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Erica Cho @ericach0 New York City!

Korean-American Actress from the South. Loves: NYC, travel, Frenchies & laughing until it hurts. http://t.co/lU1Xtmf7EH

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Such a beautiful spread for thuy103! Great job, Kim! #malibuwines @ Malibu Wines https://t.co/6Bbsk7D4hOOur little bachelorette is like a Sour Patch kid. First, they're sour, then they're sweet. We love… https://t.co/8Lq6b1vhNp
#itsnotjusttheboysthatsavetheday @hasbro @amy_geek @starwars http://t.co/GdT4M80Ffj
Retweeted by Erica Cho@chrissyteigen @SpikeLSB Amazing. But can there even be a loser in that scenario???Love the brand but this marketing is ridiculous. Bigger. Blacker. Badder. Go both ways. Cmon. http://t.co/a4dbgcWurU"Argentina smells of Frank Underwood." -@theskimmAt LaGuardia and even the airport officials are discussing this dress. "You gotta squint." "No, you have to tilt the screen."Does anyone see the dress as blue and GREEN?I see white/gold. Am jealous of the people who can see both. What Colors Are This Dress? http://t.co/jk2eLyEv9K via @catesish @buzzfeed
Say hi to the weakest link in the back. πŸ‘‹ #Repost @lauravogels ・・・ Woop!#huntermountain #snowboarding https://t.co/w5GOIDbtwzWhoever thought of apres-ski chili is a genius. (Although I did it mid-snowboarding..would not recommend) http://t.co/bqfAqHPOtCWell, that sounded wrong.Help! My bum can't take anymore. https://t.co/ZX3WTy937K
@chrissyteigen Spin class played techno All of Me. Which made me think of u. Which made me think of hamburgers+yummy food. Rough workout πŸ”πŸ˜’@MattJSour You only saw THAT episode!? Way to go full throttle! I watched the 1st two twice. I lost interest the 1st round. Now I LOVE.Woke up craving the House of Cards ribs. Anyone else excited about the new season??
@jazmincano17 Yay! Hope you get a great financial aid package! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘#FBF to sitting froggy at Acadia National Park. Love you, #Kermit! http://t.co/Byakn4AXSX
@sammyreynolds I can't compete with @oliviamunn! She gives such good face!! Intimidating... http://t.co/vBqYn9jL6zI nominate @GeoffreyTaft for a Shorty Award in #diy bc who cares about grouting when the design is that fabulous. ;) http://t.co/t1txMCady6
I nominate @joshaltman for a Shorty Award in #diy because he won #RowhouseShowdown. Can we say #CoastalElegance? http://t.co/mOmeTmX0mOSelf-taping an audition in NYC=crazy! Honking, sirens, cursing/yelling outside. My I(almost)give up face. #acting http://t.co/9WZ2VB54HeSettlers of Catan could become a movie. #NerdsUnite http://t.co/j2Nak9lu48
@originalspin @ConstanceWu @TIME I love watching her. I'm impressed by her very honest + articulate answers.
In honor of another snow day + my fabulous friend @jonioh's birthday, here she is getting cozy with a… http://t.co/8h6gIYQQqLWell, you can't expect everyone to be supportive. #MarsOne http://t.co/8x8t506rssThey're down to 100 finalists for Mars One.You know, the journey that will take 7 months. With no return. And projected 68 days of survival.
@mrkenanderson You're so good. My photo would have been cookies. Because poor life choices.That's one gorgeous bone! This galbijjim (short ribs) is braised with maison soy broth cooked with… http://t.co/rhNcFMoWwa
β€œI now inhabit a life I don’t deserve, but we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful" -David Carr. The best.
Retweeted by Erica ChoNothing like blazing that creme brulee at 1am. http://t.co/nkzwT5mbT2Just saw #TheKnick today.Had no idea I'd be working the #WGAawards tonight+see Clive Owen.You guys, that mustache is even better in person.The big winners at the #WGAawards : Louie and True Detective! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I love both shows!Congrats to all the winners at the #WGAawards (or #WGAawards?) I loved your excitement;All the social media pics you guys were taking..cute!"Giant whale vagina." At #WGAwards I think he was referring to the trophy.Overheard at the #WGAwards "Let's go judge their shoes!"
Had brilliant realization that Anna Kendrick could play a young Tina Fey. But the internet beat me. http://t.co/syKc6ZLM2z via @imgurThank you to the amazing @SHO_Network #Billions team: @NeilBurger, @briankoppelman, @DavidLevien, @andrewrsorkin πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ http://t.co/D87HOb3Ahd@janiesmendez Have an amazing day!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ@chrissyteigen #Truth! But on a romantic note, it's so cute to anticipate you guys' reunion through Twitter. @johnlegend πŸ’œGirl in front of me on the bus just sent a text that was like a novel and the response was like a word and now even I'm pissed off about it.
Retweeted by Erica ChoWhoah. Just watched 1st ep of The Knick. Had no idea you could shoot up in THAT vein. #TheMoreYouKnow
@phloella Hiiiii. I'm on a Duolingo binge so thank you!πŸ‘Hope the rest of the shoot went well! -J.Gray πŸ˜„Sexy Trainwreck! "@amyschumer: I am a size 6 and have no plans of changing. This is it. Stay on or get off. Kisses! http://t.co/vMC2ZJVSkH"Well, I didn't know you could write a review based on how bangable you personally feel the female star is.
