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Power of money... @Vikings have barred @AdrianPeterson from all team activities until his case is resolved. Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.NEXT on #CAVUTO: Meet the insurance CEO who's company isn't a part of #Obamacare, but is still getting hit by a huge Obamacare tax.No time to waste, but will all the money Pres. Obama is authorizing to fight #Ebola go to the right place? #CAVUTO http://t.co/gfe1luIyvjHere are just a few of the pros on both sides of the Atlantic who'll be weighing in during our non-stop coverage... http://t.co/3RSQ2wlTb3"This is worth getting up early for folks. Bottom line, it's big. And Fox Business is all over it." @FoxBusiness http://t.co/pATT5awlL7Great Scot! Scotland's independence vote is tomorrow and I'm on @FoxBusiness bright & early RETWEET if you'll join me http://t.co/AyIH7Gr26bSay it Ain’t So-ny! In the Red, Fade to Black? My column: http://t.co/M0yz4hVLZzDon’t miss my buddy Neil Cavuto tomorrow morning from 5-9amET on Fox Business Network. He will be all over the all-important Scottish vote!
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTune in tomorrow from 5-9AM ET for a special report on #Scotland's vote for independence. http://t.co/UyCfiVgiEy http://t.co/xzPHB1PPhd
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NOW on #CAVUTO: How did no one at @UrbanOutfitters stop this from going on sale? Who thought this was a good idea? http://t.co/jAWVxUtR54NOW on #CAVUTO: They call it home "work" for a reason. A Chicago elementary school is banning homework. Is this teaching kids a bad lesson?NFL problems continue. @Radisson is pulling money back from the @Vikings. RETWEET if you think more sponsors will pull out. #CAVUTOFBI says facial recognition program is good to go... @Judgenap joins me now on why he thinks this is a nightmare come true. #CAVUTOPres. Obama announcing a $763 million plan to fight #Ebola. Do you think this will be enough to contain the virus? #CAVUTOIs the White House leading from behind on the #Ebola outbreak? Watch this clip from last night on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/JM07TrTOfpRadioShack Attack! And this one's looking fatal. Here's what I'm talking about: http://t.co/t1HsX0uBNABREAKING: The President now outlining his plan to fight the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa @FoxNews #CAVUTO
How can Atlantic City turn itself around? @LizMacDonaldFOX, @noellenikpour, @EmTSuss and I give our ideas NOW on #CAVUTOWe're discussing this report RIGHT NOW on #CAVUTO. What do you make of this? http://t.co/diW4EYR6FGRGIII, who? Hillary, you listening? Guaranteed frontrunners who don't quite pan out. Read this, then watch the debate http://t.co/LMjZUwP8Ko"We don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem." RETWEET if you AGREE. #CAVUTO http://t.co/4Se29XtmteGet ready for major Obamacare confusion. Why accountants like @tracybyrnes are about to get major headaches... She explains now on #CAVUTOBetter late than never? Maybe not... RETWEET if you agree with me. #CAVUTO http://t.co/CAVuc9MWTmWill Americans have to give up some civil liberties to fight ISIS? I asked Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. http://t.co/XgcWrXdKT3.@CGasparino's goatee: STAY or GO? #GasposGoatee #CAVUTO @FoxNews @FoxBusinessISIS sympathizers growing at home. Is it because we've become too PC? RT for YES, REPLY for no @FoxNews #CAVUTOWe're pulling teeth to get Arab nations to back us up when ISIS is in their backyard. Can we count on a coalition? RT for NO, REPLY for YES
I know what I'd prefer. What about you? Watch #CAVUTO weekdays on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. http://t.co/gfwMAcFlwN
Are terror groups like ISIS entering the United States over the Mexican border? #CAVUTO http://t.co/ybgSUIlICf
What's the deal with one viewer thinking I look like his kid's gym teacher? #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness http://t.co/AZ35FoJBvlFirst Lois Lerner... now Ray Rice? How the House Oversight Committee could be about to investigate the #NFL. NOW on #CAVUTOISIS is reportedly planning a massive cyber attack that could target the financial system. NEXT on #CAVUTOThe U.S. government reportedly threatened @Yahoo with $250K daily fines for refusing to hand over data to the #NSA. Details NOW on #CAVUTOSacrificing freedom for safety? Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly joins me NEXT on @FoxBusiness. 8PM ET. http://t.co/nWCdwhFmwnDoes White House need Congressional authority for ISIS strategy? Rep. @BuckMcKeon (R-CA) answers here on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/fHHrDQBBK0'Aye Yi iPhone!!' When Servers Crash and Apple Sales…Soar! Check out my column: http://t.co/6zJqmokTaY
