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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet 95% chance of sarcasm, 100% chance of bleak contempt. E17 Resident

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@wfcycling @fabsternation @Kyle_Christie yes I do.Andrew Neil, Danny Finkelstein and Tim Montgomerie discussing the speech. Bloody BBC left wing bias.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackLovely Freudian slip from DC ... "young woman who wants apprenticeship, the child from chaotic homes ... these are the people we RESENT"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Thanecooks @lucyinglis loonies, all of them . . .@PeteBrownBeer yes, I am off to watch some fantasy TV prog as it will give me more reality than that shit.@suzanne_moore the rich waging it on the poor though.@lucyinglis @peter_watts shit, so do I.@lucyinglis it’s when they say it with a big smile on their face. I just want to say,”and yet you STILL want to be in the same room as me?”@cfjescott @SophiaGrene you never know what designers do and think.@cfjescott @SophiaGrene is that not a joke from Trainspotting?Also playing in Tory conference hall: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. "Let the world around us just fall apart"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackVery good she was too @shequeenSo @Shequeen was on the telly last night talking about democratic deficits in the media and wondering where NO grassroots movement was.
@NinjaWorrier I should indeed!@NinjaWorrier you’re back in Santander?Catalanes: si os expoliamos 16.000 millones al año y os prohibimos votar es porque es lo mejor para vosotros. De verdad.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@williamsonkev @IrvineWelsh a lot of it is posturing, on both sides, to see who’ll blink first.@Shequeen very good on ma telly Misses xxx@DavieGreig @_mozza_ Gordon Brown is on my telly telling me they are changing this promises right now.@loveandgarbage maybe Gordon Brown needs to make a bigger apology for his part in that vow.@DavieGreig oh they are utter lying bastards. I am not sure if Gordon Brown was duped or just panicked.@Schopflin ooh thank you!!@wfcycling @fabsternation @Kyle_Christie so far #Miniholland has just made walking more dangerous for me.@DanRebellato there’s also Podemos, but I think most of that is in Spanish, but there will be stuff,@Schopflin ‘Calvanist heaven, the place where everyone’s had their tea”@Schopflin nooooooo!! Really!! Can you photo that page and put it on here??@Kyle_Christie @GreavsieE17 problems with crossing the road and too much traffic when getting the bus.@Kyle_Christie @GreavsieE17 I live right next to it and have no car, i’ve not seen any more cyclists than normal. Just had more traffic >@Kyle_Christie @GreavsieE17 it’s massively snarling up the other areas, am now watchful as the drivers are really pissed off and fast@DainaChaviano es como la maldición China ‘May you live in interesting times@lsmntr vale, buenas noches.@lsmntr Mira lo que sé ha empezado en mi ciudad http://t.co/z5m3PLwFD8@winematcher @MelissaCole nice that all the replies from men are saying the same.@DanRebellato have you seen this? Ideas . . . http://t.co/z5m3PLwFD8@zoesqwilliams @annemariefeeney also I am small, so allowed. ;-)@zoesqwilliams @annemariefeeney I hope she’s tall as you can never trust a teeny Feeney.Pre-paid benefit cards are already used for asylum seekers. Hugely oppressive (unless you're Tesco or Asda.) Our church swaps them for cash.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AdamRamsay although the gender balance was shit. . .@AdamRamsay they did a really good balanced doc on #indyref on Catalan TV and a lot of Catalans were shocked at the balance.@AdamRamsay you’d be really shocked at both Spanish and Catalan MSM. Both are pure propaganda. Especially broadcasting.@AdamRamsay oh no it is utterly shocking, but there is a lot of manipulation at play on both sides.@danhancox You expressed an interest in a meet-up to talk about the future of politics! We now have a date! http://t.co/zQYvkrskUN
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackGordon Brown will be sending emails next telling us we've won 5 million quid but we need to give him 75 quid and a double nougat to get it
