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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/RHsN9TXQ32

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Tweet of the week: RT @jillybee72: Don't mix up Hazelden and Hazeltine or you'll have a really weird 28 days of golf. #minnesotaIkura at Sushi Zo with @jeff_mahin proofoflyfe @mvoltaggio ... This place is beyond superb.… http://t.co/zLjgnBoqqISanma. One of 18 courses tonight at Sushi Zo. Beyond phenomenal @ Sushi Zo http://t.co/xIN8MGM6RL@pohilaura Maybe I didn't catch yours. I get a lot of tweets and I wish I could see them all. But HELLO now! Thx for the note@andrewzimmern @mvoltaggio and I wishing Chuck Williams an amazing Happy 99th Birthday #thelegendhttp://t.co/HcpT4RnDhu
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@jeff_mahin @mvoltaggio and I wishing Chuck Williams a Happy 99th Birthday #legend #chuckwilliamsdayhttp://t.co/84VXFoelFT@luxiboo St Johns is my happy place. So happy you made it there.Glad you got them!! Enjoy... RT @AriTaymor: Thank you @ShunCutlery and @andrewzimmern for the rad knives!!!!Wild honey. Feral bees. A different LA than you are used to seeing @ Pico/Fairfax http://t.co/AOF0E0lI6U12 Game Day #Recipes http://t.co/PFWRQ0qwdL http://t.co/4HomUeEZgj#Recipe: Bavarian Beer Hall Pork Shanks http://t.co/8STAHGfafDI'm on this week's @ConversionCast. Check it out here: http://t.co/dctg4Wavz1Hidden treasure ... Benton's ham and hush puppies ... Crazy good @ Son of a Gun Restaurant http://t.co/RfPPsWJq0IUni and burrata at Son of a Gun via @VDotolo jonshook @ Son of a Gun Restaurant http://t.co/wRp6gwXgc7@lizzwinstead Superb pot roast at Modern, still...Why didn't you say hi? RT @Laurie_March: Spotted: the fabulous @andrewzimmern on #thirdstreet ❤️5 of 12 tomato varietals at market. Horrible drought is awful but tomatoes thrive once fruit sets @… http://t.co/T8dgjhnlzHDried Persian mulberries at Santa Monica Farmers Market from Alex at Weisner Farms @ Santa Monica Beach http://t.co/XoDpVcZY1K#Recipe: Pheasant Confit Salad http://t.co/SRCPUCDsQd http://t.co/hblbovjSr8Totally innovative and the first of its kind! http://t.co/BBBybW9bQm Spoonfuls strikes again!!!RT @ConversionCast: "I don’t seek to be the best w every project I do… I can seek to be the only." – @andrewzimmern http://t.co/eXts4IfHYmMUST read.... Time Mag Editorial: Soda Industry Promises http://t.co/92SRiYB0H6 Sodas are so bad for you we won't buy them for our house!On this week's @GFYPodcast: Regarding the #Suitsy: Could people get any lazier? + food waste in the US. http://t.co/gujjh6VLP9@mikey_z89 South: George's at the Cove LA: Connie and Teds north: Swans Oyster Bar.@alexstupak will "stimulate the hell" out of the Mexican food conversation. http://t.co/W6cMLGcH3B http://t.co/sO6wI8z71v
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@andrewzimmern no autumn to-do list is complete without Above the Falls Sport's event #RocktheLock urban adventure, music, food, and beer!!
