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Brian Dukes @briandukes St Louis, MO

I am a web developer working for @EngageSoftware, developing websites on the DNN Platform (a DNN MVP). I also serve Jesus at @LightTheCity.

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I love @andyet: They not only build a Hangouts competitor, they also open source the infrastructure for anyone to run http://t.co/1HezGZCYX0
Retweeted by Brian DukesRT @wmorgenweck, just 2 hours away now! - Join my webinar and get a sneak peek at Evoq Content 8.0! http://t.co/SDcXPR28ca #dnncms
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This will happen exactly a year from today http://t.co/WzZrpgydOT
Retweeted by Brian Dukesweb development is hard but c'mon http://t.co/SroIOjkmlP
Retweeted by Brian DukesAn Inbox designed to help you get stuff done. New from the @Gmail team → http://t.co/ffTJdLZFwD http://t.co/rL6zxewOlf
Retweeted by Brian Dukeshttp://t.co/NvC2E4yIRh by @tbusser lets you paste code and check its compatibility across browsers (powered by @caniuse & my compat tables)
Retweeted by Brian Dukesimmediate downloads, saved download history & favorites, personalized profiles & easy tipping. the new @noisetrade: http://t.co/YjiBMiO9xf
Retweeted by Brian Dukes. @jeremydmiller @aJimHolmes Or as sarcastically coined by @dburton "No time to stop for gas; we're already late."
Retweeted by Brian DukesNo time to write tests because you’ve got a deadline, but there’s always room for marathon debugging session
Retweeted by Brian Dukesnoticing that its alot easier to debug code when you can actually stay awake while reading it. tip: get sleep or write really exciting code
Retweeted by Brian DukesCEO: go buy Telerik for our R&D A little while later... CFO: Done! CEO: how many licenses? CFO: err... Licenses, sir?
Retweeted by Brian DukesProgress Software buys Telerik. http://t.co/YEgGILZDqY
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@josephncraig see http://t.co/vESTm7M3Sb and/or http://t.co/1mBTcPc4dx #dnncms #ddrmenu
i need to read this every time i tell @rauhryan to add a feature for me. ;P http://t.co/vHNRp7D20f
Retweeted by Brian DukesTechnical debt: choosing immediate cash over ROI. Do it only when you really need the cash, because it lowers ROI, I guarantee you.
Retweeted by Brian DukesSet-WindowsExplorerOptions -EnableShowHiddenFilesFoldersDrive OMFG I LOVE BOXSTARTER!! http://t.co/A1p0wdq3AX
Retweeted by Brian DukesAzureConf starts in 40 minutes - watch me and members of the Azure community live at 8am PST: https://t.co/P9HdLIyaxy
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Let those who have wives live as though they had none. I love Francis Chan's perspective on marriage. http://t.co/oiYn1HuK19
Retweeted by Brian DukesBlog 22 - "Module Development for Beginners Series Conclusion" has posted http://t.co/gjQ70og3Op #DNN
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A great thing about being a dad is that you'll make huge parenting mistakes every day, but never know which one ruined your kid's childhood.
Retweeted by Brian DukesIf you aren't unit testing PowerShell scripts that you share, you never really know they work. Install-Module -Name Pester
Retweeted by Brian DukesPublic and private chat for GitHub projects. Markdown support, syntax highlighting and more awesome stuff. https://t.co/oKUDObrxi5
Retweeted by Brian DukesYosemite and iOS 8.1 available for free on Monday
Retweeted by Brian DukesJust published an updated #Dnn Roadmap. http://t.co/UMqJyLnQXH #DotNetNuke
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Writing a failing test before changing code is like making a hypothesis before the experiment.
Retweeted by Brian DukesOh btw I made you a motivational poster. http://t.co/3YEUEyTrsU
Retweeted by Brian DukesExtraordinarily, white people in the poll think anti-white discrimination is a bigger problem than anti-black bias. http://t.co/pwWXBQ1Tmc
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"Just 37% of whites believe blacks make less money than whites & a narrow majority think incomes are about the same." http://t.co/22gVs1riUN
Retweeted by Brian DukesReady Player One by @erniecline is $3.99 on @AmazonKindle today! Author @scalzi calls the book "a nerdgasm." Grab it: http://t.co/839zohzYaZ
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe @chocolateynuget Kickstarter is now live! If you are interested in helping out, have a look here: https://t.co/N6jr06Se3G
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhat’s new in Chrome 38 and Opera 25 for web developers: https://t.co/fQRHGHVmpV <picture>, Encoding API, ES6 features, and more!
