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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Futurist, strategist, designer.

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Moon over the Empire State Building. http://t.co/DMKjtCvtVg@IBM @WSJ Better to be essential than cool, I agree. I'd love to invite Ginni Rometty to Science House.@brendanjcahill if you replaced the blondes with physicists, entrepreneurs, mathematicians, coders & artists you'd have Science House.@MikeTwomeyETR I covered Indian Point for several years as a journalist. It was fascinating. @rlovingerYou know it's Creative Weekend when you get dressed into pajamas."My family's from an island where the mythological sirens lived. They're the original futurists & their song echos if we listen." @RitaJKing
Retweeted by Rita J. KingCreative genius, big kid and beloved friend @hoffmanpaul is building a science hotel and campus... http://t.co/WRgNWlABZj
@rlovinger I wondered what would happen with the license renewal. Did they say why it hasn't been renewed?@rlovinger I've been out of the loop for awhile but some part of my brain still contains the memory and always will. How was the doc?@Geomoji @tedgonder happy to help! @ScienceHouse@austinkleon yes I totally agree with you. You, as an artist, *do* feed people with your work.@austinkleon the context seems to be she's proud of being an artist despite artists being parasites but being a mom is more important.@austinkleon Problematically these messages often lead women to panic and think their lives aren't important if they don't have kids.@austinkleon Lots of women are tired of being treated like mothering is life's *only* worthwhile activity.@austinkleon I am *so* deeply offended by that Maureen McHugh comment about artists being parasites and only moms matter.
China edits the genomes of human embryos. #CRISPR http://t.co/GJCz0ChK6y@katelanfoisy how is it going?Eleven hours into a brainstorm, I finally succumbed to a peek in the package of metallic, glow-in-the-dark, temporary mermaid tattoos.My backyard. https://t.co/qciIsI4qI0This one is called “Administration.” #newspaperblackout #blackoutpoetry http://t.co/U0JkeiK2VI
Retweeted by Rita J. King@katelanfoisy here's the one that includes the amphora! Photo by Rob Langhammer. You can use it. http://t.co/uoLY6AYdPq@katelanfoisy so exciting!!!!!!!@CatherinVentura back up now for meAnybody else having #google problems right now?
@anildash @gavinpurcell was just saying the same.Dragon foam. https://t.co/eP1Tl3iaKwFinally roof weather for offsites @ScienceHouse! #eventprofs http://t.co/HisYdqZixq@wonderlandblog he is.
One of the best nights of my life was with Derek Walcott and Mark Strand. https://t.co/qDK5HouAKfA brilliant thinker, @cetesse--and one of my favorite people. https://t.co/eMuzjNcRhI@TimeOutNewYork I'd love to invite you to Science House--built by Abraham Lincoln's son & redesigned as a cathedral of imagination!@carolyn_greg I was just talking about an incredible meditation experience I had with SSRS.@mims before GPS I was constantly prepared to start a new life from scratch in any town in which I got lost.@seanmcarroll @JenLucPiquant ...would love to invite you both to @ScienceHouse.@seanmcarroll @JenLucPiquant I'm a huge believer in creative pairs, being half of one myself. Please let me know when you're in NYC...@digiphile unless everything is jammed all the time, won't it be a constant game of cat and mouse?There will always be another camera. https://t.co/QKlMtGLxvx@seanmcarroll All of my questions were answered by a day spent with your blog. You're a great writer. You and @JenLucPiquant!In bed with a cold, I spent yesterday reading @seanmcarroll's spectacular Preposterous Universe blog: http://t.co/lJO0ocQWnC@mikearauz partly because he published in 2013, not decades ago....@sciam "confirmed absent" feels like very strong language. We don't *know.*@nraford exactlyWe should keep looking but, the first word that came to mind is melancholy. https://t.co/x0YiBIM4gX
@readandbreathe same here.When conflict with a colleague hits way too close to home: https://t.co/NbBkY0UPs1@TrippingWorld @JimDalrympleII so dreamy.I love this tantalizing review by @michellelegro. Hissing Cousins: http://t.co/bSg8nxqxRxSpring is the *perfect* time to book your team's offsite at Science House! #eventprofs http://t.co/2ofDs66lOGThe lights started flickering at Science House, crazy sirens outside, apparently an explosion of some kind on Lexington--anybody know??
