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The ‘Will It Fit’ is the new ‘Will It Blend’ #iPhone6Plus https://t.co/IMS9x5pmArThis cool animated GIF shows the evolution of the #iPhone http://t.co/aJPhTxWBcLNice catch! RT @AppAdvice: Apple PR saves Tim Cook from discussing 'iTV' http://t.co/nkT0oIFQhpICYMI: Apple’s “Good to See You” @tim_cook takes #selfies with fans during #iphone6 launch at Palo Alto Apple Store https://t.co/nDvuzMKLtONice video overview of #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus cinematic camera features, via prolific YouTuber @macmixing https://t.co/EK8l9ETZ7AThis is how you would fix #iphone6 protruding camera https://t.co/7cFFuK2yn5Nearly half of iOS devices in the wild run #iOS8 http://t.co/z6AYxdTUIc8-minute review of #iPhone 6 silicon cases https://t.co/RqvmrOhV4uNice: @Yahoo app for #iPhone and #iPad now has Today extension to “preview the latest content chose for you” https://t.co/fuNXz7KtK7Happy first day of autumn!
So @fleksy keyboard has issued an update sporting optimized keyboard sizes for #iPadTrack your #iPhone6 and @iPhone6Plus availability live via this stock-checking web app http://t.co/76Don74gPw http://t.co/82HqpBZqgmAnd there goes another tech website’s credibility…So Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr basically says @techcrunch made up its report of Apple discontinuing Beats Music http://t.co/Uc7YeQIo46iPod Godfather Tony Fadell on the death of the last click wheel iPod: “I’m sad to see it go” http://t.co/Hw2YndjPTC@sunrise You’re welcome, as usual :D@tiagoanleite I think I’ll get used to the protruding lens, didn’t mind it on the #iPodtouch so…@tiagoanleite Yeah, remarkable isn’t it? Yet despite same megapixels, picture quality has improved significantly due to camera tweaksLiving with spoilers, by @netflix http://t.co/1ixRjsHIB1Also, Bonfire for #iPhone is here https://t.co/5hni0PcnjkCool: @sunrise calendar for #iPhone and #iPad now connects with @songkick, @evernote, @tripit, @github and @asana https://t.co/SDmR33UIBxIt’s official: #iPhone6Plus has raised the bar for LCD display performance up by a notch http://t.co/PguUfU2TYfIt’s been a long time since @techcrunch was right about its #Apple predictionsCommon sense tells me @TechCrunch is wrong on Apple shutting down @beatsmusic Think re-branding under the iTunes umbrella moniker.@Ryanmattis You’re welcome :D@Ryanmattis Thanks for the follow, man!@pkafka What of it?@SalvadorRudy @TawaNicolas Alan Kay said that forty years ago. Go figure.@seekokhean Because it fits perfectly in your hand :DAnd this is #iPhone6 auto-focus video capture in action, courtesy of Apple’s Focus Pixels technology http://t.co/WomwujOjMnNice vid: #iPhone6 Time-Lapse mode and 240FPS Slo-Mo https://t.co/Uq8rVnNtnnSerenity Caldwell puts the #iPhone6 camera through its paces, walks away rather impressed http://t.co/ikCUzihDIsHow #iPhone6 Reachability one-handed mode works in under ten seconds https://t.co/fNsgGAkU7VFact #5: your rusty old #iPhone5s from 2013 still smokes most of the #Android smartphones released in 2014When I grow up, I wanna be an analyst, too! RT @janakj: @asymco Trip Chowdry literally did a 180 on Apple after the last keynote.@PhoneDog_Cam I’m looking forward to a showdown between #iPhone6Plus and #XperiaZ3@PhoneDog_Cam Hmm, could be. Would be interesting to see the Z2 benchmarked against #iPhone6Fact #4: normals couldn’t care less about the speeds and feeds@TheBitchesDream thanks, bro!And that’s coming from @anandtech, you know, the most reputable site for hardware reviews http://t.co/60NLsoPaFp http://t.co/RJRY3aPStHFact #3: believe it or not, #iPhone6 battery is “a step above just about every other Android smartphone” in terms of energy efficiency@stroughtonsmith Just bought, it’s an insta-purchase :D@stroughtonsmith thanks, looks great@tldtoday They’re just not as vertically integrated as iPhones :DAlso, speeds and feeds matter to a select few people. Because, you know, technology alone is not enough. https://t.co/wi25ijw6EnFact #2: #iPhone6 with 1GB of RAM still runs faster and smoother than #Android devices with 3GB of RAM. Vertical integration, eh?Fact #1: for the past three years iPhones have had only 1GB of RAMFacts about @TextExpander, #iOS8, keylogging, scary warnings and privacy http://t.co/3I6eXBYk4v http://t.co/2LsKgIq5NfFact: #iPhone6 with #A8 and ONLY 1GB of RAM outperforms every single #Android out there http://t.co/60NLsoPaFp http://t.co/N4Sci23Zwf@stroughtonsmith What’s that app?Another #Mail for #Yosemite update you don’t care about http://t.co/9HITfUAB40#iPhone 6 and #iPhone6Plus both smoke #Android competition in benchmarks. Because, you know, speeds and feeds… http://t.co/60NLsoPaFpI am shocked, shocked that Apple engineers are already testing #AppleWatch in the wild, this is outrageous.Apple’s @tim_cook