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@saralivingston @Recode @pkafka @DelRey we can get s'mores ... I can approve thatfor the record, I'm not in anyone's camp except my own and @Recode@FullDRadio @Recode thank you, sir.@AgenteSazonador he's definitely a factor, but from what I've been told he's never had interest in fully owning the Times@DocSST @ElliotTurn company already has the cash to buy the option, which is included in the $669m debt obligation that's cited@DocSST @ElliotTurn the family is inclined to want to buy the building back@DocSST ~$500m if they're lucky@DocSST ~$232m@DocSST to buy it back@ElliotTurn @romenesko @hblodget if they can sell it for ~$500m and buyback shares, family stake could bump to 16% from 12%. Nice idea.@DocSST @romenesko @ElliotTurn the company doesn't own the building anymore, but does have an option, accounted as a debt obligation@pmarca should buy it. “@edmundlee: The New York Times may not be for sale, but that could change soon: http://t.co/W3WKpqgpYU
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe New York Times may not be for sale, but that could change soon: http://t.co/o5wNOO2rgW@daniellebel @Recode yes but smart speculation
@jmcduling @nytimes didn't say that. There's always a price. But before price, circumstance. If $NYT sales don't improve, deal more likelyI guess I'll have to tweet this again: Why it's hard for anyone to buy the @nytimes: http://t.co/n3YgiAnjzlBut @mikebloomberg has wanted to buy the @nytimes for a while. Don't see what's new here: http://t.co/slC0ErrlFb via @intelligencer
reason Malone loves tracking stocks is bec he aims to spin things off. $goog et al. don't play that "@mvpeers: https://t.co/cbvTTf9GLvjust back from lunch...been a few hours, but, you know, *business*Guys I'm at @LureFishbar for #LUNCH. #lunchisback http://t.co/H3onII3cJO
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Strapping on Microsoft’s Holographic Headset for a Quick Trip to Mars http://t.co/v8oDmVM5KH by @DawnC331
Retweeted by Edmund Leereluctant banshee, bonafide TV star @megynkelly The Megyn Kelly Moment http://t.co/ltAtvPPoCx@DelRey good because you will need itTwitter's fundamental challenge: people love that it's live, not algorithmic ally curated. But that limits its mass appeal- @vivian #NYDNLab
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@sarahfrier my net neutrality still in there! awesome. brain still hurts from that oneI smell an m&a deal: http://t.co/BdGlvpgKmBGood read on bitcoin. But I'd add that (like grammar) usage supersedes intent. #commoditynotcurrency. http://t.co/bjMQmcEccp @noahpinion
there was definitely more #SOTU on my Twitter tonight than on my TV. #thecommonsisfineRepublicans dash for the exit doors with almost indecent haste the second Obama finishes. I have rarely seen a more contemptuous opposition.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSmart. @voxmediainc def got more than $700 of free media out of this "@nytmedia: Verge to Run $700 Super Bowl Ad... http://t.co/ScQHTutehBcongrats @sophiedow! RT @HearstCorp: Sophie Donelson Named Editor in Chief of @HouseBeautiful http://t.co/rH6YqwlZfuSnapchat Revenue Boss Mike Randall Departs After Seven Months http://t.co/Oll505UbFC by @KurtWagner8
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGoogle investing close to $1B in @elonmusk's SpaceX? @SquawkAlley gang's take: http://t.co/MZZ51fzH2r @jonsteinberg @edmundlee
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere's what helped Sony's hackers break in: Zero-Day vulnerability http://t.co/PnB56jUKho via @ahess247
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@joonian also fact that BTC still isn't widely adopted and that fees could become issue over time suggests diminishing value as currency@joonian I think fees will become much more of an issue than many investors realize; it's also a huge reason why anyone is interested in BTC@joonian as a result BTC loses its main benefit of low fees once miners start requiring higher fees per tx@joonian fees per tx as determined by a governing body (in case of BTC consensus) v similar to currency.@joonian my feeling is the benefits of Bitcoin diminish once it has to take on the same constraints of traditional currencies.@joonian consensus rules but developers maintaining nodes are also likely miners meaning they'll move to favor themselves on tx fees, no?@fmanjoo @cdixon @tommaxwelll bigger issue: miners will stop mining once Bitcoin awards slow. Will be hard to confirm txs making less secure@joonian @__aston__ but then who makes the actual decisions then?@joonian @__aston__ core developers deciding fees on block chain confirmations sounds awfully like central bank setting interest rates@joonian @__aston__ benefits of Bitcoin versus traditional currency diminishes then. You have riding fees per tx & central authority
@joonian right but miners mine to get bitcoins. Since there's a limit to # of bitcoins at some point miners will stop mining. Right?@joonian so Bitcoin will only good for the next 75-100 yrs since miners will stop mining as it becomes less profitable to do so?@joonian how will the ledger be confirmed once miners stop mining?Finally doing my Bitcoin research. I still have questions. Will get back to you all.
