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Italian iOS freelancer, interested in game development. cocos2d-lover :-)

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#SwiftLang red-green-refactor cycle: 1) Use ! 2) Use if let, ?, as?, ?? 3) Use operator overloading, generics, functional constructs
Retweeted by DanieleWhat do you buy the person who has everything..... http://t.co/xGD7mwZgJQ
Retweeted by DanieleThe mystery of the crashing NSPredicate http://t.co/p1FzfAEDTyHow Does a Debugger Work? http://t.co/qRqVex3cos
Back from an awesome #meetup at @unity3d where I won an #nvidiashield with @andreasprega #coolstuff http://t.co/TTPxuTdKac
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If theft was treated like rape... http://t.co/6U7TrBIywX
Retweeted by DanieleWe could win a Crunchie! Vote Vendini for the "Best Bootstrapped Startup" http://t.co/0530sHQ0we #vendini #crunchies http://t.co/LaarwyH73D
Retweeted by DanieleSince the @PSPDFKit 4 release, we reported and worked around 10 radars. Mostly UIKit. Today's release has another 4. http://t.co/1Hwa837fRE
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0.35 is out, update via `gem install cocoapods` Check the blog & CHANGELOG for what’s new. http://t.co/Uh0IvMuoeo https://t.co/Qsgh1aqbn5
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There is now a branch of @CocoaPods with framework / #swift support. https://t.co/AK2ggfdm8m
Retweeted by Danielethis weird randomly-mutating mod of Mario 64 is amazing (ht @postags) https://t.co/AW8QCdy0Z5
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#letsKillJavaAlready RT @sdtimes: Google releases tools for developing #Android apps in C/C++ http://t.co/1NuNMV07Dd #Cplusplus
Retweeted by DanieleWhat one entrepreneur learned from working for Steve Jobs: @MindaZetlin @marcotacchi @Vendini http://t.co/ZshVJlPY0U via @Inc
Retweeted by DanieleBrilliant depiction of the sad state of walking in our cities. (Artist unknown, via Daniel Sauter at #2WalkAndCycle). http://t.co/h6vUZKx0v0
Retweeted by DanieleOur CEO Mark Tacchi on the top lessons he learned from Steve Jobs, and how he uses them at Vendini every day @inc http://t.co/Rjp3MVkWWW
Retweeted by DanieleThe REPL in Xcode 6.1 gives you another great way to use Swift. The latest blog post introduces some of the basics: https://t.co/AOkSHMLU8h
Retweeted by DanieleKeep Retweet this .... http://t.co/504nGTBJAa
Retweeted by DanieleC++: Conformance And Cross-Platform Mobile Development (Channel 9) http://t.co/rBiOMybJxc via @ch9Developers: Dash by @kapeli is out on iOS today https://t.co/HnZJOyGUnn
Retweeted by DanieleBig news: we're excited and honored to announce that we've been named on @Deloitte’s Fast 500 2014! http://t.co/GoB7mWkK3W
Retweeted by DanieleXcode 6.1.1 GM. Thanks :"Many common causes of SourceKit crashes have been fixed, namely corrupted module caches and outdated derived data"public static DateTime getTommorowsDate() { Thread.Sleep(24*60*60*1000); return DateTime.Now; }
Retweeted by Daniele#Leadership lessons that @Vendini CEO @marktacchi94103 learned by working for Steve Jobs: http://t.co/mww8GklTIL
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Join me and nominate Vendini for the Best Bootstrapped Startup Crunchie! http://t.co/qm0qzGk5B0 #crunchiesVendini Joins Deloitte's 2014 Technology Fast 500(TM) - Yahoo Singapore Finance https://t.co/oeTVy9RYMN via @YahooSG
Just saw "Advanced Swift - Apple WWDC 2014", loved the memoized example with use of Generics...mindblowing! https://t.co/27WtApdlxd@steipete I feel your pain bro! :D
@MarcoMatarazzi @andreasprega ok, questo è serio tanto! sbav :PNo Deadlines For You! Software Dev Without Estimates, Specs or Other Lies http://t.co/U9JFhgffjSMy fear of using Oculus Rift perfectly illustrated… http://t.co/ccwXwU6XB4
Retweeted by DanieleIf you are waiting to jailbreak your iOS 8.0-8.1 device until things are "stable enough": we now seem to be ready! ;P http://t.co/XRUU74p7i8
Retweeted by DanieleIE devs asked the community to vote on the next feature to implement. The community chose death. http://t.co/TUHPqaXTQx
Retweeted by DanieleThis is a million dollar idea. http://t.co/5DmFETfflt
Retweeted by Daniele@steipete we use KIF and we are pretty satisfied. https://t.co/rDnRILleLZ@xaprb Hi there, just out of curiosity, are you working on High Performance MySQL 4th edition? or is it a paused project? Thanks!
