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early @twitter investor (2008), venture capitalist, amateur photographer, optimist and making a life together with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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@tweetsbygabriel incredible 🙏✨@popo @andrewparker I love seeing other home screens. Amazon on your home screen is so interesting to me.My other job http://t.co/aTLIGRkGufThanks sir (now all set with Ello) “@everydaydude: @bijan Check your mail.”Hello. Looking for an Ello invite. Grateful if you have one to spare. ✨Not much better than 8 year old soccer with @jamessabet http://t.co/bv2mR1wUcnTake my money pls 👉 Rumor - Sony and Mamiya to release medium format 'rangefinder-style' cameras in 2015: http://t.co/9aLBuUnwnQ
Retweeted by Bijan SabetI just backed 100 More Years of Analog Film on @Kickstarter http://t.co/FhbziJ0P7u@cohen ;)
@anildash two browser apps on your home page. Respect.@widepipe :)“I’ve decided it’s time to admit that I’ve brought whiteboard markers to a gun fight, & act accordingly” —@cshirky http://t.co/yUQgpaHaS2New phone, updated home screen http://t.co/uBg3sLwQte@chrisozer really beautiful photoset sir http://t.co/zBlWwTVE3L@bennie :)@trashhand @skillshare dude, that is awesome.
Stunning photo of Hong Kong's financial district illuminated by thousands of mobile phones (Image: @daledelarey/AFP) http://t.co/bfXP6fW0wt
Retweeted by Bijan SabetPhotoset: That time of year http://t.co/yNVpWRFBff #hasselblad #film http://t.co/FbUADoID3e@nabeel thx!
Land's End http://t.co/tBhMCb7gO2
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@ovan thanks so much@atlephoto gorgeous 👏✨@atlephoto thanks so very much!@codypriebe very kind 🙏@codypriebe thanks so much@andrew2s1 thanks!Sophia http://t.co/FWHjU3qfTq http://t.co/Qj4kqrTnMn
"This is what it used to be like" - http://t.co/bhiyJqw2iFA couple of old souls http://t.co/ToFZrZgS2G #hasselblad #film http://t.co/1T37NatPST
Photo: @davidkarp's rad motorcycle project, under development http://t.co/Ofb4XSmeKO
Holy shit. #RE2PECT
Retweeted by Bijan SabetJeter is trying to hold it together and so are weThe Captain has always had a flair for the dramatic. Watch him rip an RBI double in his first AB: http://t.co/l64k9lVTSC #FarewellCaptain
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet"Now batting number 2, Derek Jeter. Number 2." #Jeter #captainBeacon Hill https://t.co/86yFYgcAQc@atlephoto @JohnnyPatience thank you, so very kind of you."It is not true people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams" - Gabriel García MárquezPhotoset: a few days in New York City http://t.co/3HqFp6n4Bn"Lover" – Chet Faker x WKND. Turn it up http://t.co/TNV66YflaJ@JohnnyPatience thanks so much!
Love this guy http://t.co/lkpQONI66b#bucketlist https://t.co/cxwJdPN5Up cc @laurensabet
@RichardPhotoLab hey guys, any plans to support Dropbox in the future for file transfer? I would love that!What's the best FTP app for iPad? via @jelly http://t.co/phRL2N9czp
@tobiaspeggs @scottbelsky congrats! So proud that we were investors. Thank you cc @avimuchnick @msg@atlephoto with photographs like that i am tempted to trash all my gear and stick with iPhone only!@atlephoto really gorgeousSome thoughts on updated apps with the new iPhone 6 & iOS 8 — http://t.co/NMNneIxP1e@atlephoto thanks!Audio: My man David sent me this Nada Surf awesomeness this morning. Thanks, I needed it.  http://t.co/BgvdL7EeKWAnd just like that we have another teenager in the house. Happy birthday, Ellie. http://t.co/4t4QOT0rIr http://t.co/vkomeKQPf9
@robertpaul @dirka hilarious!Everything in its right place — http://t.co/xZ3SxhLN3pWhat? Me? No, I'm not crying. Just have something in my eye, that's all http://t.co/8bieThU8Hj
"Don’t confront me with my failures / I had not forgotten them” http://t.co/XSnjyTlScl@dear_leila I have a soft spot for my hasselbald@arainert Yeah I will run with the 6@SocratixSW1 no case on the leica@michaelpryor exactly!I'm not an iPhone case kinda guy but the apple leather one for the iPhone 6 is really greatMy iPhone 6 arrived 30min ago. Restored from iCloud and I'm up and running. It's beautiful@kylekirchhoff 35 1.4@draftingmachine @sarahcuda too kind. Thanks.@kirklove :)@dear_leila what's your favorite film camera? Love your work!Discontinued http://t.co/tctOUd8ZtM
@cubbygraham I know. I just saw your post! Hope you are well and I get to see you soon!Goodbye NYC. See you soon. http://t.co/U3m7Gje7bv6 Train https://t.co/TsPLdGio4FInspired by this pinhole photography https://t.co/wBKUnsV6H1@elizestrydom happy anniversary. keep the photos, heart and soul coming!@overgaard looks wonderful, will is also be available online?
“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.” Amelia Earhart. … http://t.co/o8rZfmbKil@JohnnyPatience @zen_bones love thisHello, NYC https://t.co/RGZDbtFSBYCurrent status http://t.co/bAJzuIX7TM@dickc so good40 Kilometers by @om http://t.co/T9sn4alwgd@rebeccapatience thanks so much!@charlesforman whoa!@charlesforman I couldn't grow one in high school so I'm catching up on lost time!I've never met Peter but his is so nasty, silly and wrong https://t.co/Fkr8kdsveg@charlesforman dude! Really?@casacks aw, thanks! hope all is well with you.@shawnroller thanks so much. Somehow I missed your latest tumblr photographs until now. Really great!Photoset: Farewell to summer #leica #film http://t.co/2mREs7y1JC@JohnnyPatience That morning light just takes your breath away sometimes. Safe and happy travels to you guys!Early morning flight to NYC http://t.co/ASp8d2giykIt’s enough … http://t.co/ArwCsq4USa
Sam — http://t.co/Bqxnms5Wej (Hasselblad 503cw + Kodak Portra 400) http://t.co/K0fUFeeuXH
@bennie @Twheat @everydaydude thx sir. your photographs in the dessert are incredible!@riley_joseph thanks!@JonWilkening thanks!@chelsa @campinteractive my pleasure. Go get 'em!@Twheat @everydaydude :)Some photographs of San Francisco & meeting @Twheat http://t.co/kLVW3onbn1 (Mamiya 7ii | Kodak Portra 400)Spot on "So, the crazier things get, the worse people execute" — @bgurley http://t.co/xZAPQhlFvr@gideonyu :)Huge opportunity for msft/minecraft: bringing mods to a mobile first experience. At least that's what @jamessabet (age 8) wants
Less is more — http://t.co/wICyTaGTvp
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