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@kbiegel it's not shit so much as it just feels like chapter one
brace yourselves. everyone else is about to be a bigger paul thomas anderson fan than you.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@jcdeleon1 If she's chewing or licking off the fur then it's most likely allergies. My cat does that with her haunches sometimes.I'm legitimately bummed about Boyega & Ridley being off Twitter. I totally get it professionally but their passion was infectious & harmless
Retweeted by Eric VespeGood news for those people who hate Star Wars Episode VII speculation: Stars @JBoyega and @Ridley_Daisy have both deleted their accounts.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@BrianWCollins @scottEweinberg Haven't seen 4 & 5 start to finish in 10 yrs. Crushed hard on Danielle as a kid. Wonder if adult me likes 'emMy review of Dan Gilroy's fantastically dark character study NIGHTCRAWLER! http://t.co/N383fuEsU3@ajbowen @scottmbeggs Sadly everybody only had nice things to say about you, especially Janet.Early morning writing is the most productive writing. Some final Fantastic Fest craziness to come today.
@scottmbeggs @ajbowen to be fair I started it by calling him pure sex and beard... Not realizing how many kids were in the audienceHere's a more arty picture of that sunset. Gazin' out my back door. http://t.co/02I8a9XBf5Obligatory pretty sunset picture: http://t.co/RzphloiyOt@AmericnKamikaze oh yeah. 28. Finished the first raid yesterday. Intense, to say the least.@RockieWarAntz yeah, missed a lot of stuff due to ff, but wouldn't have it any other way@rangers_theboss creeped checkpoint to checkpoint over two nights. Maybe 3 1/2 or 4 hours total@rangers_theboss hit 28 Warlock, finished the Raid last night. Holy crap.I've also put some more hours into Destiny. Hope there's still interest in a review 3 weeks after the release 'cause I'm writin' one.Spent the weekend sleeping off Fantastic Fest. Still feel like I could sleep for a week more. Guys... I think I may be addicted to sleep.@MysteryCr8tve I know that was successful with Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell did it with Bubba Ho-Tep@ThatSusanBurke yes."Why would a robot need boobs?" "Data glands, man." middle of the night Destiny conversations with @EricVespe
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@sincitymarv @headgeek666 I not only like it, I got to be in it! http://t.co/N7uHkKKJQbSTAN WINSTON'S creature designs for THE MONSTER SQUAD screening @BeyondFest in 35mm. http://t.co/COEX5FHz5c
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@mtgilchrist @gillyheartsyou I call dibs on moderating the Austin stop of this double bill's rolling roadsow@gillyheartsyou @mtgilchrist Do it!@gillyheartsyou @mtgilchrist Told Dan Gilroy Nightcrawler would make a perfect double bill with Wolf of Wall Street.We just sent out free THE GUEST soundtrack album download codes to all #FantasticFest attendees. Happy 10th Birthday @FantasticFest!
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@hlk @jettek It's an incredible pork slider on a sweet Hawaiian bread. Ridiculously good.I'm so sorry to @zachnwood and @woodelijah for ignoring your Ramen Tatsu-Ya praise for so long. I am converted. #slidersforever@ajbowen I can has?Oh happy day! I'm gonna brag big time for a sec, please bear with me. http://t.co/Ds1rH4y8lgNorth Americans... Get your sweet behinds out and go see @TheBoxtrolls movie this weekend. It's a dream!
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@PhilipNixey wow that's awesome@ollymoss a ray gun. That means you now have to design me a Jaws-y tattoo. Twitter contract.I almost got my first tattoo tonight at the Fantastic Fest closing party, but they ran late & I got cut from the list. Probably a good thing@scottmbeggs I am Legion.@scottmbeggs thanks for avoiding me at the closing night party. I appreciate it.@headgeek666 nope.