"What's bower?" "A package manager, install it with npm." "What's npm?" "A package manager, you can install it with brew" "What's brew?" ...
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The abomination as it stands so far. I’m going to bed :) Warning: Never do this http://t.co/ZaYkjzdxCD
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The @github Swift style guide https://t.co/tM31fgmPVQ
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@konrad1977 I would apply that pattern for application logic, but not making distinction, would let only to anaemic models.@konrad1977 I read your article, interesting approach, just a couple of points: there is nothing wrong putting domain logic on your modelThis costume is running a functional version of Portal that moves as she aims the gun. GO HOME HALLOWEEN IS WON http://t.co/wIiIqX3SH5
Retweeted by Daniele★ #Swift will have dialects, no single idiomatic style (for better or worse) http://t.co/bYPJ1C9pn0 @jeremywsherman | #swiftlang #iosdev
Retweeted by Daniele"Swift isn’t too young to have a style: It’s just too big to be confined to having a single style." @jeremywsherman
Retweeted by DanieleDrinkbot on the move with @numist and @maybefriday’s assortment of unlabeled chem experiments! http://t.co/C9vvLVFZyr http://t.co/bqiYANpYWK
Retweeted by Daniele@Cocoanetics who decides if there are "significan changes" or not? :D
Winner. #OculusRift http://t.co/1bFEOnET8H
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This is starting to be disturbing #Xcode #swift http://t.co/KZ2sRtAqT5Pretty much the coolest Lego thing ever. http://t.co/XpvH8Vfqwv
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Refactoring without unit tests, a case study: The iOS 8 keyboard https://t.co/guG5gFNIkB
Retweeted by DanieleThis is truly terrifying :O RT @heathercmiller: Carved something scary into pumpkin http://t.co/M4SQYEOr8u
Retweeted by DanieleA Coca Cola advertisement made by pigeons in St. Mark's Square, Venice, late 60s http://t.co/JwIzmtz0Wb
Retweeted by DanieleGrass under a microscope is so happy http://t.co/Ac1YmiQjTr
Retweeted by DanieleHow is this legal? http://t.co/gdevi6NuOA
Retweeted by DanieleTim Cook officially announced he's gay. News just in that Samsung has also announced it's gay.
Retweeted by DanieleDesign patterns implemented in #swift https://t.co/MMYnDqjHnp #resource
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#define CTO http://t.co/ZFtw1sjDav via @thegdb
History Lesson: 996 ⏰ 1388 ⌛️ 1605 📰 1826 📷 1841 💡 1876 ☎️ 1888 🎥 1899 🔦 1904 📻 1910 🎧 1925 📺 1962 📟 1964 📠 1965 💻 1973 📼 1982 💾 2007 📱
Retweeted by DanieleI've been making a lot of video game characters in Lego lately and I had to give some love to Prince of Persia :) http://t.co/rVUzMq6FA0
Retweeted by DanieleNew VPN service from the creators of ThePirateBay. Free. https://t.co/WRVt2WbOYo
Retweeted by Danielerespect other people's way of thinking http://t.co/LpHAG3dis8
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KZPlayground, playground for objective-c, pretty amazing...https://t.co/TNPU8Ovj9cGod I love twitter. http://t.co/QB3edNKG2M
Retweeted by DanieleEvery time I open up one of my custom Drupal modules http://t.co/eC8vN4rkli
Retweeted by Daniele@sebify we use stackoverflow advertising and it works pretty good for us...Swift, the language of the future! http://t.co/0fp569w86M
Retweeted by Daniele
Just pre-ordered Functional Programming in Swift, it looks really interesting http://t.co/5Z8AhZsnxUSnappy coroner's answers to stupid cross-examiner's questions http://t.co/oSi3bFyB17 http://t.co/rJF6iTc4sp
Retweeted by DanieleApple dropping support for SSL 3.0 on push notification servers, requiring TLS by October 29th http://t.co/MYO8yFiAmP
