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dan burgess @dansolo The village & the woods

Creative Catalyst//Sherpa//Designer Dreaming a new dream//Unlearning everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing dad & husband

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We’ve got 10,999 Wild Things signed up. Who wants to be 11,000? https://t.co/DBZfyO2vaZ
Retweeted by dan burgessAce that #Beer folks joining the dots on #fracking to see it beyond energy as a toxic system idea http://t.co/WVUxI6fL7L #EverythingConnectsMonsanto's herbicide "probably" causes cancer. Let's get it suspended, sign petition & RT: https://t.co/5uhq7z12vX http://t.co/GEMiVeLUoc
Retweeted by dan burgess“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir http://t.co/7uHDMDL1ev
Retweeted by dan burgessMorning! #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods https://t.co/OaEfDzFDKcMorning! #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods https://t.co/YVAusyTLFm
It's getting messy and we love it! @g00dfornothing Goes To Waste @Stadsgas @UITJEEIGENSTAD http://t.co/fiSZOG2JBc
Retweeted by dan burgess@pocketmousepub I hacked this one > https://t.co/M0NkRhVv7wSave water...by wiping yr face with a disposable wipe?! Jeez the adworld's attempts at 'sustainability' are risible: http://t.co/5r8LQfr6AF
Retweeted by dan burgessMore insanity > the TPP would let fossil fuel companies sue govts to dig up fossil fuels. Tell Congress #noTPP now https://t.co/hJV8ZNARut“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” - Yoda
Retweeted by dan burgess“Where’s Wally?” - All you need to know about the leader(less) debates last night and the broken state of politics> http://t.co/LdHFLdRXX9
Keep Trident as "we don’t know what danger is coming in 20 years" err? Climate change is coming & nukes aint gonna help Wake up! #BBCDebateDear @gatesfoundation @wellcometrust: 180,000 people hope you're listening #180000reasons http://t.co/wqJ8tcFP3E http://t.co/NM6LbEIQQi
Retweeted by dan burgess"Our connection to the land has to be the foundation of our society." - Marlowe Sam http://t.co/hUUWaXxpna http://t.co/M51ywB1VET
Retweeted by dan burgessDavid Cameron was heckled by busker @rgrey on campaign trail - video http://t.co/T1o0Gwz9fU who now has a campaign https://t.co/HuAswsHSCE
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Cooking up Nettle and Wild Garlic soup #wildtime #forage https://t.co/JQ89CmNX00Wow - the @TheGreenParty manifesto truly is brilliant on digital rights. http://t.co/INTM4qRAC7
Retweeted by dan burgess'We will halt the spread of onshore windfarms' — what a promise in the #torymanifesto
Retweeted by dan burgessThe Green Party education policy is visionary and inspiring. Well done them. http://t.co/fnusz3MY9H
Retweeted by dan burgess
#breadup #sourdough #realbread https://t.co/qwQdzsyLFKA man that has had previous girlfriends. Is that really what we want from a Prime Minister? Quick, get that Pope fella, he looks good...
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“Get off your horse and drink the spring” > https://t.co/q7qu0NjapL #rewild #channelswarm
Comfort zones are where dreams go to die.
Retweeted by dan burgessWe’re seeking the best brand communicators to co-create a campaign for everyone > http://t.co/MyD67tZgF7
Retweeted by dan burgessThat stuff about cities being •the• ‘sustainable future'. Might want to make sure the air is breathable. London grim today. #airpollutionA #nondom is a protective device u slip on that allows u to f*** the country tax-wise with impunity
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New partnership! The Wild Network brings #Minecraft #wildtime theme parks to UK http://t.co/l5n6Pt8gha
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To those who hand out medals: please give one to the Tube worker who did this. http://t.co/8ta3BaP8XP
Retweeted by dan burgessinboxes rapidly filling with #generalelection #landfill > this is a quality bit of comms tho > http://t.co/0Lf1G3HBYg ht @CassetteboyThe planet’s on fire, the air is polluted, biodiversity is collapsing but don’t worry the govt is getting the country back to work…
'Meeting like minded people who want to create the future now’ reasons to do @g00dfornothing 17april next gig GFN #rotterdam! Check de site
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Impact investing > pick 1 or 2 key social impact measures and focus on generating the impact not measuring it. Some good advice at #2030NOW
Retweeted by dan burgessSince Camp Nothing there are now 40 city chapters up around our planet, who wants to come to another Camp? > http://t.co/PDKgUF21uY
Retweeted by dan burgess
Blooming London #wildtime @ Victoria Enbankment Gardens https://t.co/LcGoCdP2jFRed Kite from a fast train @ Twyford Village https://t.co/pF8oqJLoqa"Trees bristling, souls returning." #treevibes #wildtime https://t.co/80EQ5QK0Om
Plotting with the Woodland Trust. Completing an ace #rewild day. #channelswarm @ The Cotswolds, England https://t.co/aPhWVVl7kaAnother day another school in the woods #wildtime #rewild #channelswarm @ The Cotswolds, England https://t.co/ly9OBGztsV
Anyone with an urge to do something purposeful with your brain, get involved in @g00dfornothing's new chapter in NYC http://t.co/JLKMdNn1CJ
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“Infinite growth on a finite planet”? < basic science = impossible - so why is our entire economic growth narrative unchallenged ? #wakeup
RT @chunkymark: Sign petition to save #JeremyClarkson's Job? Shame on you! https://t.co/RCTS7ACiIm Did you petition for @fbunational jobs?
