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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. http://t.co/rJNCGU9GhH

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We're going to the finals! #USWNT #USAvGERYou're always an inspiration to me @TheEllenShow. Congrats on your new clothing line http://t.co/uKL1AGJs6N!
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresMy girl @TheEllenShow has a new clothing line http://t.co/RiTUXeZ645. Sharing her style w/the world. Who doesn't want a little Ellen on you?
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresCongrats Aaron White! You’re this week's Epic or Fail winner! $100 gift card! Don’t forget to send yours to ellentube http://t.co/DFVjyzLOSKI love supporting inspiring women doing their thing! Congrats @TheEllenShow on your new clothing line http://t.co/OKkO0dTlRn
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresMy clothing line http://t.co/FHnZxjbwQN is finally here! I hope you love it as much as I do. https://t.co/FmHfNeSZJz
Everyone in my house is gearing up for the big http://t.co/FHnZxjbwQN launch tomorrow! https://t.co/JdYb2g2CCD#MondayMotivation http://t.co/dWiJT1LnMN
Any purchase in the Ellen Shop means you could win 2 tickets to my show! I like those odds. http://t.co/F2cmxxBJqK http://t.co/G774LqzJvUHappy birthday, @KelliePickler! Every year, you just get sweeter and funnier and pickler.
If this cat photo doesn’t belong on my Good Things Tumblr, I don’t know what does. http://t.co/gV61JnCtX2 http://t.co/tEgr8I1YjVMy new clothing line, ED by Ellen, launches on Tuesday! Until then, you can check out our Instagram page. http://t.co/aAOuoAwbpdLove won. #MarriageEquality
Happy #ThrowbackThursday #TBT http://t.co/FLozJyHxvp#TBT to that time you invited me to be in Ghostbusters. https://t.co/g6CjKceOmOSketchShe strikes again. Hammer time. http://t.co/gS6WyEcqvMHappy birthday, @RickyGervais. Thank you for all you do for animals. They asked me to write this tweet to you.
Happy #YoureWelcomeWednesday! http://t.co/qlFLK5wqA1There are lots of kittens at Best Friends Animal Society this month. Find out how you can help them right here. http://t.co/tGeoCTs8XJFor everyone wanting to know, Tayt made it through the surgery. I’m sending a lot of love to the family of his donor. #TaytsWish
.@jimmyjustsayin & @swimapril2014 won my hashtag contest! That means their #NewOlympicEvent ideas will be in the 2016 Olympics! Probably.Y’all had some wonderful ideas for a #NewOlympicEvent. I’ll let the committee know. http://t.co/2JjCVbEMebTayt is getting a new heart today. Please send all of your hopes and prayers that this surgery goes well. #TaytsWish http://t.co/GIlbblGHPBIf you’re looking for something wonderful to do on August 1st, I found it. http://t.co/aurhyC9qBwThey’ve got great acceleration, but the traction on the turns is a little iffy http://t.co/h05N10beFkHappy birthday, @Jason_Mraz. You’re a wonderful mrusician and a wonderful mran.Think of your favorite music from a movie. Odds are it was composed by James Horner. What an incredible talent. What an incredible loss.We’re getting close to the launch of ED by Ellen! But for now, you can follow on Instagram! http://t.co/ptKiIX5A5f
There are 8 nominations for new Olympic events. I wanna hear yours. Tweet me your #NewOlympicEvent ideas for this week's hashtag contest!I sent my writer Adam to CatCon. It’s a convention for people who are crazy about cats, & some who are just crazy. http://t.co/zcfLcVtM1wThanks to @MattressFirm, someone's winning $15K by watching my show! Sounds like a good gig to me #LaughDancePartner http://t.co/dca9c5UsJkIt’s Meryl Streep’s birthday! She’s been nominated for an Oscar 19 times. That’s as many times as I’ve watched Devil Wears Prada. This week.This is the most intense game of chicken I’ve ever seen. http://t.co/49ItFcvLzm
.@Prattprattpratt, you’re in the biggest movie in the world, it’s your birthday and it's Father’s Day. Congratulations. Today is yours.Happy Father’s Day! I hope you take a photo just like these. http://t.co/H26eustdYLEasy like Sunday morning. http://t.co/WQLoxFtgfq
Jon Stewart's monologue about Charleston is so powerful and I can't watch it enough. https://t.co/9BetVYD4uN
It’s #ClassicJokeFriday! http://t.co/zmNINI0qwSHappy birthday, @Macklemore! Sending love to you and your partner, @RyanLewis. MUSIC PARTNER. I meant music partner.Check it out — now you can tweet and shop at the same time! I call it twopping. I hope you twop ’til you dwop. http://t.co/RBpmNQ0e37
Would you? Could you? On a train? https://t.co/chvBfINqHbHappy #ThrowbackThursday #TBT http://t.co/877ui57VJuHappy birthday, @PaulMcCartney! I know “Yesterday” came to you in your sleep. I’ve always wanted to tell you this...I was singing it to you.I believe there's more love in the world than hate. We need to show it today. Sending my love to Charleston.
