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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/k8rutNPKfM

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Okay team. Time to finish work, do a load of laundry, clean up the house a bit. Let's reconvene here at 5pm pacific to start the baking.@rowast I told you we weren't going to tweet about that@parva_x @JVSylvester @bridgeyrocks yeah okay it was a great idea though@JVSylvester @bridgeyrocks @parva_x I don't actually have a melon baller though@bridgeyrocks @JVSylvester @parva_x no I was going to substitute extra yams or something I don't knowI'll do it. RT @JVSylvester: @erinscafe @parva_x I kind of like Martha's (very simple) "turnip votive candle holders" http://t.co/DnGOhptISM@RBStalin hahaha I think that's actually me because I changed my name to Martha Stewart but omg that scared me for a minute@LSUcaligrl oh, I'll just saw this squash and stick some bittersweet in it WTF ARE YOU EVEN SAYING MARTHA@parva_x I think there won't be room for decorations honestly but Martha insistsThanks to @erinscafe I just nearly spat my drink across the room looking at this http://t.co/AgnMz6b1f7
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @IamErikRussel no, literally the same fucking song every nightMaybe we'll do this Easy Fall Arrangement from Martha Stewart lmfao. #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/M0ILsss7f3@IamErikRussel yes halp@LSUcaligrl writing this downThe key to a perfect holiday meal is to ply your guests with large amounts of alcohol early in the day. This is the key to all hosting tbqh.If you haven't thought about table decorations yet, don't even worry. I'm here for you. I haven't either, but we'll think of something.@bayo1121 @EdMorrissey yes, I tried that once. The pizza was delicious.@LSUcaligrl I'm thinking of a Google Hangout On Air tonight to showcase my kitchen and baking skills.@pcdunham oh god good adviceLittle-known fact: the day before Thanksgiving is a day for listing things you are not thankful for, like the neighbor kids, fml.Also if you haven't started thawing the turkey, I know from past experience that your Thanksgiving will be hilarious and involve pizza.That's the whole menu. Feel free to join in, but if you waited until today to go to the store please be careful out there. It's not pretty.And I'm making green beans with bacon but I don't have a recipe for that because the recipe is what I just said green beans with bacon.@PhilCatelinet @Ryan_Gallivan I definitely probably do not have that@andrewtshaffer now I have to walk across the street to buy an orangeWAIT NEW RECIPE NEW PLAN RT @andrewtshaffer: @erinscafe That’s not enough Scafe. THIS cranberry recipe is Scafe: http://t.co/V388PZts2k@edcasey no because bourbon makes me vomitJUST TELLING IT LIKE IT IS OKAY RT @big_dicta: @erinscafe ERIN WTF@Ryan_Gallivan oh shit is that something i need omg@erinscafe all this time I thought your handle was "Erin's cafe"
Retweeted by Martha Stewart Also, pecan pie is a) disgusting b) not really a pie and c) barely even a food. #ScafeDoesStewartThe pecan pie recipe comes from Dear Abby because it is a goddamn American tradition that's why. #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/W7hUXw9qH3The pumpkin pie recipe comes from the pumpkin can obvs. #scafeDoesStewart https://t.co/72XUNn2upWThe cranberry sauce recipe comes from Food Network and is 'perfect'. #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/cWi12FHsfqI don't see how this is relevant. RT @fher1286: @erinscafe Didn't you screw up making hummus one time?The yam recipe comes from Keyshawn's mom ( I have no idea I just googled yams okay) #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/fIElKp4gN8@notjvt okay sorry good point@parva_x Adam always makes them. I think the recipe is from his mom? They're so good.The recipe for the quiche is, and I'm not making this up, well I'm just gonna wing it because I know what goes in quiche. #ScafeDoesStewart@coffee_liz ilu@erinscafe you're the third party candidate America needs
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @erinscafe And that children is the story of how Scafe wrecked Thanksgiving.