Dept of Homeland Sec. asking stores to monitor customers buying habits for terrorist signs. @JudgeNap is furious. He joins me NOW on #CAVUTOOnce one sponsor goes... they all go? Why the #NFL better fix this #RayRice situation before it's too late... Now on #CAVUTOFormer covert CIA operations officer Mike Baker joins me now on how to fight this homegrown threat from ISIS. #CAVUTO http://t.co/vxwJSz3Hm5.@GovernorPerry may be onto something. A DHS official just confirmed the U.S. border is a potential target for #ISIS http://t.co/spxSkJeZ1ERT if you think ISIS is an imminent threat in the U.S. #CAVUTO on @FoxBusiness has details on why you might be right http://t.co/FSv1R9V5m9Are we safe from a cyber attack from #ISIS? Fmr. White House Cyber Czar Howard Schmidt weighs in on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/TgFoeqLpnUHere's what Chairman of the House Cmte on Homeland Security @RepPeteKing thinks of Pres. Obama's ISIS strategy: http://t.co/NQSxvEhH8W13 years later, 9/11 remains a day when even hardened money guys bear something close to a soul. My column: http://t.co/ltFh0mlCxe).@Nigel_Farage: There are people within here that want to destroy us @FoxNews #CAVUTO.@Nigel_Farage: We would be mad to allow anyone that fights for ISIS back in our country #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@Nigel_Farage on homegrown ISIS recruits: We as nations are not being robust enough in defending our values @FoxNews #CAVUTOCFO survey: Minimum wage hike would lead to layoffs http://t.co/zKJjoVFEIK @FoxNews #CAVUTO.@HouseForeign Affairs Chair @RepEdRoyce: Let's have Gulf States pay for #ISIS airstrikes http://t.co/ZzRPCS99wK http://t.co/jkREiQru8F
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The President has spoken. How is the mainstream media reacting? Fmr. media tycoon @ConradMBlack joins me NEXT on #CAVUTO.What do you think of Pres @BarackObama’s speech? Use #CAVUTO in your thoughts.Pres. Obama: "It is America that has the capacity and the will to mobilize the world against terrorists." #ObamaSpeech #CAVUTOPres. Obama: "We will send an additional 475 service members to Iraq." #ObamaSpeech #CAVUTOPres. Obama: “Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy ISIL.” #ObamaSpeech #CAVUTONow on @FoxBusiness: Pres. @BarackObama’s address on #ISIS starts now… Powerful business insight following the speech. #CAVUTOReports at least 15 Minnesota men have already joined #ISIS. Fmr. Minnesota Gov. @TimPawlenty joins me NOW on the homegrown threat.Fmr. W.H. Cyber Czar just told me if you search hard enough on the Internet, you’ll find a trail of cash leading to #ISIS. #CAVUTOI will join @TeamCavuto on @FoxBusiness to preview Pres #Obama's address on the #IslamicState. http://t.co/geQTJ8mLYK
Retweeted by Neil CavutoI’ll be joining @teamcavuto on @foxbusiness in a few minutes to discuss #ISIS
Retweeted by Neil CavutoPres. Obama is expected to ask Congress for billions to help fight #ISIS. Will Tea Party backed @SenMikeLee support this? His answer....NEXTAmericans feeling less safe today than they did before 9/11… Fmr. NY Gov. George Pataki on the fears, on #CAVUTO now http://t.co/h731qVU19dI’m hosting special coverage of Pres. @BarackObama’s speech RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness. Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.My special 2-hour coverage of Pres. @BarackObama’s speech on #ISIS starts at 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness. Tune in! #CAVUTO http://t.co/4ogs3aBV5A.@Montel_Williams on his push to free a U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico http://t.co/zhxvMrofUY #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Apple unveils new iPhones, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay today. NOW on #CAVUTO: Was this Tim Cook's "Steve Jobs" moment? #AppleEventHome Depot announcing it was hacked...back in April. Why does it take so long to find out? Answers now on #CAVUTO http://t.co/s2Jl1xZsN8Twitter takes ISIS tweets down & now #ISIS reportedly wants to assassinate Twitter employees. Next: The terror group's scary call to actionNEXT on #CAVUTO: The power of the video tape...and how it changes everything. #RayRice #NFL #Ravens http://t.co/shBKoYpHHa.