Retweeted by dan burgessAttachment and Spreadsheet or Acorn and Dandelion? Which words should belong in the kids dictionary? > http://t.co/h0MaUQXwJT? #naturewordsOxford University Press: Bring back our Wild Words! Put nature words back into the Oxford Junior Di... https://t.co/nfveggIb14 via @UKChange
Retweeted by dan burgessBirds are freaking out round here, sounds more like twilight #solareclipse https://t.co/jSPNntsMeW
A lousy UK budget for #climatechange No fuel duty increase and £1.3 billion hand out to oil and gas ind. "Greenest Govt Ever"? Ha ha
Retweeted by dan burgess"In a generation, children have gone from playing out to stuck indoors. Why? Massive growth in traffic." #StreetTalks
Retweeted by dan burgessThis is epic, what the internet was made for! Peregrine Falcon lays her first egg in Norwich Cathedral @Hawkandowluk https://t.co/XK5nO8W6Ez
Retweeted by dan burgess@channelswarm @CassieRobinson @tomfarrand that was me btw ;-)Shell’s climate change strategy: narcissistic, paranoid, and psychopathic says John Ashton in open letter to CEO http://t.co/AFAczxHQra
Retweeted by dan burgess"Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana." —Bill Gates
Retweeted by dan burgessA film I hope will spread like crazy @WeArePlanetary > http://t.co/n4CV89yyHiUnless you know something, you are unlikely to love it. More on Nature + kids. http://t.co/bdI0qV1GDU @dansolo @tomfarrand
Retweeted by dan burgessStart unfucking things - brilliant http://t.co/H3hTxahlM5 via @ProjectLitefoot cc @dansolo @tomfarrand @gringreen @175viatribunali @sandoz
Retweeted by dan burgessFolks applying to start chapters in the last week as far and wide as Santiago, South Africa and Nashville #goodinyourhood
Retweeted by dan burgessSitting in a wood. Remembering that we live on a planet in a universe. #farout #slowitdown #lookuphttps://t.co/EUm03nRhYu
Awesome looking nature based mentoring program for teenage girls, from our friends @WildWiseDevon > http://t.co/0M8l3HeB5v #wildtime
Retweeted by dan burgessA fine Airbnb followed by bfast at the Koffeepot, now a day at Planet Fieldwork @ Fieldwork https://t.co/4oRfw1OMl3
What flavour Tory will you be choosing this General Election? http://t.co/8IPqMVgP9u
Retweeted by dan burgess6 days #mindbombs http://t.co/6VxZPCjuae http://t.co/OOfUijAzpM
Retweeted by dan burgess"Nobody would dismantle a vehicle whilst travelling in it, but that’s what we are doing to the planet" http://t.co/QbaR4gJEhc
Retweeted by dan burgessThe positive about a cancelled train at Bristol is hanging out here @ Hart's Bakery https://t.co/Wcs95aDa9bThis one's going to Manchester #sourdough #realbread #madeathome https://t.co/G0yXBxJXlu
Make generosity part of your growth strategy http://t.co/P8j3CGUnTM
Retweeted by dan burgess@LeTwitteur ;-)#whodidthepoo ? >http://t.co/pb5xi01Y3fMonday afternoon head clearance #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods https://t.co/LtkTQQtE4BWhat would you do if you were PM? try the simulator now... http://t.co/yNIgsYcSIX
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Good report from @WoodlandTrust: Forest & Woodland: what's it worth? @EuropeEconomics report says £270bn http://t.co/AnURlW9P8w
Retweeted by dan burgessFriday morning @channelswarm catch up https://t.co/FFQ4EEdMdZ
"Silences occur where powerful interests are at risk of exposure” @GeorgeMonbiot on it again > http://t.co/9lj2MgVRaF #BreakTheSilence#SaveTheArctic, the narwhal, and the people of Nunavut from Big Oil http://t.co/9RYeGgJSBO via @SumOfUs
