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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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@mdudas oh boy.Hey @Minted, I took a chance on your service vs TinyPrints, was promised delivery today, and looks like it just finished print. What gives?@JulesMaltz @IVP well done J! Keep crushing.
@amitchbr ha. $500k budget for that campaign, or roughly what Google probably spins off in free cash every 5-10 mins :)@mik3y great beer technology enthusiast minds think alike!Also unsettling that the CEO of Sony was talking Snapchat business on his corp email.Good test for Sony to go directly to digital distribution. I bet 2x as many people want to see this hyped up film now.@satyap @homebrew @TwitterSF good cause, great hat.@aroetter good to finally meet and fun to talk ✈️✈️✈️ :)@adam_messinger good to meet, talk shop over grappa :)You can make more money, but you can't make more time.For the distinguished Hanukkah celebration this year, I present you with the 'Dr. Dreidel'. This is awesome. http://t.co/liQuEs6F7K
@mdudas @braintree @venmo http://t.co/4bSfwtkLNX@mdudas @braintree @venmo will you accept 55 and rainy, with a 6-degree handicap for being soft Californians?Just another hot chocolate bar day at .@braintree @venmo SF // just kidding it's our first one. Decadent! http://t.co/4CHwtlpWsNSickening beyond words and a big test for Pakistan to avoid path to becoming a failed state. #PeshawarAttack http://t.co/JMTqj5zZSL
Google Ventures year-in-review. Love that most of their capital was deployed to health/life sciences (36%) // http://t.co/pNglainJ6YThanks to the high schooler who made up the $72M story. Predictable. Lesson: many journalists are lemmings. http://t.co/CSNCOqwI16.@Wikipedia is a foundational piece of the internet, in my opinion. If you agree, you should donate. https://t.co/CIKxBh28gJ@WIRED this grossly over-estimates fuel savings as a primary factor for consumers buying Tesla's.
Some late night cooking. http://t.co/wIJe6XHBqF@sacca started watching this on Netflix and really like it // http://t.co/SroSxpfICS@tristanwalker if docs count, Hoop Dreams and More Than a Game. So good.@kent_green glad it's at least 35-36 years away.@kent_green true :)Naive of me to think a 9-month old would be THRILLED to meet and take pics with Santa?Important key to resiliency: Recognizing that you are not defined by what happened to you so much as what you are going to do about it
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@hamishmckenzie @ricardor lots of angst on forums about P85D delays, lack of next-gen seats, EPA rating, etc. Good time for communication.Only managed to eat 2 out of 14 of the best SF sandwiches. Fried chicken at Bake Sale Betty + Porchetta at Roli Roti. http://t.co/ApI2uY4mGb@regoapps waiting for mine to go into production. Got blue too?Got my Kusakabe res. Thanks .@reserve."Oil and Finance...are the only two industries able to tip the world into recession" / good piece on new econs of oil http://t.co/xmAXci38J2
@jmilinovich @hunterwalk agree. Though some like SVAngel must see alot, if not most.@hunterwalk my outsider view is that, with some exceptions, most of the best deal flow still auto-routes to biggest name VCs. That naive?
EB-5 (cash-for-visas) program drives big city real estate growth. Cheap $$ for builders. 85% of funds from Chinese http://t.co/058URWrxI9@chrismaddern @mdudas Jan. Will keep you two apprised :)I really hope the Giants front office has something up their sleeves. Let's trade cash for some bats.@chrismaddern @mdudas @oneifbylandnyc @sinklair it's day time in NYC. Cool.Please do it. cc @SoniaDubya “@JusReign: Contemplating creating a Punjabi Christmas Album part 2 for this year.... Really contemplating.”@satyap this has some. I'm still only on the 2nd episode. http://t.co/MyWG1RKVQA@vipulsahai whoa people can't keep their iPhone 6+ brightness all the way up!So far, this is the most overhyped Storm of the Decade in the last decade.
