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Schwab puts out great pieces IMO. Here's one from J Kleintop on how fisc policy setting 2015 up for better growth. http://t.co/dDAHiFnDzW
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart fisc pol in US, EZ, JPN, already expansionary, it's just that next yr not becoming less expansionary, as in prior yrs.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@Jesse_Livermore thanks!@Jesse_Livermore probably fiscal expansion coming from state/local.@Jesse_Livermore what’s the argument? Fiscal expansion where and how?@jacklizmi one weekSouth Congress http://t.co/HP1mTGjGLiHow did The Racket fail? “Instead of a Nate Silver-produced poll we'll poll 87 people who look like Nate Silver.” http://t.co/lHCfu567Fx
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@nytimes Not so super then is it?@katherinemiller thing is, I’m always tired and stressed. Can’t isolate what’s new.@parva_x been sleeping more than I used to. But maybe still not enough.Lately I’ve been having non-stop eye twitches. But, like, for real and not in anticipation of any jobs report.@davealevine got it. And then how long until you eat something? Normal lunchtime.this piece about how social networks and memes are causing digital photographs to decay is so smart and interesting http://t.co/372N63305p
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal#Texas #jobs grow at 3.7% annualized rate so far in 2014. Regional Update: http://t.co/pPSDVRLy1b http://t.co/cprmaaqNSs
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@davealevine what do you mean by cheat?@davealevine I see@davealevine Did you stop? Did you see any benefit?@mariabustillos No. I liked it. Very creamy. Just wasn’t very hungry afterwords.@esoltas @conorsen @TheStalwart @boes_ The states where people search "how to ask for a raise" do not surprise me http://t.co/peKbqeAZ7f
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalHad butter coffee today for first time. Really suppresses appetite. Only ate one breakfast taco. A first in the history of breakfast tacos.@conorsen @TheStalwart @boes_ The economists are searching for wage growth. The workers are searching for how to ask.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@esoltas @conorsen @boes_ that’s a fantastic chart@conorsen @TheStalwart @boes_ http://t.co/NJgU8vfyyA
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart @boes_ "Wage growth" on Google Trends http://t.co/xPMe3kbCsw
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalBack to post-recession highs in Gallup US Econ Confidence: http://t.co/IOgaLteC68 cc: @Fullcarry @TheStalwart
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@mattkenney @TheStalwart @ryanavent Models don't fit reality. 70s Inflation led to low CapUtil and high Unemployment http://t.co/PzcnWiJBgu
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart This Will Wright/SimCity interview is brilliant re: mind/machine/models http://t.co/3SqJvge3Xb http://t.co/yvrHnVxnSm
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@tophtucker that’s really great@JaySlacks those are both great.@WithDrake good call@nycsouthpaw that’s why I don’t remember em!@nycsouthpaw don’t remember@TheStalwart Now I'm picturing people carting wheelbarrows full of gold to buy a loaf of bread
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalCould we ever have a gold glut?@mattkenney thank you! Great piece@TheStalwart @ryanavent I didn't see much defense of the ↑ inflation → ↑ employment idea, so I wrote this: https://t.co/lKgqT257Wv
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@tophtucker whoaWoman mistakes rare truffle for free sample at Washington, DC restaurant http://t.co/CGcKDYPjIM http://t.co/lsiGKzD7z5
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@pourmecoffee lol@tophtucker Ah, yes. Do we do any of that?@pourmecoffee Agree! The oil never runs out! Don’t need to drill anymore.@GuptaGankur249 jnathan at gmail dot comFrom Goldman. Prima facie evidence that oil’s collapse is about supply rather than weak demand. http://t.co/IaDdWnUaQp@tophtucker I agree. (What’s simulator journalism?)@GuptaGankur249 is that real? Send me an email@TheStalwart Intersectoral linkages. Not surprising. http://t.co/TvO2Ytj5sc
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@dandolfa great post@tomgara @Wertwhile @TheStalwart 2.6% of workers are minwage, down from 7.9% in '79 http://t.co/9Hk131neNi - political, not economic device
