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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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Wlll somebody please ask him if he saw the tape and if not, how come??..please!!!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis isn't complicated. Playing in the NFL is not a right, it is a privilege. The NFL can actually have a higher standard than any state@jpodhoretz @HowardKurtz quite the salary for a non profit!Goodell sounds like he's taking credit for increase in the hotline calls for domestic violence. get what he's saying but be careful on toneMy full #TweetThePress conversation with @Omarshamid: ISIS, Intel and the Internet http://t.co/iEExTkjt6M@mollyesque wait until you have Bill Kristol vs Rand Paul for all of 2015@mollyesque hasn't even been two months. Give them time!@Gokzarah I know. We want to host these on a second platform. And we do create a web recreation. Will tweet link soon@chucktodd #Tweetthepress for anyone in the UK: they can go to amazon: http://t.co/Ao8FzKVyLh
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Husker_Gnome I'm nervous. True freshman starting second road game. We have the athletes. Do we have the poise and game plan? Don't know@Husker_Gnome I know! I think the last time Miami and Neb played in the regular season, Vince Ferragamo was the Big Red QB. cc: @cbfowler@Gokzarah if you click the #Tweetthepress hash tag, you will see it@omarshamid thank you. Look forward to reading it. If there is a link for others to order it, send my way.@omarshamid not easy boiling down ISIS issues into 140 character answers, but you somehow did it. Thank you for coming on #tweetthepress.@omarshamid ... (2/2) Islamic extremism: can it be defeated or simply chased underground? #tweetthepress.@omarshamid Final, perhaps UNANSWERABLE Q. But today, it's ISIS, yesterday it was al Qaeda. Tomorrow? (1/2) #tweetthepress.@omarshamid let's shift to ISIS and social media. They are much more sophisticated than al Qaeda; How should West respond? #tweetthepress.@omarshamid back to the money question. Is the military option the best way to defund ISIS? Take their stolen oil fields? #tweetthepress.@omarshamid so to cut off ISIS funds, military campaign to reclaim oil fields is best option? Is there another option? #tweetthepress.@omarshamid it seems this fight against ISIS is multi-layered; how hard is it going to be to cut off its funding? #tweetthepress.@omarshamid and how successful can ISIS be? Is there a vacuum left by the Taliban and al Qaeda they are filling #tweetthepress.@omarshamid what is the main ISIS threat to South Asia? Is it recruiting or radicalizing locally or both? #tweetthepressIt's #tweetthepress time. I'll be tweeting with @OMARSHAMID so #ff NOW. He's a security expert @IHS who is tracking ISIS in South AsiaSo basically, this #mtp flashback combines the current debate about ISIS and Syria with the NFL. http://t.co/M6BluwpNGV.@meetthepress flashback from June 6, 1970. NY Sen. Charles Goodell (Roger's father) on Congress' role in war. http://t.co/M6BluwpNGVNRCC using ISIS in a bunch of races, from NY 24 (see previous tweet) to IA 03. https://t.co/G17vBepqAL and MN 08 https://t.co/JaJNnggjm7Anyway having 2002 midterm flashbacks on this ad? https://t.co/G17vBepqAL // NRCC going all out on national security now@ShackValley @cspanwj @crowleyCNN ouch. I will respond.And while there's an argument that this election might be about nothing, there is one issue that is on the ballot: tax cuts. Sunday on #mtpAlso, don't forget to set your DVR for this Sunday's @meetthepress The ground troops Q w/Adm. Mike Mullen and Sens. Murphy and Johnson.Coming up in a few on @TODAYshow some new NBC polling on the NFL and corporal punishment. See you in a few
