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Shan @TNRLM Heading West

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@stephsmith do you each have a separate Apple ID? If so y’all should each only see your own apps, music, pix, etc@stephsmith what are you trying to fix/stop, and on what device?Will England consider sending the Falcons there an act of war?Sweet Justice. “@ESPNMcGee All you need to know about CFB '14: Mizzou had 119 yds of offense & won, Ga. Tech had 611 yds of offense & lost.”
Retweeted by ShanWild stat: Last 10 years, CFB teams that held opponents to 120 yards or less are 147-2. Both losses belong to a Will Muschamp Florida team.
Retweeted by Shan@BernieDawg I saw her autograph on eBay. Legit?Drunk and sleepy by 9PM. #AchievementUnlocked
Can we take a TO to talk about how just about everyone was cheering for Notre Dame? That takes a lot of awfulness FSU, but you've done it.
Retweeted by Shan@Jen_eration_x I hate them even more for making me root for the DomersWhen Jimbo was praising the "high character" of his player I woke the dog up laughing so hard.
Retweeted by Shan@Jen_eration_x pathetic enabler. Double blechOrdinarily I would be happy with this result but Winston is such a dumbass cretin. Ugh.20 Times Joss Whedon Was Too Good At Twitter http://t.co/edid5BPIZE via @Dorkly"Ice to see you!" ... I just got it.
Retweeted by Shan@Junkyard_Dawg1 @DrJtotheMastro this is like the Star Wars prequels: watching a good villain turn into a total loserThey might fire Muschamp by the end of the third quarter.
Retweeted by ShanThe team that got waxed at home by 34 last week is pimp slapping the Gators in the SwampIf we beat Florida and Kentucky I think a Blackout game against Auburn would be fun. /ducks
Retweeted by Shan@BernieDawg ChubbesqueAbout the first time I’ve been excited about Catholics doing anything since PT-109@drewgodawgs32 @BernieDawg we will miss the Muschamp era. Sniff.@jwj170104 will have to try that. I usually do over crushed ice with a splash of water@BernieDawg good thing I’m prepared http://t.co/FrTSKjb6O2Yes. Bourbon. RT @TNRLM: Jameis or Domers? Fucking UGH. Is there a third option?
Retweeted by Shan@TVandDinners Guthries is the truth.Jameis or Domers? Fucking UGH. Is there a third option?I guess Muschamp’s home is already for sale?@jwj170104 I guess this works? :) http://t.co/lyuDubAb9GDesmond Howard: "You can't hitch your team to Nick Chubb." Nick Chubb today: 202 yards on 30 carries. 2 TDs http://t.co/dw0n6SQWli
Retweeted by ShanUGA UGA UGA UGA UGA #GoDawgsGOOOOOOOO GEORGIA BULLDOGS #GoDawgsWell...shit. That was a good catch. #GoDawgsThe Force is with Conley #GoDawgs@BernieDawg #ColdCutsJUNKYARD DAWGS #GoDawgsoh for fuck's sake #GoDawgs@benwilderv @BernieDawg Chubbies?@Jen_eration_x Could be. So often those PSAs from every school are so awful, and we finally had a transcendant one.UGA *ad*The UGA isn't that bad, but A) I'd expect more and B) where's the REM? #GoDawgsUGA is playing like they are on a mission last 2 weeks. Playing on the road without Gurley and playing the best they've played all year.
Retweeted by ShanWhat's that you say?? ITS GREAT TO BE A GEORGIA BULLDOG!! That's what I thought you said.
Retweeted by ShanWatching Bama/A&M thinking 1) this team killed the chickens? 2) fuck how did the chickens beat us and what if? #GoDawgs"Let the Big Dog Eat" RT @amazonmusic: Fill in the blank: "The song that best describes my life right now is ___________."@TNRLM Ain't nothing finer in the land than a drunk, obnoxious #Georgia fan! #GoDawgs! GoDawgs! GoDawgs! GoDawgs! Goooooooo #Dawgs! Sic'em!
Retweeted by ShanGeorgia without Todd Gurley the past six quarters: 333 rushing yards, 629 total yards, outscored opponents 72-6. On the road.
