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Professor of Advertising, Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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@EFulwiler So, how goes it on the social front. Been a long time.Looking forward to conversation with @mrhowell Eager to create new version of digital workshops in Boston. Cc @ianfitzpatrick cc @garethkGreat piece by @uberblond on doing great work that builds a business https://t.co/4X4IoI0ugd
Retweeted by edwardboches@ianfitzpatrick please follow back. Need to connect.@shaneadams Gardner Museum is most romantic. In the indoor gardens.@shaneadams Boston Public Library good. Gardner Museum great interior. Some of the lecture halls at Harvard. Boston Garden. Faneuil Hall.
Kudos to@PRLab_BU for innovative session today. Speed dating through media, writing, digital, social and creativity. Cc @comugrad10 pro tricks to ease your presenting nerves, via @ethos3 @ethos3_scott: http://t.co/G6JAWUQYS4
Retweeted by edwardbochesApple Watch apps from @ideasicle. I like Final Beat, so everyone can know when you expire. Link to Facebook? http://t.co/XKs7WqJrNx
These look ace: RT @p_p_hamilton: excited to announce first @smalltalks_mxm event on 16th Oct. find out more here: http://t.co/4uVGuizArg
Retweeted by edwardboches@Malbonnington I am still holding out. Spotify works fine piped in.@abc_reader_12 http://t.co/o0QHXWLiG1If you can't be at SVIEF, here's some of the topics you may want to pay attention to over the next year. http://t.co/09Jt0YOdvkThe Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial finally makes sense. Thank you Ellen. http://t.co/uX0Ygkm5FFRepublicans Air Early Attack Ad on Newborn Clinton http://t.co/QKHrQn21jeThis is way cool. Print a car. That's right. A car. http://t.co/BA22d22ihq
@jtwinsor Hey man, thanks for RT. Hope all is well. Been way too long.@SlideShareToday Thanks so much. Glad to share.Creativity for the digital age in six minutes - http://t.co/qutPeZSiDE Short presentation for PR and socia media students this coming Monday'Creativity for the digital age in six minutes.' by @edwardboches is featured on our homepage. http://t.co/DlWjXvXoWA
Retweeted by edwardbochesCreativity for the digital age in six minutes http://t.co/Es8mdQhR94
If you think advertising is hard, try being a Navy Seal. http://t.co/riO5z2BaUU http://t.co/riO5z2BaUU
The Patriots are good at one thing. They rank third in the NFL in player arrests. http://t.co/6sDuMNQQi0
@lizgannes can you think of any great apps from brands that crowd source the content or work by using crowdsourcing. I.e. Sit or squat. ThxStay young, stay foolish. Turns out to be good for the brain. So don't rush to grow up or to get married. http://t.co/7ueBrWVjSGGlobal Warming. Everyone knows it; everyone feels it. But no one is doing anything about it.” http://t.co/fM80OuJj0D@lizgannes Read your columns, but can't find great example of a branded crowdsourced app, i.e. a Sit or Squat. Examples? Please?Definitely need one of these on the @BU_Tweets campus. A dancing traffic light to increase safety. http://t.co/e4jLjDPvrc CC @comugrad
Why Millennials Don't Want To Buy Stuff http://t.co/wqcB64YOu5
Get thee to Chicago. Cc Peter Deep http://t.co/rbbQAh9o5cStudents, five ways to get your resume rejected by Google. http://t.co/NJRNK73vJMApple is using iPhone privacy as a sales pitch—too bad nobody seems to care, opting into ad based services. http://t.co/UELNcdyLvH via @qz
So good to have the writer of these ads ( http://t.co/5VDQhfIDSX ) teaching writing at @comugrad Well done @MarkNardi
@seanmnel so I was wrong?@daniellestein1 Not there. No longer part of my old company @mullenunbound But they are still great.
@kaleidosoph Sent you email with a favor request.
@watha A bit sloppy in Globe piece in paper today using the incorrect name of the app you covered. It's coffeetheapp. Made finding it hard.@burguhking Consumer indifference. Scarcity of attention.
Good conversation with San Jose Mercury News reporter @byJuliaLove re one of my fave topics. Apple, the brand, and its advertising.Good people to flow. @SouthsideAdguy @Suzannepope @Schwartzie14 @faris @scottfrog @Malbonnington @chiatdaynight @rosannatanti #COMcreative@SouthsideAdguy @Suzannepope @Schwartzie14 @faris @scottfrog @Malbonnington @chiatdaynight @rosannatanti Late to party. Good group. Thx.The UBER smart ones to follow #FF @SuzannePope @EdwardBoches @Schwartzie14 @faris @scottfrog @malbonnington @chiatdaynight @rosannatanti
Retweeted by edwardbochesBrand sites and related pages are still the primary way a consumer gets information about a company. http://t.co/GylcQsmFIB. Via @digidayShirley @leung doesn't hold back when it comes to critiquing this season's miserable collection of political ads. http://t.co/OF0yooKpDeIt was painful (discussing political ads) but the company was good and @leung brought decent pastry. http://t.co/OF0yooKpDe
@3PercentConf that is awesome.@edwardboches thank you! You helped us #changetheratio by 319%! Women now hold 11% of CD spots http://t.co/Vh7v2nSckt
Retweeted by edwardbochesAt the Boston Globe to discuss my least favorite topic. Political advertising. I will be the critic in the group. http://t.co/9QOXxjxMBP
@darrellwhitelaw My model too. No stupid little magnifying window. The only attractive watch Rolex ever made. But Apple watch for me now.For sale: Used Rolex Sea Dweller. No longer needed. Will ship to you in early 2015.@AyyAbby How about Grill 23. Or Island Creek Oyster Bar?