@RalphNader is furious with Democrats for putting politics ahead of raising the minimum wage. He's letting loose right now on @FoxBusiness.Pres. Obama is addressing the nation on #ISIS at 9PM tomorrow. I'll be hosting special coverage HERE on @FoxBusiness! http://t.co/uMNNRoHaB0.@RepCuellar just told me the border's still a problem & punting on #immigration until after the election is an even bigger problem #CAVUTOIs the military lacking confidence right now in the White House over #ISIS? http://t.co/NFtNWiE4eiiWorld? Apple's taking a trick out of Disney's magical book making it easier for consumers to part with their money. http://t.co/MB4SxcWxXrRead @Montel_Williams letter to Mexican President requesting Andrew Tahmooressi release on our site http://t.co/YPvv7RRsyU @FoxNews #CAVUTOand we're live on @TeamCavuto #BringBackOurMarine #followmontel #montelcavuto http://t.co/N7mE94SpXE
Retweeted by Neil CavutoA US Marine remains in a Mexican jail. @Montel_Williams has had enough. He's next. #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@RickSantorum is asking the real @SenRandPaul to stand up when talking about ISIS. He explains next. #CAVUTO @FoxNews
.@ATLHawks owner Bruce Levenson will sell team after sending 'offensive' e-mail. Should he have to? We debate now on #CAVUTO.Pres. Obama admits playing golf minutes after addressing James Foley's death was bad optics. Details NOW on #CAVUTO http://t.co/2b8wCv2ZM3A former Fannie Mae executive just said on #CAVUTO that new regulations on lending will cripple the housing recovery. Do you agree?TMZ releases new video of @Ravens' Ray Rice knocking out then-fiancée and now the #Ravens have released him. Use #CAVUTO with your reaction.Next on #CAVUTO: The man many call the architect of the Iraq war explains why a war with #ISIS will last much longer than anyone thinks.Pres. Obama punting on #immigration until after election. @noellenikpour just said on #CAVUTO this is purely political. RETWEET if you agreePresident Obama could learn from JFK on how to give a press conference...Watch this and see what I mean. http://t.co/GkLRktzZLbjoin me tonight on @TeamCavuto on @FoxBusiness at 8pmest
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The media is jumping through hoops to avoid using the #Redskins name and logo. Look at this! http://t.co/iegpSXrnZhRETWEET if you're worried about this too...Watch #CAVUTO weekdays on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. http://t.co/zkllqlpAZG
.@EricTrump tells me on @FoxBusiness @realDonaldTrump doesn't want his name associated with Atlantic City at all. http://t.co/2aSfZWaPL6
What I'm about to say might offend you, so I'm apologizing in advance. OK? Here goes... REDSKINS. Why am I saying it? It's the team's name!Hear the study that says if the White House grants amnesty to illegals in America, 500K "more" illegals will come to America. Now on #CAVUTOhttp://t.co/bLwTzJEGWL was hacked. If only the government was warned about this... Oh wait... it was... http://t.co/hKjaCV4LLVAs if #ISIS isn't bad enough, Al Qaeda now making big recruitment push. General Richard Myers joins me now on how to handle 2 terror groupsTerror fears ahead of 9/11 anniversary. Gen. Richard Myers was acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. Is he worried? Tune in.Should the Obama Administration take a stronger stand on #ISIS? Here's @AllenWest's take last night on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/LGsrS699OpFat chance all fat cats are Republican, fat chance you’ll ever hear otherwise! My column: http://t.co/UrxlXzajbNWhat's the deal with so many nasty emails about me? Tell me how you really feel! http://t.co/nFshZT1q6K
Millennials don't trust big institutions like Government. RETWEET this if you agree with them. Details now on #CAVUTO http://t.co/3dfbZX6TZQWhat the hack? Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos DON'T belong to her? Why one porn site says those pics could be online for long time #CAVUTOSure you're paying through the nose for h'care, but at least more folks are covered, right? Wrong. Why more could be uninsured, now on FBN.Nearly 1 in 10 of California workers are in the country illegally... on #CAVUTO now, the study you won't believe, or maybe you will...
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