@DelRey @MikeIsaac @nytimes yes sir!@MikeIsaac Y in terms of having multiple share classes but @nytimes is unique in that its family owners automatically elect board majority@SFNick writing for posterity ;)Carlos Slim could buy every Class A share of the @nytimes, but it's meaningless: http://t.co/n3YgiAnjzlGrand Budapest ... really?
@moorehn @MikeIsaac @Marvelle @jyarow feels like banker looking to sell a deal, advisor-to-advisor talks only@bobbymacReports @peterlattman @AntDeRosa 13%Nice @jennablan @LianaBaker scoop "@Recode: Samsung Makes Takeover Approach to BlackBerry http://t.co/UOMmD7qkPLFor the record, here's @recode's NY office space... needs to be messier. http://t.co/eu0m7fXIVz@edmundlee They probably all feel like they're on El Capitan when deciding whether to take the pay cut that comes with joining the NYT.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe @nytimes' peculiar fascination w/El Capitan ain't so peculiar when considering its staff http://t.co/Oi6qpxGbsR http://t.co/wylwtVEIqD
New @politico: The feds bum-rush David Petraeus http://t.co/itHQpvQKMi
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@TheStalwart there's lots of funny written out like that in that news outlet. But you're there. Say something.Etsy targeting $300 million IPO during the quarter, working with MS and GS, story w/ @sherman4949 http://t.co/rbeB2cLw8J
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@businessinsider almost always@MattZeitlin startup dudehow you know when you're (sort of) in charge: you're the one turning on the office lights and also turning them off.Ann Curry-NBC: a slow-motion breakup. http://t.co/8u3rfhXQAr
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSix mo. after @rupertmurdoch tried to buy $TWX, Time Warner shares up 19%, worth $90 billion (ev). Maybe Bewkes should do that dinner now?Last night we got a look at the future of TV -- on the Web, a la carte http://t.co/Np97HuShDq by @pkafka
Congrats mcat! Well deserved "@carlquintanilla: Ladies and gentlemen: introducing @cnbc's new San Francisco bureau chief ... @mcwellons ..."Congrats @AndyFixmer on new gig as VP comms for Universal Music (@umg). h/t @claireatki https://t.co/lS1PuUdP1y@claireatki @AndyFixmer doh! Universal!
I'm a lifelong Dem. Disappointed in lack of leadership for 2016. Hear me @HillaryClinton?
Sony CEO Kaz Hirai got a lifetime achievement award for -- wait for it -- tech innovation: http://t.co/Ra3OyecH75BREAKING: Cops confirm new shooting incident in Paris. Officers on the scene.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNice move to Politico @jackshafer. Congrats!Politico hires @jackshafer, who'll be writing regular column and doing "longform reporting and feature-length articles.” Starts Tuesday.
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The unofficial brothel of CES (another @NellieBowles special): http://t.co/iSngWKAXn7Hey Boston congrats. Also, fyi, a lot of non-white people compete in the Olympics.Huge loss for the newsroom... "@annecronin: .@lauriehays11 is leaving Bloomberg."am getting the learnings from resident millennial and all-around younger @nkulw about things like the Pro Era @joeybadass_ #oldschooledNew York Times tech editor @SuzanneSpecNYT is no longer tech editor: http://t.co/HnRsXHGzLi by @karaswisherWhat's Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia up to next? http://t.co/oShDvLeDl6 via @pkafka
OH HAI #CES2015 #testdrive #cartech http://t.co/t4tU7rklWx
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@LaurenGoode @edmundlee I think the Internet of Things doesn't actually exist. You can quote me.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@LaurenGoode 5 mins ago @alexia#JeSuisCharlie tribute to #CharlieHebdo at #AFP news room in Paris http://t.co/J1vTDttDwg
Retweeted by Edmund Leeit's coldParisians in solidarity, #jesuischarlie: http://t.co/ESKwByzWPu
@YinkaWrites oh i know itNot your typical media lineup: @tavitulle, Tyler, the Creator http://t.co/Dlr017kHiJTwitter board member @plscurrie says he's "very confident" in Twitter CEO @DickC and his team: https://t.co/4gEY2EZFe7
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full story: #Verizon said to approach $AOL http://t.co/aSSc7Ada4N scoop by @sherman4949 & @moritzdispatch http://t.co/0ovbhGWn0v
Retweeted by Edmund LeeESPN (plus other channels) on the Web for $20 a month...could spell the end of the special economics TV biz enjoys: http://t.co/ZRknUKY8q5
Cat fight in the making http://t.co/HztspoAx7q
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHedge fund founder shot dead by son: sources http://t.co/DlipRoGbYW via @nypost
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New Year's re/solutions... All very doable: http://t.co/tj0nF98iBS via @heyheyesjA celebration of the incredible diversity of Fox News anchors http://t.co/hEnPJfVQBr
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I talked to @petersterne at @capitalnewyork about the media biz and why I'm in it (what with my fancy PhD and all) http://t.co/IKVcbcvQeS
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLittle career news: I'll be heading up video & multimedia at @Recode in 2015. That'll include producing a regular science feature & more.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeToday is the 1st anniversary of @Recode. Thanks to our great staff, &, even more, to our readers, for your support. http://t.co/wdW8R2lVr0
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