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Italian iOS freelancer, interested in game development. cocos2d-lover :-)

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Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat http://t.co/GAEI1vrwwwHacking Starbucks for unlimited coffee http://t.co/XZy1c9RduQ via @sakuritynetwork
OMG i just decoded the obfuscated session names in the 2015 WWDC app update http://t.co/793aFmqtr5
Retweeted by DanieleSoftware engineers of @vendini in #univpm for a workshop about #quality in #software development http://t.co/CmqJWnbHdU
Retweeted by DanieleSolid principle @Verdini @UnivPoliMarche http://t.co/NvdCcGgvSo
Retweeted by DanielePolymer 1.0 just released! Rebuilt from the ground up for speed and efficiency https://t.co/WnrOtXyPuB #io15 http://t.co/4iEbFhrYay
Retweeted by DanielePhotos in the cloud: Cheap, Reliable, Non-Creepy. Choose two.
Retweeted by DanieleDouble century! https://t.co/SCe0T7kVFs Happy Weekend everyone.
Retweeted by DanieleMystery solved: Apple vans building next-gen Maps, grabbing Street View storefronts + 3D http://t.co/CC0VCfkiJQ http://t.co/WTc3r4ustU
Retweeted by Daniele"We’ve split our non working Google Drive app into 4 more specific ones - each of which doesn’t work just as much!” - @google
Retweeted by DanieleTravis CI finally supports Xcode 6.3! http://t.co/FJqJPSCg3n
Yagni (You Aren't Gonna Need It) - Martin Fowler http://t.co/sAGUMwPt0U
Seminario Ancona: "Qualità del Software - Scrivere codice di cui andar fieri" http://t.co/SBArvl9xbi
Retweeted by DanieleSaw this and couldn't not share: #ProductOwners #DevLife http://t.co/vzOgAjWnhw
Retweeted by Daniele@109mae did you try their demo?
An Introduction to ReactiveCocoa http://t.co/CNRWRujQu8Advantages of Monolithic Version Control http://t.co/nCjeOtG4p3Oh neat, with iOS 9 the Swift standard library will be preinstalled? -10MB for your apps! http://t.co/4dodDTxhlY (ht @Javi)
Retweeted by DanieleCome to the Dark Side - We have Selfie Sticks... http://t.co/4OCNaYplSh
Retweeted by DanieleMy slides from "Fixing the Swift Tooling Problem" at #uikonf are available here: https://t.co/uQFlu4Dzqm
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Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents http://t.co/bXE8WS2vnDInnoDB isolation levels https://t.co/VuDFXOhUEK
"SVN, git, etc solve the problem of atomic cross-file changes; monorepos solve the same problem across repositories." http://t.co/tiiqUB856D
Retweeted by DanieleRegExr: A website for interactive regex prototyping with syntax highlighting (best way to do regex evar!) http://t.co/TAqeycBxZl
[Spotify QA] "Are you using Storyboards?" … "No. Much nicer to read actual code on reviews, and easier to merge." #UIKonf
Retweeted by Daniele
Woah, awesome work @realm! https://t.co/tUhFMe50iK
Retweeted by Daniele
Alive: Live programming for Visual Studio that blurs the line btwn design-time and run-time https://t.co/QZX3sxBSAo http://t.co/A3gHQtArCO
Retweeted by DanieleYes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
Retweeted by DanieleSurprise! #php http://t.co/JxTMktCfQn
Retweeted by DanieleMicrosoft: "What are the plans on Swift? We're going there." https://t.co/cx2XQ0WacH (0:57:30)
Retweeted by DanieleComprehensive map of all countries in the world that use the MMDDYYYY format http://t.co/jaOQp0oZyN
Retweeted by DanieleAnti-patterns that every programmer should be aware of: http://t.co/BAkYuTZkN4
Retweeted by Daniele“Estimate?” “Why?” “For the plan!” “And when I’m wrong?” “We change the plan.” “That all?” “Yup.” “1 year.” “Unacceptable!” “1 day?” “Ok” 👍
Retweeted by DanieleContinuous Delivery means you ensure every change can be deployed to production. Continuous Deployment means you deploy every change.
