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Chuck Todd @chucktodd Washington, DC

Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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@tenniebutler @ananavarro @TracieGibler @LindseyGrahamSC disagree. I think he runs. What's he have to lose?@ananavarro @TracieGibler @LindseyGrahamSC he will become a reporter's guilty pleasure to cover@ananavarro @TracieGibler @LindseyGrahamSC he'll be the most accessible of all the candidates running. Don't discount thatSchumer just put out a thank-you statement for support for Dem leader without mentioning the position. Well orchestrated power transferWell, @DorisKGoodwin, next time I'll make you Meerkat or Periscope our next #tweetthepress conversation!Ok, @DorisKGoodwin, last Q, who in the senate today, could be seen as having potential to be the next "lion" of the senate. #tweetthepress.@DorisKGoodwin can you explain why the country gravitates to political dynasties even as they claim they want new faces? #tweetthepress.@DorisKGoodwin when it comes to polarization, obviously, it's been worse (Civil War) but what changes the dynamic now? #tweetthepress.@DorisKGoodwin how would health care law be different today if Ted K had been point and hadn't been too sick? #tweetthepress@DorisKGoodwin and remember, you can use multiple tweets if you need to answer 1 Q! #tweetthepress Won't hold you to 140.@DorisKGoodwin how do you think the institute's goal of improving how the senate works can be achieved? #tweetthepress.@DorisKGoodwin when do you think the switch flipped for Ted K where he truly embraced the senate? 1980? #tweetthepress@chucktodd What fun for a historian used to long handwritten letters & diaries to be answering in real time & 140 characters! #TweetThePress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOk, @DorisKGoodwin, I spent my Tuesday at the new EMK institute, it really is about the Senate, not Ted K. Good focus? #tweetthepressIf it's Friday... it's #tweetthepress @DorisKGoodwin and I discuss T Kennedy &the US Senate; new institute studying Sen opens Mon in BostonWH refusing to say if March 31st is a hard deadline. @PressSec trying to create a little wiggle room. Using "shoulds" etc. Not definitive.@pkcapitol's interview w/ @SenatorReid: http://t.co/xWD0C8a71l (Reid predicts Durbin won't run for leader)
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@BriefWit @pbondi I think Patty Murray is the woman most likely to rise in leadership in 2017 (assuming she seeks and wins reelection in 16)@adamnagourney am truly shocked how smooth this has gone for her so far. These seats don't come open oftenNick Cage was born in Nevada. Just sayin
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhen it comes to issue terrain, it looks more like March 2007 (heavy on foreign policy) than March 2011 (economy) http://t.co/GaMgfJ1NSI
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@AaronBlakeWP so use, "Hangs up the boxing gloves" and "the Searchlight burns out"@chucktodd Frank Underwood will be positioning someone.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@derek_maclean most likely outcome, no doubtWhile most eyes will be on Schumer and Durbin as replacements to Reid as Sen Dem Ldr, don't overlook Michael Bennet, IF he wins re-electionSomebody wake up @RalstonReports. Jon, it's going to be a long Friday for you buddy
Oops, wrong link for @CarrieNBCNews and her cut thru the budget clutter piece. Here it is. http://t.co/ULKWH0VJKM@greggiroux is it Kasich?Can you ID the current U.S. governor shown here with Nixon in 1970? http://t.co/WAth2r0DlC
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Tough to ignore that old Susan Rice line that Berdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.”
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPair of elephants keep truck from tipping over on Louisiana highway http://t.co/4nhwAkhi5x http://t.co/b4cQP8VbiY
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBREAKING: Officials tell AP that Yemen's president has left the country by sea, on a boat from Aden.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHe wants to run. RT @BaronHill2016: I just published “Statement from Baron Hill” https://t.co/tQUJnBuALS
@rubius_marcus can't give up yetYeah, it is the NIT, but hats off to Canes Coach L. Motivating a team that believed it belonged in NCAA isn't easy. #GOCANES #accOMG. RT: @AdamKilgoreWP: the head of ESPN and the Skins' president discussed a prank call they thought was real. http://t.co/gwaNEjebRT
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JessicaTaylor @misswilson they better feature Devo at one fundraiserICYMI: call for @NBCPolitics 2016 Political Campaign Embeds: https://t.co/WFLPcX6Xei
Retweeted by Chuck Toddnice @JoshuaGreen http://t.co/9Zx5sndZCY
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRon Swanson for #INSen: http://t.co/GJakqETZXd RT @MattOrtega: Imminent announcement from Pawnee... #INSen http://t.co/5E2ZXJXFP7
Retweeted by Chuck ToddToday I announced that I will not seek re-election to the United States Senate http://t.co/oORO1pRCn9
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHa! RT @MattOrtega: Imminent announcement from Pawnee... #INSen http://t.co/58I9g958Qz
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSuch a great Kasich moment in @AndrewRomano's profile of him https://t.co/JKa3uaWOVy http://t.co/okwB7Lbzas
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhether Jeb disavows James Baker, & how quickly & strongly, could be an oddly important early moment in GOP race. http://t.co/uc3PppgDGH
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIn this morning's @NBCFirstRead: The Obama-Netanyahu feud is getting even worse. http://t.co/mYJKvfvtiN http://t.co/qhQTE1LECO
