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Author: #WetheEaters Co-Founder: Food Tank, FEED. Founder: Apron Project, 30 Project. Foodie, Feeder, Fighter for a better food system. Proud Navy Wife.

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Sitting All Day Is Probably Killing You (Video) http://t.co/qSglvWabsd
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#Proof "a hungry man is an angry man" RT @voxdotcom: The science of "hangry" -how low blood sugar makes you a monster http://t.co/W469qMqhztSupply but no demand: U.S. pushes hormone beef in trade deal http://t.co/E5PLwNNGr3
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYes! #systemchangehappening From @RWJF, the Top 10 reasons why 2014 was a big year for a #cultureofhealth. http://t.co/2XQx8wCroa via @RWJF
Beautiful night of holiday music from @SDMasterChorale @SanDiegoSymph, thank you all for making it FREE for #military http://t.co/yFgDVApdzB@A_Buchanan @lovebeingryland Thx for the connection! Let's see eachother in SoCal in 2015!!Smart gift for science. RT @foodtechconnect: @sparker Gives $24 Million to Stanford to Study Food Allergies http://t.co/WbQl0bEAY3 #foodtechSo impt for eaters to know! RT @CivilEats: Critics say @USDA too close to food industry it regulates http://t.co/WgWM8lyHqA @capitalpressJust some reflections from my morning walk... #stopandlook #reflect http://t.co/R85OJNs1zv
Read: Cubans, meet obesity & junk food. American Farm Bureau Federation, Regarding Normalization of Relations w Cuba http://t.co/dHpn1Fa91IHip hip hooray, it's CSA Day! #eattherainbow #buydifferently @farmfreshtoyou http://t.co/Uh6q2FHr3qWhoa #science RT @NPRGenListen: If losing weight has you feeling light as air, you may be on to something http://t.co/xHNLX05ud2 @NancyShute
Americans would do well to spend less time worrying about terrorism and more time worrying about their sugar intake.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHow much of the world's cropland is actually used to grow food? http://t.co/YQApHz6CiZ via @bradplumer @voxdotcom http://t.co/ohtx1nYmn7
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonNow! RT @SDCoffeeClub: #HessianGlobalGoods 5-9pm #mixer proceeds go to #ElSalvador #microcredit for #women #coffee producers. 4034 Park Blvd❤️ this guy @chefjoseandres! RT @chefjoseandres: @ellengustafson @good that's why we love @DogTagBakery !! we love our Veterans!!Send a Message to the Senator who Stood Against Saving Vets. #ClayHunt #IAVA @Causes @Montel_Williams http://t.co/ftDGuKX0YU
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonVets farm & vets cook…leading #foodsystemchange from all sides. Escoffier fought in the Franco-Prussian War... http://t.co/NUp9PnhS9Z @goodDang, my lunch salad is looking FESTIVE! #christmasfan #alittleobsessed #eatyourgreens #eattherainbow http://t.co/QiNyPqzd00@octofish @CivilEats say Brazil’s Dietary Guidelines consider #sustainability http://t.co/WzfJTi2SLE @ellengustafson #WetheEaters @NPRFood
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFood is key to a melting pot!! @nprnews: At Last, Muslims Can Savor A Halal Spin On Spain's Famous Jamón http://t.co/4E7xSjSUkNStupid congress, but #WetheEaters know better. @nprnews: Congress To Nutritionists: Don't Talk About The Environment http://t.co/7o7FpTJMCwOver 150 children lost their lives today in separate attacks Pakistan and Yemen. Targeting the young is the worst form of evil.