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart been looking into this. Very severe oil & gas job losses in 1980s, but didn't undercut rest of US economy.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@ejenk @tomgara @mbusigin I’d presume that too, but would like to see that data.@tomgara @TheStalwart Reality: http://t.co/5bMXW2DFz3 inflation in food away from home has been outpaced by leisure hourly earnings.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@mbusigin @tomgara wow@tomgara @mbusigin that being said, the gap between minimum wage and average wage has presumably grown. As min wage held down by law.@tomgara @mbusigin Yes. Given rental inflation, hard to imagine.Great chart from Goldman. In the 1980s oil bust, Texas lost all kinds of jobs. Not just oil-related. http://t.co/Qgyf3YP0dV@tomgara @mbusigin Hmm, that’d be a good chart to see.@sparksjls My #YOback just was sincere.Goldman predicts a 15% decline in oil capex in 2015 (in the US).@tomgara @mbusigin Counterintuitive or not in line with the popular narrative?BTW buying power of an hour of leisure/hospitality labour 23% higher than in '96, and just off all-time highs http://t.co/v2LlWjsOwG
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalBarbacoa http://t.co/9ilyHrGDywMi Madre's http://t.co/9kZDgq9wgN
ATA Truck Tonnage Index Surged 3.5% in November to Highest Level on Record http://t.co/vKazRutl4i http://t.co/b6IeoPqXOE
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalMosPrime overnight lending rate up another 5% today to 29.9%. Banks need liquidity & this could be trouble http://t.co/Sbrv5cI2v2
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@AntheaButler nice!@AntheaButler where’d you go?@BCAppelbaum @mattyglesias @Noahpinion @ryanavent You mean declining lfpr?@mattyglesias @Noahpinion yeah. Then we’re on the same page. Was reacting to @ryanavent’s critique.@mattyglesias @Noahpinion Sure. But then, if inflation signifies th gap being filled, why the need to then let it run hot for awhile.@Noahpinion yeah, that’s a good thing.@Noahpinion I don’t know. I guess that we seem to be closing the output gap even with subdued inflation.What’s the matter with economics http://t.co/8SoYQdCYRkXi: Macao, the beautiful lotus flower of the motherland, will blossom with even more splendid color.#MacaoReturn http://t.co/kdcpCv47g1
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart Damn right. Probably only thing that has put off your "year's over" tweet.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@LorcanRK this will be exciting@LorcanRK do you think there’s a shot of 180 by the third?Let’s talk Greece. What’s the government’s target for the second vote?@harryh Main@shaneferro @LorcanRK Thursday night@LorcanRK @shaneferro It was very subtle. I’m not clever enough to have seen that.@LorcanRK @shaneferro lol, that was good.@TheStalwart When you say "the Fed's" to most people on the street they think you are talking about the FBI. So GLWT
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalHow many people on the street could tell you the Fed’s inflation target?@RebelEconProf and does the public know what the current target is?@RebelEconProf I don’t know. Maybe/ but does the public know the difference between 2% and 3% inflation?@mbusigin Don’t they? Hence the boom I asset prices?@RebelEconProf Keep going. Does a firm commitment to cap inflation at 2% shape your expectations?@RebelEconProf so the question is, is the expectation that policy would be tightened at 2% slowing the recovery?@RebelEconProf ah, yeah.@RebelEconProf right…@RebelEconProf what do you mean endogenous@mbusigin slowly, but still shrinking amid sub-standard inflation.@welloldstem it hasn’t?@welloldstem perhaps. But a) demand has gone up sans above-trend inflation. b) lfpr has stayed flat amid rising demand.@welloldstem been thinking about this piece today http://t.co/tOTNgQ7CMV@mbusigin @LorcanRK @ryanavent and the gap can’t be closed without catchup inflation? Hasn’t the gap ajready begun to close?@LorcanRK yeah. Does it work?@IronEconomist well @ryanavent is certainly smarter than me, so very possible!Charlie Shrem Saga Ends With Two-Year Sentence in New York Court http://t.co/AmWm9VaPSZ http://t.co/RBoxQ332kc
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