Congrats Amy! You’re this week's Epic or Fail winner! Post your Epic or Fail video to ellentube for you chance to win http://t.co/DFVjyzLOSKHappy #YoureWelcomeWednesday! http://t.co/PT5ynaz1qXWe’ll be landing early. #ExplainParadiseIn4Words#Madonna’s new video looks amazing. Fun Fact: if you add the cast of it to the cast of @TaylorSwift13’s Bad Blood you get everyone on Earth.Happy birthday, @KendrickLamar! I love yourself. http://t.co/adCOBcMYSe
#CouchSelfie http://t.co/AZDIB88OwRSomeone watching my show is gonna win $10K this week! Look out for the @MattressFirm Money Term #LaughDancePartner. http://t.co/EsQPpVx5g2
As Abraham Lincoln said, “You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet." Tweet me YOUR favorite #ReallyRealQuote. Hashtag contest!Happy birthday @ActuallyNPH, @CourteneyCox & @LeahRemini! What're the odds 3 of my favorite people are born the same day? Almost 1 in 100.Great news! I just booked a part on #GameofThrones! I play a trash-talking lady’s maid with a wooden-- never mind. They just killed her off.If you loved my design show, I’ve got big news. It’s coming back for season 2 on @HGTV! Hold on to your brad nailers! #ellendesignonhgtv
I’m nominated for a Teen Choice Award! Further proof that teens always make good choices. http://t.co/tGdQPt6yFEI sent Noah Ritter to the red carpet of the "Jurassic Park" premiere. What can I say? I’m full of good decisions. http://t.co/TM9cHLtLpQHockey stick? Check. Pink tutu? Check. http://t.co/gA6oGqrj6gLots of good lookin’ fellas on my show today, like this one who told me about dancing in a thong. Better him than me. http://t.co/f8P9A7AkejWhy did Helvetica swipe left on Times New Roman? He wasn’t her type. #ClassicJokeFriday
Coming in hot http://t.co/CCqd0j4Q1E
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresThere are still 3 more people to win @Target’s ellentube contest. Send me a video! #LaughDancePartner http://t.co/M26eA4qr5j #thanksabillionHappy #ThrowbackThursday! #TBT http://t.co/XmIsabowKhThese boxers make a perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad. They also make a perfect one for Mom. http://t.co/jhuFrrn53l http://t.co/7krMymTUJ1
This was a great surprise. I’m pretty sure this aunt thinks she’s getting a baby. http://t.co/nf2U2GRfIzHappy #YoureWelcomeWednesday http://t.co/Go26r36S0OHappy Pride Month! Here’s how my friends @Target are celebrating. #TakePride. http://t.co/FRHcR07zGzCheck this out. This is insane. http://t.co/rqHV9KblFOHappy #HumpDay http://t.co/kdzdEeRy8uHappy birthday @KateUpton! Party like you're @BrunoMars. 'Cause Upton funk gon give it to ya! I’ll be honest, that sounded better in my head
I love having my own show. Now, I wanna see your show. Upload an episode to ellentube! You never know what could happen. #MyEllentubeShow.@Madonna & @JustinBieber playing “Never Have I Ever” is 1 of my favorite moments. They’ve never not done a whole lot http://t.co/OrJBWAIF1zY’all sure do like a #CelebrityPun. Thanks for tweeting! Congrats to the winners, @jxstinsdiamond and @harrysloub! http://t.co/YqqzNruDoPWhat you want. Baby, they’ve got it. http://t.co/49wl2XZfjIHappy BDay Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman & Michael J. Fox! Hope ya spend it writing a wacky love-triangle romantic com. I’d totally see that.The struggle is real http://t.co/XcFXtm6UZZ
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneres
US is playing Australia in the Women’s World Cup! Those are two of my favorite countries. I’m rooting for everyone. #USWNTWhat do you call an exact replica of George Clooney? George Cloney. Tweet me your favorite #CelebrityPun for this week’s hashtag contest!Dog got your tongue? http://t.co/hCGTjI11LORemember, you can do anything. And if you can’t, you can probably watch someone else do it on YouTube. #MotivationalMondayHappy #NationalBestFriendsDay to my National Bestie, @ZacEfron And of course, my International Bestie, @Harry_Styles.I didn’t know you could be this smart and this adorable at the same time. I love Macey Hensley. http://t.co/JN9TAvp1i8Happy birthday, @KanyeWest! I hope you’re celebrating. Last year was ca-razy! I still have that slide whistle I won at the ring toss.
Happy birthday, @IggyAzalea! I was going to tell you how fancy you are, but then I remembered you already know.
.@SerenaWilliams won the French Open! Incredible. Congrats to you & the entire Williams family — Venus, Vanessa, Michelle & Robbie.
Why can't horses run for Congress? They always vote neigh. #ClassicJokeFridayTawne submitted her story to me at http://t.co/npPIiuvllG, and look what happened. See what @Houzz can do for you. http://t.co/SUOSI87dT1Happy #ClassicJokeFriday! #NationalDonutDay http://t.co/4ewHzYZiCsI think this could be the first-ever dog ventriloquist. http://t.co/bzmfaX2zwaWhat do you call a cat that raps? Whiska-lifa. #ClassicJokeFridayHappy birthday, @Mark_Wahlberg! In case you missed it, here’s your #EntourageMovie cast. http://t.co/YsymzM7jpz
This is a dramatic scene from a police stop gone wrong. I can’t tell which take I like better. http://t.co/BYi0THWEKaHappy #ThrowbackThursday #TBT http://t.co/RRbRo5G7RWIf you’ve ever dreamed of being on a game show, tomorrow could be your big shot. Heads up! http://t.co/HniwPmAmRCSend me a video for my @So_Delicious Summer Lovin’ contest & you could win $10K. Hurry. Summer lovin' happens so fast http://t.co/wNd5wgIumGThe “Entourage" cast is here! Watch them on the show, and watch them backstage at the same time in the Ellen app. https://t.co/trq5VZx4hRYou were wonderful. Have your entourage call my entourage. https://t.co/4r9zMH5d0WWe’re gonna need a bigger blanket. http://t.co/UJLIHKNXjB http://t.co/Aj3LMxX4H4
Happy #YoureWelcomeWednesday http://t.co/UiLajOjlhFStop what you're doing and listen to this kid. http://t.co/V8C7fac4gg
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