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @nataliyanyc for the lolz@notjvt wait WHATThe recipe for the rolls comes from this piece of paper I don't even know. #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/MCdfKo3bqzHere is the recipe within the recipe for Giblet Stock which is a real thing apparently. #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/AS7TUs2lYA@chang_koo oh god@edcasey oh man he's gonna be so jealous@erinscafe We're cooking our turkey in a barrel this year. If you're not cooking your turkey in a barrel you're an idiot. Tell Adam.
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @rowast when I'm actually cooking@LSUcaligrl yes, god help me I amI'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I voted for taco bar Thanksgiving. #ScafeDoesStewartrecipes on recipes on recipesThe gravy recipe is also from Martha Stewart, and requires a recipe within the recipe omfg. #ScafeDoesStewart http://t.co/da2RuJevn1The stuffing recipe is from Martha Stewart, and it's called Simple Stuffing which is hilarious because no. http://t.co/B0s0aLnu7DThe turkey, which is 19 pounds, is thawing in the fridge. Adam is in charge of it because turkey is stupid. #ScafeDoesStewartOkay. It's time. Here are the recipes I will be using for my elegant Martha Stewart Thanksgiving that will almost certainly be a disaster.@MamaSwizL I'm going to decorate the table, wish me luck@erinscafe There could be circles of hell, Erin. This could be your divine comedy.
Retweeted by Martha Stewart Okay just kidding hell is Trader Joes the day before Thanksgiving.@FrazierSuzanne oh! Yes! In like 30 minutes I'll tweet links to the Martha Stewart recipes.@nycsouthpaw ugh good point@erinscafe I would like to suggest you get zero
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @nycsouthpaw I'm trying to be realistic here, pupLook, you can either not shower or not respect other people's personal space. But only one of those things. You get one.Hell is Joann's Fabric Store.@Bachsflute not really- they're all essentially the same :)@FrazierSuzanne not really- they're all basically the same, so I like to mix it up@G_Pop2013 nooooooooo@G_Pop2013 FEAST. I don't think that word means what you think it means.@pnuts_mama @MrsBerney @jesseberney I don't know enough to tell. So I'm just avoiding anything that might be an issue.@G_Pop2013 I will now use it as such@amandarykoff wha...uhhh...how...can we hang out while you're here@breakingpoetry I know it's amazing/horrifying@G_Pop2013 oh gross@IamStan maybe@MrsBerney @pnuts_mama @jesseberney this is a good point. Are there any other ingredients I might not think of? I know to avoid gelatin.@MamaSwizL thank you@G_Pop2013 dear god@craigminla @serial all of the aboveReminder: nothing says thanksgiving like funeral potatoes that no one had to die for. Find a recipe here: http://t.co/39jA4sZ63g@parva_x @jesseberney well it's just a gift I'm dropping off at their house. So that seems weird. Also awesome. I'll consider this.I'll do it. RT @robertecrump: @erinscafe You know this won't end well. So with that in mind - can you provide a live webcast?@GiniMartinez yessssssHad 2 clients cancel back to back, so it's time to make the holiday tiramisu to take to @erinscafe's!
Retweeted by Martha Stewart Reminder: tonight I will begin my preparations for my perfect and elegant Thanksgiving dinner. Expect complications. #ScafeDoesStewart@parva_x if you want to podcast today, I'm around. We could do it live from the kitchen while I bake.@parva_x ilu@craigminla yes.@NoahWolfe thank you!@erinscafe 1 traditional food is jelly filled donuts #nom Best way to spell it is like you did, multiple variations in same sentence
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @jessespector I will remember that for your card. (I probably won't though.)@breakingpoetry it's okay. I spend way too much time here.@amybcleary oh my god. This is fantastic. THANK YOU.@jesseberney see I did not know that. That's weird because that's the whole point of being Mormon too. Exactly that.@erinscafe the whole point of being jewish is to be chill about baked goods and how to spell chanukah
Retweeted by Martha Stewart @NoahWolfe YES. Easy. Perfect. Thank you!@ACMESalesRep omg I am so Martha this week@nataliyanyc is that a real thing@breakingpoetry then everyone would see it anyway. Because they follow you. You can always start a tweet with your own handle.
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