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhat’s new in Firefox 33 for web developers: https://t.co/6uRJ6Gi0g9
Retweeted by Brian DukesEveryone using #nuget should read this post http://t.co/OjIzb8PNw3 #dotnet
Retweeted by Brian DukesPasswordless authentication: Secure, simple, and fast to deploy - https://t.co/a84BoQMSvB
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@stoyanstefanov yeah, pretty much never makes a difference https://t.co/WBQkvIJbCT /via @mathias
Guys, ReSharper 9.0 EAP http://t.co/eEL5iHkkxe feel free to mail us with any issues and we will try to make the next EAP much much better.
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Practice a new tool with a known problem: put all the focus on the tool. Then later, we can put all the focus on the problem. ~ @hibikir1
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We're in the golden age of board game design. 90 of the top 100 games made since 2000. 44 in the last 4 years! http://t.co/qaxxkspfjj
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@GlucoLift can I not order tablets right now? how long until they're available again?Have you checked out the schedule for #DNNcon? It's live on our site: http://t.co/PJcwycKCjD
Retweeted by Brian DukesAngular is lovely, but sometimes Knockout is what's called for.
Retweeted by Brian DukesHadn't commited anything 2 GitHub 4 a while, just committed some changes to my Engage Publish fork http://t.co/vc39krbjwU #DNNCMS
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What goes around comes around. If there's a portal. Otherwise it usually just runs into something. #karma #microsoft
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The #Invenmanager site is back online, thanks to @TimoBreumelhof (more news to come) #DNNCMS #DNN http://t.co/nMKA3D2zRl
Retweeted by Brian DukesA call to #particiapte with the #dnncms communiity, with many different ways to get started http://t.co/Ddcx8IjlUF /via @ernst_peterI am looking for the lost generation of women in programming. If you studied CS in the 80s give me a shout. http://t.co/x7CZxR7bRt
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http://t.co/JkfRwoKjwh Community Standup - October 7th, 2014 - CTP4, Package Managers, and more: http://t.co/JT8PQsi9Uc via @YouTube
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@WebImageDesigns yes, @invenmanager is done. However, @TimoBreumelhof & @WillStrohl recently had contact, and it may be getting open sourcedCreating the Tasks Table - Keep learning abt #DNN module development w/part 7 from the blog series by @CBPSC http://t.co/Q4EYITE6jf #dnncms
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A Community Tech Preview CTP) for TypeScript 1.1 is available. First TypeScript release to include new compiler core: http://t.co/M6qbGymiSw
Retweeted by Brian DukesI am so bummed about C# primary constructor being cut that I want to go be a truck stop waitress https://t.co/3EXffsBrMD
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@lokheed It's really nice when it works, but when you need to go further than what it provides, I've found it's introduces friction quickly
Did I hear you ask about prototypal inheritance in JavaScript? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO KNOW?? http://t.co/zakoQeW6SM
Retweeted by Brian DukesAfter using Win10 on my laptop for a couple days, it is going to be difficult not to install this on my primary desktop machine.
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TIL Ember adds more methods to Array.prototype than Prototype.js & MooTools combined :/
Retweeted by Brian DukesPeople overlook Dracula's positive attributes. In his bat form, he eats mosquitoes and other unwanted backyard insects.
