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Fred Beukema @beukema Minneapolis, MN

Struct Eng, Improv, husband/dad. || You may think that you crave true love, but it is not a game for cowards. Neither is Scrabble. - Onion horoscopes

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@lawremipsum might still be able to get a win7 laptop at Microcenter.This tone-deaf cartoonist forgets that Thanksgiving is about immigration http://t.co/CJhVePtG3M
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaLego had it nailed in the 70's http://t.co/jw2pD3Obiy
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Hey, @mikefotis is doing comedy tonight w/ @KeeganMKey! Love it when my talented chums get to do their talents. #wits
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaSometimes I just can't get over how superior Duck Duck Gray Duck is compared to Goose. It's awe-inspiring.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Beukemix, 2014, 10. Jungle: Busy Earnin' http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/NC5jIkfUXS@MyLittleBloggie Seems objectionable if that is exclusively the case. Is there a sense that this is indeed typical? Ask Siri? and Jeeves?@lawremipsum Well of course, but would be a nice bulwark against continuing wave of innuendo and bs.Or for that matter, whether some of the gangs @JayKollsKSTP mentions are even really gangs? #pointergateIs there a TC media outfit set up to chase down any connections between pointing and these specific gangs? #pointergate@lawremipsum Dollars to donuts >1 of these "gangs" is just group of friends who hang out and self name, like my mom's "Ladies who Dine" grp.@dbrauer @lawremipsum @MyLittleBloggie - they're... they're going to win support & influence by attrition, aren't they? 2/2@dbrauer @lawremipsum @MyLittleBloggie -- Good lord, if KSTP keeps dragging this along and releasing trumped-up smears of Gordon & assoc 1/2@kellyoxford You should contact Koenig!
Jay had no motive except the motive to lie about seeing Hae with Adnan to keep himself from going to jail. Police could have led him to car.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaJay is told he needs a story or he will go down for the murder too, maybe told Adnan was framing him. He comes up with the multiple stories.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaJay and Adnan both innocent. Police built case against Adnan, told Jay he'd go down for having car. They tell Jay Adnan did it. Jay believes
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Beukemix, 2014, 9. John Grant: GMF http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/wcYFo413vqInteresting that this week's @serial opens with the crowdsourcing of the case filtering back into the podcast.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaSo much wonderfulness in one photo. RT @StarWars7783: Kershner and crew get photo bombed by a frog. @TheMuppets http://t.co/nSg1QJUN7U
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaSo help me god, Internet. I NEVER EVER EVER want a video to autoplay. Not one time in the history of the universe.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema.@idriselba will return as #Luther for a new two-part BBC miniseries set for 2015. http://t.co/GMZgcjTUsv http://t.co/Cku6OxoV23
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@heySMM @JessicaValenti @tanehisicoates I feel like, *mn*, you're arguing against an argument not being made. Maybe I misunderstand?@anildash (understanding that this is something a little different than *cultivating* a persona through one's work)@anildash This happened to me after one appearance on Jeopardy. http://t.co/tzEceE7X8t For you, bonus Prince reference.The Beukemix, 2014, 8. Sonny Knight and the Lakers: Hey Girl http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/Al4rqaMsJ3@MyLittleBloggie Gotcha.@MyLittleBloggie I view it very much like the movie Zodiac. The point isn't the solution; might not be one. Point is journey, obsession.@PaddyoNeilio I wonder when Martha's clattering pearls were introduced. They're so iconic now. Wish they'd do a similar list for the comics.Can't bring myself to watch any of these videos, but this takedown is pure, glorious, righteous bile: http://t.co/j0zX0Wnnlhwe almost crashed on our way home cause some idiot put eyes on this tree http://t.co/SbZDCgYvGE
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaAlso, native-born Minnesotans should be called Gray Ducks. "I am a Minnesotan but not a Gray Duck." See how we need this term?
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they're siding with a guy who was ACTUALLY LITERALLY trying to take our games away
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaSince I point this out when I'm unhappy w/ the result, I'd be remiss not to note it's crazy that you need 60 votes for everything in the Sen
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@classicrathjen it can be!The Beukemix, 2014, 7. And The Professors: Turn-of-the-Century Recycling Blues http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/l0oaALvJGq@pilotbacon @soniasaraiya Are we referencing Alyssa here, or did I miss someone making a particularly odious argument using that phrase?@playdash OK, good. I was wondering if that was somehow a clue.@AdamLevyGanesha backwards as you've written it, or flipped forward?
The Beukemix, 2013, 6. The Handsome Family: Far From Any Road http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/w4HjRnwgIS@AdamLevyGanesha Awesome. Best way to do so -- on here? DM? Email?@lawremipsum @dbrauer Much hinges on her choice of staffers. If Mark Penn or Lanny Davis is within 100 yards, all is lost.@AdamLevyGanesha I just found out that And The Professors is your group. Wish I'd known to ask you about "...Recycling Blues" at Show X!@soniasaraiya Maggie plot on 2nd season of The Newsroom.@bravenewgrrrl How dare you awaken me to relieve your bladder! Piss yourself or GTFO!@bravenewgrrrl Right, the things that are actually thoughtless rude CHOICES a person would make?#lrt You know what's rude? A complete lack of empathy for other travelers.A lot of you will be flying for Turkey Day. Here's how you'll make your fellow fliers angry. http://t.co/jglbPTfZ5M http://t.co/51KxlvINXB
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@lawremipsum In my alter ego as [beukema], I had insider information. We live not far from you; checked it out on way to a meeting.@lawremipsum Incidentally, speaking of garages, I finally saw your Katamari mural the other day. F-ing bad ass.@benfowlkesMMA Dude. Lot of Twitter clients put it in the tweet automatically. Blerg.@randy_cline @tanehisicoates Yeah, this. Sony has to keep making Spidey-related movies or the license reverts to the home office.
