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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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"Someone has to pay for it—but no one wants to foot the bill." http://t.co/HW5lc6rEt6More gum. http://t.co/gES7v13hWT
Like something out of a spy novel: http://t.co/Rbu2zXkHLHThe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan tries a different negotiation tactic: http://t.co/TJkrz4kWkzIn addition to a multi-gig download there's a half hr install. This ain't no N64 cartridge experience. #NewfangledVideoGames #OldAndCrankyThe best parts of today's video games & systems are their Byzantine menus and that basically every interaction requires a multi-gig downloadMeet George Jetson! His boy Elroy! RT @KING5Seattle: Wow! @space_needle #Seattle #NWisbest #k5winter http://t.co/RC3rtNRxczAt least three kinds of scale effects: - Network (more lock-in) - Economy of scale (lower unit cost) - Data (better ML)
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe vindictive and destructive actions of a monopolist looking to protect its monopoly http://t.co/75fjrNG6sk"A seven-member school board is willing to waste nearly $6 million of their money to not educate kids." http://t.co/75fjrNG6sk Gross."Translated into the Calvinist religious terms of the Canons of Dort, I am reprobate and beyond saving." http://t.co/xNYHC19dvX
Iron & Wine - Lion's Mane http://t.co/zOloxYOwQO Still gorgeous.Analog is back. http://t.co/KXWr8PtofRGoodness I'm so out of it. A new Björk album snuck up on me? For shame. It sounds wonderful already though. #WeekendMusicThis is unsurprising. http://t.co/eb6paKIaBoI Don’t Vaccinate My Child Because It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back http://t.co/IXBUWxYV34A Lifestyle So Good, It’s Mandatory http://t.co/xDckhnXXyf "it is not even about public policy at all: It is about aesthetics."Cholesterol ‘crystals’ studied for role in heart attack, stroke http://t.co/CUFFflf5BL
Retweeted by Rick DeVosFascinating polling on free speech/publishing Muhammad cartoons that reveals significant group disparities: http://t.co/eo2DCFUveHThe wonderful, slow migration of the head cold into the throat. Specifically the voice box. #Gravelly
@jake_bro Ha whyDefinitely looks like it's going to be a good season of #TheAmericansFXI get Frank Langella on #TheAmericansFX AND Garret Dillahunt on #Justified? It's like supporting actor Christmas this January at FX!
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@ccoon24 FX"Why Mike Huckabee’s Cornpone Politics Drives Me Crazy — And Will Never Work" http://t.co/5MZUQMyixsIf you aren't planning to watch the season premier of The Americans tonight...you should be. Because it's the best show on television.@whopkins37 It seems to be their raison d'etre. More noise in the system."The truth about "political correctness" is that it doesn't actually exist" http://t.co/WyJKgUJHVJ Misses the point to a hilarious degree.@KevinBuist http://t.co/8SZl2hNZ77Uber, but for fresh avocado delivery.@dewind One of thousands of blatant contradictions.@dewind The Future! Progress! History was moving in their direction!Lenin Square, Uzbekistan, 1966-1972 http://t.co/cgYcRtDBGo
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"He texted his friends, worried that the drone had gone down on the White House grounds, and then went to sleep." http://t.co/WcGQjKT0QZAmazing video of a Cirrus SR-22 ditching in the Pacific using its Airframe Parachute System http://t.co/tjpHUkC65H Awesome aircraft.Reboot all of the things! Leave no bit of nostalgia unturned! All must become franchise! http://t.co/4na0pQybTFApple has a cash balance of $178 billion. That's enough to buy every single team in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"It’s hard to have even a calm, rational discussion w/ someone who thinks your only appropriate response is silence." http://t.co/ZN8M4ednle"Speech codes and identity politics are fine, you guys, just so long as you don’t use them against me." http://t.co/hGIIGLnVlnTelevisions in waiting rooms/lounges are a blight on society. Most people already carry a screen and don't need another one yelling at them."The p.c. style of politics has one serious, possibly fatal drawback: It is exhausting." http://t.co/79tuFPdEyE You don't say."...as the next Clinton presidential campaign gets under way, p.c. culture may not dissolve so easily." Hahahaha (deep breath) hahahahahaha"Political correctness makes debate irrelevant and frequently impossible." http://t.co/79tuFPdEyE Yes."But political correctness is not a rigorous commitment to social equality so much as a system of left-wing ideological repression." Yes.Could it be? Could parts of the Left be waking up to the barking insanity that is modern social-media driven p.c.? http://t.co/79tuFPdEyEAll merino all the time.
