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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman looking for her last muse: artist, writer, musician, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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Awww... #BREAKING: Mitt #Romney will announce Friday that he is not running for president again in 2016 via @POLITICO
@KathrynBruscoBk *sticking out my tongue*the priceless maggie press is out! http://t.co/OdSz7kEKCC Stories via @RCdeWinter @Bennyvessey @bmangh
Retweeted by RC deWinterTY Maggie! @MaggiePriceless the priceless maggie press is out! http://t.co/U2G7G0dJ73 Stories via @RCdeWinter @Bennyvessey @bmanghOne of my all-time most hated @AnOldLefty I was so afraid you meant this. Looking glass; Brandi you're a fine girl http://t.co/Z6UjbH9EsX@AnOldLefty that song is on my top 10 list of most hated of all time@AnOldLefty better !@Pharaon47 @KathrynBruscoBk xoxo Arthur... You rest up and get well@_pascuzzo thanks tweetheart!@AtheistGOAT my pleasure ;/)@Pharaon47 @KathrynBruscoBk Feel better Arthur, we know we're both fabulous! *grin*@AnOldLefty it's way too cold for that, give me some brandy!Music! RT @AtheistGOAT Hey, I rerecorded my song on a new channel https://t.co/11l4oARgDS@JanePea94 thank you, #WiseWomanWarrior@AnOldLefty thanks for sharing the snippet, Gomez@_pascuzzo Hi Suzanne, hope you're having a great evening, thanks for sharing the snippet@KathrynBruscoBk Hey writer, thanks for sharing the snippet, hope winter is treating you gently.@olson_hill enjoy the warmth...you deserve it@wildthing404 I was Shakespeare. How fitting...LOL! Which person were you during the Renaissance? http://t.co/vpVu5O29frI was Shakespeare. How fitting...LOL! Which person were you during the Renaissance? http://t.co/vpVu5O29fr@42Gallery42 hope you're warmer than we are here, btw...and thanks for sharing the snippet@42Gallery42 *grin*@trapdinawrpool waving hi, thanks for sharing the snippeti guess this is it stranded forever alien i'll die here the mothership never returned ~ RC deWinter@olson_hill Waving hi from snow-covered, windy, frigid Connecticut, thanks for sharing the poetry Sandy, hope you're warm and toasty
#poetry #SupportTheArts "quadragesima" i used to love lions but i'm giving them up for lent (cont) http://t.co/JRrjgRLqxs@Gallaecian nothing surprises me about New England weather anymore@Gallaecian yep...never got the huge winds, but lots of snow and frigid temps@wildthing404 @tspj22 @bhutton48 I got orange too@wildthing404 @tspj22 @bitecharge ambitious... And how true, I am old and I am ambitious@wildthing404 @tspj22 @bhutton48 Mine is silver...I got silver on the soul color test too...consistent@wildthing404 @tspj22 @bhutton48 overdramatic talented honest naive@ZOsaze that really sucks... Why don't you tweet Twitter support publicly and ask for help? I know they have a presence here@ZOsaze I guess Emmy-winning sound engineers don't countPLT& Artvilla.at http://t.co/h68StjQC6k featuring @NWpoetlaureate @RW_Haynes @RCdeWinter @robinmarchesi @zayrayves @nordettewrites @valca85
Retweeted by RC deWinterThank you @PoetryLifeTimes @NWpoetlaureate @RW_Haynes @robinmarchesi @zayrayves @nordettewrites @valca85PLT & Artvilla.at http://t.co/h68StjQC6k featuring @valca85 @RCdeWinter @robinmarchesi @Jacksonpoet @pinkyandrexa
Retweeted by RC deWinterTY @PoetryLifeTimes: PLT & Artvilla http://t.co/HhGui5wQUH featuring @valca85 @RCdeWinter @robinmarchesi @Jacksonpoet @pinkyandrexa@99ermikeb Mike, if I was going to magick up a storm, it would be snowing money...LOL
