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VP Comms & Chief Arya Stark Lookalike, @truex. I write stuff & climb mountains. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton. Caterpillar the cat's pet human.

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@fromedome I drink less now but the bad hangovers show up so much more easily!@fromedome I'm shocked people would pick extra battery life over no hangoversWait, when did our mascot become the squirrel? And not a black squirrel? RT @Princeton: This Saturday... #BeatHarvard http://t.co/4lDAe6GSF2But it's also about time that Valleywag was run by a woman. Go @nitashatiku!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@joshspear @andrewhyde and a bunch of drink vouchers that you got as an "apology" the last time you were delayed@andrewhyde @joshspear what kind of fees are the airlines charging for that now?@joshspear @andrewhyde I can fit 10 days' worth of stuff in a weekender.With 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' cancelled, TLC producers want a “borderline brain-dead” family http://t.co/VywO8EtMBn http://t.co/kw7C9hY5Yt
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@harmancipants Very true. The last time the neighbors' cat came to the window to say hi, Caterpillar freaked and got caught in the blinds.@harmancipants That's like Caterpillar's leash incident, and Caterpillar's bathtime incident, and Caterpillar's hair dryer incidentI have a rule that I never compare real-life situations to "Sex and the City" unless it's the Timothy Olyphant episode.I think that was @harmancipants' cat participating in such a grueling service to society. Hats off to Riff Raff.Amazing -> What happens when you try to take a cat around New York City as an accessory. Spoiler alert: nothing good. http://t.co/a1KXKLPmqV@franzaliquo @NPDeMember I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be amazing photos of the giraffe and more.In exactly one hour, someone in London will be receiving a pizza delivered by a man in a giraffe costume cc @franzaliquo @NPDeMember@marshallk Awesome. I helped @UpshiftPartners with its launch, so let me know if you want intros.@marshallk they worked with @UpshiftPartners to help scale. pretty neat story. cc @thumbtackMessage I just sent: "What if we do a live kitten-naming on Twitter tonight?" #whatwillourhashtagbe@coreyh @DrunkenHistory InnnnnnnnnterestingA study found that when Congress doubled the beer tax in 1991, 60,000 jobs were lost.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@gilbertjasono I agree. Pretty incredible.@brew_york Wow. I hadn't even known Allagash was distributed in NY back then. It wasn't easy to find in the city until 2008 or so.10 Money Quotes From Overanalytical Think Pieces About The Basic Bitch, Ranked http://t.co/fxeAfuQmZANear Bedford and N 7th rn? @ColinMeloy of @TheDecemberists is busking on the corner! Happy Friday :) http://t.co/hfXYwglGLG
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThe chances of dying of Ebola in New York City today are still much lower than dying from a falling air conditioner.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@mbaratz little packing pellety things that apparently stuck to its furThis was me this week RT @scottperezfox: RT @sav9585: The face of regret. http://t.co/Wasf5YSEXr cc @caro @jessnyc @embereye @magicmolly“let’s just call it the weekend come on” RT @chris_collins: @darth by the way, she hasn’t changed much. http://t.co/0utYorG5qj
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@baratunde Congresswoman Marcia Fudge is http://t.co/PQLcvaCvtoUnfortunately Ello thinks that all ads are bad. I disagree. Instead of banning them, why not evolve them? http://t.co/tGgM9Jov9N
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"And that was the year when Vice and Ebola finally ruined Brooklyn for all of us." - Me to my grandkids.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCan Creativity And Data Really Coexist? by @christianborges http://t.co/ogcld0KH91 #mediafuture via @trueX
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@deancollins That is LEGIT. (There's one house on Joralemon with blinking pumpkins, for what it's worth.)@mmeeker Awwww. Caterpillar and I send him our best wishes and all the ear scratches.@mmeeker Thanks! Say hi to Hugo for me, I keep seeing his picture on an ad near my office :)@caro I mean you could have stop after "everyone should just listen to @joemarchese" but if you want to be overly specific, fine, i guess.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“My Wife Is Telling Me To Have Drinks With Other Women” by @jasonp https://t.co/xO85V3VZaA <--- great read@mkytoski why, thank you! Happy Friday!@andrewparker I think they would have, but most users wouldn't have realized it & would have snubbed the idea of paying for anything at all!@andrewparker I guess - but then the companies in question did a total 180 and decided to not release them (and make the prod better) at all@dherman76 @joemarchese @seanbohan most definitely. Come by our office some time! We have a kegerator!@ijustine @garyvee Now I'm having dystopian visions of a social network that raises tons of money by making people bid on usernames upfront12/OK now I'm done ranting about what people will pay for and what they won't. My coffee's ready. Good morning, everyone!@fields Very true. Affiliate links seem to work where there is a major e-commerce component to it (e.g. fashion blogs, Pinterest).11/I don't see either of those things fitting into Ello well. And I reiterate: People will not pay for basic social networking.@ijustine Now THAT is a business model.10/Or professional services that presumably help people get their jobs done, like increased photo storage for photographers a la Flickr Pro.9/Either premium content - that's a bad industry buzzphrase, but it serves its purpose - high-quality music, video, games, entertainment8/So, basically, if Ello is both sticking to its no-ads pledge and it's not duping investors, it will need to steer toward one of 2 things:7/A lot of this was never reported, never went live. Most of what went live didn't last; what's still around is tiny in terms of revenue.6/Back in my reporter days, a lot of mainstream- or almost-mainstream social services were whispering about paid feature models.5/The second instance is where there's a professional benefit involved, e.g. increased high-res photo storage, and ad-free is afterthought4/On that note, everyone should listen to @joemarchese if they want to hear about what people are willing to do to avoid ads3/There are two things people will reliably pay for on the internet to get rid of ads: one is premium content (e.g. Spotify Premium)2/The problem is that every sign on the internet ever points to mainstream consumers being totally unwilling to pay for social networking.1/Re: Ello: If they have an anti-ad pledge but they raised venture capital, presumably they've presented a plan for paid features.