I first met @oliviamunn back in 2010. She was super sweet then + still as nice now. One of my… http://t.co/tQOjGaKlzxRidiculous "Montana lawmaker wants to ban yoga pants" http://t.co/7DRXp4E0EE via @TIME
@Modelinia @chrissyteigen @SI_Swimsuit but Chrissy! You have chest curves!!Manatee double date. http://t.co/cB5wc6s9B6Sea cows loving the warm waters near Big Bend Power Station. #Manatee #Teco #ApolloBeach http://t.co/Ln9kvvp5eQSunny day. Heated pool. Could not be happier. Sand Castle Resort, where seniors come to party! http://t.co/uIoJDzQPjAOwen's Fish Camp...so cute + delicious. Starter: garlic snails with chorizo, sweet wine + grits.πŸ‘The… http://t.co/riKQWkPJpUHad to stop by the Sniki Tiki for their fried pickles + award winning clam chowder. Not disappointed!Butter on my toast. More butter on the side. The only healthy thing here is that orange sliver. Gotta love the South. http://t.co/aT9j9RQQleChilling on America's #1 beach. Literally chilling. Brrr. #SiestaBeach #Florida #travel http://t.co/0DsxI14GvaPerm + visor. Then the Asian ajuma look will be complete. Waiting...Success perms. #FreshOffTheBoatThat visor on @ConstanceWu. VERY accurate. Asian women serious about their sun protection. #FreshOffTheBoatOh damn. Slut shaming happening on #FreshOffTheBoat@camltheo I know! I was thinking the same thing. We Asians assimilating with a quickness.Eddie spraying Capri Sun=everything.My mom woulda killed me too if I wasted that.Capri Sun+Lunchables were childhood gold. #FreshOffTheBoat
The @WorkaholicsCC guys on why they can't handle smoking real weed on camera + @Sethrogen can: "He has THC in his DNA." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"I don't want the song to be considered an attack against faith itself because faith is very different from the doctrine of man."@Hozier πŸ‘Who's watching #FreshOfftheBoat tonight? If you need to catch up, you can see the first 2 eps on ABC here http://t.co/kUqhdGQt9hIf Robyn Lawley is plus-sized, I'm morbidly obese.@chrissyteigen Your new avatar pic was worth the wait!! Gorgeous! My deepest condolences on the sudden loss of Sky Mall.Looking forward to change "@TheWrap: Number of Female Leads in Film Lower Now Than in 2002 http://t.co/r1HAEnlyQt http://t.co/L5mTtd3dsB"Cock magic trick gone wrong. "Check behind your ear!" So grateful for hotel cable TV. #SouthParkPerfect for a rainy FL day: Vietnamese soup + Goi Cuon. #Pho #BunBoHue http://t.co/xFSrnCdybi
Can't believe I'm in FL but the closest Del Taco is still 2 hours away. Considering the drive.Was Kanye about to interrupt Beck?? #Grammys@JustJared Battle of the cleavage!Do you guys think Left and Right shark will make surprise appearances? #GrammysSo many things in life I wanna do this to. #leftswipedat Also, now I can't get the rap outta my headThis is the most live tweeting I've ever done. How do you guys do this? My left hand fell asleep!Or the piano. Or taekwondo. Damn. I should have had a REAL tiger mom.Regretting not listening to my mom when she tried to force me to play the harp when I was a child.Lady Gaga is blonde Jessica Rabbit #GRAMMYsGod's getting a lot of love at the Grammys. I like it!πŸ‘Wondering who feels awkward right now during this. #domesticviolenceBellhop Pharrell getting people out of their seatsAnnie Lennox. Goosebumps. Seriously.@Dan2335 Must add to itinerary! Thanks! I like weird DaliWhen you think your song comes on in the club, but then you realize you're wrong. #GRAMMYs https://t.co/KjefNQ7WpP
Retweeted by Erica ChoAwwww. Let Paul dance!! #GrammysThe cameras, they capture everything "@KarenCivil: #GRAMMYs LOL Moment: https://t.co/WakBUeaxGC"
First time in Sarasota! Thanks for the welcome! http://t.co/RK2jLOis5t
@DoubleSixx Thanks! Can be scary. Flying. 😨Old Korean ladies gossiping at the airport. Also, they love to make calls on speaker phone. http://t.co/uL4K5qpc4SThe gate area for this flight to Tampa looks like a retirement home. Grandmas + grandpas all up in here!LaGuardia Airport, thanks for the quickest wait for a pat down! #TSA #FreeMassage #SorryIsThatCreepyHi @NBCTheSlap. Please incorporate the kimchi slap in one of your episodes. http://t.co/zU0VjNOfTZ@chrissyteigen @DIRECTV Omg. Pls expand into an SNL character.Tea time with courtneybeanelise! Always fun to dress up.πŸ’‹ #fbf http://t.co/EfrNnplA6KClimbed that back in 2010. The glacier, not the mountain. Look at the itty bitty people! #PeritoMoreno… http://t.co/3mhNDKpwjm
Ok SASSY! http://t.co/0HnOHBAk9g #Beyonce #SmackIt
Jimmy Fallon has the best job ever. #SavedByTheBell #FreshPrinceOfBelAir #LipSyncBattleGreat Q+A with #FreshOffTheBoat cast! "We want to kick in the door so everyone else can get through."- @MrEddieHuang http://t.co/aeLUZOhbmdEddie kicking the kid calling him a chink. Flashback to my mom telling me to bite the nipples off a girl who bullied me. #FreshOffTheBoat"We have arrived. Tell your own stories." - @MrEddieHuang #FreshOffTheBoat http://t.co/RCxAsNgxFG
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