Retweeted by DanieleWelcome to the future. Microsoft bricking Xbox One's remotely as punishment. http://t.co/1uvmqBpmwc
Retweeted by DanieleFormer NSA employee beats every security mechanism in OS X including gatekeeper, xprotect, sandbox. good job Apple! https://t.co/gl5VpieOcs
Retweeted by DanieleMVVM with ReactiveCocoa 3.0 http://t.co/zb5lezFwk4 - I finally got round to creating a more complex example! #swiftlang
Retweeted by DanieleMVVM With ReactiveCocoa 3.0 http://t.co/QmbPOC2FRY The intro that we were waiting for. 💥
Retweeted by Daniele@rsebbe @myell0w Now it's more like http://t.co/VTYSPLd0an
Retweeted by DanieleUnit testing http://t.co/QXSV8d5aK3
Retweeted by DanieleJob interviewer: "What's your greatest weakness?" Me: *thinks* "Poison and steel types."
Retweeted by Daniele1.0 is here! Thank you so much, everyone! ❤️🎊🙌 http://t.co/5u9aATJBOb
Retweeted by DanieleNeat library to easily chain iOS animations; reminds me of actions in Sprite Kit! https://t.co/RjQSVUJegr (via @iOSGoodies, /cc @icanzilb)
Retweeted by DanieleFirst world problems. http://t.co/Im9txu9sLU
Retweeted by Daniele
Good Tip to avoid casting everything while debugging with lldb - An @import-ant Change in Xcode http://t.co/B2WH1pRiuo
This made me laugh so hard. Genius! http://t.co/NICl0xIHmI
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Having a great time @googlehq with @stronatiandrea #nice http://t.co/1Mkk8uuWaP
Retweeted by Danielenational geographic photographers http://t.co/a7WjnhHJRs
Retweeted by DanieleEveryone seemed to like this representation of DevOps and Security from my talk at #devopsdays Austin http://t.co/lCobiYpVrR
Retweeted by DanieleWe’re incredibly excited to announce that the Rift will be shipping to consumers in Q1 2016! http://t.co/XEZ04ZP6UT http://t.co/kpcK5zhpZt
Retweeted by DanieleI prefer: - Recovery over Perfection - Predictability over Commitment - Safety Nets over Change Control - Collaboration over Handoffs
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@109mae Both Crashlytics and HockeyApp offer a distribution solution for testingFather and son complicity! #gaming #gamingfamily #gamer4life http://t.co/4jmB92Ob7t
Retweeted by DanieleSoftware Development. And why I never trust the "we'll fix it later" mentality. http://t.co/lL7FoKxLat
Retweeted by Daniele
Gory ARC low-level details :-) http://t.co/ntEP3oDEKx
Retweeted by Daniele@steipete what about managing your private reusable libraries with private pods? Btw git submodules aren't that bad :-)Microsoft’s iOS compatibility: subset of most-used APIs, no specific iOS version, has UIKit, CoreAnimation, CoreText: http://t.co/ywgYSFReVX
Retweeted by Daniele
Not a good idea. #refactoring #TDD http://t.co/EWbfoDT0Aj
Retweeted by Daniele@soffes Yes, same here, and we started using SnapKit for adding constraints (syntactic sugar!) https://t.co/oFP6lO5zg6Police dogs in China wait for dinner http://t.co/nLIOvs7rcD
Retweeted by Daniele
Another absolutely incredible image from the volcano eruption in Chile via @lopezdoriga http://t.co/OwWzLztRjS
Retweeted by DanieleThe eye-opener commit http://t.co/R9qD5itzHR http://t.co/OkFecau5RF
Retweeted by DanieleWhile you’re waiting: The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design culture: http://t.co/ISHSv7VuOq http://t.co/Nw8jDPuxk5
Retweeted by DanieleA response to recent concerns about security vulnerabilities in AFNetworking: https://t.co/7QCZT6rb9H
Retweeted by DanieleThe sad truth about process improvement. http://t.co/76OkZcL7WT
Retweeted by Daniele
This is how accurate the #AppleWatch is for running, even when using it without its paired iPhone for GPS. http://t.co/Wjy2uPvd3w
Retweeted by Daniele
Google Testing Blog: Just Say No to More End-to-End Tests http://t.co/vX9pPYv1QpHmm, should I take this as a hint, @github? http://t.co/LotZ3xq5Vj
Retweeted by Daniele
Lessons Learned in Software Development http://t.co/cY11M73Y5o via @wordpressdotcom@mugunthkumar @Cocoanetics really much more stable, but sometime it uses 100% cpu for a few minutes.Security flaw allows attackers to crash carrier iOS devices within range of fake WiFi hotspot http://t.co/zwMJu5yVYL http://t.co/QCiyjfRmT1
Retweeted by Daniele@travisci is there a ETA about Xcode 6.3 support? We really want to give a try to travis asap :)My life. http://t.co/IW4F2xLbHg
Retweeted by DanieleAmazing menu animation! https://t.co/Hxh57fJuZE
Retweeted by DanieleI suppose that to be truly democratic you need to let anyone hack a voting machine http://t.co/GdyXcfmWDA
Retweeted by Daniele6 things you should make sure to do when interviewing job candidates. @Vendini CEO @marktacchi http://t.co/8OgZ8mXypI via @Inc
#Wolfenstein 1992 - 2015. Moore's Law. http://t.co/TBsQOq5oXp
Retweeted by Daniele@steipete re your blog post on ResearchKit. AFAIK teams at Apple aren’t allowed to use it internally. They still call it a beta.