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@gi_nav ha ha ha!@AdamRamsay and I think they have pushed the Catalan people too far, and they’ve had enough.@AdamRamsay but the ruling PP are just feudal fascists.@AdamRamsay it’s a very big and complicated issue, a lot of the Catalan Govt’s action is opportunism and posturing.@gi_nav I had three bowls, #weefatbastard“This isn’t just a media that’s biased, it’s a media that’s useless.” Strong words from @bellacaledonia http://t.co/TEhIfOS2o8@eggsbened HURRAY!!!!@Thanecooks I wouldn’t.@PeatWorrier ah, but how do you pronounce scone?The Better Together timetable: 1. We make a vow. 2. You vote no. 3. We ask you to petition us to keep the vow. 4. Lol
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@MorenoWines @orfordsaloon @elxitxarelo it was great! Really good stuff, thanks.@Gremkoska a woman after my own heart@18kari I went urban foraging in Sainsbury'sThe 80s called, so I made cream of mushroom soup. God it’s good. No wonder old ladies in Garden Centres like it.So the people…should *petition* WM…2 keep a "Vow"…in the Daily Record…which encouraged No voters…2 relinquish the power…to decide anything?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThis is the main square in the small village Of Calella (via “@cupcalella ) http://t.co/NTaTwTPsKo@WullieTalksPish @CataloniaYes this is going to be an interesting Autumn.And the plaça de San Jaume is Barcelona is full despite the rain (via @ceskfreixes) http://t.co/q2luNpJl81So Lleida is happy about Madrid suspending the referendum #catalonia (via “@AlvarLlobet) http://t.co/PRWcJqnTFv@sturdyAlex @bemusedpuma @TheKevOrkian awwwwww xxxx@Huma_Qureshi ooooh. Congrats!! x@R_McCormack You expressed an interest in a meet-up to talk about the future of politics! We now have a date! http://t.co/zQYvkrskUN
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@sdenness2000 @BBCiPlayerRadio @govindajeggy am now listening, most amusing.Can we have a national day of peace & quiet from the Johnston family?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@OCompostelano exactly@OCompostelano we all moan about the BBC and how rubbish it is. . .It’s like one big long You and Yours. Only not as good.Listening to Spanish públic radio. Get down on your knees and WORSHIP at the feet of the BBC pals. It’s not good out there.@PauArenos ja ja ja. Como los ingleses poderosos aman a Escocia, en cuanto descubrieron donde esta.@ccDISCOBISTRO that the PR had given up for the day.My God a good comedy prog can change your mood. #smile@JoelJoanJuve watching #ElCracTV3 online in London. I’ve just fallen off the sofa laughing!@TPCookBookClub what time is it?@JWebsterwriter well a 300 year old aniversary is always special . . .@DanRebellato have deleted,@DanRebellato ah bollocks sorry.@JWebsterwriter hold onto your hat, it’s going to be an interesting Autumn.“@DanRebellato: @R_McCormack http://t.co/PtJsmp9txD” here you are @northsouthfood@DanRebellato brilliant!@HumzaYousaf ha ha ha ha! That has made my morning!@DawnHFoster anyone would think that they are a bunch of clueless c*ntsSo they'll punish you for not having a job, they'll punish you for having a low paid job. But won't admit there aren't enough jobs full stop
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@annalibera indeed. . .PM on @bbc5live justifying his attack on working poor "Tough choices need to be made, I wish I wasn't in this position.." - Yeah so do we...
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@annalibera what a fun Autumn@KosherSoul try air B&B in London.@KosherSoul ask @Lunya where to stay in Liverpool@willipmrpip it took them four years to decide Catalonia couldn’t be a nation and one day to do this. . .@holland_tom not right now it’s not. But it’s more democratic than Spain. A lot more.So this will be an interesting Autumn. #Catalonia@jaguimera un otoño lleno de sorpresas, y sin siquiera ir al Corte Inglés. . .It has taken the constitutional court in Madrid one day to suspend the Catalan referendum. ONE DAYEarth lost 50% of its [vertebrate] wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF http://t.co/Tf9XDAU07g
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@jaguimera os habéis vuelto locos?@LisaAbend it’s done it ALREADY? Bloody hell. This will end well.@garlicconfit no it isn’t.TOO EARLY
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