Retweeted by DanieleAlways fun to find this private NSManagedObjectContext method in a crash stack trace. http://t.co/bxMN9rzOea
Retweeted by DanieleCocoaPods is much more than a dependency manager, it’s also a community who cares. http://t.co/ggQTfz1wAx
Retweeted by Daniele
Phoenix project: https://t.co/6X3abNemgo Freeing the #swift! Great initiative being released in just a couple of hours. Announced @swiftLDN
Retweeted by DanieleJust a food pic.. Lemon ricotta pancakes from Sarabeth's in Daikanyama. http://t.co/WTURgZnsl0
Retweeted by DanieleRT @jcfmunoz: Best description ever about develop in Cocoa with Swift and Objective-C by @gregheo http://t.co/NGleKnxB8F
Retweeted by DanieleYou Too May Be A Victim Of Developaralysis http://t.co/qVs2deBwEO via @techcrunch
Should the boss have all the answers? Over half million people answered. #SDH14 http://t.co/4XIVqenCnK
Retweeted by DanieleNote to students in my infosec course: be sure to finish Homework 4 before FBI convinces Congress to ban correct solutions.
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Mysql Explain Explained by @phpcodemonkey #mysql #php http://t.co/e3uxBI8BhP via @SlideShare
I reviewed @brandonsavage's book - Practical Design Patterns in PHP; here's what I liked and disliked: http://t.co/gMU7FWrRWo
Retweeted by DanieleLogDispatcher.Swift for iOS: A more powerful println(_:) - http://t.co/dfSkK585xc
Retweeted by Daniele@alcatraz_xcode is there a way to know which version of a plugin I have installed or to force an upgrade?
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V finally supported in the command prompt of Windows 10. What a time to be alive.
Retweeted by Daniele8 Patterns to Help You Destroy Massive View Controller by @khanlou: http://t.co/L3oZoFE0Yl (via @NatashaTheRobot)
Retweeted by Daniele★ John Siracusa on #Swift, a key quote (one of many) @siracusa | #swiftlang #iosdev http://t.co/IJL1QXfaw4
Retweeted by Daniele
@109mae it is indeed, never tried with something in c++How Google Works by @ericschmidt #advice #business http://t.co/gvTquLjqczAssetto Corsa 1.0.0 RC released, the game is now feature-complete http://t.co/XpdQ1KuPRt #gamesinitaly #videogames http://t.co/BoY9MPNnEj
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In a fit of boredom, I reimplemented the BBC News iPhone app in #SwiftLang. Source here: https://t.co/WyE9qF0rd3 /cc @keefmoon
Retweeted by Danielehttp://t.co/XV7Z3nhX26
Retweeted by DanieleUsing po, print on debugger with mixed obj-c and #swift code doesn't work 90% of the times, how am I supposed to use swift seriously?Dying basketball player gets wish from NCAA to move season opener http://t.co/geOR1HR8ND@109mae use cocoapods! :D
It only took me 25 years to notice this. http://t.co/zV0nhhm5hL
Retweeted by DanieleThe literary map of London is just beautiful http://t.co/OKOjtukaED http://t.co/rgXiEGJlKi
Retweeted by Daniele
"Your password must contain at least 8 letters, a capital, a plot, a protagonist with good character development, a twist & a happy ending."
Retweeted by Daniele★ A #PureSwift wrapper for SQLite - a good way to explore #Swift's type system http://t.co/ZNSxVEmrap @stephencelis | #swiftlang #iosdev
Retweeted by DanieleWhat it's like to carry a Nobel Prize through airport security: http://t.co/v0MgUMxEXv http://t.co/tpTHKiWFXY
Retweeted by Daniele
The What’s hot Appstore features can’t be done by a real person http://t.co/xN5eWtCg56
Retweeted by Daniele@waynehartman @dev_jac you just need to explain the difference between estimate and commitment :)To Swift and back again http://t.co/rJDCK19OaZHow to be a Good Developer. http://t.co/EtzoFqSHHh "To be a better developer you should know that an estimate is never ever a commitment"
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