Retweeted by DanieleEx-Microsoft designer on iOS Office: "Ballmer knew it was good. And he iced it.Windows had to be first at all costs." http://t.co/KQRLujSLey
Retweeted by Daniele"Each dev in your company should have 2 days/month to work on the open source software your product is built on." http://t.co/zyx1OsMXbp
Retweeted by Daniele
DOGS are KILLED for leather. Don't believe it? See for yourself: http://t.co/dhteoFRROE #NotOurs2Wear #SkinnedAlive http://t.co/eSEEmstCCT
Retweeted by Daniele@jonmarimba @bwebster @steipete which flag are you talking about? Did you try activating it using CoreData or plain sqlite? Thx!SQLite version. iOS 8.1: 3.7.13 (2012-06-11) iOS 8.2: 3.8.5 (2014-06-04) Fun to find these things out by accident…
Retweeted by Daniele
Mathias Verraes - Unbreakable Domain Models https://t.co/UW8dRmpLBVEA is closing two-thirds of its core free-to-play catalogue http://t.co/sjHojSlu5a http://t.co/IF77mBK9kS
Retweeted by DanieleThe protocol relative URL is now an anti-pattern. If the asset is available on HTTPS, always request it with that. http://t.co/dP1BiXloyH
Retweeted by DanieleGmail -> Settings -> Chat -> Chat Off. Suddenly, RAM!
Retweeted by DanieleJust an exception they said... http://t.co/m4T1aFX6XS http://t.co/yEO0YBM73I
Retweeted by DanieleWell, Apple just merged a Podspec pull request. I’ve seen it all.
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Also found this gem on software development - it *is* a winner. http://t.co/tB0AiaBCxa
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There's some *really* interesting code in ResearchKit. Did you know that it contains shaders? Here's my writeup. http://t.co/VI1Kp4O8cn
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Apple bans selfie sticks from WWDC. http://t.co/hGzgfACgph
Retweeted by DanieleHow Continuous Delivery enables the match between microservices and evolutionary architecture http://t.co/v6dNVNGM8t
Retweeted by DanieleApple just open-sourced #ResearchKit on GitHub. Apple. On GitHub. https://t.co/zdEKdHS70q
Retweeted by DanieleWant to join in saving the Internet in Europe? https://t.co/bhM1chfhXv
Retweeted by DanieleUgh, someone is claiming web programming isn’t “real”? I’ve built OS frameworks, webapps, and web browsers. They’re not that dissimilar.
Retweeted by DanieleThis is pretty awesome: https://t.co/mwJAejhPLI (MS project to use LLVM as a JIT for CoreCLR)
Retweeted by Daniele
hard won programming wisdom, courtesy of @rob_pike... http://t.co/OmbCi8YR6P
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"Google’s Secret to Hiring the Best People" http://t.co/maBiguIXRW
Wow! Curated list of awesome iOS UI/UX libraries, definitely worth bookmarking: https://t.co/h520hyFXKX (via @iOSGoodies)
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