfinals on Sunday, March 29 at 2 p.m. #HailWV
Retweeted by Jennifer™The only thing better than the blue sky and warm weather today in Morgantown would be a Mountaineer win tonight! #wvu http://t.co/R9f4gUExs0
Retweeted by Jennifer™@RodeoKnits LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I had no idea that number was still in service.Pretty bad that someone who does the time & temperature @ 3445111 for 50 years decides to take a week of vacation & people give them grief.
Retweeted by Jennifer™People counting WVU out haven't been paying attention. Shock the world, baby. AGAIN. #WVU https://t.co/KpAxCcCcb2Welp. There goes the high hopes I had for Mike Pence. That didn't take long. :-(I Believe @WVUBasketball http://t.co/0SUHuKj6y2
Retweeted by Jennifer™@cmdeb I'm guessing the same forces that gifted it w/ Palin, Cruz, Beck, et.al. That's one gift horse I wouldn't mind punching in the mouth.@cgoodwoman :-)@cgoodwoman My daughter has an amazing eye!My babies are coming to visit today! I'll have them for three whole days. Cannot wait. These guys are my heart. http://t.co/XUEQsjN8cRHappy Birthday, Robert Frost! Here’s a recoding of him reading “The Road Not Taken.” http://t.co/bJhQK6VNWz http://t.co/HK2aVlFofT
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@RobertSBoone !WVSU & WVU have applied for Charleston to host a presidential debate in 2016 - story coming soon
Retweeted by Jennifer™@iboudreau LOLOLAlzheimer's is the most expensive disease in the U.S. Tell #Congress to invest in research. It's time to #ENDALZ! http://t.co/mUGN6EWJJvI am so blessed, it's scary. Taking a moment to remind myself to strive to be worthy of it.
I don't think we, as a people, say "ooo-de-lolly, ooo-de-lolly, golly what a day," enough.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I have never seen the X-Files. Would this count as a #WVConfession or a #PopCultureSnobConfession?Party Like a President: Vignettes of debauchery from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. http://t.co/nm5LEgYr1x #longreads http://t.co/olwAi2AN3h
Retweeted by Jennifer™I'll be there! Will you? #NatBookFest2015 #MostWonderfulTimeOfTheYearWho you'll see at #NatBookFest15 on Sat Sept 5, Washington Convention Center http://t.co/tJyCpLolFN
Retweeted by Jennifer™Stupid issue of the day: Clinton "dynasty" begins & ends w/ Bill & Hillary. The Bush "dynasty" is already deep into 3rd generation. Next.Today the @alzassociation's 2015 Alzheimer's Disease Facts & Figures report was released. Find it here: http://t.co/wwQdm5vowJ
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@bitmapped @ABC BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Before #Clueless, #MeanGirls or #10ThingsIHateAboutYou, there was... http://t.co/1W4xbRllYO
Retweeted by Jennifer™How did I not know this existed before today? #Obsession #ItsMoreThanTheNameOfOverpricedPerfume http://t.co/0CIqLIdj5gJustice Kennedy is talking about solitary confinement right now before the House, saying it drives a person "mad." http://t.co/HIAhHepdFg
Retweeted by Jennifer™Life is better with a dog. #NationalPuppyDay http://t.co/kcLMzAWPX4
Retweeted by Jennifer™RT this: You can take 3oz alcohol nips on US flights in a qt-size clear bag #ExpediaInterns http://t.co/Dg8QEGM3XK http://t.co/4SgRujynji
Retweeted by Jennifer™The epitome of grace. Miss Mo'ne is going to do great things in her life. Already is. http://t.co/ATfRscZOSx"USPS is so inexpensive, in fact, Fedex actually uses U.S. Post Office for about 30 percent of its ground shipments" http://t.co/Dx9GgTz954
Retweeted by Jennifer™Do yourself a favor & download @thenation's beautiful & brilliant 150th special issue. It's free! http://t.co/8nQT76vl8A
Retweeted by Jennifer™Ringling Bros. is ending elephant acts. Your move, SeaWorld http://t.co/upEQDAduje http://t.co/vxB8NiEa1O