Look deeply into this dog's eyes. Are you in love yet? http://t.co/CZdtJn0NBy http://t.co/brSDKd1rJx
Retweeted by Rita J. King@melissapierce actually the gut has a hundred million neurons: http://t.co/qoQVtdvAlC@pickover True, but I still miss our conversations.When conflicting data sets keep you from ever *really* knowing how far you went, how fast.@lindaboff @DayanAnandappa @FortuneMagazine @bethcomstock that looks spectacular!Science House is happy to see @generalelectric rediscovering science roots! Go @BethComstock! http://t.co/ublbecnogzColors of spring. https://t.co/lMQh1Hm3sg@seanmcarroll with or without middle initial?@seanmcarroll everything I've been studying involves your work. Would love to interview you.Stephen Hawking and Monty Python for your Sunday enjoyment. https://t.co/5lTywZorDKNew Internet rule for those who post April Fool's Day "jokes." Delete them after April 1.
Love this so much. https://t.co/5w3Ql7py1E@Yet_another_ODE @melissapierce @michael_nielsen thank you all, you made my day :)@michael_nielsen I DM you my email@michael_nielsen why do the probabilities change over time? And *how* can they change over time?@michael_nielsen monkeys typing Shakespeare?@michael_nielsen conceptually familiar with matrix yes@michael_nielsen how do you know when you've discovered or created a Hamiltonian?@michael_nielsen I'm brushing up on entropy a) to understand Jeremy England's work more b) to explore an idea about determinism.@michael_nielsen *very* minimally@evanoneil two of them have already pinged me :)@Yet_another_ODE @melissapierce translate please?@ekbarbarossa problem there is I'd never go back out@michael_nielsen can you tell me what it means?@melissapierce it doesWhen you study entropy: "The time development operator in quantum theory is unitary, because the Hamiltonian is hermitian." Uh-huh.It's *finally* that kind of day! https://t.co/i7elt0VpeJUrban gardener checking in at Science House. #nyc https://t.co/xH3LXfIIZg
@hodgman Don't forget--other people's destinies include how they will react to you being topless, nursing a bottle of dressing.@hodgman It is your destiny, yes. Let me know if you have more questions. It is my destiny to answer. Or not. We'll see.@hodgman Go ahead! Tonight at Science House it was established that entropy will win and determinism rules human behavior.Now would be a good time to come get your zombies, @RichardGarriott. See last tweet :)"I used to build rockets." Former boss when I was futurist at NASA think tank, explaining @elonmusk. http://t.co/ZojKrJ8luH@jrhusney I am so happy for you! @undercurrent @Quirky @Mattel
Flowers and Flatiron #nyc https://t.co/8Aon3VE6zX
@GEpublicaffairs @GELookahead congratulations!@jrhusney @generalelectric exciting!!James explaining Bernard and Albert's "beautiful exchange of information" might escalate to whiteboards. #cherylsbirthday
@theranos I keep a framed picture of Elizabeth in my studio at Science House to inspire all visitors.Have *you* taken the time to question your assumptions about #DarkMatter? :) https://t.co/dnpBpd3xHH@nraford @jacobm @futuristwatcher Happy to discuss anytime. Here's a brief overview: https://t.co/gMGSutXdLp@nraford @jacobm @futuristwatcher that looks right up my alley, thanks!@jacobm @nraford @futuristwatcher The three world colors correspond to the Culture Map system we use at Science House for future state work.
One of the best things about Sky Guide is that you can see stars hidden on the other side of the planet. http://t.co/uGUN60KOucIf you have kids who love science and FUN, check out the GALXYZ app from @GalxyzLab!@DLeonhardt I've always thought it's more advantageous to focus instead on what *unconventional* wisdom tells us.@tarditi just a little too far, I see we agree on this.@BiancaJagger @LinkedInPulse @lucymarcus @LinkedIn I love that one, Lucy.@wello, thought you might want to see: https://t.co/fGY8tYB3Ae@tarditi at least she didn't go after Ol' Dirty Bastard.
Cloying, cutesy copy drives me coo coo.
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