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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman with a passion for the life of the mind & the body: artist, writer, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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@Jackthelad1947 enough! I'm an arachnophobe...lol@Jackthelad1947 just looking at the picture made me jump@Jackthelad1947 aren't they poisonous?@Jackthelad1947 I'm told huntsmen are indigenous in Port Phillip...lol@Jackthelad1947 I think it will be a grand adventure, although I'm not looking forward to your palm-sized spiders@Jackthelad1947 I am looking forward to it immensely@Jackthelad1947 no, and I can't believe I am coming there... Lol@Jackthelad1947 yes indeed@merlinskis naturellement@Jackthelad1947 not that far I'm sure ;-( We are supposed to be going into the outback though@Jackthelad1947 landing in Melbourne 11/7 in the morning ... Staying in Port Phillip@BremnerClan http://t.co/Zi9morBy61@TLB8275 republican ideologyBeen there, done that. Didn't work then. Wouldn't work now. http://t.co/CtGiLewrE4@Jackthelad1947 did I tell you I'm going to be in Oz for 6 weeks? ;-)@StormyVNV http://t.co/H4Knf9rmbHIn other words @GREATGAETANO heed her warning>>@RCdeWinter @creekbear http://t.co/l4xLAYEcfS
Retweeted by RC deWinter@MarcIntheOC my pleasure, Marc, blessed be.@mad_cyclist I have no idea. A for-profit healthcare system is a death panel by definition.@NichollsJill that tooFind what you love and let it kill you. ~ Charles Bukowski Why not? May as well die smiling…Killing off the poor … It's a #GOP thing http://t.co/oNF9Fz6c0xIf women stand together we are invincible. http://t.co/cpTSl8KWxYEnd #CorporateWelfare http://t.co/pTV5eNnyuPThe choice http://t.co/HUlK8V0ePQWhat writers do http://t.co/7ORet0QwdA
Samhain blessing 7/7 http://t.co/7eBTSmL05y
Retweeted by RC deWinterSamhain blessing 6/7 http://t.co/P7BH3C5R6Z
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Retweeted by RC deWinter@MarcIntheOC http://t.co/JYWPlh0cl9@notagentsmith close enough for jazzHalloween twister! http://t.co/1g7SWw5u5x@notagentsmith http://t.co/pyNnX3l1X2@Blake_Tindle all righty then http://t.co/nfg9NIrx4hBy the way, if you follow me and I haven't followed you back and you want me to, please tweet me and let me know that.@CuomoElia @shirliegledhill http://t.co/dC9rmGueNi@jamynott that too@thinker128 @rcooley123 @TheBaxterBean @bjs5555 @CuestionMarque @LOLGOP @quickmissive @InaMaziarcz @CogitoErgoSam1 http://t.co/ZT9qdj24xK@francie57 @wildthing404 http://t.co/CrdK0qVSg6@wildthing404 tell you what, I'm going to make a cup of tea and then I'll call@wildthing404 I wish I had some wine@wildthing404 have to get brave enough to crawl out from under the electric blanket@wildthing404 *sticking out my tongue* http://t.co/i6F7PacOhL@brokenwing2005 TY tweetheart http://t.co/6JXjQgOq18@Jodette7 TY baby http://t.co/Oir5Kq1T91#DontBuyTheLie RT @winterthur #GOPlies #GOPliars #Sandy2Years #VoteBlue http://t.co/8a0c7gWKhG@winterthur http://t.co/fjRYGGEZMtI told you I was dressing up as myself for Halloween. http://t.co/i8KrXN1Uqh@winterthur http://t.co/29hPqwbbXl@LosewSlawa @sasha031 @bannerite @zaswadosaze http://t.co/Vm61Jjr4t5The difference... http://t.co/5fx72OXGpA@bannerite thank you Pat, i'm glad it spoke to you. http://t.co/p4wvsvisfu@DeeAndee7 blessed be@GREATGAETANO @creekbear You would be well advised not to poke this tiger tonight@DeeAndee7 http://t.co/an0VKPZJoLIf you continue to trash Democrats, even Blue Dogs, mercilessly, you're helping Republicans win. Can we afford another 30 yrs of this shit?