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Well, I guess since the @royals won, the lady with the sign got her puppy. #AmericaThat's sad RT @dbrauer: Royals gave now won as many playoff rounds as the Twins since 1992.Sweet shot of George Brett... Kaboom. Playoff baseball has begun with a fall classic. Congrats KC @royalsGood God! If you're not watching A's/Royals on TBS you are missing a dandy! KC comes back yet again.I have them both on my Palm Pilot RT @natemook: I can't wait to use Windows 9 with Netscape 5.I think the Royals are excited. Wow. Oakland A's implosion. baseball postseason is so unique and tension filled. Chess.@AuntieQs Mini chestnut crab apple candy apples@FineWineSpeclst @John_Birdsall @offalchris @andrewzimmern @ToHyangSF: https://t.co/ahMoEQCkNa vote for us we need 250 votes! Pls retweet
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernBig news! My favorite apple @SweeTango is now in stores. This is a hyper-­seasonal treat. Stock up while you can! http://t.co/OtvybCqBI3 #spJoin me at @NYCWFF Oct 16 - 19 to Eat. Drink. End Hunger for @nokidhungry @FoodBank4NYC! Tix & info http://t.co/l1XZK1J9aX #NYCWFFIt's a good line And true RT @kickrjason: @andrewzimmern next shirt should be "outsource expertise instead of crowd sourcing bullshit"@mattaccarrino @shuncutlery Enjoy!!On this week's @GFYPodcast: @mollymogren & I discuss the @usetrippy Q of the week! GREAT answers. http://t.co/gujjh6VLP9Apple pickin, taproom tours, zombie pub crawl. Love @exploreminn's fall to-do list: http://t.co/OJXEkWhewm #OnlyinMN http://t.co/y4n1I4jQZiMinneapolis Idea Exchange, Oct. 2nd, Twin Cities ideas fest featuring @nakedcivics keynote. Be there! Tix here: http://t.co/JcXvL0K3GO#Recipe: Bavarian Beer Hall Pork Shanks http://t.co/8STAHGfafD #oktoberfestCan't wait for this amazing @beardfoundation dinner on 10/29. Tickets here: http://t.co/2hTg6xhiaZThis http://t.co/o0sEyCbnCZThe Yardbirds, 1966 http://t.co/I7X7xvtbnj
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Yup. @ Taterville http://t.co/4FANfjVpcTWe called it 4 years ago and we've been waiting ever since ... Congrats Mike!! @redtablemeatco http://t.co/pMn7qLFBN2@curtisstone CONGRATS my friend... Your son is a doll! All the Zimmerns send our love to you and especially to Emerson's amazing mom!!Drink up everyone! 22 great ways to show ignorance around sober people http://t.co/EvNjpQ9QTJ#Recipe: Japanese Meatballs http://t.co/5gmHaXNL1O http://t.co/oJ7z2WU8X2@stephmarch I feel your pain@chrissyteigen You would love it... World class dish... Great restoFor same reason apples response to google glass isn't called Ipatch RT @ikebarinholtz: How are Kenny Chesney fans not called Chesheads@chrissyteigen Have you tried the Mongolian lamb rib (whole breast) at Fu Run in Flushing? I feel like you need to.@stephmarch Real chickens cost more money. Big portions are unhealthy. restaurants are about profit. #irreconcilabledifferencesSat, Oct 18, Mastering Your Mistakes in Kitchen, hosted by @fwscout w @Mariobatali @andrewzimmern Must-attend! http://t.co/fJoWyhw8td
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernOne of my old school cooking videos. Still a great cheese ravioli #recipe. http://t.co/jKWMbRroppThe "Bizarre" Strategy @andrewzimmern Used To Create A Media Empire In A Saturated Market - http://t.co/oLlBtVXFma (on @ConversionCast)
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: Bavarian Beer Hall Pork Shanks http://t.co/8STAHGfafD #oktoberfest http://t.co/QYy4N8p0rkSeriously up your kitchen game with these 4 weird but incredibly useful knives. http://t.co/u2h6cbrokj http://t.co/JlmHRZIhiQOn this week's @GFYPodcast: @mollymogren asks me when & why I 1st shaved my head. http://t.co/gujjh6VLP9My #recipes from last weekend's @musiccityfw. Hint: hot chicken http://t.co/fHayNNGJ8L http://t.co/iLl3YKf4pk
@GregJennings @teddyb_h2o Nice job V-Men!!!RT if you would eat fugu: http://t.co/Ahx7uk8n7x
