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Media&Comms, Marketing & Economics Student at SydneyUni. Football, Gaming, Pop Music. Wednesday Drive at 2RDJ 88.1FM. All tweets are of my own view and opinion.

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The many faces of LeBron's return to Cleveland... http://t.co/U23GuWeLYO
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSouth African football fans have today celebrated the life of former South Africa goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa. RIP. http://t.co/qLGd3Cyh8Q
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
So furious beyond belief....City fans who buy a ticket for the CSKA Moscow home game get an extra one for free, I wonder why!
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@alexanderenrico They don't want to waste the resources on this trophy when they need them all to keep up with us.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@Skybirdmax hahahah they'll never be a European elite90+2' - Even more empty seats at the Etihad as the home fans stream out. It remains 2-0 to the visitors. #NUFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHe's got no time for the Poznan this lad... http://t.co/35IDcxuYLX
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoFULL-TIME: Manchester City 0-2 Newcastle http://t.co/jvPPcEfE2V
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
@VodafoneAU_Help they were normal texts. Let me try that!@VodafoneAU_Help I'm using an iPhone6 and I've done that but it's still doing the same thing. Still confuses me.@vodafoneau_help Didn't have problem sending them but I have problems receiving them. NSW 2194Mourinho: "Without any further complications, Diego Costa and Ramires will be fit to face QPR at the weekend." #CFC (Mail)
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@VodafoneAU I've been receiving text messages extremely late and all in one burst of 3-6... Happening since last night... What's going on?.@chelseafc @shrewsweb class act.@shrewsweb were worthy opposition. Best of luck to them for the rest of the season. #CFCLive
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoDrogba on playing 2 games in 3 days: "It's not hard when you have these #CFC fans behind you"
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico.@Andre_Schuerrle played in the World Cup final and made the World Cup winning assist 3 months ago. Now he's playing in Shrewsbury Town.MOURINHO: Thanks to @chelseafc manager Jose Mourinho for signing the painting produced by Lloyd Burton! #salop http://t.co/XJVWqG9bjG
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWILLIAN: Thanks to the @chelseafc midfielder for signing autographs and taking pictures with #Shrewsbury Town fans! http://t.co/wkRst5m4XH
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico"This will look great on Instagram!" - Random Couple. 👫 Haha #cute #love #heart #doublet... http://t.co/wPxi0zyxwx http://t.co/m4C4TLVnSs
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoShrewsbury fan, Lloyd Burton, who’s been fighting cancer, with his painting of Mourinho & the man himself. #CFC http://t.co/gSNkCyGQMe
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea Football Club have made the 23 man shortlist for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico58. City fans singing 'we are staying up'. Yep, I think our points total is just about enough to guarantee PL football next season! Yessss!
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Manchester United celebrate an equaliser like they are back in the Champions League
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoDisappointing end to the game but we're still unbeaten, and 6 points clear of ManCity. #MUNCHE #CFCLive #KTBFFHKING DIDIER!!!!! #MUNCHECOME ON YOU MIGHTY BLUES!! #MUNCHE
Whenever the train takes me past CircularQuay on a beautiful day, I feel so blessed to be living in this beautiful city. #Sydney I love you.Wow @FutureOfficial first round lineup announcement is looking pretty strong...The Future 15 lineup first round announcement has landed. Full info at: http://t.co/r7Kmy8fHlI #future15 https://t.co/jGiJI4vLLD
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
The difference of calmness in defence between #RMCF and #LFC is ominous. #UCL @ESPNAusNZ
#ARU CEO Bill Pulver and new @QantasWallabies head coach Micheal Cheika at press conference #welcomecheika http://t.co/6gIyZiwoxI
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoANNOUCEMENT: The #ARU announce Michael Cheika as the new #Wallabies coach! http://t.co/QDJb046BJ0
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWill Rainbow Six Siege start a new trend in the industry? http://t.co/0R4iCJkm6x http://t.co/x1ms9QL2ds
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCongratulations to @DomSolanke for making his first senior team debut in the #UCL. Every young players' dream. @chelseafc #CFCAnd JT scores! Isn't he a centre-half? He has 1 goal and 1 assist to his name tonight! #CaptainFantastic #UCL @ESPNAusNZDidier Drogba taking the penalty for #CFC.... When was the last time he did this? ;) #UCL @ESPNAusNZLoic Remy scores for #CFC! Hurting his quadriceps in the process #UCL @ESPNAusNZ
Pictures of me that's been posted in the past few weeks have bee uber misleading.....I don't spend that much time going out
I can't think of any professional sport that downplays the #press #media as much as in tennis..@hazardeden10 and @didierdrogba pay tribute to John Terry's captaincy...http://t.co/FKDGHou9v8 #CFC http://t.co/zadZ5Ymr5F
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Check out full interview on #identitytheft with @AfterLife2pt0 from University of Sydney: http://t.co/Db4xiIoF6P