Retweeted by RC deWinter@PirateWench xoxoxo I will be visiting with my late son in a little while, when the veil is at its thinnest xo@83Celt xoxoxo Always appreciate your encouragement, thank you again@VlanTrunk waving from damp chilly Connecticut http://t.co/W148IX923b#poetry #SupportTheArts "speculation" do i wander naked exposed in your dreams? i wonder (cont) http://t.co/zLU6jahFD8FYI and apropos of nothing... http://t.co/e7IUDXjVkaAn asshole! http://t.co/HkVJ61xNRu@83Celt thank you for sharing the poem, blessed be http://t.co/V84Dj4bhXA@Viking60 ;-)#poetry #SupportTheArts "no more tears" people paper me in words words of praise commiseration sometimes even love http://t.co/LEYmnfK9uaI'm writing my autobiography one poem at a time. ~ RC deWinterHappy Halloween, #trolls! http://t.co/HYnVeACrTAUh...like Walmart & McDonald's? http://t.co/fhc2jBqxtPSage advice. Laughter will enchant me every time. http://t.co/QqOLVeqhp3*Today* never believe your fire must dim as you approach infinity burn brightly right to the end ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/9VWLWJnTRUStory of my life http://t.co/S013ddZZfD@Viking60 thanks for sharing the latest poem, I appreciate it http://t.co/JR5ZmilE0Q@JoeKoffee That's why I don't waste too much time wondering, but it does cross my mind occasionally@JoeKoffee aw.... Sometimes I wish I knew where the ideas and the words come from, but I don't dwell on it too long@JoeKoffee and thank you for sharing it@JoeKoffee told U the muse was shaking my shoulder-shrieking in my ear-glad you like the way it came out. When she shrieks I drop everything@orange_parrot19 @wildthing404 you have no idea what my choir sounds like#poetry #SupportTheArts "my life as a book" the book sits on the library shelf old and battered and... http://t.co/kqIg82XWsG @bhutton48#poetry #SupportTheArts "my life as a book" the book sits on the library shelf old and battered and... http://t.co/kqIg82XWsG @afaduln2#poetry #SupportTheArts "my life as a book" the book sits on the library shelf old and battered and... http://t.co/kqIg82XWsG @JoeKoffee#poetry #SupportTheArts "my life as a book" the book sits on the library shelf old and battered and... http://t.co/kqIg82XWsG @zaswadosaze#poetry #SupportTheArts "my life as a book" the book sits on the library shelf old and battered and definitely... http://t.co/kqIg82XWsG@JoeKoffee @Froufrou42 LMFaO!!!! *poof* brandishing quill, is *gone*@Froufrou42 I hate to cut and run, but the muse is shaking my shoulder, you're going to have to pick @JoeKoffee up and walk him home...bbiab@JoeKoffee @Froufrou42 *watches as Joe's red spike fuck-me heel gets caught in a crack in the sidewalk and he goes sprawling face first*@JoeKoffee @Froufrou42 *goes hunting for a baseball bat* That oughta do it@Froufrou42 @JoeKoffee we'd better sedate Joe@JoeKoffee @Froufrou42 *rolling my eyes* http://t.co/skIbRQ5u7g@JoeKoffee @Froufrou42 I hate it when my poetry is explicated, because it is so personal a lot of the time and people have no clue@JoeKoffee @Froufrou42 shut up the both of you! LMFAO@EdithAbraham1 @GibberishBabble I don't subscribe to that theory anyway, we make our own gods@CLOISH :-)@winterthur that would be me...xoxo thank ya baby@JoeKoffee no clue... A lot of the published poetry I read is cold and clinical, mine might be too personal@Froufrou42 @JoeKoffee I always try to write in an authentic voice, but I do have many voices, thanks pal@JoeKoffee Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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