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
Just an artsy well-filtered pic of our Christmas tree. #happyholidays 🎄❤️💚✨✨✨ http://t.co/ZnlLrAq5fXVets lose to pols again. RT @iava: @TomCoburn blocks bill on veterans' suicide prevention http://t.co/is5H7aUNa7 @MatthewDalyWDC #ClayHuntCongratulations to Dr. Vivek Murthy, America's #TopDocNow: http://t.co/b5wGEXyYMN @StandWithVM
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonEggnog in your coffee. #yourewelcomeworld #holidays #yum http://t.co/vhZUS99r2PThe gift of info abt our food system: We the Eaters: If We Change Dinner, We C... Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add it http://t.co/DosgU6uo0O
Ain't no party like a fondue, mulled wine holiday party! Served w potatoes, bread, mini apples, pears, persimmons. http://t.co/EDqUFI9tiC#change bc of @FairFoodProgram @FoodChainsFilm @nprnews: FL Tomato Pickers' Wins Could Extend To Dairy, Berry Workers http://t.co/zYfGnhJXoo
This croissant pic reminded me to remind you to check out my piece on butter in the Dec @selfmagazine http://t.co/2VBhte2oTFWe're up to 729,537 meals for Month of a Million Meals! So close - help us reach our goal & donate! #fullofgiving http://t.co/ad0mQB41xT
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New standards will put meat raised without drugs on the trays of nearly 3 million students http://t.co/waE3bjmSSS @TakePart
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThe food system is not a result of the market operating on its own - Ricardo Salvador #CLFevent @cadwego
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonJust shopping on one of my fave sites @Rodales and found the perfect gift: We the Eaters | Rodale's: http://t.co/tcM00j7eD9Chik-Fil-A loses dumb battle to kale enthusiast http://t.co/Lg1bLlAQrG via @grist
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#change RT @Marketplace: The golden arches are losing their luster, but McDonald's is promising big changes in 2015. http://t.co/PybCXlcuDCAppropriate that incoming @HouseAgNews vice chair doesn't understand insurance subsidies aren't "free-market reform" http://t.co/fLlQYjWhM9
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"With global food needs predicted to greatly increase, it's critical to look more closely at organic farming" http://t.co/zzG0X2eQ7T @CNBC
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonTomorrow is THE game...check out these #ArmyNavy Game Teasers from @USAA: http://t.co/b3Qq9vZ4fe + https://t.co/33Rn29V02B #GONAVYHey seafood eaters, check out these super informative factsheets from the @WaittInstitute http://t.co/CekxXxap20 + http://t.co/u5l7yZAHizCranberries were used by Native Americans in a recipe important for long distance travelers. http://t.co/chE7I7pg1M #FutureofFood
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFarmers and eaters lose, corporate money wins in budget deal http://t.co/SDDDJQeXHj http://t.co/8XJcHIpxFM
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
#bringbackourgirls in America too...#allgirls #allkids Schools’ Discipline for Girls Differs by Race and Hue @nytimes http://t.co/W2JjAi8NFeAnother delicious lunch @NakedCafe today...San Diego is lucky have a growing number of healthy spots like it! #eatyourvalues #eatyourveggiesOrganic-Farming Boom Stretches Certification System http://t.co/lN31IklLGs via @WSJ
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat piece @salifrniang RT @CSISFood: Reducing food loss should be at top of the global agenda to fighting #hunger: http://t.co/hXF5ibLb1n
More excellent reporting c/o @LATimes. Chilling details re: deplorable working conditions on Mexican "mega-farms": http://t.co/ROwaZttqso
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMy Mom @MauraGustafson is dropping these @FoodChainsFilm @ciw letters at Publix on her FL trip! #wcw @FairFoodProgram http://t.co/BthYtt6Dp1My Mom brought foodchainsfilm ciw letters with her on a business trip to Florida & is delivering them… http://t.co/gJTnjTRFdj@megoon Yes, send me a DM #GoNavySmart use of hunting...to feed the hungry via @nprnews: Venison As Benison: Food Banks Score From Deer Overpopulation http://t.co/RHuA1uCiWlGrt work done by @Feeding5k & food waste awareness campaigns via @nprnews: In Europe, Ugly Sells In The Produce Aisle http://t.co/hE0UvQNHTRFarmers deserve more of our food $ & soil, fewer chemicals: Drop in corn, soybean prices cld lure growers to organic http://t.co/EEKHKIhyc6
Yes, the bone broth trend has reached a boiling point—and is here to stay: http://t.co/aRNXk5OPf4 #2015wellness
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonLove this video from @theschooloflife, food for philosophy! Plato in the Kitchen: http://t.co/gcMPevSN8J Thanks for sending @jasonrussell!!Food, fast or slow, has been both a women's & class issue. Is America Ready for Healthy Convenience Food? http://t.co/pApgTXnEhE @nytopinionIs The Food Babe A Fearmonger?Scientists Are Speaking Out @nprnews weighs in http://t.co/7jvOGtkSso Agree w/her intention but science a must
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson.@BartonSeaver contributed to this #Sustainable & #Healthy #Seafood Guide making your choices a bit easier http://t.co/k6GGAKcZCt
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@EilidhMunro8 @LauraYogi @the30project thanks!A Watershed Year for the food movement? Yes, says @marionnestle via @civileater http://t.co/aA0il4Sbuv #foodtech #foodstartups
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHow the color of your coffee mug can change the way your coffee tastes http://t.co/1bRJEkR2Du