Hey, @atxstoryboards' Chaos Fox is one of the tattoo designs. He better get one! http://t.co/ygFO9XHi6rNightcrawler is a throwback to '70s star vehicle thrillers. Jake Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom is the new great cinematic creeper.@DrewAtHitFix @kkjordan @TheJoeLynch http://t.co/NXQPyBdalr@kkjordan @TheJoeLynch the sorrow of the quitters. :)Available for a short time! BOYCOTT MIKE MITCHELL shirts! He's a dick! Fuck him! http://t.co/M8QvfEdS6q
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@sirmitchell @Aaron_Morgan @geveeso Destiny isn't an MMORPG! Bungie says so!@DrGMLaTulippe @Aaron_Morgan @sirmitchell @geveeso We're really just making up words trying to sound smart.@Aaron_Morgan @sirmitchell @geveeso Or have gotten to upgrade their cryptarch like crazy. Bummed I couldn't take advantage of that loot cave@Yarvo @Aaron_Morgan I'm closing out FF tonight, but will likely be on for a little bit super late.@sirmitchell @Aaron_Morgan @geveeso yeah, god forbid those that can't spend 8 hours a day playing actually have a shot at decent gear.Dan Gilroy was a joy to talk to. Don't tell anyone I said it, but his movie is pretty good too.It's 5:38am! You know what that means! A new @fantasticfest review! It Follows is good, y'all. http://t.co/Tbu7fqp4zd http://t.co/MDGtfMB4dk
@Yarvo @Aaron_Morgan what level are you up to now?@Aaron_Morgan @Yarvo Yeah, that's a little on the tough side.@sakura_59 Well, there was really only one super rapey guy. The other dude was just going to kill her... hrmm, that's not good either...Haemoo, from the co-writer of Memories of Murder, is a beautifully shot Korean thriller that is really good, but didn't knock my socks off@mattkward shut up and go cook something delicious.Fantastic Festers: The Editor at midnight... I'm exhausted, at home and have already seen 4 movies today. Worth running out again to see?@Philip_Guest Lots of thinking. Helped that I would have had to sacrifice 2 movies to catch a movie I'll get to see in a week or two.@JeremyKKirk Teenie Weenies, on the other hand, must die.Also saw The Knife With Legs this morning. Imagine if Tim and Eric had a baby with the Flight of the Conchords guys. Cheap, but really funnyAlex de la Iglesia produced Shrew's Nest, a period tale about the slow creep of insanity. Engrossing, masterfully acted and what a pay off!Skipped Gone Girl so I could see The Shrew's Nest. I'm sure Fincher's movie is good, but I made the right call. Shrew's Nest is amazing.@rodeneronquillo I'm an annual passholder even though I live 2,000 miles away. Plus they gotta be opening the holiday Haunted Mansion soon@AIIThingsHorror I do enjoy such things.@popmortem @kbiegel @erincmccarthy @ajbowen dirty, filthy, stinkin' communist lies!Fantastic Fester question: I've heard good things about I Am A Knife With Legs. Is it worth getting no sleep to see early tomorrow morning?@kbiegel @erincmccarthy @ajbowen I love you all more than life itself.@rodeneronquillo that zoetrope is amazing, isn't it? Next time in town we should all go to Disneyland!I hope every movie fan gets a chance to hang out with @jasoneisener and bullshit about film at least once in their lives.@todd_farmer I don't know why I wasn't already following you, but that is fixed now. Nice banner. #anywaywedeliveredthebombBeautiful night in Austin. Sitting outside, writing and smoking a cigar. If my next batch of reviews seem fancier you now know why.@AdamWingard Only screening once on US soil tomorrow morning in Austin. Then the negative is burned. Or whatever the digital equivalent is.I'm passing up a screening of David Fincher's new movie tomorrow so I can see a Mexican genre film that has good buzz. #devoted
@ajbowen @halloweengal looking forward to diving into that set after the Fest.@erincmccarthy @ajbowen aaaaaaaahhhhhh! Not ALL my favorite people, then. But a lot.@davidehrlich @gholson Austin critics screening@ajbowen you're not here and it makes me sad. I've said this many times at this year, just ask @jacobgentry.Best part of Fantastic Fest is seeing all my fav people in one spot for an extended period of time. It's like summer camp for movie nerds@FakeScottYoung of the three films? That's tough. 2 is my favorite. 1 has better segments, but 3 is more consistent.Didn't care for the wraparound segment. Seems like every other story just wanted to be fun. As a result it's not very scary this time aroundVHS Viral doesn't reach the heights of the best segments from the previous films, but also doesn't come close to the lows.@faithx5 it's more mmo-ish build a character and explore a big universe than story, I guess.@faithx5 weirdly the subclasses come into play later. The game really only starts after you complete the storyGoodnight Mommy: a fantastic tale of creepy twin boys who suspect their mother is not really their mother. Best use of krazy glue at FF yetInherent Vice was weirdly German... And called Goodnight Mommy. And not directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. #fantasticfest@headgeek666 I hear we have one AICNer in the Automata screening@Michael_Calia it's a blast, man. Do it!@Michael_Calia You and me both, brother!@Michael_Calia Yeah, they certainly would be. But would they drop the new PTA film over it? Probably not.I kind of hope the secret screening is just Bill Hader as Stefon describing every Fantastic Fest movie playing this year.@75Denny Get in line, pal!@TheKatieHasty Yes! I mean... nooooooo!I've heard today's secret screening is for sure Stretch. And Birdman. And Inherent Vice. And Annabelle. This is why I love secret screeningsElijah Wood skipped #FantasticFest for the only reason that could ever make sense: He's shooting a movie where Vin Diesel fights witches.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@RedBeardSteve @simonpegg you win. Wow, that must have been incredible@simonpegg Met Tom only once. Pardon the name drop, but Spielberg introduced us on the War of the Worlds set. Surreal to say the least.@mattkward @simonpegg #whoa #imsosorry #noimnot@haydenweal 3D? So you're saying (wait for it)... you spared no expense.@simonpegg It's so good! Keanu has to have an aging portrait in the attic. Or he stumbled onto the fountain of youth while hiking with TCI reviewed two actiony Fantastic Fest shoot-em-ups! John Wick and @TheJoeLynch's Everly: http://t.co/h2m51dtkp8
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