Retweeted by Brian DukesPoki 2 is here! http://t.co/JKKtaXcEIX RT for a chance to win Poki Premium! #wpdev @windowsphone @dvlup @Pocket http://t.co/XpIBAz6wre
Retweeted by Brian DukesLess than 2.5 hrs 'til the #DNN hangout! Join us at noon PDT to learn cool skinning tricks w/ @twittenkeller http://t.co/U5g413Srix #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesCloudFlare: "with the right hardware, software, and configuration, the cost of SSL can be reduced to almost nothing" https://t.co/qhxHOeJXZN
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@josephncraig you should be able to get to it at http://t.co/5V5pOSFgGM@DNNCon Hey, how come there are a bunch of great sessions at the same time as my session? ;-)Here's a sneak peek at this year's #DNNCon agenda #DNN #DNNCMS (#Trello worked great for planning it) http://t.co/LLdJXuHvmc
Retweeted by Brian DukesI can finally announce my work at Google: an open web spec to "Walk up and use anything" http://t.co/h3owtJF1OV
Retweeted by Brian Dukes.NET Academy is like Codecademy for .NET. - Learn - Teach - Have Fun! https://t.co/8IGgj6OCoX
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Good review of bad practices to avoid with CSS preprocessor nesting http://t.co/lsJyOpOYNa #sass #less@jbrinkman I refreshed my stream right before posting to ensure I wasn't missing someone else's announcement, but you posted as I wrote :-)DNN 7.3.3 has been released http://t.co/9TGk6vtXc7 #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#dnncms 7.3.3 released http://t.co/1o550V7JLfPoorly written #aspnetmvc code begs the question whether or not developers truly understand the problem the framework tries to solve
Retweeted by Brian DukesYou can prematurely optimize maintainability, flexibility, security, and robustness just like you can performance.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Bootstrap 3 Tips and Tricks You Still Might Not Know - http://t.co/75kGsPSk2d http://t.co/iijDEGrSVd
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@Discover @JDRF #DiscoverCaresSeems people are still struggling to realise the picture spec is not just <picture>, read @chriscoyier's article :) http://t.co/Fi4nmdv3C2
Retweeted by Brian Dukesi love when people are willing to risk looking uncool to express a strongly held opinion
Retweeted by Brian DukesI'm so excited to be talking about scaling your CSS in DNN at #DNNCon Register for free and see you in Nov! http://t.co/xgIfHz3FmJ
Retweeted by Brian DukeseBay to split PayPal into separate company in 2015 http://t.co/bS1P35L13e via @CNET
Retweeted by Brian DukesSurprised and impressed to see that @BitBucket is willing to support login via @github.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
The Science of Breaks at Work: Change Your Thinking About Downtime http://t.co/6SJRMzq3r0
Retweeted by Brian DukesOut of stealth mode... a new high tech startup from @Siliqon Inc - announcing @Alodiom - Social Property Management http://t.co/R2XRAYYyIB
Retweeted by Brian DukesIntroducing Universal SSL: @CloudFlare doubles the size of the encrypted web https://t.co/JSnec742yd
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Mum: “Can you update this one line of text on my website?” Me: “OMG this code is so old, I need to re-do everything.”
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
The Current State of #Grunt: http://t.co/BckqLS18EY @gruntjs #javascript 
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@nokiko every year I have high hopes the the next year will get you there :-) @christoc sad. you guys'll be missed #dnncms7 Talks From Strangeloop You Shouldn't Miss http://t.co/NYfqrNYXxm @strangeloop_stl
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#FunFact 8 of the selected speakers have never before spoken at #DNNCon! (formerly #DoDNN) #DNN #DNNCMS
Retweeted by Brian DukesI'll see all you #dnncms folks in Florida this November for another wonderful @DNNCon, talking about git and contributing to open source
@chadvoller SELECT FirstName, LastName, Email FROM Users Users.Select(u => new { u.FirstName, u.LastName, http://t.co/uRqoEeK3rX }) @linqpadThe speaker selection committee meets tonight. Announcements will be out shortly after (tomorrow at the latest). #DNNCon #DNN #DNNCMS
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"A design pattern should only be applied when the flexibility it affords is actually needed" - Design Patterns, GoF
Retweeted by Brian DukesStarting to become optimistic about what the Paket project is up to: http://t.co/xGC5P5fTyN.
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Time to upgrade your browsers if you use Firefox (and other Mozilla products) or Chrome (on non-Windows) - https://t.co/nvEYniGVAY
Retweeted by Brian DukesBlogged: Changes everywhere we look http://t.co/KvzBwEnue4 #dnncms @aspnet #vNextBlogged: Changes everywhere we look http://t.co/KvzBwEnue4Slides for my talk http://t.co/cp6xCuqWME on generators.
Retweeted by Brian DukesDiscussing Syria with my 5yr old. “How do you know all this Daddy?” Me- “the news.” Her- “how do you know the news is right?” 😳
Retweeted by Brian DukesDon't use <picture> for resolution switching (use sizes & srcset) http://t.co/DHKrJFLFi3 great article on the new responsive images specDon't you hate it when ethernet cables dangling from aircraft just don't fit into your computer the first time? http://t.co/UyYR9tf7FI #WTF
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Dope: Exclusive: Listen to @Lecrae's new album #Anomaly through an immersive experience collab with @VSCO http://t.co/3PwjWJAvI9
Retweeted by Brian Dukeshttp://t.co/JkfRwoKjwh Community Standup - Sept 23rd, 2014: http://t.co/JrMJeRdO24 via @YouTube
Retweeted by Brian DukesSo @jpamental’s wrote this amazing book: Responsive Typography. You should read it. Here’s the Foreword I wrote: http://t.co/Ca0f1AXdaa
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