Joralemon St swarming with fire trucks but no obvious panic. OK #brooklynheights, whose tacky light-up Halloween display caught on fire?Ugh. My @containerstore delivery order is totally MIA, there's no way to contact them except by phone, and their phone lines close at 9PM.Facepalm RT @AntDeRosa: Deputy Chief of Staff for Ted Cruz tweeted and deleted this: http://t.co/LsmTkJoWqEKitty wants the human's whiskey. #turndownforwhat @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District http://t.co/q5XMgeRAnrI hope that New York woman in quarantine really is the Ebola doctor's girlfriend, it would such a weird way to have that "what are we" convo
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyAttn. @nypost headline writers RT @partypants: @bmorrissey @caro Did anyone do the e-bowl-a joke yet?This morning my cat killed and ate a bug, and this evening she started licking the ice cubes in my whiskey. Someone's getting adventurous.Ebola is extremely unlikely to spread through public transit for several reasons. http://t.co/MlxFlLl5yL
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthydefinite sign of peak brooklyn that the ebola doctor came here to bowl.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIn two days, TwitPic's 800M photos vanish, nuking six years of Twitter history. Founder @noaheverett remains silent. http://t.co/g9Kf8O7UQI
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWasn't there a kids book about this MT @BostonTweet: Red Line was delayed for ~20min tonight because a goose was sitting on the tracks@CBM Depends on what kind of design but I'd recommend my data designer in a second.@rachelsklar There should be an app pre-programmed with your clothing needs to help you in a pinch!50%+ of Gen X execs who complain abt entitled millennial employees are actually just shitty managers/leaders.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI created a Room where you will only be allowed in if you are the pet human of a gray cat. http://t.co/2rishARCdmT minus 10 minutes until someone comes forward saying he/she had a Tinder date with a doctor at Brooklyn Bowl last nightStaying at @andazws and looking for new threads? @caro recommends @birdbrooklyn in #Brooklyn. Cc: @jauntful http://t.co/6sTzN0gjFW
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyJust created a Facebook Room to Slingshot my Poke friends about the Paper app
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI think I figured it out. Portland is the place that the little bee girl from Blind Melon's No Rain video is looking for.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI wish America would spend even half as much time complaining about plastics in our oceans as we do about actresses' plastic surgery.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI think w/o @soapdotcom same-day delivery, the cat would starve & I would die from lack of coffee, so thank you for keeping both of us aliveNow that's a throwback #tbt #stickybits via Instagram: http://t.co/PGjHcmqcV8 http://t.co/tGUrzjF0zl
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
be prepared to lose a lot of time here. and blame @caro for it: http://t.co/6BloD0u3f4
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYou're in a subway. Underground. It's late at night. It's raining outside. You're still wearing sunglasses. #NYC
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“did you remember the catnip” RT @caro: @ejdickson @ShibaSommelier @ericgeller @darth mmmmmmrrrrroowwww? http://t.co/Rjhe59kGFo
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@ejdickson @ShibaSommelier @ericgeller @darth she's a sultry little minx, especially when she wants to be fed salmon treats.@ejdickson @ShibaSommelier @ericgeller @darth mmmmmmrrrrroowwww? http://t.co/dvjSqFkKYx@ShibaSommelier @ejdickson @ericgeller @darth Caterpillar thinks she is prettier than that@evanbaehr SO COOL. Had no idea -- I've been to La Condesa a bunch.@evanbaehr WHOA. That's an insanely cool interior. Where was this/what restaurant?@samgustin @derektmead But baby goats are so big on the internet.Reporting facts vs fostering fear. RT @scottbix: U.S. cable news vs. Canadian public news http://t.co/dnJM5B2hwV
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt was a lot to expect of The Who, even if they are pinball wizards. http://t.co/vfPp5qwroB
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIn 1957 the US Government placed canned beer next to a nuclear blast to see if it was still drinkable. Scientists determined it was.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@jkaz Yes. And my cat freaked out.@dturkenk @sogrady And the war hero that Captain Lawrence beer is named after@dturkenk @sogrady I was in a Twitter convo a year or so ago about the extent to which the War of 1812 has been squeezed out of classes@dturkenk @sogrady I don't even think they teach the Spanish-American War in high school history classes anymore."Nobody ever remembers Maine, so undoubtedly we'll be the last to be attacked." https://t.co/bD4Qw5ydcWWhich is more basic: Liking James Franco or not liking James Franco?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"Technology man!" Guy at Duane Reade who was super impressed when he used ApplePay to pay for his M&Ms.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRecords show that while in Avignon France in the 1300s the Pope & his entourage drank 2,600 gallons of wine...per week. #goodtobethepope
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DanDotLewis yours? :)@DanDotLewis The banana slicer has saved marriages. Has your book saved any marriages yet?
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