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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet Never knowingly over jolly E17 Resident Presently the calçotada whisperer

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Another ten minutes and I'll be asleep@lucyinglis are you VAT registered too?@stujfoster @jamesofputney and I find the 'one diet fits all' lobby disturbing.@stujfoster @jamesofputney it's like saying almond butter is healthier than milk butter. Not if it makes you go into anaphylactic shock.@stujfoster @jamesofputney no one is saying that it isn't real. What it isn't is the same for everyone.@stujfoster @jamesofputney also if they're American their wheat is so different now as to be incomparable to here@stujfoster @jamesofputney oh diet and healthy eating books and their sweeping statements drive me nuts,@stujfoster @jamesofputney which means as I said before, gluten free bread is more healthy for you. Not for everyone.@stujfoster @jamesofputney but that doesn't mean these things are more healthy for all.@jamesofputney so, ironically, I can't eat too many salads. . .@jamesofputney I have no gluten intolerance, but raw food isn't very good for me at all@jamesofputney well indeed. I am tired of well meaning people trying to tell me what is healthy..@jamesofputney you might just have an issue with the Chorleywood process..@jamesofputney gluten free bread is more healthy for you, if you have a gluten intolerance. . .@robinkelly1 unless you are run over by a bus. . .@MrHariCovert or if you aren't sensitive to gluten.I've just read one of those healthy diet web pages, telling me to try gluten-free bread for extra health.@garlicconfit @DanDoherty_ ha ha ha ha!@DanDoherty_ it turns water into wine, makes the blind see and makes the dead rise up from their graves.@DanDoherty_ because it's a superfood Dan and it solves EVERYTHING.Live cookery in the Tudor kitchens @HRP_palaces Hampton Court Palace this coming weekend
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@JonCG and I am doing the most interesting thing that has been done in the history of humanity . . .When men make a massive fuss and kerfuffle over something women have been doing for centuries http://t.co/uMIl9WIzP7@kplunketthogge @Gremkoska @fredhogge oh GAWD@Gremkoska @fredhogge shiiiiit@fredhogge 😱@fredhogge so from Bangkok??@AndreDang yup"Defying" the Taliban with literature festivals in Pakistan http://t.co/nefp4HCL9Y
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@StefanChomka gee thanks mini man.Dear Twitter, in the name of the wee man, WHEN do you get over jet lag????@TheCommonSpace oh GAWD@HRWright lovely. Nice to read you again@LadyofMisrule I don't think so, but the thing is those figures are still neglible apparently.@DrapersArms oooh thank you *looks wee*@DrapersArms ha ha ha! Can I come?@DrapersArms ooooh what date??@SueHLawrence @katehawkings @GuildFoodWriter oooh nablabs is the best . . .I assume Sam Leith was a hasty replacement for Hugo Rifkind on the News Quiz on Friday.@JLQuoVadis is in search of a Senior Chef de Partie/Sous Chef to join his merry gang.Please RT this fabulous opportunity + get in touch.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackAfter 2 years of sleepless nights. RT @SamBaker RT @thepooluk Stay in the loop, join #ThePool http://t.co/s3hYLBA3Oa http://t.co/s4PzdZzwhB
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@JonCG well we all need a bit of Satan now and then @SamBaker @thepooluk@JonCG @SamBaker @thepooluk but you know, even if I have, it might be fun.@JonCG @SamBaker @thepooluk I have no idea what this is, but as it's your wife I have signed up. I hope I haven't sold my soul to the devil@Mellisimo good idea, I shall phone themOoooh the Scottish male journos are having a wee tiff. . . Again.@SamCooksFood it's my Father's fast food go to and I forget about it too.@MarkDiacono ooooh sounds fabulous@MarkDiacono ahh but was it good?I had forgotten how much I like smoked haddock *smacks lips*Unannounced expansion of UK submarine testing range would ruin Skye and Applecross fishing economy. Powerful stuff: https://t.co/Aft2iTvnVk
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThat means @SpearsMagazine needs a new managing editor to join our fun team http://t.co/FcXOCjixkz Please RT
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Gargarin ewwwMarmite are doing rice cakes #shoppingupdate@sophiewillan @TheAlbanySE8 @Oli_Sykes89 hurray!!@sophiewillan @TheAlbanySE8 @Oli_Sykes89 fabulous !!@thomasblythe @Leilas_Shop thanksWhere can I get forced rubharb in E17 or nearby?Dear BBC, can we have the Great British Poetry Challenge next please?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@lemnsissay have fun!@TunWellsTurkey yup. Only them.So far this morning I've been offered an app to tell me which supermarket chicken is going to poison me. And good morning to you.
@waiyeehong @Henry_Leon oh it's much nicer than that . . .@Henry_Leon it's fabulous, the wine tastes almost bubbly.@SabrinaGhayour ouch. 9.38, going to bed. Jet lagged. . .@Henry_Leon it is a wonderful thing to do to risotto.@Henry_Leon the first time I made that for my Mother she looked at me as if I was an unknown creature descended straight from heaven@saffronandsalt you see!!! There's a market! *unblocks creativity and gets writing*@R_McCormack The 7 People You Meet At The Kirk Elders Meeting
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Kirsty_C All of whom know their place, UNLIKE YOU!@scotslarder exactly.@LaFlafster ha ha!@LaFlafster that's Anglican in both practicality and positivity.@jennylandreth well exactly.@AndreDang ahhh so THAT'S the problem@jennylandreth it's a bit unremitting.We would have self-help books like 'How to be dour and enjoy it" or 'You really are just an miserable sinner of no discernible talent'Am reading an American self-help 'unblock your creativity' book. Not sure Scottish Presbyterians were born for such relentless positivityMight as well shout out here. The very excellent Peter Geoghegan and myself are hoping to do events in run up to May GE. More later.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@sollyk they've lost it, haven't they?@ThanePrince amazing. Quick, but amazing.@ThanePrince that looks so well cut. There's only one place here that cuts nearly as well.March 2015 events at Boqueria - Calçotadas & Rioja Masterclass http://t.co/NXrgcJtwYI
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBig debate about the UKs future in London, hosted by the Welsh. All male panel and male chair. In 2015 http://t.co/qcOqfCrS32@holland_tom I know that's nothing to do with you who gets asked, but that is REALLY bad.@holland_tom whatever it's future it appears to be being made only by men. . .@GaryTomWilliams @loftspace no. Next question.@HRWright we give several tosses@SyrusLoweDown @philipdundas no neither did I. But the fresh food stalls will be the first to go.@philipdundas @SyrusLoweDown ha ha!My God @chefcalum can feed people well.@SyrusLoweDown @philipdundas I bet you any money that those stalls are impossible to sustain there.@NatanyaAbrahams @JamesRamsden_ I remember a friend's fury when it happened to her. She said it was constant.@ScentedForager do Cal Mac normally help people who are stranded in Barra for the night?@JamesRamsden_ from the sounds of it you got off reasonably lightly. But I'd be furious too.@JamesRamsden_ I've seen women on here discuss how much they are judged when they have babies. It is INCREDIBLE.Ouch. Poor old dad "@paulwaugh: Can't think who @hugorifkind is thinking of in his intro today. http://t.co/bNlSUCD18P"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@shetlandnight so glad that it was good xMutton Pies from @shetlandnight @Rochellecanteen last night. Pretty amazing. http://t.co/hWjFdzbQRG
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@sophiewillan ooooh yes please. X
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