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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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The new @ArtPrize mobile app is available now. You should download it, because it's really very awesome.@brianburch I personally bought my first "small shoulder bag" at age 19, and I've never looked back.With the rise of mondo-sized Android devices and the iPhone 6 Plus we may be at the dawn of The Golden Age of The ManpurseSeemed like a good way to cool off, but it was 105 degrees up here. #HeatWave #SantaMonica #Malibu #InversionLayer http://t.co/55T9vUckuD
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI would absolutely use a digital camera without a display. I suspect this will pop up in more accessible models soon. http://t.co/JTEpIv6W5G"The witnesses explained the State Dept. was in charge of the military mission" Aaaand there's the problem. http://t.co/KOxso0mBUJ #ClusterAn acquisition opp. for the Red Light Camera Industry—experts at selling extractive traffic safety tech to local gov. http://t.co/PuOBQUfmxXNightmare scenario: the Scots, the Irish and the Dutch unite to form the Ginger Axis of Evil #DontSayYouWerentWarned
Retweeted by Rick DeVosVery exciting work at @ArtPrize this year…can't waitThe first rule of Narrative Setting Club is: you do not talk about Narrative Setting Club. (*Until dumped from it*) http://t.co/itzqbECXfdEvidently I prefer the "Liberal" jelly (Strawberry) http://t.co/CbMkYzCTIsThe exciting part of iOS updates is the "Is this going to brick my iPhone?" part.Endless…ellipses…to create…certain rhythms of speech…and communicate subtext…in writing…The End of Big Twitter http://t.co/NIbIMnkjBW "trying to win unwinnable arguments with strangers who don’t matter in our lives at all."Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low http://t.co/5cpA9jCifR This is unsurprising and *slightly* hearteningMy side of the street--men removing paint with high speed rotary tools. Opposite side--man sawing bricks. #ShiversDownSpine #TeethOnEdge#HipsterComicBooks Agents of T.U.M.B.L.R.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos#HipsterComicBooks The Incredible Sulk
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I defy you to read this story and not think that it reads like a piece from The Onion. It's absurd. https://t.co/xMv2VK2V4RThe double-standard with this embarrassing Veep has crossed from "infuriating frustration" to "zany, dark hilarity" https://t.co/xMv2VK2V4R@TheScottRider It's The One True Apple. The Apple to Rule Them All.@TheScottRider HoneycrispThis story about Philadelphia's Forfeiture Court is horrifying. http://t.co/a0Y4kEFS8U Kudos to @IJ for fighting this corruption.Apple slices with melted peanut butter are an unreasonably delicious snack.Hurray! We finally have a hashtag we can use to End Ebola! Millennials be praised! https://t.co/rrIORMLzAn #PowerOfHashtag #TackleEbolaIf the highway traffic ahead of you is abruptly stopping, turn your Hazard lights. #YourDailyDrivingTipDARPA and Lockheed Martin have been testing a laser cannon over Michigan http://t.co/x8j8aeLVi9 (Insert obligatory "Pew Pew Pew!" here)California Destroys Winery Over Use of Volunteers http://t.co/39PmGXcmGH Again—If you like artisanal and small, Big Gov. is not your friend.An aircraft carrier SEEMS like the sort of thing that you shouldn't buy second-hand. This did not stop India. https://t.co/VASLbZUzxvUseful perspective. RT @FDRLST: This Is The Worst Thing Ever. And We're All Going To Die. http://t.co/aIfiSlnyI0
Our veneer of Civilization is horrifyingly thin...but one has to acknowledge that there are places and cultures that barely have one at all.Interesting. Fascinating, even. I wonder whatsoever it could mean. http://t.co/gUfqKxAy38"Our anthem is too militaristic? Um, we're not even in the top fifteen." http://t.co/STRGCtz9SD Some of these other anthems are hilarious.Oh good. Robot sentries that can engage targets 2 miles away: http://t.co/uFYwhNF229Boycott ALL the Things! http://t.co/xMd7XfSUmn "I’m just glad we have brave people willing to tell us how to live our lives."Vid of DC-10 Supertanker's fire retardant drop on a mountain http://t.co/I9ETjqMTsu Awesome. Complete with Double Rainbow-esque commentary.@hugewater yessirActually no, I screwed that up. It was actually 6 (!!!) tons in 6 minutes. In 185#, 95#, and 115# increments.Today in ~6 minutes I lifted over 1/2 ton in small increments. If you had told me a year ago I would do this I would have called you crazy.1. Ban withholding. 2. Make everyone pay quarterly taxes via personal check. 3. Hold election day on April 16. #ExJonsReformPlan
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhen road construction closures compound and accumulate, seemingly trying to actively thwart reaching your destination. #MichiganDrivingJoyThe Yeti Hopper makes regular soft-sided coolers seem like paper bags. Very impressive. http://t.co/tDGD8jWHAE
@nopattern Yes. Makes every piece of wood furniture or every carpet look really bad.Tripadvisor Traveler Photos make pretty much every hotel look grim.Children cross the river using pulleys on their way to school in the outskirts of Modena, Italy, 1959. http://t.co/TQVumjVPpu
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Interesting how boxing momentarily, occasionally pops up into the periphery of the public conscience.I'm starting to sort of enjoy peppers as an ingredient in a dish. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME WHY AM I GETTING SO OLD.Happy Saturday everyone. RT @businessinsider: Here are some of the scariest emerging viruses around the world http://t.co/QU25n2hqEi
