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What do you think of @BurgerKing's "Black Burger?" I'll tell you what I think tonight at 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/cYbjTbvG4P
What the “bleep"? The FCC considering banning the word #Redskins? Details now on #CAVUTOSee these protests in Hong Kong? @RealBenCarson says we could be seeing ones like them. Hear the warning now! http://t.co/1j79PSLRjDFmr Secret Service agent to @TeamCavuto: Active agents leaked news of security lapses to force a change in mgmt. More 8PM on @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Neil CavutoISIS, Ebola, Hong Kong… How many crises do you think the markets can keep ignoring? Now on @FoxBusinessRETWEET if you agree with me. Catch more on #CAVUTO, 8PM tonight on @FoxBusiness. DVR it!! http://t.co/bxVpuxkCd2The FCC is mulling a petition to have the word "Redskins" banned from broadcasts. Fair or foul?Ebola has arrived. Will it spread? Health officials say risk is minimal. How concerned are you? #CAVUTO @FoxNews"I don’t know about you, but every time I hear someone tell me to stay calm, I don’t. In fact, I get anxious." - NC http://t.co/PmcRdgcEg8All eyes are on #Kansas as midterms close in http://t.co/se8GKmiDUT #CAVUTO @FoxNews
New survey shows out-of-bank ATM fees have increased 5% in the past year alone... RETWEET if you've noticed your ATM fees going up. #CAVUTOIs the drone age just beginning? Is any of this flying with @KennedyNation, host of the @IndependentsFBN? She joins me NEXT on #CAVUTONews the price to fight #ISIS could cost $22B per year. Is this a fight that's worth the money? What do you think? We discuss NOW on #CAVUTORonald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle just told me Pres. Obama's passiveness is becoming dangerous. RT if you agree."I'm telling you, for China, the jig is up." #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness http://t.co/pAkWvNJr3HHere are the 5 key races that will decide which Party controls the Senate. http://t.co/IxE2zaDVi7 @FoxBusinessIs it me or does President Obama throw a lot of people under the bus? My column: http://t.co/ryigDryxwWBank fees reaching all-time records! Who should be blamed? RT if you blame regulations - REPLY if you blame the banks #CAVUTO @FoxNewsChina's past is clashing with its present http://t.co/jVgs6YdUne #CommonSense @FoxNews
iPhone cry-baby's are asking me for an apology. I'm going to address this on the show in 3 minutes... #CAVUTO @FoxBusinessWhat's happening on Facebook isn't staying on Facebook. Now on #CAVUTO, how #Facebook is about to hand user data over to other companies..@Emeril Lagasse says Government should stay out of the way of businesses. RETWEET if you agree with him. #CAVUTOThe creator of "Girls" says the @GOP is out to get women...Now on #CAVUTO, how @LenaDunham is ticking Republicans off http://t.co/dSWxvET82BRETWEET if you are part of the 72% who believe the U.S. will send ground troops to fight ISIS. #CAVUTO http://t.co/LsvahVjuMiIs this rally cry from the White House better late than never? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/JUhzsC5Zn5Was I too harsh when I told these iPhone complainers to get bent? #BendGate http://t.co/LiAhEQ3VrPMy Column: Think China’s Worried About Hong Kong Going Too Far? http://t.co/UEgbLYI7OtHillary is a grandmother! Will 2016 be just as grand because of it? #CAVUTO @FoxNewsWe have the latest on a US Marine stuck in a Mexican prison in just minutes... #CAVUTO @FoxNewsFmr. FBI officer Steve Rogers says the Admin is more concerned about being PC than preventing attacks. RT if you agree #CAVUTO @FoxNewsIs America ready for terror attacks by "lone wolves"? #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Did you miss my interview with Google Executive Chairman @ericschmidt this week on @FoxBusiness? Watch here. http://t.co/Zi3Nx2DFp7Who will replace Eric Holder? @cvpayne @CGasparino and @mercedesschlapp weigh in on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/Oecefa07AT
Watch #CAVUTO weekdays on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. http://t.co/0YXWfKHM7k