The legends @goodgym are taking it up a notch > http://t.co/gyr5mbOaXG #useyourrun
Orgy #wildtime https://t.co/pcsfwfBGTb
Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre http://t.co/Tu8nDyjXHR (good job @guardianeco )
Retweeted by dan burgess“You can’t have healthy people on a sick planet” Thomas Berry #rewild@joannayarrow great idea - I shall mail some dates ;-)@rustyrockets doing a fine job on joining the dots on #climatechange and the globalisation of our beautiful planet > http://t.co/ozZl0wirtJ#fracking RT @EthreeG: Ed Davey: #Shale gas will not transform the British economy, it's a ridiculous idea http://t.co/SKpkuxmSXS
Retweeted by dan burgessTimewarp @ Colston Hall https://t.co/g3xpHkZp8E
Humans are designed to be connected to nature. A fascinating day exploring what a nature integrated… https://t.co/L5HAnDXSDG
"The horse is technology “ > http://t.co/TxnSpmmfSsUm @Bayer if you are all about caring for bees why are you suing @SumOfUs https://t.co/0BOBkuwssc Is @bayerbeecare just PR?
Retweeted by dan burgessSome musings on small worlds and networks for collective intelligence via @steverhamm http://t.co/ylzkhFTQqx
Retweeted by dan burgess'I can't think of one reason why not. And a million reasons to’ why do you do #goodfornothing
Retweeted by dan burgess@dansolo Join the Art Not Oil bloc on the #TimetoAct2015 Climate March 07.03.15 https://t.co/GLmZGcHcyL http://t.co/ZMRpCQEiAv
Retweeted by dan burgess
MT @EmmaW_Ecobird: Weasel on Green Woodpecker?? How about Polar Bear on Humpback Whale... #WeaselPecker http://t.co/gSzuiZSYs2
Retweeted by dan burgessAt first glance I had this @LGWobviously campaign down as clever parody. Sadly, it's just ad agency guff. #AirQuality http://t.co/9pEfAvGawL
Retweeted by dan burgessThinking of starting @CodeClub in #Bristol come along to our free training session on the 19th March https://t.co/d0cbhzvMMe
Retweeted by dan burgessI just backed Hackaball - a thing which mashes up tech, physical and creative play on @Kickstarter http://t.co/DPiChe6FQR#Cancer hack #london - designers needed! Up for collaboratively prototyping ideas? > 10th Mar to http://t.co/1ViWqtyoR5 @makerhood
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#breadup #sourdough #realbread https://t.co/0DuptkrWAG'All our lives are better when they're a bit wild' Our new @futerra campaign #MyWildLife for @wildlifetrusts: http://t.co/5wTQZDrvsB Pls RT!
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Hold tight #BathHalf https://t.co/OPioHa1kkl
The good wife and crew hosting @codeclub Scratch sessions @digi_makers @ At-Bristol https://t.co/BD0sjXQWbG
Spring, an accelerator we helped design with Nike Foundation/DFID. 2500 application forms downloaded, 1 month to go! http://t.co/a4CA99XjwZ
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People of Bath: the @ToadRescue feed is must follow, charting the mass migration of toads into the beautiful Charlcombe Valley @WeLoveBath
Retweeted by dan burgess
Hurrah! Welcome GFN Liverpool > @gfnliverpool #rebellionoftheheart
Retweeted by dan burgessGrenoble to ban "visual pollution" (aka #Advertising) and Plant Trees Instead http://t.co/nQdriz1PtZ (via @alicebell) http://t.co/lLv60uvUs8
Retweeted by dan burgessBayer is suing the EU for saving the bees. Corporations Vs Nature, quarterly earnings vs future life > http://t.co/wV4MKJIpyZ via @sumofus
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