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@DSTA10000 @DrewAtHitFix guys, he's got 5 whole followers. He must know what he's talking aboutPosted this to Facebook. Made me laugh. Might make you nerds laugh, too. http://t.co/43jmWNlTvp@DrewAtHitFix @kkjordan @sarah_sprague Please record them watching it. Please please please.@SLC_Andreas I get it. It's what held me off since it came out, despite me being desperate to see the new deleted scenes.@garywhitta hahaha. Remind me to tell you BoE Comic-Con interviews story some day. Involves a lost Denzel and a flirty-eyed Mila Kunis@jim_napier not the two I was at today. They were cleared out.@BBW_BFF Oh, it's totally great. Just making sure you know an internet crush is going to take form any day now.@garywhitta Haha. Well, it reminded me that my collection was incomplete and I fixed that.@garywhitta I did find this piece of shit while blu bargain hunting at the chain stores: http://t.co/1IUQGXL6QC@brokehorrorfan my target was wiped out of it. Picked it up for, like, .70 cheaper than Amazon at wal-mart@garywhitta I know some of the stores had it cheaper this morning, but didn't see any when I made my rounds.Gravity Blu is also on sale right now. $7.99. Not 3D, sadly, but still cheap! http://t.co/Vt18XkfWUPHey, the Lego Movie is $8.99 on Blu right now. Just ordered mine! http://t.co/UztbW16F8i@jimbopoohs samesies.@TheTomNix At less than $30 for Eps IV-VI, I was willing to put up with the BS so I can see those gorgeous transfers.I held off for years because the SE additions piss me off something terrible, but they caught me in the right Star Wars-y mood.I don't know how but I snagged that Episodes IV-VI Blu Amazing lightning deal. The force must be with me today.@BBW_BFF you need to stop being awesome on twitter or I'm going to propose. Fair warning.@Olof7 @woodelijah but that's why film is an amazing art form. No two people see a film (or even footage) exactly 100% the same.@Olof7 @woodelijah Didn't get that feeling at all. And nobody in the theater (filled with a ton of prequel haters) felt that way either@Olof7 @woodelijah opposite, I guess. I watched it over a dozen times theatrically today (even twice with them pausing the DCP)@jasondashbailey No problem! Love the avatar. Harry Caul!I don't know if this movie's gonna be any good. But it's fun to be hopeful. Being excited is its own reward.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@cutprintfilm favorite +100@mattkward @Aaron_Morgan at least a Cumberbatch Facebook page@mattkward @Aaron_Morgan I love it. Right now different factions are positive it's Driver, Cumberbatch and Serkis.@M_R_Fish http://t.co/Uaae9LeroY@melthefishy naw. Just making the rounds at the sp meadows shops and seeing what they got@M_R_Fish standing on line works grammatically, dudeSpending 20 mins on line at Best Buy so I can buy two 1980s dramas on blu for under $4 each. Priorities.@mattkward @Aaron_Morgan bring the geek on. Internet, bitch.No matter how the movie ends up, I can say that I haven't felt this engaged by the Star Wars universe since anticipating the SE releasesWhere it all began: STAR WARS: EP.IV – A NEW HOPE (1977) DoP: Gilbert Taylor | Dir: George Lucas | #StarWars http://t.co/cYPcMbWetK
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@LindsMes313 @starwars whoever would unfollow you for Star Wars tweets today wasn't worth having anyway@headgeek666 ha! Have you seen the comment on Facebook, on the Starwars teaser?? http://t.co/VqfxAZsJU0
Retweeted by Eric VespeAllow it.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@EricVespe Best comment I've seen was that every shot looks like a Ralph McQuarrie concept painting. Spot on.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@OfficeSquatch it's totally a broadsword saber. 100%.@HeyJudeTNWM I know two hundred people in my theater who would disagreeBest thing about the Force Awakens trailer is that it felt like Star Wars without feeling like a fan film.Holy shit, you guys. #TheForceAwakensThese aren't the geeks you're looking for. Move along. http://t.co/eeXgYx4HVrSo it begins. So excited! http://t.co/3DFGDtuNCu
@tenlonsfort sometime after the first showing and before the first bootleg. :)@jonwolf77 thanks, man. That makes my my geek heart swell.Thanks to @EricVespe for including RvB and RWBY in his incredible annual holiday gift guide! http://t.co/tyjIcQD4vJ
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@filmfest_ca @woodelijah Two legends. One's the best lead actor he's ever worked with and the other is best guy who played Frodo.@Aaron_Morgan @burnie @bdunkelman @ahullum @melthefishy You didn't make enough for everybody else?@Aaron_Morgan @burnie @bdunkelman @ahullum @melthefishy don't you dare eat all the deviled eggs before I get there.Kickstart your Black Friday savings on http://t.co/mSr4Ni0IiX - every movie just ten bucks, plus $10 off Alliance! http://t.co/Gyo0AxTM5k
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@JsSatcher @woodelijah Put those beautiful peepers under a laser? No way!In exactly one week's time I'll be sitting at the laser center, waiting for them to burn the bullshit out of my eyes so I can see like a God@EricVespe $4 GRAVITY, TITANIC, GLADIATOR prices are live at Target
