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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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Today is easily the best holiday we do as Americans. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
@WholeFoods @RosalieDech @chucktodd I've had that pecan. It is GOOD!
Up next: a near and dear member of the NBC family is among those awarded a high honor today #NBCNightlyNews http://t.co/V6yEucIeSy
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jrussell20941 I reported that the president came to that conclusion@jrussell20941 do you know that as fact? If I did, I would report it. But I don't.For more on the resignation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, @ChuckTodd joins us now #NBCNightlyNews
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This NYTimes correction is hard to beat h/t @carlquintanilla http://t.co/2iy6cU9CpV http://t.co/oT7arMzWS1
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCongrats Redskins, Washington's political gridlock and dysfunction is being used as a punchline on NFL pregame shows for the team and RGIIIWhat he was to the civil rights movement was also the reason why DC always forgave him. Remembering former DC Mayor Marion Barry. #MTPThanksgiving week is here. We talked to @kristinoem, @chuckschumer, @marcorubio & other members of Congress abt what they're thankful for.An American icon under fire. The @meetthepress panel will discuss the allegations against comedian Bill Cosby.And America's energy boom. @DanielYergin of @IHS and @cfaenergy's John Hoffmeister are here to talk #Keystone & energy independence. #MTPPlus, our Sunday #NerdScreen: which governor from the Midwest looked surprisingly Presidential at the #RGA? #MTPOur #MTP panel: @jdbalart, @amyewalter, @GovRichardson, and @JoeNBC.@RonAllenNBC has the latest from Ferguson, MO as we await a grand jury decision & how the unrest has pushed 1 young man into action. #MTPAlso joining me to discuss Ferguson is the lawyer for Michael Brown’s family Anthony Gray, fmr. NYC mayor Giuliani, & @MichaelEDyson #MTPAnd @jyangnbc takes us to El Mirage, AZ to see how the president’s executive order on immigration is already affecting people’s lives. #MTPThis morning on #MTP, the immigration debate continues on this show with Sen. @JeffFlake and @SenatorMenendez. What does Congress do next?
Miami has reverted back to its norm for the last four years. Frustrating. #GoCanesThis is ugly. Big hangover apparently for Miami. Sloppy. #GoCanesMiami seems a tad lethargic tonight@KGalOSU actually I chirp about OSU all the time. I'm still not over the Great Championship Robbery of 2002, aka 2003 Fiesta BowlWhen the robots take over the world, we can't say we weren't warned. http://t.co/R9nup7rfvvAnd VATech beat Ohio State THIS year, right?We did it @SavannahGuthrie! #cranksgivingTODAY #cranksgiving http://t.co/WQIKtErUf7
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@davewhalendc go Wake@chucktodd Yes. Decent defense. "Limited" offenses. As a WF fan, this qualifies as our best game of the year.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhat is going on w/Wake-VT? 0-0 in Overtime? I'm now watching. Not a weather issue. Just that bad on O?@blakeley I'll take "insults I've heard since 3rd grade for $1000, Alex"@TracySorrell1 @meetthepress not sure what you are referring to actually. In fact, read my Benghazi chapter in The Stranger.@rolling_2 give the perspective of how some elected officials have responded (or over-responded) to protests@EBOlady @meetthepress Ok, link here. but haven't fully updated http://t.co/8AFevys8iY: Flake, Menendez, Giuliani. Dyson among guests@kylefarmer @FrankLuntz I've said it for the last decade. We don't get the best and brightest to run anymore. That's a problemGot a detailed preview of tomorrow's @meetthepress on my Facebook page. Check it out. https://t.co/eIM5ESocG6BREAKING: U-Va. president suspends all fraternities after @rollingstone reports on alleged rape. #PhiKappaPsi http://t.co/tbbFXgilvT
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@MiamiSup @MDCPS proud of our school system. Keep it up
Traveling WH press corps just got an early gift. 3pm local time "lid". So Friday plus Vegas plus early lid. Be careful press corps!Thanks @followFDD for your perspective. Could be an interesting week on the Iran front. #tweetthepress.@followFDD ok, I lied, ONE more question. Best Congressional sounding boards, D and R, when it comes to whether a deal will be accepted?Last Q for now: Realistic chances Congress could override any deal POTUS strikes w/Iran? @followFDD #tweetthepressso .@followFDD you view them as the "bad cop" here where you have to parse the meaning of "against" when they claim to be against a deal?.@followFDD is there any deal that the U.S. strikes that Israel WON'T be publicly skeptical of? #tweetthepress don't they HAVE to be?.@followFDD You've also said Iran does NOT want major Western investments; They want sanction relief for another reason. #TweetThePressTo save some space on questioning, I RT'd a question to get #tweetthepress back into the back-n-forth w/ @followFDD#tweetthepress u've been critical of U.S. taking foot off sanctions gas pedal. But has drop in oil prices served as sanction re-accelerator?.