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@TitoPerez89 I still remember his glory days at Chelsea scoring wonder goalsDamien Duff's speed is quite amazing to watch in the A League #MCYvNEWBelinelli hits the triple to tie things up at 100 with 28 seconds left in the game! #GoSpursGo
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAbsolutely love Ford's #advert "Who says best selling is better?" Effortless but effective!@joshgroban it gives me heart attack that's what it does to me"It was a work of art, Cesc's goal. Collective art" - Mourinho on Fabregas' goal at Palace #CRYCHE http://t.co/On5pFAyH7S
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoArsene Wenger's Arsenal are now 11 points behind leaders Chelsea after eight matches... http://t.co/lEK4Vwd93Y
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAzpilicueta made a poor tackle. And now Delaney is absolutely stupid. #CRYCHEDelaney is deluded. 2 awful tackles and you can't say "Don't talk to me!" to the ref and not get a booking. #CRYCHEFantastic football match this is. Great open plays at both ends. Something I won't prefer for my own favourite but a great watch #CRYCHEOSCAR!!! What a strike!! COME ON YOU MIGHTY MIGHTY BLUES!!! @chelseafc #CFC #CRYCHE
Classic @FOXSportsAUS BPL night starting with @TheRealBozza's laughter #hahahaha.@AdamCoopy congratulations mate. Welcome to the club #Swoop100 http://t.co/xV6E6zjeyJ
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSWOOP GETS A TRY ON HIS 100TH TEST!!!! SWOOOOOP!!!! #BledisloeCup @QantasWallabiesFOLEY YOU LEGEND YOU #BledisloeCupGET IN THERE FOLEY!!! #BledisloeCupMourinho: If I pushed Wenger I'd get a stadium ban http://t.co/30gjYhy7Xl #cfc #afc http://t.co/VwK9QjOm6C
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoContrasting displays - Sydney tifo amazing, Wanderers loving the flares #SydneyDerby #NoPyroNoParty http://t.co/YNkgYth3Ya
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWe've got a casualty #football #soccer http://t.co/iE7rMuvA6lMourinho on @hazardeden10: He’s a fantastic kid. He is humble, very humble. Very nice. Very polite. Selfish–0. Egocentric–0. He is fantastic
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Did you know that a vast number of #identitytheft victims are deceased individuals with active #socialmedia accounts? http://t.co/zmle9VQn4B
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
First women in space... http://t.co/uGYJUhiZUl
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoTEAM NEWS: Koscielny has achilles problem, Ozil out #AFCvHCFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAny lunch in Sydney is still more expensive than the lunch I had in Beverly Hills, CA.How could #socialmedia shape the way we mourn the departed? @baggageclaimed wrote about it on @BuzzFeed http://t.co/NbKaGADtlk
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@Nespresso I was told about this while trying Cubania at the #Sydney Nespresso Store! Loving it! Full bodied coffee taste followed by sweetThe one, the only, @ActuallyNPH will host next year's Oscar's. http://t.co/Gk9SqPvhBs http://t.co/0u0U3eM599
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCuban style #coffee with @Nespresso #Cubania is fantastic to start the day. One cap sugared, topped with another cap, great flavour layers.
But also I go to an educational institution known as a university. Everyone are hippies.The world is fucked. We know that. But you either adapt and survive, or perish beneath the goliaths of the society.Some people need to stop biting more than they can chew. We all know there's always a utopian concept on how the world should be.Did you know more than 1,000 English fans are travelling to Borussia Dortmund every week? http://t.co/06Bz3jFTA8 http://t.co/eXnU51ABFy
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@adamlambert I dunno.... San Diego maybe?Just tried @Nespresso's #Cubania coffee. Incredibly excellent #coffee for those that loves intense and dark taste. Delicious.Wearing nicer shirt while visiting upper end retail stores gets you better service #Tip #TipOfTheDay@elysenzglambert not just male tho''Dancing Kevin’ is your new favourite Kevin. Sorry @MrKRudd: http://t.co/87zOuALQDw #NHL http://t.co/w8E9OdgJVR
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAir Bud and Comet = THE. SAME. DOG: http://t.co/h5G7wzfiJm http://t.co/TAtDGuyYOc
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@joshgroban cakes only for when you get dumped?
RedCardLAD http://t.co/7wjOD4U1b2
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@TheLadBible #WhereWasKimJongUn Preparing his national team for the World XI clash@TheLadBible #WhereWasKimJongUn creating Roy Hodgson vinesI guess I should get on this #WhereWasKimJongUn bandwagonMy Facebook feed now looks like something I produce on the toilet every morning after I drink my first cup of coffee. #rubbish #cluttterThe best one yet... https://t.co/dPTLIE3I3k
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAlso what's with these WWE vine edits?!?! HaahahahaSo much #RoyHodgson vines… So much….Well done FB algorithm for suggesting me a gay escort FB page to like. When I said I love to dress up formally that's clearly what I want.
@prochay cheers for the phone number on the second tweet ;)
@lindivine my legs are cryingAfter football today I'm sure I've covered over 30kms in distance this weekend.Not sure what to feel about the change in #UCL seeding system. there would be European giants in Pot 2 or even 3, and weaker teams in Pot 1.Distance traveled today: 26.75km #Health http://t.co/DSSOQ3LVNT
WTF http://t.co/cz3kyJaus2
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCreeping people out on the train 😏 http://t.co/zIZd3IOnpaHad a ball at #ZedTown. Already looking forward to next year!! http://t.co/E9lei879DqThe zombies missed out on this one. He was hiding and he survived. #ZedTown http://t.co/rvBbOmaPmI
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