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDisenchanted federal staffers find better politics are local. Interesting read via @washingtonpost http://t.co/5dvpmgqFyr
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@NBCFirstRead wraps Cruz's appearance this morning - with wife Heidi - on the Today Show http://t.co/emph8YkgzT
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A lot more than two-thirds of the House skeptical on Iran talks. 367 members signed this letter to POTUS. http://t.co/pwPXrcu4RcThis was inevitable. Not sure why USOC didn't see this coming. http://t.co/KIyYwnmdP4 http://t.co/5rGfKCVPN6
National voter turnout rate by age 1964-2012. Young have always had highest pres to midterm volatility, eldest least http://t.co/SdfnsrJx4z
Retweeted by Chuck Todd#ICYMI http://t.co/uU9jDjjfK5
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@momaraqa didn't say those other issues weren't also problems. Just that data is a bigger issue. How data is used@jpodhoretz @GroverNorquist emotional communism. Interesting way to describe kid fairness. They fail to understand parent totalitarianism@samsteinhp @mitchellreports all over @meetthepress today@RandallWyant satellite interviews can convey tone inaccuratelyBtw, listen to POTUS carefully in the Lynch nomination quote. There's a certain coal miner's daughter he references by accident #MTP.@JerryBrownGov had a quick answer for @chucktodd’s question about a potential 2016 run http://t.co/NfWDmGxip8 http://t.co/BuiLwYJbip
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jerryniehus the rankings could always change@btryin and @dcbigjohn mentioned that fact.|LIVE NOW| So @dcbigjohn needs to finish his Hillary thought #meerkat http://t.co/Yz7TMZelsbFor the next hour, stay tuned for some commercial break meerkat ting @meetthepress@TheRickWilson @aaronschock if he avoids prison time, he won't make it past the state's Sweet 16 of corruptionHow bad was @AaronSchock? In the state of Illinois, he doesn’t even break the top five discredited politicians.And on #MTP this morning, 70 years after Iwo Jima, @HarrySmith sits down w/ Ret. Lt. Gen Lawrence Snowden who fought in that bloody battle.Joining me this morning on #MTP to provide insights and analysis: @HeleneCooper, @RichLowry, @dcBigJohn, & @TheWilsonCenter’s Jane Harman.Just how different are primary voters? Tdy’s @meetthepress #NerdScreen takes a look at the demographics of Democratic & Republican voters.This week, @JerryBrownGov proposed $1 billion plan for drought relief. Here’s the story by @JonathanNBCLA: http://t.co/MuiSsy6hRZ.@JerryBrownGov of California talks climate change and the drought, as well as 2016 on @MeetThePress this morning. http://t.co/5orrauTdBJ#MTP isn't just on Sundays. Sign up for our daily political email First Read by visiting http://t.co/455LXnG57s. http://t.co/XbERvXCallWe'll also speak to the Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the @UN Dr. Riyad Mansour about @netanyahu's win. #MTPPre-MTP homework: Watch @MitchellReports ask PM @netanyahu about a two-state solution: http://t.co/5ZoC2QX19ENetanyahu won. What does that mean for the U.S.-Israeli relationship. Israeli Ambassador @AmbDermer joins #MTP. http://t.co/mU6iYAODYl
If it's Saturday, your @meetthepress preview. https://t.co/XKQKVAGgYa|LIVE NOW| About to go on air with @nbcnightlynews to preview @meetthepress. not near a TV, watch now #meerkat http://t.co/tu6fj2rb3s|LIVE NOW| Both @kwelkernbc and I prepping for @nbcnightlynews. On the air now #meerkat http://t.co/sXT7mBOL2vDo you like good old fashioned tick-tocks on huge stories? Here's the Oregonian on Kitzhaber's Final Days. http://t.co/97mCzZ1Dcz@mickscal no, really, tell me how you REALLY Feel@HenryBarbour well played@IllegalWiretaps no, not at all... we're all just SXSW watchers@sportsguy48 just learning myself... a livestream app that automatically connects to the Twitter feed@shan70 on itAny suggestions for cleaning my Iphone lens #meerkatexperiement|LIVE NOW| If I start meerkat ting MTP during breaks, what would u think? #meerkat http://t.co/lQcZHZlyKs@MrDanielavery Maybe Arizona on its best day... And Kansas has shown some potential of late.Still@KPhed agree but when they cranked it up, whoa@chucktodd they looked mortal in the first half though, and better teams await.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWow, is Kentucky good. Cincy appeared to give them everything they had and UK is about to win by 20? Impressive
That's how Louisville has played all year...@GarrettHaake I live under a rock apparently. Missed the news of your DC move. See you at z burger@GarrettHaake thanks for saying hi.@lewisalowe did you say higher@ericopinion but they have a year to get it right for 2016But if pro-legalization folks want marijuana ballot init on the Nov. 2016 OH ballot, then they only need to collect 305K sigs by July 2016The OH Sec/State just certified a marijuana amendment as a single ballot issue. Petitioners need 305,591 by July 1 to qual for 2015 ballotEx-Sec/State Shultz on climate: "Before you get mugged by reality, take out an insurance policy. It's the Reagan way" http://t.co/dyi9PM5zqoBetting this will end up what more and more elected officials end up doing... http://t.co/03YbKQS0yO #avoidingsunshinelawsCome on over to my @meetthepress Facebook page if you have suggested Q ideas for Gov. Jerry Brown. https://t.co/BsbifsbiHKA rare interview w/ Hillary's bro Tony Rodham about his ties to Haiti gold mine. A SECOND Helderman/Sullivan dispatch http://t.co/OdEEP44qvs
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWith election-eve reversal for 2 state solution, Netanyahu complicated his country's standing in the world. http://t.co/fjOoXheQNx
Well. As someone who had Iowa state in the final 2, let alone 4, guess that means I will officially be a donor in all the pools I've entered
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