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@chefjasondady @Johnny_Iuzzini It only makes the second half Romo implosion that much more enjoyableWe discuss @mollymogren's hair, food waste in the US (s/o to @LovinFoodRescue!) http://t.co/gujjh6VLP9 @GFYPodcast http://t.co/VIO7fZVXHMRed Sox’ Fenway Park sendoff ceremony story http://t.co/6OZceETfPF #thecaptain#Recipe: One of my favorite sandwiches...Veal Tongue Sliders with Tonnato Sauce http://t.co/dZ4WfM8iuH@chefhenry @bourdain Patagonia, Tumi, Bolt all survive a lot of the abuse better than the rest, and have $ back guaranteesThanks to everyone in Portland for all the hospitality especially the folks at Hugo's Eventide and Standard Baking.rzimmern ruffianstanley at the beach. 80 degrees plus in Maine all weekend http://t.co/rGdNxFcNRX@chefjinx @mikeferg and I about to do Navy Seal Grizzly Dip http://t.co/ckPYBpkq3bFor a generation this resto was awesome. For last generation, not. It could/should be amazing RT (cont) http://t.co/R516R9ffo5@dimebagkevin Yamasa soy sauce is my fave for everyday useI just asked my @usetrippy question of the wk! http://t.co/z2dX5usi4m Who's got answers? #TrippyTravel #sp http://t.co/UGR3pUrAae@PCarl13 Breast out---grill rare. Dark quarters braise or confitI'm not torn. @ Standard Baking Co http://t.co/GpZi62e1F6Standard Baking Co @ Standard Baking Co http://t.co/eBaqPUqFTC#Recipe: Duck Tsukune aka Japanese Meatballs http://t.co/5gmHaXNL1O http://t.co/1xrIDCmvbo@chefjinx ruffianstanley peterzimmern Yes indeed, Drakes... Who knew?? http://t.co/OzlSu4yyMH@ChefBianco @actionbronson I was born ready my friendEverything is Skewered in the streets of Kowloon! #TDZ chefaz @actionbronson were in the zone! http://t.co/xQrafX8GFy
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We discuss @mollymogren's hair, wasting food in the US + "putting an egg on it." http://t.co/gujjh6VLP9 @GFYPodcast http://t.co/c1iz0XaklEYou can't beat fall in MN. So much to do, see & eat. Check out @exploreminn's picks: http://t.co/OJXEkWhewm #OnlyinMN http://t.co/pMPwXrdsOUOur friends @villagevoice are giving away tix to Oktoberfest w/ @andrewzimmern! Enter now: http://t.co/LLRUJepsxK http://t.co/jWcrBPYYMh
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@andrewzimmern Hi! I'm your French Canadian Voice on Bizarre Foods! Hear "yourself" here: http://t.co/HGvehHYfiF would love to talk. Simon
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern4 Weird Knives & Why You Might Want Them. http://t.co/u2h6cbrokj #knifeskills http://t.co/XA5aOgUKFa3 generations of Zimmerns ... My step dads memorial is a time to celebrate his life. RIP Andre LaPorte… http://t.co/Rso2FcGg8VYou won't believe the secret ingredient in this Chinese #recipe. Hint: 98% of Americans have it in their fridge. http://t.co/5gmHaXNL1O#Recipe: Veal Tongue Sliders with Tonnato Sauce http://t.co/dZ4WfM8iuH#Recipe: Scalloped Potatoes w/ Blue Cheese & Roasted Garlic. http://t.co/sWJkUcjz9c
Just want to see Jeter spend the entire Sox series at table in short left field, eating an ortolan, Mitterand style.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIn Derek Jeter’s Big Hit, an Echo of Ted Williams’s Final Swing http://t.co/3DbHWYanfs
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@matthewjennings Game winner in 10th in final home game? Even you can see that#FF a los que nos dedicamos al arte del buen sazón @enriqueolvera, @andrewzimmern, @chef_betty @Chef_Reynada @chefgevalu y los que faltan...
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernNavy Seals Grizzly Dip ... I lasted 41 minutes @ Crescent Beach, Cape Elizabeth, Me http://t.co/SJBHmSB0NYCherry phosphate at Duck Fat @ Duck Fat http://t.co/tU2bLt9ZgI4 Weird Knives & Why You Might Want Them http://t.co/u2h6cbrokj @ShunCutlery #sp http://t.co/k9hAS10IfHI just asked my @usetrippy question of the week! http://t.co/z2dX5usi4m Who's got answers? #TrippyTravel #sp http://t.co/5rZbTcrYfu#FBF: DIY Cheese Ravioli... check out my denim chef's coat, circa 2000. http://t.co/jKWMbRropp
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