On corporal punishment w/kids (see Adrian Peterson). Majorty against use of belts/sticks/paddles. But not in South. http://t.co/ED8GpYIKc0Public thinks NFL has done poor job handling domestic violence issue but majority think Goodell shd keep his job http://t.co/ED8GpYIKc0First live caller public poll for KS SEN. http://t.co/Zgc1Thi1uP // xtabs are fascinating.. narly 1 in 5 GOPers voting OrmanLove what these guys are attempting, as article indicates, can nitpick on some input, which I'm sure they'll refine. http://t.co/pqTeh8le2I
@AlbaLondubh I did.So proud of my grandmother! Has set an amazing example in my family. http://t.co/WQcj4gaVz3
@hoosierbarb apparently you didn't see #mtp where this was covered more extensively than anywhere else@gwenifill i know... I thought I knew where the story was going... but it took a while to get there in piece.@brianstelter exactly...Something to read when you have some extra time. Just fascinating re: Israel and "the bomb" http://t.co/fTdRIjqJUYThis NYT lead is meant to be a tad facetious, I think, but it doesn't come fully across that way. http://t.co/GvJzlDL3GtMcCain v Hagel today on the Hill will probably include some fireworks. http://t.co/JrToqJQxAxGabby Giffords PAC has a tough new gun spot against the GOPer trying to win her old seat in AZ. http://t.co/xUirJnATMDInteresting WSJ piece: some Senate GOP cands supporting STATE min. wage increases while still opposing federal rise. http://t.co/7qJRlbuvP2WH decides best way it helps Dems on campaign trail is to stay off trail; be president. http://t.co/Ww5tGhSuaZ // Today's First Read LeadThe KS SEN indie Orman is pushing campaign finance/lobbyist reform. http://t.co/ODD83LRCkR // This issue usually doesn't resonate outside DCMost interesting data-based map of the day. Topic: immigration http://t.co/JDpZhHZg38
Begich in AK joins Grimes in KY and Tennant in WV to put up TV ads attacking their own party's POTUS. https://t.co/O6eX4BlQtPWant to understand the problems in the Mideast from a map perspective? Then check out James Barr interview http://t.co/nbBddXwsQJBaker again defends the Bush 41 admin decision to NOT take out Saddam. http://t.co/2pHJlpOygf #mtpWill the NFL "pink wash" in October? HBO's Gumbel fears so. http://t.co/Tu9WaIr2LC #mtpCan US convince others to provide ground troops? McDonough said yes. http://t.co/GHY82dZl86. Jim Baker skeptical http://t.co/R7nsJwI3mn #mtpIn case u forgot to DVR #mtp, catch up here. WH CoS McDonough on what success looks like. http://t.co/5HjaYwLTba
It’s 2014 NBC/WSJ poll time w/ @chucktodd at what we’re currently calling the NerdWall. (We’re looking for a better name. Help please.)
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDon't miss top of @meetthepress for fascinating look at POTUS' evolving rhetoric on terrorism. #mtp And fresh polling reax on speech&planMy @meetthepress panel: @murphymike @NiaWaPo @helenecooper and @jimvandehei ; Smart and spirited, or so we promise. #mtpFinally, let's not forget 20-FOURTEEN! Election is 51 days away, is a GOP wave building? Not using a Magic 8 ball but some new data! #mtpAlso, for a unique perspective on the Roger Goodell-Ray Rice mess, I'll be joined by HBO Sports' Bryant Gumbel. #mtp @meetthepressWe're live in Iowa as Hillary makes 1st trip to state in nearly 7 years; Can she guard her left flank? We'll talk to Bernie Sanders. #mtpMy #mtp morning began at 4:30a; got a packed show focused on 3 topics: A lot on ISIS plus Hillary and Goodell. Tune in live or set the DVRA lot to cover this AM – WH CoS McDonough talks ISIS coalition; Also, Bush 41 Sec/State Baker, architect of most successful int'l coalition
