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early investor @twitter, venture capitalist, amateur photographer, optimist & making a life together with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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His laugh gets me every time http://t.co/ZHLWGtHcnd #leica http://t.co/s5hkhIeefx@johnbuckley100 beautiful"having enough guts to bet on markets that don’t yet exist" http://t.co/jWlmbIb1Nd http://t.co/2IODPCTZQa
Retweeted by Bijan SabetAdam West and Yvonne Craig on the set of Batman, 1967. http://t.co/xLcsjjPvHm
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@BillMcCarroll beautiful photographs@withhearts stunning sirI'm excited about consumer drones for photography. But it feels like we are still in the Rio days http://t.co/SPEYRtHw77.@erikb its a Hasselblad 503cw. My favorite.Morning walk http://t.co/xMkQQkfOmi@VasilyAndreev my favorite live artists: @benkweller, @ArcticMonkeys and @arcadefire@VasilyAndreev I'm a long time Conor Oberst fan. One of the best.@JohnnyPatience thanks!@follyview thanks for the kind words
@Vemsteroo I was just doing the same thing last week. And humbling to know a year from now I will justifiably feel the same way!@atlephoto it would be great to meet in person one day!Back Bay. http://t.co/jZIKSWOckR #hasselblad #film http://t.co/shdM769aPm
@zachklein @plc @irondavy @wilsonminer @pieratt I’m so close to going back to the 5S. But the battery on the 6+ is so good…@zibas birdfeed was my preferred Twitter client app at the time@JoeyPascoPhoto no worries. Was just curious.@joeypascophoto nice home screen. just curious: why do you use Tweetbot vs Twitter?My iPhone home screen, 5 years ago http://t.co/3UWTdoGpjF (Birdfeed was a Twitter app)A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@mrmrnm yes, roughly the same price.@pjozefak :)@mokoyfman some folks think the gold Apple watch could be closer to $10k@mokoyfman re Apple watch: depends on the model. $400-$5kVintage Rolex vs Apple Watch. Roughly same price. Which one do you like better? http://t.co/FsSg88eie4Muddy Waters and wife Geneva, Chicago, 1951. photo by Art Shay … http://t.co/p0bKNqvFkJ
@andyspencer360 thanks :)@atlephoto thanks!@_gabrielrflores incredible.@rebeccapatience Thanks. I'm back online looking into our next trip. It's cold and snowy again here today!@danprimack the unintended result could be comcast innovates with faster broadband in more places with better customer care@hellopoe thanks so much@johnnypatience thanks :)(New post) Turks & Caicos on film http://t.co/jacQXZu06K
@BillMcCarroll I've been missing that light!@everydaydude beautiful@atlephoto thanks :)@zen_bones @RichardPhotoLab thanks!Just received my film scans from our recent vacation. (thanks @RichardPhotoLab!) #parrotcay #leica http://t.co/p3gtIC3dYtPalm Springs. Photos made w/a 35mm camera from the 50's + cheap film & drug store scans. Beautiful @yuriymanchik πŸ™Œβœ¨ http://t.co/puhM4kyce9Community > lobbyists. F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama http://t.co/JziSfnwHtv
@atlephoto wonderful@JohnnyPatience that's the definition of Leica film cameras :)@scottbelsky totally@bennie 😊.@tim_cook is under hyped. Passion + best operator we've ever seen with a heart & soul
@howardlindzon now you are just being mean :)@howardlindzon I guess we disagree on this topic@JohnAtkinson @howardlindzon are we really comparing the Twitter client api to last mile broadband access?@howardlindzon 😊@howardlindzon totally disagree. Net neutrality is critically vitalHappy birthday to my little bud - http://t.co/yFm0aWgsjj http://t.co/wxN9mQOWuA@JohnnyPatience thanks :)@petehalvorsen totally agree!(new post) Community transforms technology http://t.co/aVSwSxB3qO@im2b thanks, glad you liked it!
I love @bennie's response to the camera/lens question. http://t.co/fJjeBz1pXU@dear_leila πŸ™βœ¨@atlephoto love this πŸ‘Œβœ¨@codypriebe both are amazing places. It's really about urban vs landscape. Weather will likely be much better in SF
@JohnnyPatience Yes, although I can't wait to see the Frontier scans from Turks & Caicos. (Nantucket light was a bit strange that day)@JohnnyPatience thanks :) first 35mm roll with the Frontier.@permundum thanks!@andyspencer360 thanks!Photoset: Winter afternoons on Nantucket http://t.co/5kCCektVme #leica #film
@JohnnyPatience honored to be included on this list of crazy talented photographers. but more importantly, happy to be your friend :)We just won another patent troll case last week. Last year's tally: Twitter 5, trolls 0. Still need more patent reform.
Retweeted by Bijan SabetRadiohead covering Carly Simon. Oh, yes. http://t.co/rLDuBvS01g
@petehalvorsen can't wait to see your photos from this trip@badboyboyce thanks, so glad you like it.@karaswisher he's so wrong about this@tonystubblebine really the credit is all yours. it's because of you that I get to do what I do. Thanks.@zen_bones yikes. get better soon.The super chill & talented @michaelpryor. CEO at cofounder at Trello. #leica http://t.co/fs25afUOcd http://t.co/TSoiRJbaZ6Just loved Sufjan Stevens - No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross http://t.co/b45RdeWTdq on @hypem@marxmatt pls send me an email on how you might want that to work?Trello, now with 7M users and 120k new users a week. Love this product & team. http://t.co/RRmmve5aEg@petehalvorsen not yet but very much hope we get that opportunity"Who took a chance on you?" http://t.co/E4e8491bmQ This old post of mine came up in a mtg today so I thought I would re-share. #grateful
@photosbypeter1 many thanks, Peter!@_gabrielrflores @laurensabet 😊@daryn awesome!Happy 20th (!!!) anniversary, Lauren. I'm the luckiest man on earth. ❀ http://t.co/jSPsDK4KX1
@JohnnyPatience loved the written words. And the photos are all magnificent but that last one is pure magic.New blog post: A Winter in Maine - http://t.co/C6f5KqAZvT #maine #usa #hasselblad #kodak #portra #richardphotolab http://t.co/1qVzQbJW7j
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@JohnnyPatience absolutely beautiful, sir@rebeccapatience thanks :)@JohnnyPatience yes, very safe distance. But we come home tomorrow πŸ˜‚Photoset: Back Bay, snowpocalypse edition http://t.co/cmw2CIthpk
@rebeccapatience such wonderful photos. I miss Paris so much.
@dickc ouch. Hope you feel better soon.@josevilla beautifulJust met a guy from Bali. His first question: "Is it true you can't see stars at night in New York City?"@EvanCarbonCopy yikes!
@onabags thanks! (I've got my Camps Bay bag with me 😊)@jerrycolonna guilty as charged!Thawing out for the next few days http://t.co/EpTBJemAAn
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