NOW on #CAVUTO: More proof widespread amnesty is on the way...The U.S. military is going to allow undocumented immigrants to serve.RETWEET if you're happy gas prices are falling. NOW on #CAVUTO: Find out why they're dropping and how low they will go.Don’t miss a new #CAVUTO tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. I sit down with Google Executive Chairman @ericschmidt. http://t.co/TJlBXHlAjt
NOW on #CAVUTO: Should kids be allowed to have cell phones in school? RETWEET=YES. REPLY=NO.Is the Bill Simmons suspension an attack on the First Amendment? RETWEET if you are in the #FreeSimmons camp. Reply if you are not. #CAVUTONEXT on #CAVUTO: Meet the "Republican" that says this image is proof @GovChristie will never be President Christie. http://t.co/I5cVYdvhbiTONIGHT on #CAVUTO: A look at what authorities are doing here to make sure commuters stay safe after latest subway terror threat.Former Home Depot CEO @bobnardelli weighs in right here on @FoxBusiness on the Home Depot hacking incident. Watch. http://t.co/kgAU1hyLVfWhat's the deal with so many iPhone users getting bent out of shape? http://t.co/FAA2JoynTXEarth to these idiots: don’t put any phone in your back pocket. Your wallet, maybe (see how it also bends back there) #BendGateSo, some put a sleek phone in their back pocket and are now wondering how the thing could twist up when they sat down. Really? #Bendgate
.@AnnDRomney not exactly closing the door on her husband @MittRomney going for the hat trick. Watch our interview NOW on @FoxBusiness.So you don't shop at @HomeDepot and think you're safe? NOW on #CAVUTO: Why the store's former boss @bobnardelli says... Not even close.Sen @marcorubio tells me why he thinks we need troops on the ground to defeat ISIS. Tune in RIGHT NOW to @FoxBusiness http://t.co/SunCRZ77lnTONIGHT on #CAVUTO: Pres. Obama addressing ISIS today, but are we doing enough to stop ISIS? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.Here's former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani last night on @FoxBusiness talking about the homegrown threat from ISIS. http://t.co/5ep3Fu9Hg9Did you see my interview with Virgin Group Founder Sir @richardbranson last night on @FoxBusiness? Watch here: http://t.co/OzMsaezh14When does "no" mean "no?" In politics? Never. Here's my reaction to my interview with @AnnDRomney. Read here. http://t.co/cuJNew1GrrLooking forward to joining @TeamCavuto on “Your World” this afternoon. Tune in to @FoxNews now to watch.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@marcorubio told us the US needs a permanent troop presence in the Mideast to defeat threats like ISIS. RT if you agree #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Sir @richardbranson: "We want to take people into orbit around the world." #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Sir @richardbranson talks about leadership and his vision at Virgin. http://t.co/rY9R5wieAgInstead of cracking down on companies trying to escape taxes here...Why not focus on "why" they are bolting from here. RETWEET if you AGREE.TONIGHT on #CAVUTO: Fmr. NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the homegrown threat of #ISIS and how we plan to stop them. http://t.co/9T879HG91UWhere is the outrage over Hope Solo’s domestic violence charges? http://t.co/TVp7xqhUAa @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOWashington’s Inversion Perversion? Try…Intrusion. My column: http://t.co/Ln5WIeg7K2Sir @richardbranson joins me TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. Tune in! #CAVUTO http://t.co/JL5EQ9dkfG#CommonSense: No longer a melting pot, but a nation of crack pots. Have we lost our foundation? http://t.co/mFGqgHch6j @FoxNews
TONIGHT on #CAVUTO: Are we focusing on the wrong threat? The terror group many say is scarier, and more dangerous than ISIS...NOW on #CAVUTO: Why a top financial regulator says an Armageddon-type cyber attack to Wall Street is coming...Is ISIS a "crisis" because America is "Godless?" I asked and let's just say I may have hit a nerve. http://t.co/1LyQXvXviPWhat's the Deal, Neil is back tonight!! What's on your mind? Get your tweets and questions in and I'll read some of them on the air. #CAVUTODid you see this on @FoxBusiness? Comedian @JrzyJoePiscopo on the sharp decline in marriages, @GovernorPerry & more. http://t.co/2OaOlJE8RBIs it me, or is the quality of a phone call just not considered a vital feature in smartphones today? Check this out: http://t.co/X5D6iZ3htQWhen you kick God to the curb, you kick our very core to the street - NC #CommonSense @FoxNewsGarbage everywhere, celebs w/ large carbon footprint at climate change protest @AshPratte calls it "hippie hypocrisy". RT if u agree #CAVUTOClimate change protesters are storming Wall Street. Is climate change our biggest threat? RT for NO, REPLY for YES #CAVUTO @FoxNewsCavuto vs. Imus. It got ugly. Watch here to see how it all went down. http://t.co/gPM7o0gGG7 @TheImusShow #CAVUTO