@followFDD you've been critical of U.S. taking foot off sanctions gas pedal. But has drop in oil prices served as sanction re-accelerator?.@followFDD so if we don't see U.S. and IAEA physically dismantling, bad deal? #tweetthepress What's an ok amt of nuke tech for u re: Iran?.@followFDD so what's the trigger for you on whether this is a good deal or a bad one? Is there ONE metric for you? #tweetthepress.@followFDD so will the Obama admin be talking about a breakthrough or will it be spun as "we're not there yet" #TweetThePress.@followFDD you are obviously following the Iran negotiations closely. Come midnight Nov. 24, will there be a deal? #tweetthepress.@followFDD @dubo1968 @meetthepress ok... I believe Mark, you'll be answering via the FDD main acct, so let's get started.#FF @followFDD to see my #TweetThePress conversation about Iran sanctions with their Executive Director Mark Dubowitz. We'll chat at 2pmET.Can't help but wonder if WH is not-so-secretly running out clock on torture report until GOP takes over Sen http://t.co/kFB7cGsuqi
Fournier: Obama "shrinking." "Squint and you might see...itsy-bitsy" Boehner, "minute" McConnell. & here comes SCOTUS "torturing a typo".@ron_fournier channels what the folks who are turned off by both parties may think right now about DC. http://t.co/8dxAt4lDQR
Two states, two different approaches to healthcare. @annenbcnews looks at how everyday people are affected in Texas and Illinois.Healthcare experts will discuss the future of Obamacare and its impact so far. @TobyCosgroveMD, @neeratanden, and @avik join me.Our @meetthepress panel: @PostReid, @helenecooper, @hardball_chris and @CarlyFiorina.Also this AM: an exclusive interview with Gov. @BobbyJindal. We'll talk his choice not to expand Medicaid, immigration, and 2016.We’ll talk exclusively with @SecBurwell. Is Obamacare working? Is the administration lowering expectations for open enrollment?This morning on @meetthepress: ISIS releases another gruesome video. @RichardEngel provides the latest on this developing story.Also: a health care #mtp summit: exclusive interviews w/HHS Sec Sylvia Burwell, LA Gov. Bobby Jindal and Cleveland Clinic's Toby CosgroveWe're re-jiggering things a bit to focus on the ISIS news this morning. @RichardEngel will have latest @meetthepressPutting finishing touches this morning on my #mtp #nerdscreen segment. A turnout analysis of CO and NC. @meetthepressThat morning after feeling on your hands when you have been biting your fingernails too much. #MiamiVsFSU fallout.
@ericwinston actually. Would have been tougher the other way. Right @kdennytodd ?A month ago? Would have taken this final score all day. But this loss stings now.Wish Miami could have the entire third Q back. Not fair to the players. That was a poor game plan. Tough loss. #GoCanesCannot put this one on the players. Very poor game plan on offense for the second half. Play to WIN!Miami gave the game away when they stopped playing offense in the second half. Not fair to defense.@JackMarchetti not fair to the players when everyone watching knows what's comingJust an awful 15 minutes of play calling. What are we doing. #GoCanesCome on coaches. Don't blow this@rdbrewer4 bada bingColey! Stop the conservative play calling.IIII #GoCanes@Bjensen630 impossible with this d line. Been a problem for the last four yearsMiami played the last offensive series as if they were trying "not to lose." Time to get aggressive again james coley@mcfarlands412 thanks. Just straight forward@KovalTheHomer @Friedo1043 @sidrosenberg presidential interviews are still the gold standard for Sundays.Phew@nynjnvfl again. CarefulThat's why Miami is 6-3. Can't give FSU an inch. We just gave them an inch. #grrrr@nynjnvfl careful of something called confirmation bias. You are making assumptions u want to believe.@nynjnvfl explain how I took sides. The problem folks have is that I don't.@djpolitico niceDon't play scared, Al.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@wyethwire house money@chrisfallica @Davetepps @cbfowler cost them a shot at title. They went to orange bowl. But would have been a champ contender had they wonHey @chrisfallica and @cbfowler the better trivia q on that 10-9 game. What Super Bowl winning player blocked FSU's 2pter in 1980. Jim BurtI have to mute my excitement right now. Right @kdennytodd ?U ready? Game Day. #GoCanes
Thank you @TeamCoco for making me look almost cool. Your hair trumps my beard big time.#CONAN Starts NOW: @AdamLevine, @MeetThePress moderator @ChuckTodd, and musical guests @SylvanEsso
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JCPRICE24 thanks @SmartPolitics He is a great follow.@illusionwriter8 @cbfowler is it Saturday yet?@JCPRICE24 @cbfowler wasn't it Tennessee? All I know is that somehow the computers out fsu in the title game.@JCPRICE24 @cbfowler btw. That day in 98. Three diff number one ranked teams based on diff polls lost that day. Wild one@JCPRICE24 @cbfowler yes. 98. My bad. But it was a turning point game for the program.@cbfowler I am stupidly confident on this one. Has that turning point game feel. Like Miami-UCLA in 1999. Setting stage for return next yr
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