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@el_gray Not yet. Will keep an eye out.The cool Scott Pilgrim Steelbook Blu is $6.96 right now. Tempted to get it just to change out my regular blu case. http://t.co/V59ef93ryuGood morning! Woke up, fell out of bed and dug up some more Blu deals. Like Super 8 Blu for $4.99: http://t.co/KlU1onTORX@scottEweinberg that's such an incredibly well done scene. Haven't revisited that one in a while.Quint's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part1!http://t.co/Z0B4PMILdY @EricVespe
Retweeted by Eric Vespe
GAMBIT (1966) Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Herbert Lom. Dir: Ronald Neame 9:30 PM ET [cc] #crime #TCM
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@joshua_w @jeffheimbuch I don't know. Looks to me like your heart's not in it. :)@CarterNixon @bdgrabinski ditto.@jordangoode (me too)@jordangoode but thank you very much. There's a lot of similar articles out there. It's nice to hear this one is special to you.@jordangoode I'm proud of the list, very wary about taking over my followers' feeds while promoting it.@tobytram I hate it/love it!Thanks for putting up with my Gift Guide tweets. Gonna have some contests and more RT begging tomorrow, but I promise I'll be finished soon@slashfilm the trailer could go over like a wet fart, but why assume it'll be that way and even worse give others crap for their excitement?@slashfilm preach!@antbwan @drafthouse don't know their plans, but I think that might be exactly what happens.@mattkward @drafthouse I think that they're recording it and releasing it as some kind of video podcast or something.@jhoffman @drafthouse It's either going to be awesome or really awkward. All depends on what's in that 88 seconds.@jhoffman @drafthouse They're running the trailer a lot and having a bunch of nerds geekout/freakout/critique in between each run@jhoffman @drafthouse http://t.co/XSHeP9zawrExcited to be a part of the @drafthouse Star Wars trailer panel with many top notch geeks. Can't wait to discuss the first Ep7 footage!@bdunkelman http://t.co/1aA4mTiQxEMy face when I found out the Star Wars trailer will release this Friday. #starwarstrailer #StarWarsEpisodeVII http://t.co/RWWE18xFxx
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Cantuono high definition for sure. Would have to check the extras@SeanBHutchinson @misterpatches I thought he was going to bring a similar "evoking the period" look to Indy. Was so disappointed.@SeanBHutchinson @misterpatches I was so excited for Indy 4 because of Munich looking so great.@SeanBHutchinson @misterpatches That palette works with Speed Racer. Not so much Indy.Princess Bride Blu is $3.99 http://t.co/fCEjXBBVjv #asyouwishIf you haven't scooped up the Complete Twilight Zone blu set it's only $113.00 right now: http://t.co/LAskjBJB4X@cinelinx @aintitcool I can already tell I want more expansions!@cinelinx @aintitcool thanks for letting me pass some of them on! Planning on breaking it out in style over thanksgiving.@RockieWarAntz damn. Sorry man.Teaming up with SteelBook to release BOYHOOD! Pre-Order now at @FutureShop! More info here: http://t.co/MWo6uzZthe http://t.co/p77YFKzckZ
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@OptimoPrincipi dude no picture can do it justice. Seeing it on display at sdcc I knew I had to have it and I don't buy toys that expensive@melthefishy @jeffheimbuch :) Actually, I recuse myself since I know you in real life. That'll be entirely Jeff's call. #passingbuck@melthefishy @jeffheimbuch I don't know. Looks to me like you average every day Disney fan...@joshua_w @jeffheimbuch I think we can give ya' the day. Sound good, Jeff? Pick a winner tonight or tomorrow morning?Show @jeffheimbuch & me how much you're into Disney (films or parks). Tattoos, collections, etc. The most worthy two will get booksDisney nuts! Giving away a signed copy of @jeffheimbuch's Main Street Windows (N. America only, sorry) See next tweet http://t.co/jGfZZb26G0@Beanieman78 hey, man. Thanks for the love. You won that cinelinx game pack. Email me your shipping info to quint@aintitcool.com.@melthefishy @jeffheimbuch I fully expect you to hit us up for a copy of this book. Any minute now...@dav_mcg wow, that is very well done@jeffheimbuch Yep, probably in an hour or so. Begging for grass root tweets at the moment. Then we'll get some Disney fans involved. :)If you dig the gift guide I'd love for you to tweet out links to your friends and followers. @ me in it for a chance to win a @cinelinx set.I'm gonna do some self-promotion this afternoon. Prepare yourselves... contests and begging for Gift Guide RTs will be coming shortly@DANNY_DICKBLOOD the movie could be awful. I have no idea. I just think that's an odd fight to pick without any context.@DANNY_DICKBLOOD yes, not talking about look of movie, only about "this betrays the theme of the original" reaction
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