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Basic #Parenting Tips from Expert Parenting Consultant & Psychotherapist @TinaBryson: http://t.co/NIay4WfHcq http://t.co/z5DrfXRCky"The fantasy bond is a defense that allows us to feel as if we’ve joined with another person." http://t.co/VqHpbap4HjBullying and Beyond: How to Stop Violent Behavior in Children http://t.co/AQpu3Zp5FfHow to Tell If You're in the Wrong #Relationship http://t.co/iqJGhCZ7zQ via @PsychAlive #Intimacy #mentalhealth
Retweeted by PsychAlive"The truth is, the closer the relationship & the better the choice we’ve made, the more pain we can expect to feel." http://t.co/xRtbv6vgzh
Stop Playing the Blame Game to Improve Your Relationship http://t.co/zvaIGhBXXxDeception: The Real Villain Behind Relationship Infidelity http://t.co/fI4Bam0s92Stay in Love by Staying Out of Fantasy http://t.co/NsxhPWrA3qAre You Sacrificing a Perfect Relationship for a Perfect Wedding? http://t.co/XxLcatwQEv
How to Be a Mindful Business Leader http://t.co/WfeQ5a7wJOKids develop better executive function when parents take child's perspective, support autonomy, teach problem-solving http://t.co/EpM5GstaHh
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow To Be Assertive While Keeping A Kind Heart http://t.co/7Z0uP3FJcD"Anger can lead to #depression when, in attempting to suppress it, they turn it on themselves." http://t.co/SX3xErmU1sDr. Dan Siegel: How You Can Change Your Brain http://t.co/kCi1x6a2Iz
How to Be Your Own Couples Therapist http://t.co/nqtWzpBw4bHave we gone too far with technology? http://t.co/7NStXVkGIl"Being aware of primal components in your feelings helps diminish their intensity and defuses overreactions." http://t.co/0TgIjo58CiHow to Tell if You’re in the Wrong Relationship http://t.co/vpnIFEioLg
Making Love Last by Learning to Love http://t.co/llRj9Z7irYAre you feeling #depressed? Read about 8 ways to actively fight depression and begin to feel better quickly! http://t.co/5sOJHa2C5qWant to stop #procrastinating? This article offers some great tips for getting started. http://t.co/pEdXKiUKc3
"#Millennials are more likely to value money, image and fame over community, affiliation and self-acceptance." http://t.co/cb9Kk7oCGmWhat #Love is Not: http://t.co/0ouvh2gHSn
Learn the warning signs of suicide, so you may help save someone's life: http://t.co/vdxYzYRGvrWhy We Feel Insecure and How to Challenge #Insecurity: http://t.co/ai79G7ueEDAre You Sabotaging Your Relationship? http://t.co/BxUBbs5cGr
Being a good therapist and being a good parent require the same skills http://t.co/rfAb0LW2lv"Unfortunately, we cannot selectively block out pain without also blocking out joy." http://t.co/czKn1bMqG5Wondering how you can maintain your independence and sense of self in a relationship? @DrLisaFirestone has some tips: http://t.co/Lro5v11jDN"How we feel about ourselves determines how we treat those around us and vice versa." http://t.co/xo4q1dab91
A Child's First Encounter with Death http://t.co/ywe43HEjh5How To Tell the Difference Between Real Love and Fantasy http://t.co/Nsmmd9pHYl #love #relationshipsCreating Meaning by Facing Our Mortality http://t.co/0eP8Ft4bgd
Five Tips for Maintaining Lifelong Friends http://t.co/LdidYFpWz9Cell phones trigger in the brain the same spike of dopamine as gambling. No wonder we are so addicted to our phones! http://t.co/M1sJMyhSitAll Hands on Deck: How We Can Help Someone Who's Suicidal http://t.co/9znXwY6cMV@PsychAlive - Mental Illness/suicide took my brother TenYearFundraiser: 4/15/14-2024 donate to NAMI https://t.co/1fVOuDBssg thank you!