What does coach Pacino say about fighting for every inch? #GAvsSC@DKane19 you forget depth and coachingMiami has all the playmakers it needs to be an elite team; just missing consistency. Dorsett will be playing Sundays. #gocanesNot surprising, but 2014 candidates and incumbents trying to avoid talking Congress' role re: ISIS. http://t.co/JQ0rIoXDkVRead through these stats; we all should be focusing more on the issue of domestic violence awareness. http://t.co/3y9mAHQ7g1I assume Twitter is powerful enough to make sure #phablet does NOT become a thing. http://t.co/SMbkk2sufkHas Rand Paul flip-flopped on ISIS? Weekly Standard piece implies it http://t.co/tneQdR02MlThese early games are proof that mid-to-lower level Power5 conferences are no better than non-power5 conferencesSo Dan Snyder makes prominent move to stand behind Goodell. I'm sure there's no ulterior motive behind it at all. #washington?Btw, this will be @SenSanders first ever appearance on @meetthepress Discussing #2016 and who fits the Dem Party more, Bernie or HillaryThis Sunday Sen. Sanders will be talking with @ChuckTodd on @NBC's @MeetThePress. #MTP http://t.co/ygc13GUrSh
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Sandpower not bothering to update a drivers license? In today's "u need ID to travel" society? Bizarre@ecuchocothunda on the show. U didn't watch and the angry blogger didnt want anything to get in the way of a good cheap shot@Kokomoschmoe heard about that. I think Drudge over cranked his tv on the color front. Because I'm true same pasty dudeStrong argument could be made Fitzgerald is worst performing Dem candidate of 2014 when u consider where he started. http://t.co/KKCzdqawzBAll but 3 states buy more red wine than white. Guess the outliers. @Wonkblog http://t.co/ba2AXuNZTr
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOne thing we now know for sure: Mark Sanford doesn't do subtle when it comes to his relationships (corrected tweet: left out word)
This always seemed like a reach. Couldn't even qualify on CA ballot. http://t.co/1eJNbq5OFDFirst Read's Top 10 Senate takeovers (starting w most likely to flip): 1. MT 2. SD 3. WV 4. AR 5. LA 6. AK 7. IA 8. NC 9. CO 10. KS
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLink to our Top 10 Senate takeover list: http://t.co/1i3oiJ5uVP
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNot surprising since the trend on death penalty support as been downward. But, still consequential. http://t.co/d0nSoJ0Pxx
@rolandsmartin about 25 lbs. Took a year. No secret other than daily (intense) exercise.Thinking of my exHotline colleagues on 9/11. Will never forget all of us staring out over Potomac from Watergate worried about another plane@Paul86fxr well. I hear ya. But I think given what happened in 2002, more questions and skepticism is called for@WaukeSlosh wish I would have had that opportunityOnce ISIS gets eliminated from a part of Syria, how do u prevent Assad from regaining? Does US have responsibility to rebuild war-torn SyriaUnanswered Qs re: ISIS: what does success look like? Is it ever over? How do u prevent the next group from filling next vacuum? 1/2Hard to hold up Yemen and Somalia as a picture of success in battle against a terrorist threat when neither country is pic of stability
When President Obama finishes, I'm going to do a @facebook Q&A about the president's speech: https://t.co/i7wNbhy9kCPOTUS ends speech with a case for an interventionist foreign policy.On eve of 9/11, Pres. Obama declares that "America is safer" right before he sets the table for an offensive against ISIS.In two minutes, an @nbcnews special report, covering Pres. Obama's speech to the nation on battling ISIS.If AP story is true regarding NFL having had the full Rice video, then Goodell's future is truly in serious jeopardy. Commis Condi Rice?@rthurbin I like your optimism@chucktodd now excuse Me while I play the Beatles anthology on My ipod nano,driving a smartcar,wearing small boxers... #Downsized
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@StanSiegwald been trying to remind lawmakers that they need to remember 02. What does the day after in Syria look like? Q for POTUS too@life_is_a_sport he has even invitedFrom Grantland; a strong argument that Goodell has lost his legitimacy to lead. Brutal takedown http://t.co/kZvCpXHDuy
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