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@Spacekatgal I'm with you, as unpopular as it may be@ExchServPro I'd like to know under what logic they thought it was a good idea@ExchServPro http://t.co/RaTw65h0nq@shanselman I approve of this message@getwired maybe she means 2992?@Spacekatgal pretty cool he has his own Wiki page@Spacekatgal terrifying doesn't even begin to describe itAnd then they brought the Jews in, of course they had to. If you're going to hate, you have to hate the Jews.@SwiftOnSecurity I've used my server to warm myself
Updated #HumanizerJs, starting to support localization! Only implementing en-US currently@Spacekatgal how so?@Spacekatgal do you think it be possible to make a game that was liked well by all sides? Or just too different?@hentaiphd you can also tweet :)Got a fourth monitor at work! 😁My @Lumia just corrected "won't" to #WinRT@hentaiphd cool!@hentaiphd congratulations 🎉🎓 what's it in?
@edbott As a Verizon Windows Phone user I feel I'll be saying AMEN a lot@edbott I feel some anger Ed, would you like to talk about it? :)@mcclure111 you'd be their savior@Spacekatgal I could see it working if they kept it low enough and made it more than just Windows
@MossyBlog is it a quantum computer? @Dell@TheRomit @arebee Google's expertise in search is showing. Microsoft's is in "smartness". Apple's is in using Apple :)@TheRomit @arebee Asked "Where can I get a kosher burger nearby" from home. Google Now goes an HOUR a way, Cortana finds something local@TheRomit @arebee As soon as it's a generic web search Cortana fails. It's when she's being "smart" that she's beat's Google Now@TheRomit @arebee the one and only :)@TheRomit @arebee First answer is from http://t.co/tqslcQLzJF. Second is a special formatted Wikipedia answer but no focus on the name@explanoit I thought SOS uses WP?@joshgreenman no, it's a sensitivity thing @robertmclaws @redsteeze@Spacekatgal I know for a fact I wouldn't@SwiftOnSecurity Unless it runs in IE, FF, Chrome, and Safari it's a tech demo@Playdor I'd love to be in then@Playdor Yup :)@Playdor Zune :)@Playdor I've got a Zune Solitaire game@Playdor any rules about what can be sold?@TheRomit but then it wouldn't be insulting to microsoftCurrently building an (X)HTML5 D&D character sheet #GeekLife@thurrott don't we currently have that but it's called sync?Everything about these lines of "analysis" from @felixsalmon is wrong. Everything. http://t.co/0F59wzLLCq http://t.co/9uiKhrBDOS
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@arebee @TheRomit I'd take Google's first answer over Bing's though@SJWIlluminati twitter only let's me report if I'm being impersonated@TheRomit I think Google one this one@TheRomit Cortana http://t.co/wtv0u5h83T@kait_zilla what book?@kait_zilla yup, so there were so good things this year :)@kait_zilla a bunch of my friends got married!@h0x0d as in Cloud backup?I'm trying to sleep and my brain is thinking of a thousand questions a second@Spacekatgal I've only done up to 5 player and that was insane, I can't imagine 8 players. Good lord!
@getwired forgive me if I plan to keep version 1 and 2 internalApparently http://t.co/kVrhU6RfPy is out of Pneumatic pistons, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD #LegoProblems@aQualityAddict I've used OneNote as a bug tracker. Boss loved the live updating as I fixed bugs or started working on them @marypcbuk@getwired currently adding directories.... (they exist only in relation to files currently)@getwired Ok, I think I finally understand how ACL system works (thank you ntfs,com). Got something that should work I think@Spacekatgal part of me wonders if something worse did happen and it just did get out @TheQuinnspiracy@Spacekatgal any chance of a Win8 version of Rev 60?
"Works in Chrome only" aka "it's not a website"
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI'd like to see 10.11 be another Snow Leopard - just concentrate on under the surface improvements and tweaks. Make OS X "Just Work" again.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI'm willing to pay more for an Apple product when it works as a tool. The accelerated release schedule is obviating that advantage.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI have a 2013 top of the line rMBP. 10.10 completely broke Wifi for three months, making it randomly connect and disconnect. Unacceptable.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI've said this before, but the accelerated timetable for OS X releases has devastated the quality of their product, which is now unreliable.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Spacekatgal would any other the things about the universe change for the PC game?@Spacekatgal you're making a PC release?!?! I'm already sold
Obviously, one is several magnitudes of violation higher. But, I think we forget that people's lives are not entertainment for us.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardThe Geek hierarchy http://t.co/lLipIxr4tN
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
Want $11,000? Send identifying information about whoever sent this death threat that leads to successful prosecution http://t.co/CzqjBB3FRp
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired hmmmmmm, should be do able@terrajobst @DotNet Ah, thanks@terrajobst what's an extension SDK? @DotNet@getwired Hard Links, keep them or drop them?@Spacekatgal That's a high bar. Using the iPad as a one game console, hmmmm@Spacekatgal just played Rev 60. If I actually used my iPad I'd buy the game in a heart beat. The game's great, using the iPad great though?Downloading #Revolution60Makes me happy to see that by the time I get on twitter after work people that have been threatening @Spacekatgal have been suspendedCritique their ideas. Critique their wall decoration. Critique their eloquence. But don’t make it nastily personal and expect my approval.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardIf you pick on the looks, hygiene or ability to attract a mate of the Gamergaters in Al Jazeera’s segment - YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT from them.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@IrisClasson off the top my head should be@explanoit how will the world stay secure 🔐?"If the enemy can run code on your computer, it's not your computer anymore." Where does JavaScript fall into this? Never figured that out.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
@getwired I'll take what I can get@getwired my own attempts to build a system haven't gotten very far...@getwired any chance you could find out how WIM stores ACLs?Some of you may not know this, but Ms. was invented to split the difference between Miss and Mrs. It doesn't imply marital status.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardConsidering that I'm one of gamedev's better-known feminists, if you write me - please call me Ms. Wu, and not Mrs. Wu. Brianna also works.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Spacekatgal @WickedGood It's hard for male gamers who don't espouse or reflect hypermasculinity to find a place at the table, too.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@SwiftOnSecurity will the VS show be online tomorrow?@marypcbuk @BethMassi @dotnetfdn @migueldeicaza @terrajobst I haven't seen that, yet@marypcbuk @BethMassi @dotnetfdn @migueldeicaza @terrajobst So I'm learning@BethMassi @dotnetfdn @migueldeicaza @marypcbuk @terrajobst tis the price of having a forum@BethMassi @dotnetfdn thanksI should note that I still think @dotnetfdn is a great idea and will continue to support it. (Even plan to commit some of my projects to it)@BethMassi that is true, there's a reason I haven't left :) @dotnetfdn@marypcbuk (or if there is a suggestion in there it gets lost in the rant) @BethMassi @dotnetfdn@marypcbuk more often no suggestion, just ranting @BethMassi @dotnetfdn@BethMassi which isn't against the rules. So I've given up on those threads and just ignore them. (2/2) @dotnetfdn@BethMassi though in some threads it was other people and I didn't flag since it wasn't just pig headedness (1/2) @dotnetfdn@BethMassi I've seen that and I thank you very much. And it does seem to be mostly one troll at the moment. @dotnetfdn@marypcbuk @dotnetfdn "MS abandon us for WinRT", "MS should OSS everything", "Bring back SL" mostlyEvery day I'm flagging at least 5 posts as inappropriate in the @dotnetfdn forums. It saddens me :(
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