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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Surprisingly good in the clutch. Director of #ffthefilm, available on iTunes and Amazon.

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@ljmilman iluIf you Twitter, you should watch @ff_thefilm. I know I'm way late on this, but seriously, watch it. @erinscafe is amazing.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@erinscafe they can give her a space flower to fix it
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOI work for you, Twitter. those two episodes of #BadInk can never be unwatched.@rowast Bad Ink it's terrible"It feels like it's pounding in. Now I know how jesus must have felt." THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID WENDY THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID #BadInk"People are stupid." - Adam, watching #BadInkOh my god middle-aged schoolteacher Wendy got divorced and then got drunk in Mexico and asked for a rose tattoo but got a skull omg WENDY.Me: Oh my god this is the worst. Adam: One star. #BadInk@pnuts_mama yesI love the really awkward forced B storylines about their personal lives. First we had Tigerlily's party, now Ruckus is adopting a dog.I mean Dirk and Ruckus are a couple right. I'm not misreading this.@Adam_Jacobi @Chad_Reno13 trade deadlines stress me out so I ignore them@ohdottie you're very welcome@erinscafe I hate that I remember this episode.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@Spitzka OMG@erinscafe classic Lavon
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOLAVON HAS A TATTOO OF A MONKEY AROUND HIS BELLY BUTTON AND HE ASKS WOMEN IF THEY WANT TO SPANK HIS MONKEY AND HE'S SURPRISED IT DOESN'T WORK@theantiwhatever YES"If you show a woman your stomach, it increases your chance of taking her home by 66%. That's science." - Lavon no stop I can't anymoreFirst up is Lavon, who decided to make his body his best pickup line. Lavon.Adam: Are you going to watch another? Me: Will you watch it with me. Adam: Ugh fine. commencing #BadInk episode twoI'll do it. Just add it to the list. god. Dirk hired a drag queen for his daughter's princess birthday party. Shit just got transmisogynistic real quick there. #BadInk"Riley pitched him a flower, and he said no. So then he pitched him a space flower, and he gobbled it right up!" WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ALEX@jasminemoy you can be named after a flower because you're gorgeous. This girl...@mbyhoff @nycsouthpaw I've heard that twice in the past week. Will do.@erinscafe if I had to picture a guy who would name his daughters after Disney princesses...
Retweeted by Scafe for CEONext up is Alex, who has a tattoo on his thigh that says "Nina will you MERRY me" and also omg Nina was deported so no wedding. #BadInk@theantiwhatever OH GODMy timeline is everyone going nuts about Tulo sprinkled with tweets about Bad Ink from @erinscafe. I'm dying.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEONext tattoo mistake: a white dude with a tattoo of A POOP WITH WINGS AND A HALO WTF IS WRONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE JESUS GOD. #BadInk@nycsouthpaw no omg should that be next@erinscafe I’ve watched that show it’s bad get out now run away.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEODirk's two daughters, JASMINE AND TIGERLILY ARE YOU KIDDING ME, look really thrilled to be in dad's TV show. #BadInk@youknow_OJ NetflixWait. Her complaint is that her buttcheeks were supposed to look like Pamela Anderson's boobs and they do not. Wait what.First tattoo mistake is a 22-year-old white girl named Jacqui who woke up one morning with an ass tattoo of A SCORPION AND PAMELA ANDERSON.Me: Stop. This is terrible. Adam: It has one star. #BadInkThey're barely pretending this is reality TV. #BadInkIf I had a nickel. OMGSo Bad Ink is about a tattoo artist named Dirk who fixes bad tattoos and his friend Ruckus who is clearly his lover.OMG I convinced Adam to watch Bad Ink with me.Bad Ink has one star on Netflix. One. Here we go.@erinscafe @theantiwhatever I just watched an episode of this earlier this evening. It is everything.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@donachaidh @twitter @nonstopsnark they'll tell me when I'm hired right? I should check my DMs I guess.Okay so @theantiwhatever told me to watch Bad Ink on Netflix. Starting in two minutes.@tiffanyreisz my godSee? I told y'all cilantro was THE WORST.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@edcasey @stevenEchambers this is his Palin moment. This is where he lost the race.@theantiwhatever is it okay for an 8-year-old to watch@theantiwhatever okay I'll do it@smrtmnky @VICE I TOLD YOU I WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT VICE REPORTERThe President of the United States has to put together a team of people to run the country. Trump picked that lawyer. That guy. I mean.I am unable. RT @seefrvncis: im honestly wiping tears off of my face right now.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOI'm no attorney... but I'm fairly sure I'm a better attorney than this attorney
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@realDonaldTrump dude your lawyer is terribleI get this question a lot. I do not. WHAT HAVE I DONEThank you. I do it for you, twitter. god. I think I just volunteered to coach a peewee soccer team.@sundownmotel omg same found this on the same day we had @erinscafe on the podcast. not a coincidence.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@bmaz HA. It's actually not cheaper. Especially because we don't have many in these parts, so it's a road trip.Okay I have another appointment to buy a kids bike from Craigslist. It's been nice knowing you.@aexia @darth wow my phone gets really excited when I type darth@aexia @darth DARTH is coaching, I'm just excited to be passing out gatoradeScientific Podcast Goes Boink! With @erinscafe! Also, embassy lifehacks!
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOHey. Yeah okay. Harsh but fair. wait. His school doesn't either. So. This seems unnecessary?@ClumberKim but like, cursive light? Why. Why.@anamariecox I think some people have maybe confused passion for actual medical issues. Seek medical attention if your work makes you is d'nealian manuscript and why does the nephew have to learn it@anamariecox fake writers have more fun@kristytipsen I did that once. It was awful.NYC ladies: a friend needs a good recommendation for an OB-GYN. Either in Brooklyn or near the WTC. Thanks in advance!@IamErikRussel omgYeah, I have some questions. I'm no lacrosse expert but she does not appear to be playing lacrosse tbqh@pnuts_mama no I think they like let you go wherever@dcbigjohn is this dmAs it turns out, fulltimefamily autocorrects to fully insane. CAN YOU GO UNDERCOVER. Just ask around. Express interest in becoming a full time family. Report back.We all joked about it at the time, but @astros kindasorta called their shot with this one:
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@1776SOB from an RV I guess?@pnuts_mama I thought it was maybe an acronym from the pyramid scheme. I thought you were our in.@pnuts_mama oh wait yes stay at home got it@pnuts_mama what is SAHMYes, can someone explain this to me? It has to be a pyramid scheme. I just can't figure out how. mean, #parttimefamily is sometimes too much family.As far as I can tell it's selling everything, buying an RV and being with your family 24/7. So, hell, basically. the risk of starting a twitter debate over something I'm only moderately interested in, this whole #fulltimefamily thing sounds terrible.NYMag published the full cover story about the Cosby victims on their tumblr --
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@nycsouthpaw she thought "they are ruining my video"The Scafe Fund. I like it. really looking forward to answering, “what is your relationship to the suspect?” on your bail form.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOYou guys. I will find the person who hit my car. I am feeling very Liam Neeson about it. excellent. I'll ask around.
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