@EL1421 most kind, thank YOU@apaulothirteen I run on caffeine, sugar, and fat...lol@apaulothirteen ;-)@EL1421 Hi Ed, thanks for sharing the snippet, have a great nighthot coffee smoking nightshade sitting in winter wind and contemplating mortality fuck it shower time ~ RC deWinter@WayneASchneider thanks Wayne, so far so good, we'll see when it gets really wild@AnOldLefty you bet, painting, writing, drinking CabernetFor all you film junkies: 82 mind-blowing movies facts you probably didn’t know http://t.co/AIMsyAxF9z@BermanJ1 Thanks JayHeads up, you "Christians" who work to disenfranchise the poor! http://t.co/oUcNYf4FaQ@The_book_girl now that's desperate! LOLThe wind is definitely picking up, swirling snow flakes into miniature tornadoes #blizzard #Connecticut http://t.co/EfWed734vi@ZOsaze stfu@ZOsaze at least she's making money, I wish I were@ZOsaze write them again!!!@ZOsaze our forecast: HEAVY BLOWING SNOW/BLIZZARD CONDITIONS/20" TO 30" WITH/LOCALLY HIGHER AMOUNTS ESP ACROSS LONG ISLAND & CT@ZOsaze wish to hell I was in Jamaica!@ZOsaze do me a favor, when you talk to Vivienne, tell her I loved her comment on her portrait on FAA@ZOsaze have you been reading my poetry, or weren't you able to?@ZOsaze *rolling my eyes@ZOsaze i'm sure that's the only reason you're following me *grin*Our current forecast: HEAVY BLOWING SNOW BLIZZARD CONDITIONS 20" TO 30" WITH LOCALLY HIGHER AMOUNTS ESP ACROSS LONG ISLAND & CONNECTICUT@ZOsaze and you ain't following me?@ZOsaze hey baby!@fraterfrabato LMFAO@dmahan77 It's too cold for beer, get the brandy@annmariepoli ;-)Sigh... http://t.co/SpN1P7KZjAAs someone once told me, logistics are a bitch. http://t.co/pdH5Y1UeW4As it should be, always... http://t.co/UzCZBQjDytHeads up, those of you who work to disenfranchise the poor! http://t.co/oUcNYf4FaQYard sale http://t.co/MOYCZRruV3It happening, big time http://t.co/X6bLSYAsKjI'm writing my autobiography one poem at a time. ~ RC deWinter@berkel1975 waving hello from about-to-be-buried in snow CTWho's brave enough to try? To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This http://t.co/FgiESkuTyP@EnigmaNetxx I'm down in Norwalk at my cousins, with central heating, thanks tweetie@dorisatkinson I'm down in Norwalk at my cousins, with central heating, thanks DorisHeads up New England - LMFAO! RT @PeskyJski - http://t.co/bVklxbbNlHThe blizzard is coming, the blizzard is coming! http://t.co/1AfSGNXyAX
@Viking60 thank you@BarbaraNGeorge I think there are many of usThe slippery slope: Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in #Florida Keys http://t.co/lHWoQIVZ2wI have this problem...I either say too much or not enough.Do.Not.Laugh. (ROFLMFAO) http://t.co/0JMjnXHmhIThe latest slippery slope: Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in #Florida Keys http://t.co/lHWoQIVZ2w@JoeKoffee I try, Joe, but often fall short. Thank you.My pleasure @PhilVideoguy @olson_hill @afaduln2 @zaswadosaze @JoeKoffee @wildthing404 @iabiker @dansden @bhutton48@afaduln2 @olson_hill thank you, my friends, for your encouragement and support@BrianBlues @RCdeWinter If premiums just cover costs & not profits then a 25¢ aspirin wouldn’t cost $17.00 at the hospital.
Retweeted by RC deWinterA for-profit healthcare system is a death panel by definition.@WILLYGinPDX @Bshep9Will http://t.co/ADnbjcuzql "The U.S. infant mortality rate is higher than those in most other developed countries..."@WILLYGinPDX @Bshep9Will we have the highest healthcare cost because most of the civilized nations of the world have universal healthcareAmerican Exceptionalism? You tell me. http://t.co/PATB4N7uXcStupid defined…and unfortunately it applies to so many. http://t.co/uI26RJoFIH✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ If you have recently FOLLOWED me & want a FOLLOW-BACK let me know by TWEETING me to request it. TY!@geoff9cow @1blackwolfrd @tinajaneb33 Thanks for sharing the snippet and #SupportingTheArts@BoonieKane Hi Beckie, thanks for sharing the poetry, I appreciate it@RustyBrown47 :-) surely not, Rusty@idavec isn't it though?Poetry Lifetimes is out! Via @PoetryLifeTimes @RobinOuzman @Aberjhani @nordettewrites @RCdeWinter @PoemTrees @5wa http://t.co/wDbFyFAvWw
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