@satyap that's terrible. Assume you'll file a report and hand the video over.Indian courts making news by banning lots of tech this week. Taking a break from draconian social policy-making. http://t.co/ld6I6PM7W1@sacca thought about it that way for many years. $2k invested in cardboard b/t '86-'89 = over $1m today. But you're doing just fine Chris :)@sacca @darrenrovell McGwire Olympic and Canseco RR were the bomb. Should have bought $MSFT instead.@NathanCHubbard I heard SF rain is buying promoted tweets though.@braintree #AcceptAnything for a @CurryUpNow burrito. Accepting some creative payment options!!! #humanairplane http://t.co/PpX1nmi2q6
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@JulesMaltz @DavidSacks @Zenefits @parkerconrad seriously incredible. Well-invested J :)I like this move by Postmates. Local delivery as an API. Smart. http://t.co/wh9GfuQz1u
@Stammy 991 GT2RSThe .@reserve text communication approach definitely feels thorough and concierge-like. http://t.co/WLq8P8mGPI@sehgal @reserve @satyap @hunterwalk exactly what I'm after :)@satyap @reserve @hunterwalk @sehgal @tinab awesome. She will drive my transaction volume way up ;)Man I would really love to use a service like .@reserve. If only I had an access code. Oh well....... @satyap @hunterwalk @sehgal@darrenrovell those names bring back great memories. The monthly Beckett was like the stock market ticker for kids.HBS professor goes to war with Chinese restaurant for being overcharged $4. File under how not to live your life. http://t.co/UIg8B2ok7c@JoshConstine I know that looks like a baby onesie but it's not. Even though it is.You can still buy an Intellivision console. http://t.co/IwxRraN5x0It’s been fun, @RocketSpace. You’re next, @WeWork SoMa. See you tomorrow with @CurryUpNow in tow. #AcceptAnything http://t.co/CSJlZonpAI
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaHungry, @RocketSpace? We’re outside with @CurryUpNow & ready to #AcceptAnything for your lunch. How will you pay? http://t.co/J7InCbE2WU
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaSuper excited to hear @littke on the keys to efficient remote teamwork. Join us next week @venmo + @braintree SF: http://t.co/bBOxlMdYYH
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@tinab i literally just bought wrapping paper over the weekend.For the first time, more US consumers banked on mobile than on their desktops. Beautiful trend line. http://t.co/I2wDfbXLOB
"like someone smeared Vaseline all over an early OMD demo tape, then stayed up all night trying to recreate what they heard" .@ernestgreene@sacca also fun to see companies I can take a stab at valuing -- i.e Blue Plate. Light bulb: Shark Tank show for tech startups.@sacca :) Kevin and Barbara annoy me. Rest are tolerable. @mcuban is my favorite.@sacca like: some of the investors on the show // dislike: some of the investors on the show.Detroit burger joint pays workers a living wage - $15/hr. Why can't McDonalds? They can, but they have shareholders. http://t.co/KLsyt8A8Hg@mcgd haha, thanks! She could be part of the 'apple pre-teeth demographic index' !@mcgd ah makes sense.@mcgd +1 on channels. How exactly would they create index funds though?Eager to see a business like .@spare5 take off and bust through a new mobile-first/only category. Well done friends at @NEAVC.@harrismonkey why never a Tesla review? Hope that changes with the P85D.Things my 9-month old daughter literally chases after and tries to eat when in line of sight: iPhones, iPads, TV remotes, MacBook Airs.Audi testing car sharing program in SE. Split cost w/friends, sync usage via mobile. OEMs get in on sharing economy. http://t.co/gp8bCZiIf9
In Indian culinary tradition, there's an elixir to help you battle poor eating, too much drink, & other digestive abuse. We call it Kichadi.Seems P85D production has slowed due to EPA estimates not quite matching up with marketed range? Would be a bummer. .@elonmusk @TeslaMotors@shabihr ha. I'm right up against the tolerance threshold at home :)I have to believe Aston Martin designers get the most poach attempts in the luxury auto industry. Gorgeous. http://t.co/VhkDwWgsDX
Stocks: All-time high. Gas: Cheapest in 4 years. Jobs: Growing. Wages: Picking up. Finally. http://t.co/CmvdEqU3y8 http://t.co/agk34F5w2F
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The place we're buying won't be ready for another 13 mos but seems like they've got their app together. #mobilefirst http://t.co/ee5Q5eZDjC@mdudas trade you every burrito here for all your pizza.Another retail card breach. Amazing to think that networks discount mag stripe risk vs tokenized card. Has to change. http://t.co/EChvOv8V94Listening to .@jimrome again after a long time. Incredible drive-time diatribe against Gronk yesterday drew me back in. Hilarious.In America, if you fraudulently sell cigarettes the cops will literally kill you but if you fraudulently sell mortgages you will get a bonus
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@mdudas @jasuja @__JasonMarshall @braintree + 1000
Great brief by .@BenedictEvans. The state of mobile 7 yrs into the smartphone. We're in the bottom of the 1st inning. http://t.co/TjLKf9R9ab@hunterwalk good timing. You can now make hipster coffee on autopilot. http://t.co/kKKUlN7vlb // good for older non-hipsters like us :)Not done yet. One Touch now available in AU, CA, FR, DE, IT, NL, ES, SE and the UK. Well done SDK crew! .@braintree https://t.co/WaQ0jEYwcH.@braintree saw 3x more mobile transactions on Cyber Monday this year vs 2013. More than 4x lift on Turkey day! https://t.co/RqP9RqS1ss
@tomloverro @mdudas perhaps @pmarca is willing to donate his #1 spot to Hugh Hefner :) http://t.co/JkzTRJwxsI@mlevchin our official office snack is popcorn + sriracha. Divine.@goddardcm http://t.co/Lhv6slSFBvExcited to have a place like .@LesClosSF in the neighborhood. South Beach needs a little french charm.@nihalmehta definitely not just you.@Speroman mtv?Any of you OGs who worked on mobile pre-iPhone will remember these guys. End of an era that really ended yrs ago. http://t.co/xQIUjV2ZKL@mdudas @tomloverro I just missed the cut off at #11 ;)
Giants meet with Jon Lester. MadBum and Lester on the same roster. PLEASE SANTA. http://t.co/Gubj8ejx6s
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