says new Apple ‘Spaceship’ HQ will be the greenest building on the planet http://t.co/N7Jyvl3MagU2's Bono says Apple has 885 million iTunes accounts, talks new music format http://t.co/MXZ6YNQ5miSo @googlechrome for #iPhone and #iPad gains support for App Extensions via @#iOS8 Share menu http://t.co/mAklHDBT6W http://t.co/L4r1IspOsmBono of #U2 says Apple has 885 million iTunes accounts http://t.co/oNDfWDTOWgHow to transfer your data from #Android to your new #iPhone http://t.co/9xhuKo1NwDThe best Time-lapse, 240-fps Slow-mo, & 60-fps HD videos from the first weekend of iPhone 6 http://t.co/o2A4CDkTEaThe ultimate #iOS8 productivity bundle by @Readdle https://t.co/KwFK5gYOUrHere’s a nicely done video comparison of #iPhone6 vs #iPhone6Plus vs #iPhone5s via @macmixing https://t.co/D5lbW6x9f5Gotta work on that mischievous grin though http://t.co/Db2zcimrDcIt’s @tim_cook’s Apple and here’s the new org chart http://t.co/9PI5X22xWZLooks like @tim_cook has muscled up http://t.co/HlrwuEfZRLLove this @tim_cook photo, via Bloomberg http://t.co/aNt5DR2m8j http://t.co/wrwnZyHWrVCowen and Company’s Timothy Arcuri predicts 4GB/8GB tiers for #AppleWatch but his track record sux ballz http://t.co/8B3baMYwIE@wanted797 Yeah, I can’t stand those stupid stress test vids@wanted797 Ya, but ad revenue must have offset cost of the smashed hardware :DApple’s been named the coolest brand in UK for the third year running, beating out #AstonMartin, #Nike and others http://t.co/511N1Ah1GfHow to downgrade your #iPhone or #iPad from #iOS8 to iOS 7.1.2 http://t.co/rkkjNLbtvL http://t.co/nlrMXYwPHNBad news for games as @Microsoft delays #XboxOne launch in #China http://t.co/AoY1w6GN7LAlso, here’s an unofficial “Will It Blend?” torture test of #iPhone6Plus https://t.co/obxwIo08WqLliquid nitrogen-frozen #iphone6 smashed with a hammer https://t.co/espYpU8MXf@TheBitchesDream HealthKit has been delayed, true. #iOS8 used to crash on my #iPhone5s too. Did a clean install, now works like a charm.@TheBitchesDream Spotlight search with Bing and Wikipedia in-line results is region-dependent, so does not work in all markets#Samsung #galaxynote4 to be the cheapest Note http://t.co/AAmSYbZW4L But, #GALAXYNote4EDGE to be “extremely” pricey http://t.co/k7897PUBuF#Foxconn (#iPhone contract fabricator) CEO Terry Gou disappointed by Foxbots (pricey manufacturing robots) http://t.co/EsYgTjnOHQ@TheBitchesDream Also, FAR more stable than iOS 7 when it launched@TheBitchesDream I’d say that your favorite apps are the culprit as most have yet to be fully optimized for iOS 8Official: #iPhone6 smokes competition http://t.co/o52kGy6hr1 http://t.co/eABXrlSCkbAnd best of all, Awesome Screenshot for #iOS8 #Safari is totally free of charge https://t.co/1DpGWuTPZKAwesome Screenshot for #Safari wouldn’t be possible without #iOS8 and its App Extensions. http://t.co/WdDf6n3QVEYou can annotate, crop, blur and perform other touch ups http://t.co/iJDEjPhKggSo Awesome Screenshot lets you capture any webpage simply by choosing “Screenshot” extension in Safari’s Share menu http://t.co/iY2zcQqfOWThis is AWESOME: Awesome Screenshot now available as #Safari extension on #iOS8 http://t.co/nb2rTD8TC2When you think about it, Apple is the ONLY smartphone maker that reports unit sales on a regular basis. Makes you wonder about the othersOh, I forgot, Samsung does not divulge unit sales over “competitive reasons”I would also die to know how many #GALAXYNote4 units #Samsung moved during opening weekend.2012 Nexus to become a 2014 iPhone? I don’t think so. http://t.co/nGmEKDmzoUApple’s PR announcing first-weekend iPhone sales topping 10 million units is here http://t.co/SnwWUVnpc7Another #Apple record: ten million #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus sales during the opening weekend http://t.co/nGmEKDmzoUTim Cook on Apple Watch: "I think $349 is an incredibly low price for the value that we’re delivering."
Retweeted by Christian ZibregApple joins Gay Pride celebration in Austin, Texas, says @tim_cook https://t.co/6QXluR3LNrNice: @microsoft updates @skype for #iPhone with support for #iOS8 Interactive Notifications http://t.co/fcwV89CeYO
@_Jadranka_Kosor @EzelBay57275147 Hocete li pogledati snimku?Uma Thurman thinks the iPhone 6 Plus size is perfect. #evencowgirlsgettheblues http://t.co/TwpHJmKn2s
Retweeted by Christian ZibregNo, thank you! Headline: @bgr tracking your location! http://t.co/TRWSjSnT77Shouldn’t and wouldn’t RT @verge: This is the Vergecast and you should listen to it http://t.co/rHbZQgBFW3Aren’t they always? :) RT @UzairGhani: This somewhat shows how many iPhones were sold. All Apple apps in top free. http://t.co/qsmJol4HghBeating the dead horse RT @BGR: Apple’s iCloud security nightmare gets worse as more nude celebrity pics leak http://t.co/3x3XRn08lF
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