Retweeted by PsychAliveThe Difference Between Social Anxiety & Shyness http://t.co/rdNNvQCuOj
In honor of #MartinLutherKingDay, ask yourself what you can do for others today. http://t.co/cXIcwR6tBk"We cannot numb pain without numbing joy." ~@DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/1mh3VAD0q8"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within." ~James Baldwin http://t.co/onUmjUzX2EAre you really in love or do you just like the security of being in a relationship? Find out here: http://t.co/ET0PZtQQcJIt's not too late to sign up for tomorrow's Webinar '6 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love' http://t.co/gmhqVIzex7Do you always end up in the same lousy relationships? Here's how to start making better relationship choices: http://t.co/RzQOE5sgeT
"Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood." http://t.co/YAJbVKmFkq"When I was a teenager, I realized that most people were living as though death did not exist." ~Dr. Robert Firestone http://t.co/1Ubp0jznNTRead about how to stop being a human doormat! http://t.co/B8629YXLJ2
"It is valuable to stay in the present moment and not allow our reactions to be based on our past." http://t.co/GT3BBRg4jI"It's not you, it's me" What is the truth behind this excuse? http://t.co/UvQiQGxTLM
Taking Control of Happiness by Debunking Misconceptions of Happiness http://t.co/lMI4nNndBE“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.” Robert Louis Stevenson http://t.co/3sFuyxoeNMSelf-Esteem vs. Narcissism by Lisa Firestone http://t.co/ncty7Q8X3Y
"Studies are now showing what many of you may have suspected: We are living in an increasingly narcissistic society." http://t.co/1RNHJ0PMwf6 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love - A #Webinar with @DrLisaFirestone Jan. 20th: http://t.co/lvtHp5m9BPHere are some ways to stay yourself in a relationship: http://t.co/3jT1hussxgScience shows that true love can last a lifetime! Here's how to keep your relationship exciting throughout the years: http://t.co/DyGgDuSVx6Why You Keep Winding Up in the Same Relationship http://t.co/lE1lkHRLcA
Identifying & Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder http://t.co/fEEvU7o6gCBecoming Your Real Self: Shedding the Baggage of Your Past http://t.co/HwXuypHHjJ"Students who were more involved with Facebook were more likely to think other people’s lives were happier & better." http://t.co/6IjOOutbMmYou Don’t Want What You Say You Want http://t.co/PuiYIpaNRz
Read about how to make friendships last a lifetime: http://t.co/BgEUQsjcp8Identify patterns, challenge ur defenses, feel ur feelings & be vulnerable. MT @PsychAlive: Overcome The Fear of Love http://t.co/1Lbk5b2KNv
Retweeted by PsychAliveWhat Happens When You Give Up Your Phone for 3 Days? - http://t.co/ekiGfj5RUN via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive"Our overall outlook on life and what we expect from it has a lot to do with how we handle challenges. " http://t.co/PgKCLRykU3"In essence, mobile phones are changing the way we relate to others and indeed ourselves." http://t.co/eqAnO1W2wrWhy It Is Good For You to Feel Negative Emotions http://t.co/7665s1N3cBSign up for this WEBINAR with @DrLisaFirestone: 6 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love http://t.co/prynJ6FWtk
"We must always be aware of how we select, provoke and distort our partners to fill roles that recreate our past." http://t.co/KR6QoBrHn8How Negative Thoughts Can Hinder You From Living Your Life - http://t.co/d4g1gVUaaj via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow to Fix a Relationship http://t.co/RF6Plm9IIZ"Mindfulness is an incredible tool to help people understand, tolerate, and deal with their emotions in healthy ways" http://t.co/Xgvgxfb545@PsychAlive Being generous of spirit connects us to humanity and provides opportunities to be mindful. http://t.co/0o0hUYjKXx
Retweeted by PsychAlive"What Happens When You Give Up Your Phone for 3 Days?" by @TherapyInLDN, (PsychAlive's newest blogger) http://t.co/LPfHaJqjC1Taking Control of Happiness by Debunking Misconceptions of Happiness http://t.co/n3KRUxpSG1
"Once you know what you want, you have a destination, and you can set course in that direction." http://t.co/UGQOKwPSbTTop 8 Ways to Protect Your Kids Online http://t.co/WhWLzaEFLbThe Benefits of Generosity http://t.co/ITyOkVFRfr
"Change is rarely linear; there are twists and turns." http://t.co/O89ZGsZCJr"Differentiating from the negative influences and identities from our past allows us to become who we truly are." http://t.co/jal6l5WalC
5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Love http://t.co/F1uKQeOjpjFive Ways to Avoid an Infidelity http://t.co/4HwkSRkTcv"We shouldn’t be rating ourselves, we should just be ourselves.” ~@DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/bwpf3PcdZ2
What is Mindfulness? A thoughtful definition from Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn --http://t.co/epwhjop0YrHow Mindfulness Can Save Your Relationship http://t.co/yfFWScjNSv"The important thing to remember is that change is a process, not just a single action." http://t.co/tGcNLZ9OeAAre you concerned about someone you love? Visit our suicide prevention advice page: http://t.co/Xn46gdPLmP
5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of #Love http://t.co/TBrJfUKpbe7 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love - Webinar with @DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/7ctZiWpM7nHow Negative Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life (and how to STOP them!) http://t.co/rw9aHBiqvV"Narcissism should not be confused with high self-esteem." http://t.co/ESAwbPC5vm
Mindfulness is "paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment non-judgmentally as if your life depends on it." http://t.co/JaUIwrfgcuWhy Do So Many People Respond Negatively to Being Loved? http://t.co/CizlVOJ1ZB5 Achievable Resolutions for a Longer, Happier Life http://t.co/C1KnN2vqAq #newyearsAs #parents, asking ourselves these questions is fundamental to raising our children in a digital age: http://t.co/MAKZ2DlmZ3
"Self-worth is about who you are, not about what you do." http://t.co/LFeP50M5xOIs Your Technology Use Hurting Your Kids? - PsychAlive http://t.co/tBTSeSU04a5 Simple Steps to End Any Fight http://t.co/lZrcJk8z23Check out PsychAlive's upcoming 2015 Webinars: http://t.co/ObQdszdRIf
"It requires courage to remain in the present & to live fully despite your finite existence." http://t.co/UClAtr5kJX http://t.co/jbl8yStwfi
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