Retweeted by Jennifer™Jeffrey Eugenides Imagines His Favorite Dead Writers Together at a Dinner Party http://t.co/IZgWRN75z9 #quotes http://t.co/fJBanOj7w3
Retweeted by Jennifer™French officials order extraordinary measures to curb heavy pollution http://t.co/xCrf9MTDzZ http://t.co/YwpaoejhL4
Retweeted by Jennifer™😵RT @OpenBookJen: Four different tweets with four different ramp-related recipes. I have never eaten a ramp. #WVConfessions
Retweeted by Jennifer™Was minutes away from boarding bus with all my gear on, but stepped away at last minute. Thus, never been whitewater rafting. #WVConfessionsI've never visited the 'Mystery Hole.' #WVConfessions cc @Candace07!! <3 RT @MargaretAtwood B.C. mountie in 'most Canadian photo ever' had no idea it would explode online http://t.co/erdi8gvdKxFour different tweets with four different ramp-related recipes. I have never eaten a ramp. #WVConfessions
Join us for @WVUfootball's intra-squad football scrimmage on Saturday, April 18th! #HailWV #WVUFootball http://t.co/8YzhFFkFHQ
Retweeted by Jennifer™#PressVirginia wins!!! It’s a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be! http://t.co/F2ribsQzJ6
Retweeted by Jennifer™@MeaganShelton It's the best. Drew and I used to take Henley there for breakfast when we babysat. Teddy bear pancake for the win! :-)@MeaganShelton SO JEALOUS. Bring me home a Ted's pop tart! (Anything but brown sugar/cinnamon.) LOLWV's Ken Hechler was lone U.S. congressman at Montgomery march | The Herald-Dispatch http://t.co/zPlMveZfCGUp by one going into halftime! RT if you are cheering for the MOUNTAINEERS! http://t.co/Ssi405l7m0
Retweeted by Jennifer™@ASourAppleTree You are so sweet. LOL But no. I am 51. And proud of it, dammit. #YOLO@DJCharlieBlac @LaurenLMcGill So...it may be entirely possible that I'll be the only one in the theater. More popcorn for me?@ASourAppleTree I am technically a Boomer, although I never relate to that label. But yeah. I hear ya, sis. ;-)@DJCharlieBlac Nitro! It's the 30th Anniversary and they are showing it special. :-)I have 4 tickets to see 'The Breakfast Club' on the big screen Thursday night. AND NO DATES. I cannot be the only one who loves this movie.Gregg Marshall: "I'm pretty sure Wichita is on fire right now." #Wichita 🔥
Retweeted by Jennifer™And the Mountaineers are on the floor warming up. Plenty of #WVU and Maryland fans in attendance for this one. http://t.co/xFChziI8ci
Retweeted by Jennifer™You really do get back what you put out in the world. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon. And for the rest of your life.It helps if you're not predisposed toward hatefulness and intolerance toward people who aren't cookie cutter images of you.One stray tweet or FB post can ruin your life, even if only temporarily. "Think before you speak" has never been more relevant.You're making me homesick, @KinShipGoods. Congrats on your cool business and all your success! http://t.co/xtWFfK6KKJ http://t.co/cg6LpEOpUg
Retweeted by Jennifer™Today's Sunday school lesson was on the prayer in the garden @ Gethsemane. It's my very favorite Easter lesson. Plus: SPRING! #ThyWillBeDoneThe models of “American Gothic” stand next to the painting http://t.co/FaoOvYZEmB
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So powerful. || Lead prosecutor apologizes for role in sending man to death row http://t.co/fFlwChfrpN via @shreveporttimes"The greatest week of my life." Ron Hunter breaks down during postgame press conference. #MarchMadness https://t.co/hGoA4hhhLy
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@Libraryninja25 @helgagrace Here's a starter list. http://t.co/c2GlouhzEX I am particularly fond of "a shush of librarians."Basketball Team Refuses To Play Against Another Team For Most Incredible Reason http://t.co/FGPWxB34ql *shakes fist at @MtnLaurel *Democracy is a brutal thing, man. Damn. http://t.co/DXcKrGjUkH
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