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGift the hottest food books this holiday. Our #foodtech gift guide feat @MarioBatali @ellengustafson @DanBarber +more http://t.co/bBqCZmhdWr
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
Just shopped @thrivemkt to stock my holiday pantry w healthy, natural products at #wholesale prices [https://t.co/Es4EX3eYgM] #letsthriveAmazing Christmas story #peace RT @dongomezjr: Nice video, but, geez, Sainsbury's!? Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 Advert http://t.co/o860bbmspIThanks! RT @nadehemesuba: the 7th of @ellengustafson 's wonderful #foodshifts is "When you do buy global, think fair trade and low Impact"1st try of #glowinggreensmoothie from @_kimberlysnyder...it's delicious and yields a HUGE volume of… http://t.co/KlzMlSlnO3
Just getting some chips ready for #sundaynightfootball. Red kale chips, obvi! #eattherainbow http://t.co/1pTRpEOFii
My way to experience #wildmovie this weekend, on the #PacificCoastTrail pctassociation… http://t.co/W9oF3eyaJU
Great point by @ashleykoff that Monsanto trying to distance it's brand from #GMOs doesn't make them sound too "safe". http://t.co/XAgUnhBeVDRead more at @nytopinion about why donating your 1$ to @WFP is essential to #Syrian refugees http://t.co/WcGjmehbyG http://t.co/mixLVpCI3j
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonTree-lighting tonight at the Duomo and an Italian Christmas market w cheese samples...my… http://t.co/gfqlINqOSmAnswering #wetheeaters demands: Hershey corn syrup policy may change http://t.co/l1ByYoI4imGood work by @ciwf RT @tomphilpott: Nasty, brutish, short: an inside look at the lives of factory-farmed chickens. http://t.co/syBH6QbnW1Now at #BCFNForum Timothy Lang - We need sustainable diet guidelines. What's a #sustdiet? http://t.co/UXchE4wNDY
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@barillacfn displaying data about our global food system for Milan to see #bcfnforum #milanprotocolhttp://t.co/pnyqwDBbCD"We are what we aeat and we are what our food eats" Ertharin Cousin of @UN now at #BCFNForum
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMilano morning walk #walk #meditate #pray #stopandlook @ Corso Italia http://t.co/1FHRVFCTCm
The #foodshifts continue with #15: "Quit Fast Food" http://t.co/w3JOzhydat Be kind to your body and exercise consumer power by just quitting
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHelp us raise funds to feed 1 million San Diegans a healthy meal this month! Text MMM to 37284. #fullofgiving
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYES! I wrote abt KY in #wetheeaters! RT @grist: The nation's largest food hub is coming to Louisville, KY http://t.co/UaL7NvyDF2 @CivilEats@ellengustafson took a dual pledge : waste less food & buy certified ones! Thanks 4 #pledgetolivewell #bcfnForum http://t.co/dkRiyFRA1D
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
#GivingTuesday #follow #give @Food_Tank @HC2pt0 @FeedingSanDiego @FoodChainsFilm @iava @ARCHISACRES @Farm_Vet_Co @Mission_Ready @COISanDiegoWell, well, well, the McD's in the United terminal at EWR is now a Cibo Express, complete w green juice, organic yogurt, olives, & salads!!SD its Month of a Million Meals: Text MMM to 37284 to donate to @FeedingSanDiego & give meals! http://t.co/yeUbyDrLkd http://t.co/1qXkbZdtlfSD its Month of a Million Meals: Text MMM to 37284 to donate to @FeedingSanDiego & give meals! http://t.co/yeUbyDrLkd http://t.co/IEcPWSdXnXNYC: today is #GivingTuesday & @HC2pt0 is having an awesome @intenSati benefit workout in NYC w @nataliapetrzela! GO- http://t.co/pJI5VGUVDa
Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! We need 100 new Food Tank members to reach our goal: http://t.co/iRfnxX9CUp http://t.co/SmDT7MED5C
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSetting the table for better food policy http://t.co/i8BjVIMvjm @sacbee_news editorial http://t.co/w3VHWbHmnT
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThe world has a terrible record in improving people’s diets. That may be changing http://t.co/3d9Nj9nTns http://t.co/HJfdiYuQ81
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson
Healthy, local food pays! #wetheeaters A Salad Chain’s Surprise Ingredient: Tech Money, via @nytimes http://t.co/VNQK2FBbuzToday, @ellengustafson and @DigitalGymSD cinema is going to answer this question: do you know where your food comes from? #foodchains
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@FoodChainsFilm is happening @DigitalGymSD #farmworkerjustice #eatyourvalues http://t.co/yYnIwo7dl8San Diego- come to see foodchainsfilm TONIGHT @ 5pm @digitalgymSD w a discussion of local food issues… http://t.co/7b0MTUzq9Q
This. Drives. Me. Nuts. Announcers always say the word "Football" instead of "Ball": http://t.co/g6hRPGSa4K #footballseason #tailgatefoodSD- Join me TOMORROW NIGHT for a 5pm screening of @Foodchainsfilm & panel discussion http://t.co/ML2dYv4hdB @DigitalgymSD cc @ediblesandiego
#nofarmsnofood US farmers are helping change the food system for #wetheeaters! The Downside of Eating Too Locally http://t.co/qlQu2mKATH
Awesome shout-out to local SD farms from @cucinacoronado http://t.co/I2rNadlBaz
Cranberry-Cabernet-Fig sauce is in progress. #prep #foodieholiday http://t.co/W6hgWIX3spThis view & hearing "Colors" on my run tonight reminded me that I'm grateful for the Navy for the… http://t.co/gSsbRWhr3m
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