Retweeted by Rick DeVosHappiness, mapped http://t.co/l6dXNZ1vzx http://t.co/PVuACJk8ib
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"There may be a lot more ebola victims being evacuated to the US than we are been told about." http://t.co/s6wXw5s3Q8 #OhGoodHow the size of the Islamic State territory compares to that of other countries http://t.co/ZQaiMDK9rQ http://t.co/ZIFbTQV1NB
Retweeted by Rick DeVosApple bought it for you. RT @dailydot: Why U2's surprise new album won't appear on the Billboard charts:
Retweeted by Rick DeVosReally? Yes, really. RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Two dead, six hurt after prayer vigil turns violent in Detroit... http://t.co/W6kBsPmFHMWhat We're Afraid to Say About Ebola http://t.co/SUJpBf8CWI "The current Ebola virus’s hyper-evolution is unprecedented"Charon ferries souls to the somber underworld, divesting them of their titles & honors. Wear something perfect for the nautical occasion.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@CCDistillery Very much. Huge fan of the rum in a classic daiquiri.Greatest. MT @CBS6Albany: Schenectady student petitions to have this photo in the yearbook http://t.co/41sixgT5q9 http://t.co/YOvqyJPQ1BHow to Put a Toddler to Bed in 100 Easy Steps http://t.co/RNLYzCszNq "Console your toddler" ht @melissajaneThose black plastic trays that catch drips and condensation from drink pitchers at conference centers.Sweater weather
@topher1kenobe Statistically too http://t.co/yetMWJLeOK@topher1kenobe Still, roundabouts are safer.@topher1kenobe How frequently did people die at the intersection previously?@kentdobson Ha. The only way we'll train people is to give them more practice.There should be more roundabouts at intersections of high speed country roads.School Choice please. http://t.co/9drPnRz6NN
12 Signs You Need to Eat More Protein http://t.co/CZooQHyW8m@AceofSpadesHQ Let me introduce you an entertainer named Kylie Minogue http://t.co/mGJS0mLaSSAnd you listen to it and it's a very marginal piece of entertainment.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosAnd they're like "you have to hear this ONE SONG, it's so great, it will remind me forever of my trip to Florence."
Retweeted by Rick DeVosGuilty MT @AceofSpadesHQ: every a****** who goes to europe (young a********, I mean) comes back with that ONE SONG they *love*The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here http://t.co/eGTwDgB8fO
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@kylelenk http://t.co/QtFML9n1pqI stood there alone and forsaken. I took some selfies, too.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe Manhattan is now my Official Fall Cocktail. A barrel-aged version will be added soon.Oh, it looks like today is September 10thWhen that hip substitute social studies teacher gets in way, way, way over his head
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@exjon Yeah, it's a pretty exciting time to be here.@exjon Awesome! That is very kind. Didn't know you had a local connection. You'll have to come check out @ArtPrize at some point.The moral arc of history is *totally* bending against him now. MT @MailOnline Putin announces that Russia is developing new nuclear weapons.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosExtremely excited for the new Japanese Garden to open at Meijer Gardens next summer http://t.co/xRnhs5zJ7hWow RT @sunnyright: "Get me a shot of the SoS looking sad and fatigued at the state of the world." http://t.co/JiuQKCw54I10 foot waves forecast for Lake Michigan http://t.co/imwCzxsNNY Yessssssss#ArtPrize2014 staff meeting w/Founder @RickDeVos in preparation for the event, kicking off in just 2 wks! http://t.co/k69jGrHlwM
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"Simply asking critical questions about Guevara seemed to cause offense." http://t.co/bYhjwM5ofu"Liberals are actually very comfortable with authority and obedience -- as long as the authorities are liberals." http://t.co/zRKCHLyNitShock: Social Scientists Determine Conservatives Are Stupid http://t.co/tXHNfW1dBo Great postThank you for including the picture of your Hef-style round bed on HomeAway. Now I know I have zero interest in staying at this property!The smell of a fresh charred oak barrel is really something magical.I don't mind a few more mm of phone thickness if it means I can have a battery that lasts through an entire real-life day of real-life use.It has moving parts.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"We discovered that 76 per cent of white British converts to radical Islam had red hair." http://t.co/XuBGcLmXMc Now this is a crazy readThe books that affected us the most according to Facebook http://t.co/tEB6HV5zF0 http://t.co/WkyW9Tgrjq
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Blue lights from electronics interrupt our natural circadian rhythms http://t.co/6GN63yG8MqAn interesting read criticizing the economics of Fair-Trade Coffee http://t.co/C8rm0IdW0M Worth reading as a basic econ primer alone.Microweight Merino = The Best
Helping USA's transition to banana republic, Schumer proposes tax penalties for inverting corps, retroactive to 1994 http://t.co/ZXO3uwxiJH
Retweeted by Rick DeVosLemme tell ya, corps like nothing more than worrying abt whether their now-legal biz plans will be penalized by some partisan hack in 20 yrs
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhy Does a City With 600 Residents Need 14 Cops http://t.co/AueReofnff Because $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'Meteorite' smashes into Nicaraguan capital http://t.co/EQholVhWM5 It's going to be pretty exciting/terrible when a real asteroid hits.
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