That's what I think. What about you? Watch #CAVUTO weekdays on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. http://t.co/TMf6DuIVTH
Watch my exclusive interview here with @rupertmurdoch. Topics: Scotland, Time Warner, U.S. economy, and much more. http://t.co/nGh07IyXxN
Say it ain't so Joe! Our Friday regular...comedian @JrzyJoePiscopo joins me NEXT on #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: If the economy is so bad, why are all these people on line for a new #iPhone? http://t.co/uEEaG8JM6eCavuto vs. Imus. I crashed the set of @TheImusShow this morning. Things got heated. See what happened NEXT on #CAVUTO http://t.co/ThdnIixYmXOne of the most popular guests we've ever had on the show... @Dratzenberger joins me NEXT on #CAVUTO http://t.co/laG7KafN6XGreat Scot! Game NOT Over! My column: http://t.co/kj55twMu1wCan #Alibaba keep its top executives and maintain its success even after the #IPO? http://t.co/NghtOQWKbh @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto
Another #NFL player arrested on domestic violence charges. Should sponsors head for the door? Will they? We discuss now on #CAVUTO.@rupertmurdoch tells me RIGHT NOW on #CAVUTO why he thinks this whole economic recovery is overblown. http://t.co/wOz7FklnyWU.K. P.M. David Cameron says he won't resign if #Scotland leaves U.K. NOW on #CAVUTO: @rupertmurdoch tells me why he might not have a choiceVotes are being counted in #Scotland as we speak. Next on @FoxBusiness, @rupertmurdoch on what the world should be hoping for. #CAVUTOThanks to @BillHemmer on the shoutout today on #Outnumbered.In case you missed on @FoxBusiness, here's my interview with @rupertmurdoch on Scotland that's got everybody talking. http://t.co/UBQEJU5moj.@rupertmurdoch to @FoxBusiness: would not revisit deal for Time Warner $TWX certainly not in a hostile way. No discussions since.
Retweeted by Neil CavutoIf you weren't watching @FoxBusiness you just missed my exclusive w/@rupertmurdoch. Video will be posted soon, coverage continues now on FBNAre you awake?? Turn on @FoxBusiness now for our non-stop four hour coverage of Scotland's independence vote.
Power of money... @Vikings have barred @AdrianPeterson from all team activities until his case is resolved. Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.NEXT on #CAVUTO: Meet the insurance CEO who's company isn't a part of #Obamacare, but is still getting hit by a huge Obamacare tax.No time to waste, but will all the money Pres. Obama is authorizing to fight #Ebola go to the right place? #CAVUTO http://t.co/gfe1luIyvjHere are just a few of the pros on both sides of the Atlantic who'll be weighing in during our non-stop coverage... http://t.co/3RSQ2wlTb3"This is worth getting up early for folks. Bottom line, it's big. And Fox Business is all over it." @FoxBusiness http://t.co/pATT5awlL7Great Scot! Scotland's independence vote is tomorrow and I'm on @FoxBusiness bright & early RETWEET if you'll join me http://t.co/AyIH7Gr26bSay it Ain’t So-ny! In the Red, Fade to Black? My column: http://t.co/M0yz4hVLZzDon’t miss my buddy Neil Cavuto tomorrow morning from 5-9amET on Fox Business Network. He will be all over the all-important Scottish vote!
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTune in tomorrow from 5-9AM ET for a special report on #Scotland's vote for independence. http://t.co/UyCfiVgiEy http://t.co/xzPHB1PPhd
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto
NOW on #CAVUTO: How did no one at @UrbanOutfitters stop this from going on sale? Who thought this was a good idea? http://t.co/jAWVxUtR54NOW on #CAVUTO: They call it home "work" for a reason. A Chicago elementary school is banning homework. Is this teaching kids a bad lesson?
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