Mosquito nets and unintended consequences http://t.co/wXuEgLHLh3@feellikeubelong Depends on the context. Usually there is a licensing fee paid to ASCAP, BMI, etc.. http://t.co/3rbOe9RariGosh, the Drug War just keeps getting awesomer and awesomer http://t.co/jsGamv9rbT
Retweeted by Rick DeVosDiphtheria Excited About Possibility Of New Outbreak http://t.co/3riff9qima http://t.co/pfVLY2BBmJ
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"If somebody compliments my work, I don’t demand to see their voter registration before thanking them." https://t.co/MUskuV0ayh from @exjon@catchtk YupI just discovered that a huge collection/most of the archive of Firing Line is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Very excited. So great.@catchtk require a surprisingly similar approach.@catchtk The culture of philanthropy and giving in W. Michigan is much wider than tithing. Making the point that both are investments that@catchtk Thank you. Yup, lots of great entrepreneurs and leaders all over the state.Planet Hollywood. 90s. Awesome. http://t.co/bBHo8hmLcrI wrote a piece for @NextIdeaMI and was interviewed by @StatesideRadio on @MichiganRadio. Check it out here: http://t.co/sYWeNcKaWfNew Sufjan Stevens album and tour: http://t.co/J0GcrpuCNS Chicago, Grand Rapids, Detroit and more. YessssssssssssssAttach large magnifying glasses to skyscrapers to melt snow before it even hits the ground. http://t.co/Tra0Wpl3we
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBREAKING: Secret Service says a 2-foot 'quad copter' device crashed at White House complex.
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Live in the Northeast? It's gonna snow.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhy do vegans wear mutton chops and pork pie hats?
Retweeted by Rick DeVos“Imagine the uproar if the federal government were to begin taxing Roth I.R.A.s.” http://t.co/GkwOl2FGt9Rockies @ Top Of Snowmass Mountain http://t.co/VuAaIpOkNSElk Camp @ Aspen/Snowmass- Colorado, USA http://t.co/aa7iHwdBNOCool story about early whooping cough vaccine development by a scrappy little team in Grand Rapids http://t.co/sccy8JdPTeDavos’s Destructive Elites - “None of us is as dumb as all of us.” http://t.co/pmIMrtKUmt
I love it when ppl are completely into their world and get into a crazy flow about it http://t.co/8xLQEqCLTe Funniest vid I've seen in days
Looks like Measles is kicking off a comeback reunion tour of the country. Excited for this classic disease sensation! http://t.co/NIEyEYIGtbThe latest dispatch from the socialist utopia of Venezuela, where things continue to develop with sad predictability http://t.co/K2kdWlyaynThe anti-A-10 viewpoint/movement in the Air Force seems to be insane. http://t.co/sgDSUABJYW"As the criminal code expands, intent is often ignored" http://t.co/3iDJtTjGUy@kentdobson No wicker chair that I recall, unfortunately.
... Also, I can't believe I just wrote that and it means anything.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThere are three drunk cougars on my flight ("On VAY-CAY!'). They have selfie sticks. Please send help.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOne part of me is thankful my parents did not allow me to have school pics with a laser background. Another part of me still feels left out.Their yelling, effects, affect, and frantic cutting makes me feel like The Fifth Element was amazingly prophetic. http://t.co/kIhmCnBU1QThe entire world of loud YouTube personalities with huge followings is mildly incomprehensible/terrifying to me, and it makes me feel old.As a small child I remember thinking my parents were full of it when they said I was "over-tired." I was, of course, very wrong.Construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge, January 1930. http://t.co/AtSlv2qkeG
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI was pretty interested in Paramotoring and then @joeyruiter sent this video to me. https://t.co/ZiO68ubLEN #DoNotWantMeasles is BACK baby, and it's better than ever! http://t.co/TMJYHqkNYT"If You Like Higher Prices, Enriched Cronies, And Weak National Security, Then You’ll Love The Jones Act" http://t.co/CVcSDZ81pS FascinatingWE'RE #20!!! WE'RE #20!!!* http://t.co/G5Py57j80u *for bedbugsWE'RE #69!!! WE'RE #69!!! http://t.co/xEW1IjgkeICongrats to @LovesIceCreamGR http://t.co/nEewoDYW7v I can testify that their Chocolate Coconut Curry vegan gelato is insanely delicious.Prada's art foundation has announced its new venue will open this May: http://t.co/LetAyFqsFT #architecture http://t.co/pVoruYMXvH
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If ONLY there was a century of economic history providing concrete evidence of the results of these economic policies http://t.co/rHKNOgHXas#SHOCKING RT @Wonkblog: Venezuela should be rich. But its government has destroyed its economy http://t.co/rHKNOgHXasHelium balloons, a lawn chair, a shotgun, and 8,000ft of altitude. Sweaty palms. Awesome. https://t.co/Mhh9pjdKv8"It’s the familiar Trotsky conundrum: You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you." http://t.co/T151Ik52HUThe metaphysics of Obama's tax plan: http://t.co/ctBpZjmGok
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@johnserba I think this was intentional actually. There were lights on for video recordings other times, this was clearly a lighter stand-inThe lamest of ducks.An arena full of Boomers holding up their smartphone flashlights in lieu of their bong lighters. So counterculture. So funny to me.I can confirm that the Boomer nostalgia and smug at this Fleetwood Mac concert has reached critical levels. But the FM grooves are so tasty.The unique feeling of satisfaction and anticipation you get when you're finally able coax the Heinz Ketchup out of the glass bottle.Cards Against Humanity: The State of the Union Edition http://t.co/ZMbaATVqbwCrossing i's and dotting t's
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