Set aside the racism in #pointergate & you're basically left with an allegation of "palling around with terrorists." http://t.co/XKpGcAztMa
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@tanehisicoates Thank you for talking so much about Ragtime a few years back. Read it on your recommendation and loved it deeply.A politician seen w/someone who's held a gun & speaks poorly of law enforcement? Race is irrelevant! #pointergate http://t.co/B1jADxEcJO
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Beukemix, 2014, 5. POLIÇA: Chain My Name http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/viWqMGTi1M@lawremipsum @MayorHodges Boom.@RockBand I know I know. Just miss you guys.@stoatno1 @dbrauer @StarTribune On my phone, before enlarging it, I thought the zipline superhero was Hodges.So, uh, what's stopping you? MT @RockBand Just between us friends, we really miss announcing fun stuff for all of you every Friday morning.$43,138. Roughly 15% of the entire organization's total revenue, in 24 hours. Incredible. #GTMD2014 @hugetheater
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@thatlevi It's really been a Serial failure. Taylorswiftkardashian. #zeitgeist.They're not an official law enforcement agency. They're just a specialty group that shoots the shit about gang stuff.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaAbout the "Midwest Gang Investigators Association": they're a professional organization any cop can join for $25/a year. #pointergate
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Don't know what the future holds for Navell Gordon beyond the fat check Stan Hubbard will end up writing him. #journalismgate
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaSo. Navell is not a saint; may go back to jail. But KSTP could find NO evidence "point" was locally gang used in any way. #Pointergate
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaSimply retelling the story but with more racism the second time around isn't news, @KSTP. #pointergate
Retweeted by Fred Beukema"The Aristocrats!" -@kstp
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaDidn't expect it would be @KSTP themselves. #pointergate #weaktea #reallyweak 2/2Been waiting all week for someone to really dig in on actual gang-relatedness of #pointergate point, finish humiliation @KSTP /cops. 1/2It was brave of @KSTP to dedicate tonight's entire newscast to performing "Raisin in the Sun" with @JayKollsKSTP as Mama. #Pointergate
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe rest of my local timeline is all watching @dbrauer. My Twitter world is folding in on itself.@kumailn I’m just waiting for the Innocence Project to hit pay dirt.Gotta tell ya, media. We're covering every angle in this pointergate story except the one you just don't want to touch.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Beukemix, 2014, 4. P.O.S.: Savion Glover http://t.co/v9W21l21SQ https://t.co/xJ5ApSToimParents: spare some of the concerns about your teens sexting and ask if they're gamergators.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaPlease RT! #Improvathon2014 on #GTMD14! See a show! Support #MNimprov! Please give! http://t.co/vESCfecwTJ http://t.co/DGAl6CyDoe
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@kumailn Also, me, now.@ClackyJ Bigger karaoke foul than Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.OMG @midwestspitfire MADE IT HAPPEN WITH HER MIND http://t.co/lNOtcMwP20
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MyLittleBloggie I know, right? I felt my Minnesotanness being taken advantage of.@MyLittleBloggie I found them decent but expensive.@soniasaraiya I'd go with Parks & Rec (season two and up, specifically).@XFilesFiles Minor, silly question: were the actors actually playing VF2, or was that all recorded separately?The Beukemix, 2014, 3. Band of Skulls: Asleep at the Wheel http://t.co/v9W21kKqKM https://t.co/JWs87raelnIn my lifetime we've gone from making wishes on a shooting star to hitting one with a washing machine.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MyLittleBloggie This is great. Thank you.
If you've read Letter from a Birmingham Jail, but haven't read the FBI Blackmail Letter, you only know half of civil rights history #inners
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe Beukemix, 2014, 2. Vampire Weekend: Step http://t.co/v9W21kKqKM http://t.co/JEJ4zFf5Fm@AlyssaRosenberg Two here! We are enjoying it as well, and I think it's getting better as it goes. Embarrassment of acting talent there.@CaseyMalone @soniasaraiya Also Skinny Pete, Badger, Combo, etc.@dbrauer Was kind of shocked at how progressive he sounded on systemic racism in interview over weekend. Very dissonant w/ gang signs talk.@lawremipsum He always seems bit more blinkered fr exps of trans/women/etc & suspicious of anything that looks like hate-crime legislation.@sullydish The true experiences of victims of harassment is in front of your nose; STRUGGLE MORE! (7/6, Dangit)@sullydish and consider what is being "policed" or "censored" (by private companies and those who patronize, mind). (6/6)@sullydish Please read Katherine Cross's collected tweets (https://t.co/YGNeSR1hF2) and (https://t.co/QR6RdXr8uX), (5/n)@lawremipsum I'm really disappointed. More than I have been in him in a long time.@sullydish V. important not to conflate NEED to create safety with imagined Feminist Boogeywomen. (4/n)@sullydish & you have every right to use whatever language, but it's fair to call you out for throwing your hat in with true assholery (3/n)
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