@aquarry @Quarry @WLUmarketing Congratulations Alan. Keep it going.Start my 22nd year as a lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier's School of Business + Economics this Wed night. Cannot wait! @Quarry @WLUmarketing
Retweeted by edwardboches#COMcreative Get on it. Win a paid gig at top agency. http://t.co/xVZXQp2ao9 cc @comugrad@dovidmehrentreu @SouthsideAdguy @Schwartzie14 @bogusky Not sure we need another term. But why not. Use it as a hashtag and tweet examples.@AyyAbby you owe me lunch.AD STUDENTS: Win a 30day paid “Big Ad Gig” at a top ad agency. Details http://t.co/968Ii41sO3 #TweetBriefs FYI @EdwardBoches #COMcreative
Retweeted by edwardboches@gottesmd done. Let's talk for sure.I have been shopping via Twitter for three years. http://t.co/Iot6CR0Pbn Finally Twitter adds a 'Buy Now' Button http://t.co/3GJgn0kt7HFor BU COM students. One slot opened up in CM423. Wed 1--4. Cc @comugrad
Going to @SXSW? Support women and diversity in advertising? Vote this panel up. http://t.co/Zy4JxcNYRX Today is last day.#COMcreative Are there no fresh "IDEAS" left... yes, but be car... http://t.co/teHoJyzovw. Via @SouthsideAdguy
#COMcreative enter this competition. http://t.co/Qp1Wshoaf1This is awesome. We are on it. @rebrivved @Adobe http://t.co/Q7O2EPPXMS.@edwardboches Tell your students to enter 2014 Student Scholarship sponsored by @adobe http://t.co/H3jw254OX1
Retweeted by edwardbochesAmazing first day of junior year so far! I have the BEST classes @comugrad #BU
Retweeted by edwardboches
#COMCreative, what we talked about today. Dumb uses of new platforms for no purpose. http://t.co/zCFR6nbCXc via @digiday vs #fixinsixDigital media tech for dummies: good basics for students pursuing media, digital media internships. http://t.co/EqbZJqbv0r #COMcreative#COMcreative Sainsbury's mobile app to help prevent wasting food. http://t.co/HhZJUWLojS re Retail assignment.@JackMarshall Now? It's already late.@JackMarshall if you like JD or bourbon. Hashtag is for students re certain current workThis Jack Daniels site: branding, stories, user generated content, copy/art, UX, experience, etc. http://t.co/3WZDSOYUsn #COMcreativeTeam T(Ali)a back at at #comcreative #killinit @edwardboches http://t.co/PH0XrU1EB6
Retweeted by edwardboches
Finishing up awesome creative project with @IDEASICLE. Need ideas? Campaigns? Creative platforms? Branding? Great thinking. Delivered fast.@neptunesnachos he may need some allies against the west #putinconverts?
Be polite and don't complain to your @Uber driver. Or you might get a bad rating and never be picked up again.My typing has improved dramatically. http://t.co/120bGwCMe2The Boston Globe published my letter to the editor re Tom Keane's column on the Ice Bucket Challenge. Old school... http://t.co/UtdWPVjVpQ
@benkunz @CamiCarter1 Thanks, heard about some of this on NPR I think. True re left to sink/swim. BU has some decent faculty dev sessions.Our law enforcement is a bit out of control. http://t.co/BfumgyIIHBLearn innovation and success from the best restaurants in the world. http://t.co/z9EprkdVmq via @psfk@DrewMcLellan Thanks for shoutout, Drew. Appreciate.Is Apple getting closer to a post-Jobsian voice? - http://t.co/u5DkljTDK2 New post. Feel free to weigh in in comments.Is Apple getting closer to a post-Jobsian voice? http://t.co/DqPR1lRN3i
Saw this for first time today. Vice's coverage of ISIS. Embedded among the caliphate. http://t.co/ecNFd2z2Mr via http://t.co/ecNFd2z2MrSomething fun, creative and not the same old same old at SxSW next spring. Worth a vote. ttp://shar.es/11gMu7 via @sharethisFuture copywriters -- watch this and see value in combination of utility, information, creativity. http://t.co/cJFONTY3ud via @RGA @comugradA Five Minute Field Guide To Finding Data. More on subsequent pages. #ddjbook http://t.co/jlkUfjtjyR via @sharethisThe single best instruction manual for how to practice social media. And it's not even @ SoMe The Mental Virtues http://t.co/9zMMmraWSA
@Snehahaha @comugrad Wow. It's been two years. Hope all is well. Update?One opening in my CM 423 Portfolio class. Grab it fast. cc @comugradGreat opp'y for mid level creatives wanting small creative shop. @thefantastical is looking for both. If interes... http://t.co/CgYKeByA6aGreat opp'y for mid level creatives wanting more resp @thefantastical is looking for both. If interested send note to http://t.co/CgYKeByA6aOutdoor advertising (I love the medium). Can art save it? Cc @Schwartzie14 (Chiat has always done the best outdoor.) http://t.co/PwUMNDnLPvCan outdoor art revitalize outdoor #advertising? #BU prof @edwardboches weighs in on effectiveness of #billboards: http://t.co/EPlwlDCccc
Retweeted by edwardboches
This just in: young children should be taught to shoot with single-shot firearms rather than submachine guns. W... http://t.co/E0yrmEzJMnMore interesting than the article is the fact there are near 1600 comments. Pay me not to recline. I'm taking bids. http://t.co/TATFai59yL
We like people who like what we like. We retweet people who tweet what we'd tweet. SoMe reduces debate. http://t.co/VF3aPeoq2d@howiegoldfarb @acosta guess so.Ice buckets vs Ferguson. The difference between Facebook filtering your content and Twitter not. Via @Digiday http://t.co/zskkotiSL8
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