Retweeted by ShanWho else just went out on their front porch and called the #Dawgs ? http://t.co/dY9qnvU57a@ugakerri Uncle Verne?How 'bout them Dawgs?! #UGAvsARK
Retweeted by ShanHoly shit, D. #Junkyard #GoDawgs (How's Louisville, asshat)@ugakerri Me too! (but speak for yourself. I'm splashing plenty of bourbon in my living room). #WetCat@TVandDinners It did! I'm really liking it actually.Time for one more defensive TD! #GoDawgsPULLED. PORK. FOR. DINNER. #GoDawgs
Retweeted by Shan#GoDawgs #GoDawgs #GoDawgs #GoDawgs #GoDawgs #GoDawgs #GoDawgs #GoDawgs (I was gonna do one for every point, but there's only so much space)What did I just tweet? DAMN RIGHT JUNKYARD #GoDawgsY'all, this D is starting to live up to the "junkyard" appellation #GoDawgsFREE GURLEY because seriously Chubb has to be getting tired, with all the uncontested yards he’s running
Retweeted by ShanSecond half all in Polaroids RT @Angie_Dawg: SEC Network’s retro color scheme is killing me.PIG ROAST! RT @Jen_eration_x: This is FUN! #GoDawgs #UGAvsARK@sgrantham19 I could be confused. :) #StepIntoASlimJimOoooh Yeeeahhhhh. // Kool-Aid guys bursts in. #GoDawgsSomewhere, Desmond Howard will look up and ask for forgiveness, and we will whisper NO. #GoDawgsWelcome to our world, Razorbacks.
Retweeted by ShanIn my head, I keep hearing "Chubb. Nick Chubb" //cue 007 music. (Sorry, it's legal here y'all) #GoDawgs"You cannot hitch your team to Nick Chubb." @DesmondHoward BECAUSE HE WILL PULL THE DAMN AXLE OFF THE TRAILER!!!!
Retweeted by ShanI'm guessing Saban won't be an asshole in this week's press conference? Oh, who am I kidding...Hey Chubb, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING AT HALFTIME #GoDawgsWho's got a Chubby? #GoDawgs@HistoryofMatt good suggestion!The future's so bright, Chubb's gotta wear shades #GoDawgsPet Peeve:thirsty stone coasters that aren't that thirsty.Isn't there a coaster that can handle stadium cups of bourbon & ice? #OCDproblems@jwj170104 Thanks! I have some shopping to do!@Angie_Dawg I was expecting Benny Hill musicokay, props for that catch, Arky.@Angie_Dawg more than a great halloween bag!Holy shit was that ball covered in Crisco? #GoDawgsAfter seeing the last few games in person it's odd to be viewing the Dawgs on TV. Shorter line for the bathroom, but more insurance ads@jwj170104 Also, any recommendations for some good bourbons (moderate to low/high priced) to try?@ugakerri @Jen_eration_x Exactly! Still HD, but amusingly "old timey"@Jen_eration_x Regular viewing as fine. Just on replays we journey back in time. Ask @ugakerriOf course, "old west" is apropos since Mason is playing the role of "gunslinger" today #GoDawgsSEC Network replays are like a trip back into the sepia toned Old West. Without handlebar mustaches and horses, though. #GoDawgs@ugakerri this is probably a show on Bravo now#FreeChubb wait...he's already free. Carry on. #GoDawgs@ugakerri obviously, a European orphanage straight out of a Dickens novel is the only solution. :)@ugakerri The best Floyd since Pink. Or the barber.There is an ad for soccer on the SEC Network. Isn't this against some type of rule? #MuricaIf the D plays like this, we can onside kicks every time. #GoDawgs@jwj170104 Honey bourbon grillin beans. Bulleit. T-shirt (for TV games).I like the cojones, if not the execution. #GoDawgs@ugakerri Either that, or it was a Zeier to Hastings flashbackWell now, THAT was a way to answer. #GoDawgs@ugakerri I thought that was just my whiskey goggles. Whew.@Brassafrass Sic 'em. Woof woof woof woof woofOnly one Dave? Where are the other Daves? #GoDawgsOuch Baylor. I guess there will be some happy couch burning tonight?Chili in the crock pot, bourbon in the cup. It’s gameday. #GoDawgs http://t.co/p2Z5HU2oGvA feature on Jameis. Ugh, get your air sickness bag handy
That's not how I remember it. http://t.co/5LwzswQtKf
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